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This is the future and thanks to social media, people are more informed!💛🔥☄🌰🥜🥛🍼🙏🏽Why dont i drink cows milk?...well ...there are so many reasons (carcenogenic, full of infections, pus, attributes to the suffering of cows, vibrations of pain and sorrow to name a few...) but... there are also soo many alternatives! 🎉☄ Why drink cow pus when I can drink a fresh plant based, creamy alternative?....💪🏼🌰🥛🥑😍🔥💛 Do your research guys!!! 😍😍😍
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Anybody else feeling a little like, OK it's the New Year and I haven't exactly gotten "going" as I had hoped?!?! I'm having success in some areas like my health and nutrition goals, but in other areas I'm falling short(tidiness, patience, more reading, less phone, you get the picture). If you just so happen to be feeling some of the same feels this is your friendly reminder to show yourself some kindness and shake it off. It's never ever to late to make a change. Recognize it and make a new plan! It can be January 1 everyday of the year if you have the right mindset. #mindset #youcanchange #showkindness #bekindtoyourself #grace #truthtime #newyearnewme

Runaway Brain. Downhill. No brakes. How did this happen?

Imagine a squirrel on a sugar high. Add in caffeine. He is surrounded by hundreds of acorns, scattered all around the base of a large tree. His pupils dilate. His heart races!

How do you decide which acorns to grab when you want them all?!? Every Acorn represents POSSIBILITY. "I NEED THEM ALL!!", his brain screams, as he frantically darts back and forth, shovelling in whatever he can, not even stopping to look if the acorns are good or not. No time for that. Need the next acorn.

This is a glimpse into how my brain used to operate. Many brains are moving in this direction, thanks to digital technology. We now have shorter average attention spans than goldfish. Yup. Goldfish. They have us beat by 1 second. 9 seconds instead of 8.

Why is this? Because there is an intense desire to consume as much information as possible, partly because there is so much available, and the fear of missing out.

How are we training our brains to operate? We are constantly looking to the future. An overwhelming stream of information coming our way. Constantly distracted. Eyes furtively darting in tandem with thumb swipes. Double Tap. Swipe. Double Tap. Swipe. On top of all the physical and environmental stimuli our brains process, we add this "digital load". How does our brain experience this? As a hostile environment. On high alert. This becomes "normal". "I'm not stressed" we say.

Yet sometimes the brakes fail, and runaway brain starts picking up speed heading downhill. Except, there's a brick wall at the bottom.

How did I retrain my brain? How did I tame the "furious squirrel"? Tune in tomorrow.

Today it’s been all about us ❤️
I like to keep it real on here. Today has been all about us. I don’t post about him much because he is a very private guy! But I am so lucky to have him in my life. Specially because not only he loves me the way I am but he also supports me in every way. He is flexible enough to be there with me even when he’s not convinced yet
For this anniversary all I asked for was a new blender. Any other year I would have expected fancy treatment or more materialistic things. Oh how you can change! I asked for a regular blender so I can make my shakes, and he went above and beyond and got the real deal 😍
Any other years we would have been drinking getting wasted and then passing out. Today we are looking back, remembering and appreciating each other .
Your life can turn around as long as you take that first step 👍🏼. Swipe 👉🏼 to see my gift 🎁 .
#HappyAnniversary #Inlove #JomayrasFitWorld #ChangeYourMindsetChangeYourLife #YouCanChange

Everyone is entitled to love who they love. They even say that love is blind, and has no color. Never judge the outer appeareance without looking at the inner appearance... All of these statements are true however, did you understand the question that was asked in the picture?... There's a reason for the separation of black on black love. They saw how powerful the sun and moon were together. And add some stars walking around, they would be invincible... In order for them to stay on top and put us at the bottom, they had to separate the black family by any means necesssary?... Have they succeeded in doing that in your life? Have you decided to allow them to stay on top because you don't know your history or there's?... We all have choices. Did we choose wisely? If not, we fail as a unit and they won #knowledgeisbetterthenpower #thematrixwilldie #blackonblacklove #loveblack #loveyourself #youbeentaughtwrong #youcanchange #changeyourownmind

Thick thighs & Thin patience. It's funny because I used to not like my legs, I have always had bigger calves from rollerblading and hiking but now my entire leg is muscle. It might not look the most muscular or toned but to me it's a huge improvement and the beginning of my loving my legs! #thickthighs #thickthighsandthinpatience #lovemylegs #lovemybody #lovemylife #theslippersmakeitsexy #fit #legday #bethebestversionofyou #loveyourself #youcanchange #youcanloveyourself

If you ever need encouragement, listen to this video. Find your purpose and love yourself😘
Check out my instastory to see and hear about my transformation!

