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Když si myslíš, že život nemá smysl a že tě nikdo nemá rád, tak se pleteš, protože se vždy najde osoba, která tady bude vždy pro tebe. #LiveIsCruel #YouArentAlone #BelieveInYou #NudaZaseOvládlaMůjŽivot

This absolutely breaks my heart.I don't understand why there is so much hate and violence in this world.Why can't there be love?Why ruin innocent people's lives ,and make their families suffer?This is so sad ,please everyone get this information out ,you could help many people locate their loved ones .#prayformanchester #youarentalone #iloveyou #RIP

Day 773 of our Infertility journey. 2nd round of Clomid complete but unsuccessful. Our marriage is being tested. We never realized starting a family and becoming parents would be such a big task. Being a mom was going to be my job. Each day the possibility of that happening feels less likely. It breaks me a little more each time seeing the negative results. I just hope our time will come soon to become parents❤️ •

With that being said I know we aren’t the only ones struggling, I know I’m not the only women out there struggling. I know that nothing I say or anybody else will take the pain away. Just know it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be anger, it’s okay to be frustrated, just don’t forget you aren’t alone.

If you are struggling I would highly recommend looking into The Wellness Way and Nicole ! They have Facebook pages and a website with tons of information. Nicole has worked with clients without even meeting them! *

I’m so excited that this Friday I get the chance to go to Green Bay to @thewellnessway to meet with @nsaleske! I’m hoping for more answers and praying that soon we will conceive! •

||She holds onto hope for God is forever faithful|| 1 Corinthians 1:9

#infertility #infertilityjourney #day773 #Thewellnessway #youarentalone

Our welcome sign now hangs in our window. You are safe with us. If you need help we will find it for you. If you need to talk it out we will listen. If you need support we will give it. If you need prayer we will pray. We are here for our community. We won't let you down. Some will see a weed and we will ALWAYS see Beauty. #clovishigh #cloviscougars #cl♥️viscalifornia #youarentalone #clovissalon

Pray for Las Vegas! 💗 Every day I pray for the world. But you aren’t alone!
We will love tougher for people over the world and over sky. 🌌 #prayforvegas #love #world #dontfight #youarentalone

@huffpost @huffpostwomen @huffpostparents My newest huff post piece...
I know I’m not alone...and so I wrote this in case anyone else is feeling like they are...
#ChoosingHope #ItsAChoice #YouArentAlone #hope #faith

Yes, I'm a binge eater. I have the same tendencies as a lot of you do. 😅🙈
I know so many people that struggle with binge eating, mostly in silence. Most of the time, the people around them have no idea they are struggling because they only practice these disordered eating habits in private.
It feels overwhelming embarrassing to talk about.
How could someone not be able to control how much food they are eating even though they feel physically ill?
Most people assume binge eating is eating only junk food.
Binge eating is eating ANY type of food in mass quantities.
Both healthy & not healthy.
If you can relate to anything I am saying, please do not feel embarrassed for disappointed with yourself. 💜
Shit happens, dude!
You just need to know that you are fully in control of your decisions, and you do not need to give into those sensations of emptiness.
You are strong, capable, and beautiful! 🙏🏽
If you are struggling with the downward spiral of binge eating, please feel to reach out to me and we can talk! 💕
Click the email button at the top of my page or shoot me a DM. I'll get back to you this weekend. 🙏🏽
#YouArentAlone -
Thinking about starting a Facebook group to help motivate each other.... thoughts? ☺️




Hey you can call me cat. I just made this acc bc I think life fucking sucks and I know people agree. 🖤🖤🖤
#depression #depressed #newaccount #anxiety #eatingdisorder #mentalhealth #mentalillness #selfhate #selfharn #selfharnn #depressededits #dmopen #youarentalone #worthless #fuckup #giveup #death #dying

Inviting yourself into someone's life after they made a firm decision to not have you in it, will NOT be what makes them change their mind about you. It only makes their doubts in you stronger.
Your choices should be valued and respected. The second you decide how YOU feel is more important than someone else's boundaries and wishes, and actively go against what that person wants, you blatantly display your lack of respect for that person. It does not matter if you think your intentions are seeded in "goodness", your will of "good intentions" does not remove or cloud what I feel or want.

