Free To Be Old Metairie is officially open! First classes are in the books, floors have been loved with the proper amount of sweat and we’ve already laughed so hard we’ve cried! Check out the schedule and get yourself on a yoga mat in OM! .
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You know the game called “Never have I ever” ??👇🏻
Well let me tell you.... NEVER HAVE I EVER been through 2 solid days of a conference, in a room surrounded by inspiring, positive, motivational, uplifting women & men who believe in themselves and each other equally. NEVER HAVE I EVER felt loved & supported by a company to create a life of choice as we did with @arbonnecanada these past few days. My first CNTC was eye opening & let me say this... if you don’t love what you do, where you do it, or who you do it with {🙋🏼‍♀️for my 9-5} what are you really doing with your days? Time is NOT everlasting & life is passing us by regardless of the decisions we make. Unless we really make a choice, to make a change, our lives will stay the same. Mission fill my cup= ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!✔️

Good night beautiful believers!
The world is gonna love you! Stay true to who you are, chase your dreams and keep spreading love!

Balancing Act☯️
Today I’m thinking about the importance of balanced living and how many of us operate in extremes. Often times we are extremely stressed, sleep deprived, and for sure extremely busy. In all things our bodies and mind naturally strive to find balance.🌗 Personally, this week has been more demanding than usual with work and family responsibilities.

I know I am not alone. While we cannot always walk away from our commitments, we can make time in the midst of them to seek balance. Even if we have to schedule down time like it’s an event.📆
Fortunately my amazing friend @kari.oleary is celebrating her 50th birthday and our girl posse is rallying @pelicanhillresort to celebrate. It’s giving me a chance to stop and absorb what matters most in life.💞
What are you doing to find balance this weekend? Resting, celebrating, visiting with loved ones, or maybe even organizing.

All of these activities can bring balance to your soul.🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼
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What if I had said:
No....I don't have the time
No....I don't have the $$
No....I could never stick to something
No....I have tried "shakes" and they won't work
I would have never realized that:

Yes....I do have 30 min a day
Yes....I do have $4/day yo be healthy
Yes....I can stick to it bc I have a tribe of ladies behind me
Yes....the shakes (aka my healthiest meal) DO work

You do know that you ARE capable of so much more than you think, right?? I am so happy that my coach believed in me before I even believed in myself.

It is the greatest blessing to pay it forward and show YOU how much I believe in you!!! Let's just chat about your goals and see what works for YOU!!! #noexcuses #youareworthit #loveyourself #buildingastrongerbodyandmind #bebrave

TL;DR -Get your thyroid checked and ask about treatment for "sub-clinical" results. It could change your life for the better!

I've been meaning to get on my Mental Heath Soapbox for a while now, so buckle up buttercup. You may recall that for the past several years I've had really terrible sleep, as in averaging 4.5 hours a night despite physically being in bed for 8-9 hours. It's no way to live.

I didn't talk about it too much but I'd also been dealing with some really abysmal depression-type issues which made the waking hours even worse. I'd asked my doctors for years about possible thyroid issues (because of some genetic stuff I researched) but was always told, "you're a woman/you're overweight/you'd feel better if you were more active." Frustrating, but not surprising -or technically untrue.

So two years ago to the month I started a medical weight management program that is basically a complete lifestyle overhaul. I lost 76 pounds and I've been maintaining within five pounds of my goal ever since. I also had been seeing a therapist occasionally. These things were tremendous for my lifestyle changes and how my body physically felt.

But my sleep wasn't any better. And my depression actually felt worse. This past winter was the worst I've ever experienced -worse even than the immediate days surrounding the deaths of loved ones. That oppressive weight of pointlessness and futility and being such an burden seemed to cling to me even tighter. It felt good to move my lighter body around, my guy still loved and cared for me, I had an adorable puppy to play with, and I would still break down sobbing for no reason. It was awful and I was desperate. I was ready for the happy pills -anything for some sleep and to just not feel.

As it happened, I was assigned a new doctor. So when I finally went in and said how bad it was this doctor listened. And asked more. And suggested things I had researched. She never brushed me off. I did some bloodwork and learned I had been hypothyroid all along (as I suspected), and in fact the weight had sort of been hiding it because once my body was operating more effectively the thyroid deficiency was more apparent. *continued below*

This bodysuit is freaking beautiful! Swipe to see another of this beauty! •
@sarahliz.personal ❤️

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Chicken parmigiana. Not really. But makes us just as happy.

When something is important to you
🔅you make it a priority
🔅you do it consistently
🔅you push through the hard
🔅you take care of it
🔅you share it with others &
🔅you find a way, not an excuse.
Life is busy, life is hard, life is challenging.... I get it y’all. I used to make excuses too, but that got old, so I finally decided to see what happened if I got rid of all those excuses and there’s not a day that I regret it! It’s not always easy, it’s not always pretty but it’s definitely worth it. YOU are worth it! I have the same 24 hours in a day that you do, I’m a single mom that works an 8 hour job, I have meals to cook, laundry to fold, a house to take care of, bills to pay BUT my health is IMPORTANT TO ME.
What can I do to help you get rid of those excuses that are holding you back? Cause I’ve been there and I still struggle, nobody’s perfect, but I’m consistent and passionate about my journey and I would love to support you. Let’s chat 😉💕✌🏻

It’s so important that you value yourself - if you don’t why will anyone else?

Race Ready for tomorrow!

I'm not opposed to aging - How can I look at aging as the enemy? It happens whether I like it or not and no one is set apart from growing older, we age everyday! BUT, I will do what I can to take care of the body I live in. To be healthier and to share my knowledge and experiences with others!! I'm proud of my age. I'm proud of the life I have built and the example I am trying to lead... I'll trade a few wrinkles, stretch marks and scars for the sophistication of a great mind, memories and lots of love for however long it lasts❤️

And you thought that this was the end of the road darling?Non non non,you have a whole lot of pep in your step and a whole book of dreams you need to live out!

Oh ma chérie, your famous chapter has ONLY just began!! Chin up, shoulders back and let's get you on that right turn

If Audrey Hepburn can survive a world war and become an iconic actress WITHOUT ever taking lessons,what makes you think that you can't have your gold prize?

If Coco Chanel can build an empire even after her orphaned upbringing, singing in bars and courage after devastating love, you too can live out your desires.

And neither of them sold their joy or their values doing it. It all begins with YOU!Your heart,your values, and you finding your way to igniting your own north star!! Are you up for breaking some barriers? Oui?

ohhhh btw I HAVE A SECRET I AM SOOOO EXCITED to share it with you, However, before going into that I have a tool to share with you so that you can honestly acknowledge & release the disempowering woman you're holding unto. It's a simple quiz with 2 action guides that you can implement begining TONIGHT & if you would love to access it you can do so right in the link attached to my bio @menelliavalcentcoaching darling.

In themeantime, stay tuned to this space because the next few days I will be sharing that amazing secret!
Bisous 😘
Menellia .
. .
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My thought for today. 🐝💕

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