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Jeg er så heldig, verdens vakreste gutt nr.3. Jeg elsker å være mamma. 💙💙💙 #csection #newborn #nyfødt #mike #youareloved #permisjonslivet #barsel #barselfie #babyboy💙 #babydrøm #mammalove

{••If you could call one person b4 you die..who would it be?

Happy Birthday, Whitney! It amazes me how much it feels like you have always been a part of our family! I love hearing the kids beg to spend the night with you cause it just shows how much they adore you! And you've become the person many of the older kids turn to for advice and for fellowship. I love watching you as a mom laughing with and loving on the babies! I love watching your eyes sparkle when you look at zach or when you giggle about his silly ways. You are the epitome of a godly, thoughtful, joyful, and radiant daughter in law! I just couldn't even imagine you not being around! ❤️ #CountingMyBlessings #YouAreLoved

Bindung. ...für so viele Menschen ein Unwort!!
Sie sagen: Du bist gebunden. Du bist unfrei. Du bist abhängig. 📍STATT📍 (Zu fühlen:) Du wirst geliebt. Du fühlst Geborgenheit. Du bist sicher.

Vor einiger Zeit hätte ich diese Aussagen tatsächlich noch als Angriff aufgefasst - gegen mich, gegen unseren Lebensweg. Aber die in mir immer weiter aufblühende HALTUNG Unerzogen lässt mich mittlerweile anders auf diese Menschen reagieren.
Mit Mitgefühl.
Ich höre jetzt den Schmerz hinter ihren Worten, die Trauer. 😪

Denn jemand der behauptet: "dann bist du aber schon sehr an dein Kind gebunden" (und das abschätzig meint) weiß nicht was Bindung wirklich bedeutet! Fühlt keine Bindung (mehr? zu seiner Mutter) in seinem Herzen. Steht verloren und verletzt da, wenn er mich mit meiner Tochter in unserer Innigkeit beobachtet.
Je abweisender das Kommentar, der Blick desto verletzter das Innere Kind. 😓 Oh, niemand soll so fühlen müssen!! 💔

Liebe, Nähe, Geborgenheit, Sicherheit und BINDUNG sind notwendig damit unser Herz gesund bleibt und unsere Seele nicht zerbricht. ❤️ Und so kann ich zwar nicht wieder gut machen was damals geschehen ist, ich kann viele wahrscheinlich noch nicht mal an diesem Punkt abholen. Aber ich kann JETZT und HIER voll Empathie und Mitgefühl sein. Nicht streiten, sondern verstehen. Und den Schmerz, der über ihre Abneigung nach außen sichtbar wird annehmen und aushalten. 😔

#innereskind #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #loveistheanswer #spreadlove #love #bethechange #thinktwice #youareloved #mygirl #littlegirl #biglove #blessed #momblog #influencer #momblogger #igersvienna #truelove #iloveyou #toddler #girl #attachmentparenting

Smile baby smile😆 #happiness #friends #youareloved #annine

"I've had depression my entire life. At nine years old, I first began to recognize suicide as an option. I was always told it was a chemical imbalance in my brain- that it was nothing of which to be ashamed. I managed to hold onto my strength until I was 22. I swallowed a bottle of an opioid pain medication. Subsequently, I was involuntarily admitted into the hospital rehabilitation center... It's difficult to imagine my life without sadness. But through the strength of my friends and family, I will make it through." •• Click the link in the bio to read Jenna's full story ••

Happy Equinox Lovers ::
Two years ago I was lying in bed dream seeding this little shop. It's amazing what comes in those moments between waking and sleeping , especially on powerful nights like tonight. And here I am two years later and I have been through more than I could ever possibly imagined. I love the unfolding of life. I love it sooooo much. .
Be open to the change. Don't resist what the oblivion is trying to tell you. Flow with the moment and trust the process. Even when it's hard find your grace, be a dancer. You are held and all is happening exactly as it's meant too.
The equinox is about balance in all things light and dark. During the eclipse time we were forced to review the shadow side of nature and now we bring it back into balance. What did you find when you faced your shadow? I am sure it was scary and quite beautiful. You are beautiful. Keep shining ! .
What are you dream seeding right now? I would LOVE to hear! .

You are loved, part 3.

I've decided to make a "you are loved" series, in which I post small reminders about certain subjects to make people feel good. The last two were more general reminders, and these are focused on body image. If there are certain subjects you'd like to see, (anxiety, depression, lgbt, etc, etc) drop them below and I'll consider doing them.

Body image, or self image, is a thing so many of us struggle with due to standards set by the media, or our own minds. And I can't say that I am an exception. There have been times that I hated the image in the mirror, there were times in which I wouldn't eat at all, there were times where I loathed, hated, destructed my body, but I survived.

