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It's amazing how we approach life so differently in all the seasons of life. As a new mom, I remember being laser focused on my babies and nothing else really mattered. As they grew older, I found myself becoming more and more aware of others' opinions and started to care way too much about what people thought of me. .
I found myself ✨afraid to share my real thoughts or opinions
✨fearful that I would be judged. ✨stressed over things that I couldn’t care less about now
✨replaying every conversation and interaction with others .
I had lost my confidence. .
(And honestly, social media did NOT help overcome any of those feelings of inadequacy.)
This week of thanksgiving, I am forever thankful for finding myself again and worrying only about being the best, strongest, most confident me I can be. .
Setting personal, professional, and health & wellness goals and committing myself to those goals has been a life-changer for me. Maybe that’s for you too, maybe it’s not, maybe you want it to be.
Something I lost for many years but want you to know is that YOU ARE WORTH IT! And you don’t have to wait until 2019 to set goals and start working toward them. If you’ve thought about joining me before, whether it’s business goals or wellness goals you want to work toward, NOW is the time.
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Because the only person that can move you - is YOU.

You remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never recover.... That is MY TRUTH! Never in a million years did I think I’d pull myself out of the darkness that I was in. And then once I did, I feared everything and everyone!

It’s been a long road of struggles, pain, insecurities and CHANGE!!! Change isn’t easy and growth can be pretty painful. I’m still a work in progress!

But I’m absolutely PROUD of who I am today because I’ve fought to get here by working on myself and surrounding myself with POSITIVE PEOPLE!

So what’s the point of this message?!
👇👇👇 No matter what MESS you are in,
YOU CAN OVERCOME GIRL!!!!!💕💕💕 #oneday #struggles #strengths

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When I first started lifting I was so frustrated with how long it took me to recover after my workouts. I was constantly sore and exhausted, and when you add that to a more then full time job that required around the clock attention and super physical work ... it was a recipe for disaster. I found myself skipping the gym or not giving my next workout 100% because of how sore I was. I would start feeling unmotivated due to the lack of physical results I was seeing both in strength and body composition. And the constant #doms were messing with my work days.
My trainer told me that I needed to eat more and drink protein post workout. But I resisted ... because every protein I tried tasted gross and messed up by stomach. Well I just didn’t think it was that important.
F was I wrong. It IS that important, and I found this out from studying and research when I started my coursework for my personal training certification. Science shows that in the post workout setting, the body needs 2 things: carbs and protein. But not just any protein. When I was using protein, it was a whey concentrate instead of an isolate. An isolate is going to be stripped of fats and is rapidly digesting to get to the muscles fast for repair. A fast-digesting carb is also vital to spike insulin to shut off muscle breakdown. But you need a specific type of carb that will also replenish muscle glycogen.
And this is why #1stphormsupplements Phormula-1 and Ignition deliver EXACTLY what the body needs post workout. I recover faster, so I don’t need as many rest days, and I’ve gained lean muscle while losing fat. Seriously #gains are not just from lifting ... you have to eat right. Questions? DM me! I’ve got this linked up if you are struggling too!
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It’s coming!!! I’m bringing you 9 DAYS OF BLACK FRIDAY! Why would I limit it to only 1 day??? 💰There will be a different money saving bundle each day! Maybe some exclusive or limited edition products? 🤫 You won’t want to miss out! Come find me on Facebook too! 💋www.finishwiththoselips.com 💋#finishwiththoselips #younique #blackfriday #blackfridayfor9days #exclusive #limitededition #ninedays #epic #kudos #moneysaving #makeup #mascara #youareworthit #deals #lips #beautiful #uplift #empower #bossbabe

I hope this ment something to you, I spent a lot of time on this and every word I typed is true. Don’t ever think of yourself as less. Stay strong because at the end of the day we’re just one small piece to a very big puzzle. 🌎🧩💗
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Work harder on YOU!🙋🏻 You are your #bestinvestment 🥰 #youareWORTHIT #bethebestYOU

Yummy #greek coffee to end a Greek feast. Yummy in my tummy!