If you don't want someone in your life, wether it's family, friends, a co worker, etc. you are allowed to free yourself from them. Doing whats best for you should always come first. Regardless if the other person likes it or not.
#respect #toxicpeople #nomeansno #boundaries #itsokaytoloveyourself #itsokaytoletgo #youarentalone #toxicfamily #dowhatsbestforyou #livinglifemyway #selfcare #innerpeace #youareincontrol

The past few days this picture
has been stuck in my brain.
The best / worst time in my younger days.
..this post is not for the faint hearted.. While me and my brother adjusted to another school, community, and really getting to know our mother again we were able to really be free.After the school year started we had a cool gang of buddies. Most of the time I was in my own little worlds of fantasy..ya know your basic crime fighting witch who did aikido twice a week.
When we first moved up there my stepdad was there. I never liked the way he spoke to me or brother. He was very strict and I could tell he didn’t care for me too much. One day (after he and my mother were officially separated) he decided he wasn’t going to bring my sister back.He stole my baby sister. My step father lived in Canada and legal system was on his side.
She was 2 at the time. We have reconnected thru messenger.Now 17 and living on her own. Not until she was a teen did she know about us.can’t imagine not knowing who my own mother was or that I had siblings.Sara is an amazing kind creative being and I’m so stoked to be together again.part of my mom died the day she was taken.It was never the same.after a few months of my sister being gone I was never home.our home wasn’t a home anymore.My brother started to let me hang with him more and so I got to be around his friends.One abused me. I remember the exact moment.My brother had gone to the bathroom and this boy ( maybe 12) took my hand and shoved it in his pants.he wouldn’t let go.My brother never found out..even to this day.the boy threatened to hurt me so I never told ANYONE.
I should have.I know that. It could have been worse and I am lucky that it wasn’t. I wish I could say this was the last time I was abused. But most of all I wish I had the courage back then like I do now. Love to everyone that has gone through any abuse. #youarentalone #metoo

Keto Confession time. Yesterday I had a complete breakdown. I just lost it. I laid in bed and cried. There's health things going on in my personal life and I just couldn't keep up the facade anymore with my keto lifestyle. Time to come clean. At the beginning of the year I started the process to get VSG weightloss surgery. I was denied and told to go see a therapist for a binge eating disorder. I was a little shocked, a little offended, and in complete denial, so I quit the process. Fast forward to October and I decided to try Keto. It's actually working but it is making me realize that I probably actually do have a binge eating disorder. I'm constantly fighting myself about eating. I'm lying to everyone by saying this journey is so easy. It may be for some, but it's not for me. So yesterday it just got to me. Saturday night I posted about overeating and that it's not the end of the world, but in all honesty it felt like It was. I felt like I failed everyone including myself. I just got so tired of telling myself to not eat when I'm not hungry. I just wanted to not care and just eat.
This post helps to prove that you can't keep these things bottled up. I'm so grateful for my dear husband who is doing keto with me. He has struggled a few times with keto and knew where I was coming from. He comforted me in my time of need and vulnerability. Now I feel better. I know I'm still going to have this internal struggle but I can't quit. #keto #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #ketogenicliving #ketogenicweightloss #ketolifestyle #weightlossjourney #weightloss #husbandwifeweightloss #lifestylechange #foodie #ketofoodie #mentalhealth #eatingdisorder #bingeeating #bingeeatingdisorder #loveandsupport #youarentalone #vsg #weightlosssurgery

Everyone goes through this mentality at some point in their life. And right now I'm still going through it. There are so many things I want to do, be, and achieve but obstacles won't permit us the chance to do everything we want. Key element is to try not to think about the 3rd or 4th step, it's to just think about the 1st and 2nd. Then once you get past those, you can move on to the 3rd and 4th. If you think about everything in life at once, you will become lost and confused. This could be extremely hard on you, but you aren't alone. Everyone goes through this. Your parents went through it, your siblings, family, and spouse went through it or are going through. The best thing for you to do is not to worry too much about it, and to keep your head high. #liveinthemoment #moment #live #confused #life #success #trees #artsy #snow #mountains #everyone #you #arent #alone #youarentalone #forever #yougotthis #keep #going #strength #mentality #keepgoing

