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🌺Happy international women's day to all you amazing ladies and big up the strong and beaut ✨@dkjnr✨ cos she is my ultimate woman on international women's day🌟👊🏻 #keepitsnazzy #youarewonderwoman #internationalwomensday #empowereachother

@dinara212 Айналайын, я тоже нашла кучу фоток😁 С днём рождения, дорогая! Ох, чтобы я делала без тебя в Канаде❣️ Спасибо тебе за твою неиссякаемую позитивную энергетику, за наши классные канадские трипы и кучу весёлых моментов 🌟🌟🌟 @aysyays а я люблю ее to the moon and back 😁 #youarewonderwoman

Sometimes, one of the best things you can do to deal with PPD or PPA is to get some FRESH AIR. We know it can be difficult to get out in the first place, but no one's going to judge you for wearing some yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a messy pony tail outside in the summer heat! 🌞 Get up and go take some deep breaths. You got this, mama. 😘 What helped you when you were experiencing PPD or PPA? #ppd #youarewonderwoman

For those who need a little reminder 🙆 #iamwonderwoman #youarewonderwoman #weareourownhero

When your dear friend asks for your fitness picture....and turns you into ...Wonder Woman in pastels. 😱

It's true.
I'm a little Wonder Woman obsessed.
I have thought long and hard about WHY.

I love Wonder Woman because
She is the embodiment of so many things I have learned about myself these last 4 years in my Coaching and Fitness Journey.

That Women are powerful beyond what they ever imagined.

That I am both BEAUTIFUL and STRONG.

That confidence comes from not turning away from danger....but running towards fight.

That what I choose to do with my LIFE is POWERFUL

That shrinking away from my goals and dreams ...serves No One!! And.... That trusting in your HEART ❤️and fighting to save the world is a worthy goal 💪🌎 Women of the world ... You are STRONG!
You are Capable
You are Powerful
You are Beautiful

Let's LIFT each other UP and save the WORLD.

#youarewonderwoman #strongmom

Happy birthday Lise!! Not many of you would have seen this lady on our social platforms, because she simply won't post about herself, but we felt today was a good day to publicly honor her.
Lise rocks our social media, makes a legit cup of coffee, runs events and even trains baristas.

Thank you for all your hard work Lise, your really a blessing to Okoa and our customers, and we are really privileged to have as part of our team. I hope I didn't butcher your social media plan too much with this intrusion.
Don't be shy to send @erasmus_lise some birthday shout outs!

#thisislise #okoapeople #happybirthday #youarewonderwoman

Do you have an alter ego?

I’ve created this more developed version of myself in my mind who has all the qualities I want to have. My alter ego is this outgoing person who can walk into a room and befriend anyone and everyone because she isn’t shy. She is humble but confident. Graceful but fierce. She embraces change rather than running from it. She takes on obstacles as challenges, rather than holding back in fear. She speaks her mind kindly and honestly and isn’t afraid to take risks.
So why can’t I be her? What’s holding me back? Ultimately it is myself and myself only. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the process of growing into the person I know I can become. But how often do we allow our own self doubt and fears hold us back from developing into the person who is already inside of us?

When I remember who’s I am, I am able to reflect the person I know I truly am on the inside. It’s a process but I am getting there. Every day I strive to be my alter ego AKA Wonder Woman😋💪 #youarewonderwoman #strongerthanyouthink

Ran my first half-marathon today. This is the time in your life you want to follow the herd and swim with the tide. #stronger #halfmarathon #youarewonderwoman

You knew your GRACEDBYGRIT apparel could do it all but did you ever think to wear it while riding around town on your #Vespa? Stay cool in the summer heat, and protected from the sun, with our airy and breathable Sport Skirt and Breezy Back Tank combo.


No matter who you are. What your backstory is. How much money your parents make. Even if you don't have parents. You can make a difference. You have the choice to doubt your strengths, and use them for your personal enjoyment. Or you could use your talents to help others. Inspire kids be a role motel. #talents #usethemforgood #donthide #gomakeadifference #youbelong #dontneedselfdoubt #doesntmatterwhereyoucamefrom #youarewonderwoman

Wonder Woman is a state of mind.
It's getting up every day and having a positive outlook 👊🏻 It's fueling your body with good fuel (junk does not exist on Themyscira) 👊🏻 It's 'getting it done' when no one else will 👊🏻 Its standing up for what you believe in, no matter what 👊🏻 Are you ready to find your inner Wonder Woman? 6 Wonder Women, myself included, have teamed up to give you all of our strength and attention for the next week. If you've ever been interested, or wanted to better yourself- NOW is the time to join me and find your inner Wonder Woman.

It's FREE, no obligations- just good food, friendship, motivation. Reach out today to get your spot!! 📲👊🏻🤸🏻‍♀️💪🏻
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Good morning Gorgeous Friends, Wednesday calls for Wonder Woman!!!! We've got the puppet-magnets, mugs & more!!! Cafe Open till 2pm today. Boutique Open till 6pm. Breakfast served till 2pm. #wonderwoman #breakfast #boutique #cafe #chambleega #gifts #youarewonderwoman

@televisiontrainwreck, this is amazing! What do you think, maybe a B6? With gold instead of yellow? 😍❤️💙💛

Greetings! I have new wonderful cards for Baltimore ComicCon ;)
#wonderwoman #greetingcards #youarewonderwoman #graphicart #tattoo #cards #comicconprep #baltimorecomiccon2017

This fabric 😱 its amazzzing!.
I heard that @silverfoxfabrics might have a few more kids panels left 😱.
🇺🇸Fabric: @silverfoxfabrics .
🇺🇸Leggings: @missussilverfox

This is your Sunday night reminder that you can handle anything that this week throws at you.... you are #aryastrong #aryaconfident #aryaempowered #youareyou #youarefearless #youareawarrior #youarewonderwoman

It takes more than a good fit for an outfit to work for you. Always ask - How does this feel?
#knowyourstylepersonality #confidentstyleyourwayeveryday #youarewonderwoman #canberrastylist

You are Wonder Woman!
There are so many things to believe in.
Start with yourself!

Thank you @helit for this great pic ❤️
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#WGL class was great 2day thank you all #yourock See you next Thurs (Don't wait 2 sweat until then 💪) #youarewonderwoman #zumba #iamzin #iamwonderwoman #getadycted💙💋

You knew your GRACEDBYGRIT apparel could do it all but did you ever think to wear it while riding around town on your #Vespa? Stay cool in the summer heat, and protected from the sun, with our airy and breathable Sport Skirt and Breezy Back Tank combo.

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