Girl... time to start investing in yourself!!! 💗💗💗My only regret is waiting so long to invest in myself 💗💗💗
How your body can change in 5 months still seizes to amaze me!😳😳😳
What amazing more is I haven’t had to hire a Person trainer, Nutritionist, buy a bunch of expensive equipment, pay for a gym membership and pay out HUGE $ every month to achieve these results! 🙌🏻
Yes I have been 💯 committed to my workouts!!! 🤩🤩🤩
I would say my nutrition has been about 65% on target (hello summer holidays... Halloween... Birthdays 🙊)... But I have been really focusing hard this past week! 💥💥💥
I’m about to begin our FINAL week of our 8 week Bootcamp! 🎉
You know what that means??? Time for round 2 🎉🎉🎉
Seriously...these Virtual Bootcamps are amazing and bring you Health, Happiness, Motivation and a sense if Community like no other 💗💗💗
So... I’m just curious if you have been wanting a transformation like this what’s holding you back????
You deserve this... you are worth this!!!
If you need this change...it’s time to take action 💥 send me DM to start your transformation today 🤗🤗🤗

Never stop dreaming!
You have so much living on the inside of you that only you can bring to humanity!
Release your greatness!!
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Are you......
#Tired all the time?
Drinking tons of #coffee, #pop, or #energydrinks just to get through the day?
#Sleeping like crap? Not able to fall asleep at a decent time and/or stay asleep?
Feeling like your brain is in a fog?
Dealing with #digestiveissues?
#Moody and #irritable?
#Achy and uncomfortable, where you start thinking, “This must be part of #gettingolder?”
Any of the following sound like you or someone you know? 🤔🤔🤔 (Most of those things sounded like me not too long ago.)
What if I told you I have a product that can help with these issues?? It’s NOT a scam....NOT a diet. It’s premium nutrition that will have you feeling AMAZING. Most people don’t realize just how good they are meant to feel! I know I didn’t!! Thrive is honestly the first product I’ve tried that has actually WORKED. You literally feel it working within minutes of taking your 2 capsules. An amazing burst of energy that lets you know you are going to CRUSH your day. It only gets better from there with a yummy shake and applying your Step 3, the DFT patch. ⠀⠀ Once I discovered how well this worked for me, I knew that this product was something I wanted to share with everyone. You are so worth the investment, so why not give it a chance? If you don’t have your health, what do you have? Message me for info...I’d love to chat more and get you a FREE account, along with $25 in credits to use as you’d like on the site!! .
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I vividly remember feeling from a young age that the holidays were a joyous but stressful time for my parents😬. They wanted to make all of our wishes come true. My mom worked long hours and 2 jobs just make it happen. .
There’s so many families stressing to make ends meet, and even more families going deeper into debt to make those holiday wishes🎄. .
I don’t talk a lot about money 💰, mostly because I’m still working on busting through my money blocks, but I should! So here it goes! .
Today and most days I share my favorite products and foods with friends, family and through social media. Most of the time I get a shout from those vendors. Maybe a discount, but never “referral” 💰. I should have stock in Trader Joe’s by now from all the times I share, but I don’t. We share what we love all the time, so why is that any different than network marketing? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yeah because it’s not...except for the fact that network marketing would pay you way more in upfront bonuses, residual 💰and there’s no cap! .
Trader Joe’s doesn’t send me 💰 when I bring my mom, my friend or my neighbor in to shop, but our company will! Just think if you and 8 of your friends decided to “eat” together look at what’s possible-$904-$1,758! 🎄
This opportunity has helped my family and I through some unexpected hard times and I know I’m not alone. The holidays don’t have to be physically or financially stressful. We don’t have to get further into debt. So if you’re stressed right now about your body or your bank account LET ME HELP YOU💕
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Everyone needs to see this video. It’s so true. You are beautiful, worth it, amazing, loving, you’re not all of the horrible people things call you it’s all to make themselves feel better by tearing others down and I wish society wasn’t like that. It’s sad to think how many people really do commit suicide because of the awful things people say to them. Just remember suicide is never the answer and nobody should ever have to go through this. Tag a friend or more and spread positivity and love. •

#love #positivity #hope #youareworthit #loveyourself #beautiful #pretty #peacelovepositivity

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