Everyday. Life.
Motivation lacking? Do you feel like with no competition, wedding or big event to train and work towards you don't stay on track?
You aren't alone! I see this with clients, as well as myself off and on.
It can be hard to stay motivated all the time. Even dedication lacks at times, which is normal!
Don't get discouraged. If you really want to get back at it, get a pen and paper!
Write down WHY! First, and foremost you need to know the reason or reasons you want or need a change in your life!
Next, write down some short and long term goals. Make these specific! Also, it helps to have a time or date to reach your goals. Adjust if needed, but having a date helps to keep you on track.
Then figure out the how. How will you reach your goals? From the small details to the big ones.
Next... START! Start as soon as possible! Keep that motivation working for you! Turn that drive into dedication and better habits which will turn into results!
Focus on it a day at a time. Celebrate the little wins, don't let the mistakes hold you back and enjoy the journey! If you aren't happy in life, why do it? Make sure your goals and desires match up to how you want to live your daily life.
#everydaylife #reallife #motivation #dedication #goalsanddreams #lovethelifeyoulive #behealthy #beactive #behappy #refocus #betterhabbits #writeitdown #youarentalone #honestthoughts #beingreal

#Life is crazy. Things change in a blink of an eye for the better or the worse.
I struggled with posting anything today because:
1️⃣ I feel like a Mack truck ran over me this past week.
2️⃣ I didn’t want this to be taken as a “woe is me” post
However, somewhere there is someone who needs to know they aren’t the only one going through something. One of the primary reasons I have social media is to share my experiences in the hopes that it helps someone else. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. There’s a beautiful sunrise on the other side of the storm.
If things had gone another way in my life my son would have been a year old today. I’m so effing GRATEFUL though that the woman in this picture came through her storm to realize the “good in goodbye”. WHOOOO #blessingsonblessings
God always knows better than you do. Trust that always and choose to be happy. Remember your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. My life has done a complete 180 from this time last year and I wouldn’t have it any other way. LETSSS GOOO!!!
#BlackGirlMagic #bohemielle #bohemian #gypsy #rebelle #vloggers #bloggers #browngirlbloggers #creativepreneur #YouTube #wildchild #elleA #LifeinLA #LifeinElleA #LosAngeles #stamfordgirls #womenofcolor #blackgirlyoga #blackgirlboss #blackgirlsrock #bossbabe #teamnatural #naturelle #melanin #blackyoutube #California #pregnancyloss #youarentalone

I never planned on "airing out my business" but here we are! I said I would get my stuff together after it almost killed me two years ago. I relapsed. Hanging around my ex boyfriend. I said I would NEVER touch hard shit. Did that! I'm far from perfect but I want to spread my message by any means necessary.

So it’s past 3am, and I’m just getting to bed. And yes, part of that is #nightshiftproblems, but the other part is #depression. Somewhere between making barbecue pizza 🍕 with Olivia last night, putting Elijah down for his nap repeatedly (for THREE HOURS), and Darrell coming in the door from work, my day just unraveled on itself. I was fine... until I wasn’t. That’s just how this animal works.
It’s an emotionally crippling thing, sometimes. It can creep in slowly like a fog, or hit you like a tornado🌪 , determined to take out anyone in its path. It can last a little while, or it can grip you for weeks. All of a sudden, you’re the worst mom in the world, a complete failure as a wife. And you’re physically exhausted, even in pain. Luckily, I have better tools I use to help now than I did 4 years ago when my very existence felt touch and go, and thank God for taking better care of my health.🍎 Good nutrition goes a LONG way, and exercise like this has become my therapist. And yes, the 90’s music helps.😉 But seriously... I don’t share this to start some sort of pity party, or to get any congratulatory pats on the back for thinking I’m cool. I share it because I know I’m not alone. That there are other mothers out there who struggle like I do some days, and no matter how hard you try to keep it together, sometimes it just falls apart. I share it so you know you are NOT ALONE. I share it because I believe there is still a social stigma that runs alongside buzzwords like *depression* and *mental illness.* I share it because there are tools 🔨 besides (or in addition to) medications that you can add to your tool box. I share it because I believe it needs a face.
It could be a neighbor. It could be a friend. It could be a teacher. It could be YOUR CHILD, your brother, someone who served your country. It could be that mom who’s sometimes funny and most times seems like she has it together.

