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0907 얜 #윤우#yoonwoo 라고 해요~~~^^ #보보쇼즈#bobochoses 행사에서 해준 네임자수~~

#인민군모자 쓰고 오늘도 즐겁게 #출발 !

할아버지 좋아하는 윤우~
아빠랑 외삼춘 & #yoonwoo

#슈크림빵 반 잘라갔다고 울면서 빵먹는중 ㅋㅋ
엄마는 그와중에 웃기다고 #찰칵찰칵

꽃하나에 즐거울 나이 #3살
없는머리에 #더블컷트 했는데
#호섭이 느낌이 약간 있지만
내눈엔 #귀요미

윤우만의 #스티커 멋내기 ㅋㅋ
나가자 하니까 한참을 책상앞에 서있더니...
짜잔하고 저렇게 덕지덕지 붙이고 나왔다는ㅡㅡ;;
기념으로 고대로 외출ㅋㅋ
#yoonwoo #스티커#vanskids #newerakids #gapkids

아빠휴가라 졸린애 데리구 #홍대#밤마실

#뛰어뛰어 ~!
금욜이라 그냥은못가겠고
비오는데 홍대#어슬렁 ~
우산도필요없음 ㅋ ㅋ


I just finished killing stalking and IDK HOW TO FUNCTION RIGHT NOW. Okay so I've been looking at all these fan accounts and some of them dONT SHIP YOON BUM AND SANGWOO!! Like most of them say that Sangwoo is bad for yoon bum cuz of all the emotional abuse and the physical abuse but I don't see it that way. dONT HATE ON ME but here is my opinion.. ~SPOILERS~
So bum didn't grow up with parents, he grew up with an abusive uncle and that's all he's ever known. After breaking into sangwoos home and finding the girl locked in his basement, bum is terrified and after being kidnapped my sangwoo, bum is even more terrified. As the story progresses you can see that bum and sangwoo become close. They share details about their past and over time, they form a relationship. In the scene where bum slit his wrist really deep and sangwoo had to patch him up, sangwoo hallucinates his mother banging on his door. Earlier he told bum that he used to have these hallucinations but after bum came into his life, they've gone away. While sangwoo holds bum in his arms as he's possibly dying, his anchor to sanity and normality (almost) is fading. Bum on the other hand has never felt loved in his life and that is shown. Bum realises that sangwoo actually loves him and that's why he's stayed with sangwoo for so long. That feeling of love and being loved in return. They both act as an anchor to sanity and as a temporary relief from their tragic pasts. ----
#ks #killingstalking #yoonbum #sangwoo #sangbum #yoonwoo

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