I smell treats.

Walks are fun! Make sure you take your hoomans out daily. It will distress them.

Making sure this guy knows who the boss is!

Always ready to play!

Haha, my mom tricked my sister into wearing that stupid hat 😂🤣... stay warm, friends

I’m ready for a beach day!

I’m not tired, you’re tired...

#tbt - To his first stop, after his first car ride, with the strangers that would become his family.

Our new city gets cooolllldddd. Luckily, I’ve got the humans who live here trained to share their body heat on command. #lifeisgood #warmandsnuggly #yorkiesofinstagram

With my woes.

I love to go kayaking on hot summer days...stay cool everyone!

Hanging out with Mama in the AC trying to beat the heat.

Cooling off with a little puppacino!

When I’m ready for a walk but the hoomans are not.

Morning beautiful people....HAPPY 4TH!

Never too early for Xmas pajamas

Patiently waiting for hooman to get my dinner.

My life is full of color but look how great I look in black and white.

Looking good for the ladies...

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