One of the only ways you can become a “better” Christian is by biting yourself in the Bible!
We are called to read the word day in and day out!

But we are also called to share the word! So keep sharing our posts as they share the word of God!

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Take a deep fucking breath look at yourself in the mirror dead in your eyes. As loud as you can say this to yourself minumum of five times getting louder and louder. Don't be alarmed crying may follow than a great feeling of freedom like you just broke some chains that had you bound.

I realized, through tons of study, coaching, and introspection, that I have been sabotaging my own business for 7 years. OMG, the old Dre would have never admitted that to anyone! But I am doing the work and I am writing my New Story! And YOU can too! Join us! www.d3bootcamp.com/vision-board-party #rebuildyosh$t #startfromscratch #secondtimearound #youcanchange #notanewchapter #anewstory #nofear #youareenough

Stop saying you are incapable of change. You can change. You just need structured support. Let D3 help you finally get your goals. www.d3bootcamp.com/vision-board-party. #newstory #newidentity #newyou #youcanchange

🌄January is going quickly! Have you gotten this years goal in yet? 🤩 Let's start 2018 with a fresh perspective! #perspective #otf @orangetheoryfitnesstoronto #love #fitness #fresh #readysetgoal #goals #2018 #youcanchange #positivevibes #toronto #inthesix #workout

"Every time you're tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." -Deepak
#pray #moveforward #goodfeels #youcanchange

This is something we all need to learn from. We can't come dragging with mistakes people did in the past, give them the benefit of the doubt that they actually learned and grew. How would you feel if I came dragging with stupid things you did 10 years ago?
#peoplecanchange #youcanchange #weallchangewithtime #respect #understanding

Waking the tiger 🐯 (in the hips that is)
Did you know that your body stores trauma, more specifically sadness, anxiety & fear in the hips.
I felt like a good release, a letting go, a conscious surrender to what is not in alignment. Emotions, thoughts & people... so good to release attachments. Honestly, feeling lighter. Take the time 🧡 An 11:11 loving kindness meditation before 💪🏻〰️ .
#yoga #meditation #lovingkindness #hipsdontlie #newmoon #release #youcanchange #tools #takethetime

Year: 2011
Locale: Wellington

Occupation: Full-time single Mother/Full-time Law & Commerce student/20-40 hours per week EA
Relationship Status: Single/It’s complicated (with “Dad”) Hobbies: Marathon running/Triathlon/taste testing everything at markets around Wellington/learning guitar
Goals: Lose baby weight, pay bills, get full nights uninterrupted sleep

Self confidence: -10

Determination: 💯
Family members excluding the 3 of us in Wellywood: 0
Happiness levels: Off the fn chart

Independence + education + fitness + GOALS + living within your means + love of an innocent child + occasional wine or Netflix and chill = my happy place 🙏🏼 Look at that simple youngish and cute chubby Mum back then 😍😍😍😍 #youcandoit #toughgettougher #workhard #keephealthy #theskysthelimit #luckytobealive #luckytohaveeducation #luckytobehealthy #lovemyfamily #beopportunistic #opportunityeverywhere #saydontdoit #onelife #mumofboys #youcanchange #forgiveyourself #loveyourself #learnfrommistakes #stopwastingtime #startnow #icandoityoucandoit #empowerment #empoweringwomen #johnkeyhadasinglemum #noexcuses #raiseyourstandards #rideordiefriends #standaloneifyouhaveto #yourlifeyourresponsibility

Well guys I am 95lbs down since I was pregnant. These pictures are from the other day and September of 2016. This is a little embarrassing to post but I want to motivate! Hard work really does pay off. If you want to lose weight the healthy way it takes time and that is ok! It’s about changing your lifestyle for good! This was not a fad for me it was about feeling good about myself again and literally kicking my ass in the gym 4-6 days a week and loving every minute of it!#kickass#youcanchange#doit

Confidence is a skill is not a trait. Confidence is situational. There are areas of your life where you are confident and there are areas where you have a ton of doubt. .
Here’s the most important thing about confidence: Confidence begins with action! .
If you have a problem that can be solved with action, you don’t have a problem!
Take action in order to get confident 💪🏼
#YouCanChange #JomayrasFitWorld #ChangeYourMindsetChangeYourLife

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