It could be me.
#Thisisdepression #YouArentAlone and #NeitherAmI

I just did the most brave and vulnerable thing I have ever done in my entire life...I made a submission to the Mormon Channel for the next season of "Hope Works." As Mark and I talked it over, we are ready to publicly share my submission. I have never given this many details in public before. It is a touch uncomfortable, but feels mostly good. If even one woman benefits from my vulnerability then it is 100% worth putting myself out there. The full clip is LONG. (Also in bio link) https://youtu.be/PziYap6PlFc #betrayaltrauma #betrayaltraumarecovery #graceforbetrayaltrauma #christcanhelpwiththat #grace #hope #hopeinchrist #infidelity #pornkillslove #fightthenewdrug #supportwomen #womenneedhelptoo #christisbiggerthantrauma #changetheworld #sharehope #sharelight #sharegoodness #youarentalone

About a year after Greysen was born we found out we were pregnant....with twins. When one absorbed the other, it resulted in me miscarrying the second baby. I was defeated. I didn’t understand. Little did I know miscarriage happens to 1 in 5 women. We decided we were done, we were happy with Grey. We grew a lot as a couple and as individuals since then. Daniel has over 18 months sober under his belt and I’ve found a way to deal with my anxiety and depression in a healthy manner. I think that’s what we needed to prepare us for the changes that a second baby brings. Today, we saw our rainbow baby with a heart rate of 183 and measuring at 8w 6d. Baby Bird #2 will be making an appearance July 2018 and we are over the moon. 🌈 #rainbowbaby #babynumber2 #pregnancynumber3 #1in5 #misscarriageawareness #bigbrother #motherhood #4yearsmarried #babydaddy #babymomma #anxiety #depression #youarentalone

Hey!! Have a nice day today!! You are doing your best and that's what counts, and if there's someone who makes you feel bad for taking a break and focusing on your mental health, they aren't really your friends, you do you, and help yourself in anyway you can!! #southpark #craigtucker #tweektweak #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #youarentalone

Take care of yourselves during this season change - depression is a silent struggle. #youarentalone #seasonalaffectivedisorder

{ God's Heart }
Once a month we have our women's get-together at church. We have amazing food, beautiful decorations, and incredible speakers. .
Each month I pray and ask the Lord what little gift He wants me to give the ladies at my table.
This month our discussion topic was handling chaos well. I had found these adorable mini-pots several months ago and was saving them for this month. I had been praying and asking God what He wanted me to fill them with.
He wanted me to fill them with rocks.
On each rock He wanted me to write a different Bible verse.
When life gets chaotic, He wanted each lady to have a little verse to encourage them in whatever challenge they are facing. He wanted to remind them that He is their rock and shelter from the storm. When things feel overwhelming or impossible, He wants them to know He sees them, He knows what they are walking through, He is with them and He loves them
I feel so blessed to be able to participate in these little ways He shows His love.
So 6 mini-pots, 105 rocks, 105 hand painted & written verses later, Lena and I got to deliver them a tiny gift from Him.
God is so good, y'all. 💚

“The bravest thing I️ ever did was continuing to live when I️ wanted to die”
Being healthy doesn’t mean just physically it also means being mentally healthy. #idontmind talking about my struggles with depression and anxiety especially if it could help someone else. @idontmind #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessrecovery #youarentalone