And so will you. In trying to look perfect, and trying to fullfill the ridiculous standards society sets for us, we often forget the most important thing our body does: be. Your body doesn't have to look a certain way to function. It was made to take you places, to let you live. There are a thousand things more gorgeous about your body than just the way it looks. Your body is the home you live in the longest, please don't neglect it to satisfy others.

I love you lots, and if anybody relates, I'm glad 💛

#spreadsmilesnotscars #bodyimage #selflove #youareloved

LITTLE THINGS 🍬|| ... und über Nacht fällt dir ein, dass du Lächeln kannst, die Windelgröße 1 nicht mehr passt und dass du mit 2 3 Tönen mit uns "reden" möchtest?! Ach Tilda, wir haben doch abgemacht, dass du für immer klein bleibst 🤷🏼‍♀️... #sunday #weekend #littlethings #aintnohoodlikemotherhood #instakids #instababy #love #cute #sweet #littleone #family #bloggermum #mumswithcameras #cameramama #soproudofyou #familygoals #worldoflittles #simplychildren #letthembelittle #inbeautyandchaos #holdthemoments #minimal #makemoments #thingsiwanttoremember #youareloved #wokeuplikethis #girlsmom


I'm probably gonna be late for choir today because my mom is slow :( were practicing a Beatles medley. Anyone have a favorite Beatles song? - Mads 👽 🌻 Comment on our thiscrush
👽 Personal: @madssy.f
🌻Our dm's are always open
#bisexual #girlswholikegirls #asexual #lesbian #gay #gaypride #gaymarrige #transgender #queer #comingout #pansexual #pansexualpride #lgbt #followforfollow #lgbtq #lgbt🌈 #lovewins #pride #youarebeautiful #youareloved #nomeansno #polysexual #lgbtcommunity #lgbtyouth #equality #grayasexual #demisexual

In our community groups, you'll be welcomed with open arms.
#MadisonPark #ChurchOfGod #CommunityGroups #YouAreWelcomed #YouAreLoved

Mindfulness is about being in the NOW. It is focusing on what is happening in any given moment, including how you feel. Mindfulness is important because most of us spend a lot of our time thinking about the past or the future, which we cannot control. #mindfulness #mindfulnessmonday #beinthenow #focus #howyoufeel #beinthemoment #youareloved #YouAreLovedCoaching

Good morning!!! 😃❤️😃❤️
It just amazes me that the God of the universe wants to have a relationship with me!!! 😍
I read in my devotions this morning that "Nothing is more fulfilling than being in God’s presence. .
There’s no one on earth whose friendship compares to that of our Creator.
It’s staggering to think any human can be in the presence of God. .
But what’s more astounding is that He desires our presence even more than we want His. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
James 4:5 says God yearns for us (see NKJV). To yearn is to have an intense longing or desire. That’s what God feels toward you!" John Bevere .
#youareloved #youarebeautiful #ourCreatorwantsarelationshipwithus #Heisamazing #goodmorning #bepositive #haveagreatday

Remember nothing can Separate you from Gods Love. Don't buy the lie the Enemy will try to sale you. #motivationmonday #riseandgrind #youareloved

Are you tuned into your psychic abilities? Are you honoring your soul capabilities? Are you honoring your Divine Purpose?
There is so much within us that is good, is true and is loving! Are you honoring your truth ? Are you honoring your calling to serve and be of service now?

Tuning into your Divine Alignment allows you to walk the path of your own Freedom which is your Divine Birthright and it is the avenue to be able to heal yourself unconditionally.
We all came here to live in higher vibration as One, in unison with our Souls highest intention and calling to create a better Earth, a more loving space of light and we all agreed to do this at the time of Ascension. We are now in the Golden Age of Gaia! A Divine time where in our contracts we agreed to face our challenges and support others on their path. We agreed to nurture the negativity that has permeated Earth and all who live here in order to break cycles of tragic and aggressive behaviors and paradigms that have caused catastrophic destruction on all levels for all.
You who are reading this volunteered to be here to guide many who don't connect to this Divine Higher Vibration and Frequency of psychic abilities, intuition, healing and simply knowing that everyone is worthy of understanding the bigger picture. Everyone is worthy of forgiveness through exercising truth and unconditional love. Everyone can overcome the challenges with training the brain to release old beliefs and a life of chaos, as we now step fully supported into divinely living in the New Paradigm. We are now experiencing these grand opportunities to recreate our lives in loving positive motion to impact vast changes and uplift our position on Earth in this life.
What arises for everyone this week is standing in the presence of our greatest or most challenging fear and ultimately choosing to let go of it, choosing to live as we teach and guide others to do for themselves. Any thoughts of Ego are pure inner soul work, any emotions and anger need divine love and healing and anything that feels broken will be given light through your awareness of what needs most to change for your highest and greatest healing.
Cont in comments 👇🏼

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