Это пост благодарности и любви моему мужу ❤️
Нет, сегодня не его день рождения, не дата встречи и не день свадьбы. Я очень горжусь своим мужем #любимыймуж, люблю его всем сердцем и хочу, чтоб все знали какой он у меня крутой 😎🤩. В ноябре 2017 Антон открыл магазин мягкой мебели @ottomanaru . Эти шесть месяцев собственного бизнеса очень сильно на нас повлияли. Мы повзрослели, сняли розовые очки (хотя про очки, это больше ко мне относится), увидели жизнь в новом свете. Несмотря на то, что мы очень долго обдумывали идею, концепцию, товар, партнёров и другие вопросы, мы столкнулись с такими сложностями, о которых не могли знать и которые не могли предвидеть, не войдя в этот бизнес. Любой тренинг стоит денег, а нашим тренером стала жизнь, и мы учились на своих ошибках.
Кто знаком с моим мужем, тот знает, что он далеко не продавец по характеру! И именно поэтому, каждая его продажа радует меня, как огромная победа над собой и над обстоятельствами! 🌟
Любимый @antonananyev , я на 💯 процентов уверена, что ты добьешься успеха и преодолеешь любые препятствия на твоем пути за нашу семью!😘💋❤️ #love #myfamily #iloveyou #youarethebest #любимыймуж

Այո հրաշք #photoshoot -ի համար շնորհակալ եմ @emma_minas -ին և #babyMI -ին ❤💫 #youarethebest 🔝
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DRAMA NAME: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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Bursdagsgave i sølvpapir e mye bedre enn avskjed på gråttpapir😀😍 Tusen hjertelig takk for gaven @heidi0169 og @ida_nesbo 😘 Og JA, æ skal bynne å træne til London 😉😁Glæde mæ til å dra på tur med dåkker igjen 🤗 #friends #fornøydjenta #youarethebest

Yo creo eɴ eѕe нιlo rojo qυe llevα α lαѕ perѕoɴαѕ α eɴcoɴтrαrѕe. Porqυe eɴ тι veo тαɴтo de мι. Por lα αleɢrία qυe coɴтαɢιαѕ αl мυɴdo. Te qυιero αмιɢo! @edward__barreto 🔥
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Enhao got his first swimming diploma after 7 months’ training once a week. Six years and six months old . Congratulations 🎉🎈 #youarethebest #proudofyou #myson

In April, Lewis and I moved our status to engaged. Like any self-respecting 2018 couple (jokes, do whatever you want), the decision was mutual and my 100-year-old engagement ring belonged one of my South African great grandmothers. I hope she’s pleased that we resized it and fixed the claws and breathed life into it - well, that we paid someone else to do all of that.

A few years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get married. I wasn’t sure if marriage was working for humans in general because we’re a bit shit and selfish and, although we have the best of intentions, we don’t really like keeping promises when things aren’t fun anymore. ⠀

But now I’m singing Taylor Swift’s ‘You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter’ and I'm spinning like a girl in a brand new purple dress. Kind of. ⠀

Lewis and I met in English class at college. People either thought we’d been friends for years or that we were siblings 😅He always made me laugh. He always made me feel like I could say anything and it wouldn’t matter. ⠀

And it took us three years to actually get together! ⠀

Now, we share chores without any discussion, we manage to form the exact same opinion of every film or TV show we watch, we have the same attitude towards religion and money and veganism, and we get really annoyed with each other when we’re tired because we’re both stubborn and like having the last word and then try to apologise quickly because we known whatever we’ve disagreed on is irrational and makes no damn sense. ⠀

Overall, we’re very happy. We can only speak for ourselves in this very moment. And, in this very moment, this is what we want to do next month. ⠀

I am full of hope because I believe that if Lewis and I can’t make it work, everyone else is fucking doomed. ⠀

Enhao got the diploma of international math competition.#youarethebest #smartboy Enhao really likes to learn. Six years and six months old

How did I make so many poor decisions in my life? Because I didn’t understand my VALUE! 😬
You short change yourself and others when you’re uncertain of yourself. I have the honor of speaking and coaching women from all over whom are leaders, influential, beautiful, wealthy, entrepreneurs, students, powerful, from all different backgrounds and the common denominator is a struggle with confidence. 💪🏼
It’s a BIG issue women deal with. So how do you get to the other side and WIN BIG, I mean REAL BIG?! Let’s talk about it! ❤️
Here’s my invite: We are holding a Makeup Master Class with @ericaortiz_ and her incredible team.
Yours truly will be speaking on your Unique Value as a Woman! Learn how to elevate your self worth and upgrade your relationships, career, finances, health, etc. 💃
Only 5 seats left rsvp today at chicbeautyartistry@gmail.com
location: davie, florida
date & time: Sat, 6/2 from 12pm
Make up: @ericaortiz_

Anya #youarethebest ❤️

Krejt dashnin, ta kom fal ty qikajem e mirë😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️#babygirl🎀👑 #imalbanian🔴⚫️ #eliana #youarethebest #zemrajeme❤️ #iloveyoubaby #tedua❤️

Acá con #Gaudí pensando qué cocinar a la noche...
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