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Geschminkt oder ungeschminkt.. die Leute sind nie happy! 😭 hör nur auf dich selber! Hauptsache du bist HAPPY ❤️ #WeDontCare #StayStrong #YouAreAQueen

Don’t ever remove the jewels from your crown just so a man can carry it. Find you a man who’s not so weak. 👑 #youareaqueen #betreatedlikeone

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future" proverbs 31:25 #HappyInternationalWomensDay #YouAreAQueen edit/film @zurisaddaicjr (full video on YouTube channel and website)

🌺Wish you a funny day!🌺 #youareaqueen #happywednesday #laughloud

To all my women out there who were ever not appreciated tho they gave their heart and every piece of them to something
🙏🏼 #YouAreAQueen #AndWeKnowIt

4yrs and counting...no matter what this day is important we got our mom back. I only strive to be like you no matter the obstacles you kept fighting no matter the shame you held your head high no matter the slips you continued on it until you got it right!! You my queen are the definition of strength, determination, and a strong black woman!!! No matter what we go through I will always celebrate this day with you this your day you stepped into greatness and never looked back!! Congratulations mommy 4years sober and you did it on your own!!!! #beingsoberneverlookedbetter #soberliferocks #youareaqueen Teresa Mcintyre


Don’t ever remove the jewels from your crown just so a man can carry it. Find you a man who’s not so weak. 👑 #youareaqueen #betreatedlikeone

✖️Hair appointment Day✖️#selfie #hair

"I know reality can cut you when you’re facing it
It’s better than the fantasy that you replace it with Compliments and attention
The likes and mentions
Can lead you astray when you be chasing it
You say you’re a bad chick who likes bad boys
That’s probably why you stay in bad relationships
If you only knew the worth of your love girl
Maybe you would see the value in you saving it
And they say “why would he buy the cow when he gets his milk for free?"
If he won’t make you wifey why give him your husband’s luxury?
Then he does a 180 when he’s sick of you
It’s easier to leave what you’re not committed to
So you cried yourself to sleep that night
And you woke up a different you
That isn’t true

Do you know who you are?
Do you know you’re a star?
A whole galaxy baby
But you’re out here looking crazy
Do you know you’re a Queen? 👑
The offspring of a King
So you are royalty baby
You are royalty"

For all my ladies who are broken looking for love in the wrong places. I've been guilty of this mentality before too.
So grateful Jesus pursued me non-stop even when I didn't believe.
This is the truth. This is who you are in Him.
You are worth the wait and so much more loves. You're worth much more than the IG likes, the late nights, treasures and attention this world can offer.
Remember that.
#Jesus #Truth #KnowYourWorth #YouAreAQueen #Worthy

One for my sisters 💖
This quote is by no means a discrimination to anyone, but more of a reflection. In the pressures women face in our current climate of ‘perfection’ and ‘flawless-ness’, we can easily lose ourselves. I for one have been there. Take sometime out for yourself to have a real honest reflection on who you are as an individual and where you want to go. Because no matter what choice you make someone somewhere is going to find an issue with it or think it’s not ‘good enough’. I say each and everyone of you are more than enough as you are. So YOU decide how you want to conduct yourself, what YOUR goals are, and how YOU want to look. Its time to stop letting society push us around by telling us we should be shy or outspoken, strong or weak, wear make-up or not wear make-up. #DOYOU #societycantdictateme #women #flawfull #flawfullybeautiful #girlpower #quotes #girls #writing #anxiety #depression #selfesteem #lowselfesteem #growingupissues #motivation #youcandoit #beaqueen #youareaqueen #youarebeautiful

🤔🤔🤔🤔Monday morning thoughts. Get you one who knows what he’s got. #highstandards #knowyourworth #youareaqueen #letemknow #deepthoughts

Life is about so much more than getting through a holiday without gaining weight.

He told me I was too fat, ugly and no one will never want me but guess what....I'm the kind of Woman who don't care what any body think. I know who I am...I'm the Kings child! I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made! If it was ever told to you, look high not down..only to put on your heels and wear your crown. You're a Diamond girl! It's worth the wait. Keep smiling, Great things are coming your way. 💎 Go be successful not stressful. Life is too short. 💋 #PositiveVibesOnly #KnowYourWorth #YouAreAQueen

A steppingstone to greatness ❤️

Yassss.......They will try to bring you down by petty words or ever worse petty actions, but always know you run your life. Live it to the fullest. Life is to short... So if you don't like it keep it moving or kick rocks🙋 love her @sza #supermodel #sotheycallyouspoiled👸#umm #stepitup⤴️ #wheresexyladi824 #daddytoldmenevertosettle❌ #youareaqueen #herlyrics🔥 #houston #corpuschristi #tx #selflove #strongwoman #classy #beauty

Happy Saturday!!! Got my workout in earlier!! It’s that simple!! You sometimes have to just wake up and kill your goals first thing, to avoid feeling rushed to get your goals achieved! 🏅

I’m going to be doing a 3 Day Refresh after Thanksgiving!! It’s like a reset for your body! 💃

The 3 Day Refresh through Beachbody: 👉 Helps with bloating! 👉 Provides a healthy way to feel lighter and and energized! 👉 It’s only 3 Days! 👉 Helps with kick-starting your body too!! I’ve done the 3 Day Refresh before, and fell in love with it!! Additionally, you’re not starving yourself!! I was surprisingly satisfied the whole time and felt great!! Believe me, you’ll feel like a new and improved you!! 👸

#slaytoday #slayeveryday #bossbabe #girlswhoworkout #achieveyourgoals #workout #workoutselfie #selfie #youareaqueen #youareabadass #beautiful #glistening #achieve #believe #youreastar #bunlife #havefaith #neverstopstriving #teamneverstopstriving #snapchatfun #awesome #greatness #youdeservethebest #youcandoit #fitnesscoach #fitness #morning #morningworkout #saturday

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