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Multumeeeeesc,de un milion de ori,multumesc din suflet!💕 Sunt foarte emotionata,mi-ati umplut inima asa cum nu a reusit sa o faca cineva pana acum! Gala de sambata seara mi-a demonstrat ca am in spate persoane puternice si unite🌸 care imi dau curaj si ma ridica oricat de jos as cadea! Sunteti minunati, sunteti speciali pentru mine si va apreciez foarte mult! Va multumesc pentru locul 1️⃣,va multumesc pentru incredere! 💙 #all my love forteamramona#loveyouall#youarethebest | ROCHIA O PUTETI GASI PE:@eleryshop🌸🌸

teri muskurahte hai takkaat meri😭🌍❤❤
ak forever
@ashi_khanna ..
#myqueen #loveyouak #youarethebest #myworld

I miss you sooo much worlds best @mdeler I hope we see each other soon I love you sooo much. #bestsister #loveu #youarethebest ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I hope it'll be okay to say what I need to say here, this is the only place where I feel safe.. When I was 15 years old, I was bullied at school every single day from september 4th to the end of november. I couldn't leave the classroom without being insulted or pushed. At first, there was only 3 girls from my class who hated me. But one day I responded to them & they told it to everyone. & the day after, everyone hated me & I'm not exagerrating. I was alone against my whole school. They were calling me "the ugly" & "the shame of the school" & I was stuck against the lockers. I didn't know what to do & I just couldn't talk about it because I was sure that they were right & I was so ashamed. I always hated myself but I did even more because of them. Every morning I cried on my own because I knew how bad my day will be & I was right everytime. I couldn't even breathe, I was terrified. I couldn't look at someone without being insulted, I couldn't walk without hearing someone criticizing my face or my outfits. I know I'm not beautiful, I know I don't have the best body, I know I'm weak but the thing is, they knew it too so they took advantage of it. & then, one day, a teacher talked to my parents & this day, I was even more depressed because I was scared that my parents won't believe me.. But they did! They understood me, they were so sad & that day, I couldn't stop thinking it was my fault. I hurted them by not saying anything about it but I was stuck in my fear & the hate I have towards myself so I couldn't say a word. After that day, I stopped going to school & only the 3 girls were expelled for a month... They made my life a hell but they were expelled just a little month.. Today, I still can't love my face, my body, myself. I can't go outside alone because I'm scared to be insulted again & again. I'm scared of the look of the people towards me. The only few times I go out is with someone from my family at concerts or cinemas.. A band helped me to stay strong during a few years after that but I was still depressed despite the help his musics gave me.. (keep reading in the comments section)

Proud to say I’m actually living 🔅

I appreciate the hell out of this one ☺️ She does way to much for me and I have no idea why #youarethebest

Respect bangeeettt caakk 😢😢😢 Golnya dipersembahkan untuk sang legend Alm. Choirul huda 🙏🙏
Engkau memang sudah tiada,Tapi nama mu tetap hidup dan jasa"mu tidak akan pernah terlupakan dan akan terkenang dihati kita semua 😍😍 #ripchoirulhuda😭
#youarethebest 😘😘❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙


Welcome to @barbara__bar - только самые лучшие, только самый лучший отдых🎤🎶🎼 Ждем Вас снова!!!! #нашилюбимыегости#barbarabar#luxury#club#girls#karaoke#party#weekend#youarethebest#barbara#best#weekend#girls#mylifemyrules

Наши любимые гости💃 Спасибо, что украсили и сделали незабываемым этот день в @barbara__bar Welcome to @barbara__bar - только самые лучшие, только самый лучший отдых🎤🎶🎼

Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love. That's the only thing I can say. I love you forever. #youarethebest #youaretheonlyone #loveyou

americano and cheese cake.. 😌☕️🍰 #americano by @mojicafe #coffee #coffeelover #cheesecake ala @homepatisseriee sooooo... #yummymummy 🤤🤤🤤 #cake #cheese #yummycakes #namaste @lidya.gosal 😘😘😘 #youarethebest #mojicafe #homepatisseriee im soooo blessed! #soblessed #monamonika

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