Day two. Mission 22. 22 Veterans take their own lives daily... that’s unacceptable. PTSD is real and it’s terrifying. These men and women put their lives on the line for our freedoms and some don’t come back, and so many that do come back with demons. Demons they must fight within themselves and tend to feel so alone. They are not alone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. There’s help out there. There’s so many that care. Help me spread awareness for veteran suicide... together we can let so many know they are appreciated and not alone. #mission22 #mission22salute #homeofthefreebecauseofthebrave🇺🇸 #theyfoughtforus #youarentalone #thereisalwayshope #veteranshelpingveterans *im workin on my strength and form.. it ain’t perfect but I’m seriously trying to perfect it.
@the.redhead wanna do 22 push-ups fornthe next 22 days?? 💪🏼

I left the house this morning and came back. I went back for my quartz crystals you guys. 😒I'm not kidding. #crystaljunkie #thisisgettingweird #quartzcrystal #crystalaura #cannabisqueen #thehighlife #myhusbandthinksimcrazy

Focus on the light- Today’s workout sucked.. I struggled, and I was slow... Right away I started thinking those negative thoughts... “why am I even doing this, what’s the point, this will NEVER work!!” I began to self destruct. Quitting was not an option though, and those negative thoughts are part of the reason why I am here right now... So I tuned them out, out of the dark, into the light, & so should you. BEGIN & FINISH what you started!! You aren’t alone!! .
#keepitreal #positivevibes #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspo #dontgiveup #youarentalone #shinebright #bbg #bbgweek1 #bbgfam #sweatwithkayla #findyourstrength #itsthere

Little wins are important, enjoy them!!!!
I struggle with depression daily! Some days I move mountains and some days I manage to just get out of bed. Those are both WINS in my in my book of life. Today I am feeling really good, it’s been a while and I truly appreciate every second of it. It gives me hope.
Happy Tuesday!!!!!!
#Tuesday #motivation #depressionawareness #enjoythelittlewins #todayisagoodday #LOVE #momlife #killingit #movingmountains #youarentalone #dontgiveup

It is true...make small changes in your daily routine. Get up 15 min earlier...read...reflect...dream... and believe! Belief isn’t just for kids. Belief in oneself is the most important thing in achieving our goals and dreams! With small changes you can and will achieve BIG things! #belief #selflove #selfcare #mumoftwo #joinme #onestepatatime #youcandoit #dailyroutine #smallchange #bigresults #fitnessjourney #fitnessinspiration #youarentalone #icanhelp

Your faith is your gate to all things promised
#pray #positivity #believe #nevergiveup #youarentalone #spirit #angel #prosper #dream #live

For DAY 18 ANXIETY POSTS OF THE MONTH there is some SUPER interesting info on the following: mayhem of the mind, a woman's POV, Info on stress, Info on stress disorders and tips for test anxiety. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND ENJOY!! #anxiety #day18 #anxietypostsofthemonth #mental #mentalillness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #preparation #testanxiety #stressdisorders #education #educateyourself #spreadtheword #breakthestigma #youarentalone #panicdisorders #panicattacks #emotions #beyourself #socialanxiety

Practicing the Ru Paul make up for the girlies. My I am 35 and okay pose. Last month I was terrified of getting to this age. I hadn't ticked the goals off, lots of family and people were criticising my life and what I was and wasn't doing, and I felt this intense pressure that I was letting people down, with more and more bad luck and news, too much time on my hands worrying, and getting slowed down basic things seeming out of reach, people not being honest so causing confusion in a couple of areas. But when I am calm and relaxed I can see the success of the last year. Saw many places, learnt new skills, had the best times, worked on my health, reduced anxiety, adventuring, cracking time with family and special people, saved pennies, learnt a lot about caring and alzheimers, and so on. You will have your own list. If anyone is my age and feeling they have failed I say don't, look at what you have done. Don't let anyone hold you back on your dreams, or tell you what they should be, and find the right support network, but 35 it is all to play for and we got a new and exciting year we can do anything with any age. I am now not stressy and feeling I must rush through. I am taking time and can do loads this year. Just because you are a lady doesnt mean 35 and cannot get a new career, babies, house, travelling, relationship, whatever you want. Bring this year on I say 😊😊xx #goldglitter #woman #strong #blondie #newdress #newlook #findyourpath #norush #dontbepressured #whatareyourgoals #35 #findyoursupportnetwork #behappy #shareyourfeelings #youarentalone #youonlyliveonce

