I’m super sad that Yosemite is on fire right now, man. It breaks my heart. Here’s a flashback to May when the air was clear and the sun could show off its magic.
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It’s my birthday and I’m excited to share a sneak peek from Jazel + Raymond’s Yosemite adventure session! If you’re getting married and are searching for an awesome wedding photographer, keep me in mind if you want to stand on cliffs and climb mountains! 🌲⛰

A sneak from Kaylene + Hiro’s adventure session in Yosemite 😍#thatlighttho

FINALLY BLOGGED YOSEMITE!!! BOTH POSTS ARE LIVE — you know where that link at!!
Some days, I don’t do any work at all (except emails... always emails) I’ll go catch up with my friends, or grab lunch, or hang with bae and watch some Riverdale.
And other days (like yesterday) I lay in bed in my pajamas all day, update my pricing guide, respond to emails, send contracts, write two blog posts, and spend 7 hours straight editing 1 session and 2 weddings.
And that’s my incredibly extreme version of balance 🤷🏼‍♀️ maybe one day I’ll have days with both relaxing and work... but today isn’t that day. Or month. Maybe next month? 😂

A sneak peek of Ronnie + Morgan’s engagement session. They’re such a cool couple and we had so much fun hanging out with them!

Take me back to Yosemite 🌲

It’s good to be back in Hawaii. It has been such an amazing few weeks! 😍 HUGE thank you to Katie & Tony, Allan & Katrina, Jen & Nolan, Francesca & Gregory, and of course... my lovely Wife! ❤️ I got a few days to catch up on edits, then leaving for my last trip before the baby comes! 😱 See you soon Seattle! ✈️

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