Snow Day vibes 🎒#YOTF
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Respect and love ya presidents. Thanks for having us yesterday @serato and s/o to Haram for bringing me along. I have a quick side project for y’all that I will be sharing soon for BHM, along with some new Andre Altrez. 2018 is the year of the flood. Watch the magic #yotf

Gotta understand the motivation built behind that 7-5. When you watch someone come from where they come from and see where they got to right in front of your own eyes. It’s amazing and tear shed worthy. Dreams are possible, set goals and achieve. Congrats to @mrgetflee on the super bowl ring. You more than deserve it. I love you and keep striving for greatness 🦅 #VinnyCurry #YOTF #FleeNation #HOF #Philly #FreeMeek

You hear so many people say it is hard to believe how quickly the year goes. I’m sure it was only yesterday I was a schoolgirl with not too many cares in the world. Now I have my own four children at school with my eldest daughter entering her final year. When did this happen?!! When deciding on my mantra for this year I decided it would be The Year of the Family. Like so many people I get caught up in the day to day craziness of life and realise that there are many moments I want to capture and cherish that I don’t make the time for. It’s not just all about family holidays or outings. Some of of the most simple things are often the most memorable. Thank you my beautiful girls @charlieshealthyfactory and @bellabraidaddict for my @hp Sprocket. A fabulous way to print straight from my phone. The photos even have sticky backed paper. Perfect for my journal. I can’t wait to fill the pages #yearofthefamily #YOTF #hp #sprocket #love #family #memoriesforlife

I will be on time today! Finally! First time of the year! #yearofthefool #yotf

We are so excited to be featured in this month’s edition of @shape magazine! Slay your layover and book your yoga session today! 😁🙏🏽✈️🕉

Even in the midst of adventure, it is essential to find at least a moment of peace

Just in case you needed another reason to visit @denairport , check out the therapy dogs! There are almost 100 of them roaming around the airport specific for you to pet them 😁 stop in at YOTF to grab some dog treats!

Granting everyone’s wishes to provide yoga in the airport!!! #Repost @laurel_t_ (@get_repost)
Airport yoga, I’ve been wanting this for years.
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In case you were wondering, we are OBSESSED with pups and want them in the studio @denairport at all times. Bring your fur babies in to practice their meditating!! ❤️❤️🐶✈️🙏🏽

Don't let your holiday food coma stop you from finding peace while meditating and doing yoga! Stop in to see us before returning home! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Here's to hoping you find a chance to relax and unwind amongst the chaos of holiday travel! Photo cred: @kbonuraphoto

BIGGEST shout out to Ellen for being our 100th YOGI ON THE FLY at @denairport !! Thank you for allowing yourself the time to relax and breathe, can’t wait to have you back into the studio! 🙏🏽✈️❤️☺️

We are now offering a Frequent Flyer program for those of you regularly traveling through Denver! Buy 10 sessions get one free!! ✈️🙏🏽🙌🏻

Yoga On The Fly is now offering online reservations so you can be sure to have a studio available before your next flight! Access the online reservations through the following link: https://squareup.com/appointments/book/EAG5YSWF93WH7/yoga-on-the-fly-denver-co

how we feel about airport yoga 🙏🕉✈️

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