@tattoosbyskippy will be doing another semi colon project the whole month of December! If you missed the chance to help out this amazing cause in July, now is your chance! Stop on in to set up your appointment! #semicolonproject #athinlinetattoo #athinlinetattoobatavia #tattoosbyskippy #itsoknottobeok #everyonematters #youarentalone #suicidepreventions #awareness #localtattooartist #chicagolandtattoos #supportlocal #batavia #suburbs #localartist #chicagolandtattooartists

Not Nathan! But you can earn my love, respect, trust, admiration, attention, affection and so on! What I eat don’t make you shit and vice versa. #getcholife - Inspired by @iamlshauntay! #thestruggleisreal #youarentalone #queenofrealtalk 👑💜

And guess what....the future will always look the same and self-sabotage is the name of the game...you will ruin whatever you acquire: love, success, work, money, relationships, etc...because the fulfillment you seek can only be found in you and thru God. #getcholife #thestruggleisreal #youarentalone #queenofrealtalk

I’ve ALWAYS HATED HIM... he’s a damn serial stalker and rapist... the level of THIRST and harassment in his cartoons 😏🤯🤬😳 #pepelepew #nomeansno #misogyny #harrassment #fightthepower #metoocampaign #speakup #youarentalone #mentalhealth #therapy #survivors #ptsdisreal #society #unacceptable

Today was the worst.. that’s the only way I can describe it.. Today was the day I officially moved out of what used to be “our” apartment. Today was also our anniversary. It would’ve been six years. I won’t lie and say I’m ok. I won’t lie and tell you I’ll be alright. This is the part of my life that’s messy. I’ve spent the day moving boxes and crying. I’ve listened to sad songs that made me cry harder and I’ve asked God why this had to happen. Why you left when I tried to mend things. Why I couldn’t be enough anymore after all of those years. It hurts.. but although it does I know it will only be for a little while.. everything will be ok with time. I’m opening up the messy parts of my life for you to understand that you aren’t the only one who goes through things like I do. This is the worst feeling in the world... but I will overcome it one day. And I know that you can too ❤️
#lifeofkaitlin #depression #anxiety #hurt #notalone #mystory #myjourney #Godiswithme #sad #healing #findyourself #itgetsbetter #youarentalone #messy #life #friday

If we all waited to be generous until we never felt the sparseness of winter, most people would never share. What if instead we became generous with even the little bit or moderate amount we have? . .
My family and I have been in the season of winter for awhile due to being in early stages of building a business & other things. However we still make generosity a priority. And it actually makes me feel pretty free. .
Generosity can be manifested in many ways. It’s not just donating copious amounts of money to charity. It’s taking time to talk to someone e we don’t know. It’s about kindness. It’s about bringing someone who’s struggling a meal, or looking after a frazzled mom’s kids so she can have an afternoon out. .
I love Parker J. Palmer’s work. Check it out sometime. .
#Repost @onbeing (@get_repost)
Parker Palmer reflects on stripping away the clutter of life to live more deeply, inspired by a Mary Oliver poem on the clarity that comes from winter’s sparseness. Link in our bio.
[Photo by Colin Rex / Unsplash]
#winter #december #season #poetry #maryoliver #poem #quotes #poem #poems #onbeing #simplicity #minimalism

Need help with research and citations? Chat with us on the library homepage. #wecanhelp #youarentalone #askalibrarian

Omg this brakes my heart. Someone in our fandom took her life. This shouldn’t happen. If you ever need to talk about stuff. HMU. No one should suffer. EDIT// this is fake. But I’m going to leave it up in cans any one needs to talk// #ripzandra

Voi hömppää, vessaankin raahaudutaan puoliunessa mukaan! Siihen se sammui! 💗😘#hassukoira #ruskahaukku #dogsofinstagram #wcbuddy #youarentalone

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