Have you ordered your Honey Dip Yoni Spa Yoni Box yet? We have a few left for this particular box!!!! $40 is amazing for a $65 value!!!!!! 🙌🏾🍯✨ #yonibox #vaginalrejuvenation #yonisteam

Another amazing year at the #internationaldayofyoga2018 at the #unitednations. Made new friends, great yoga demonstrations and classes!! Also of note was #yogance, a fusion of yoga and dance that the young people were doing. And if you find yoga difficult, try doing it up in the air suspending yourself from a rope! #iloveyoga #womenshealth #yonibox

One of the best things we can do for mental wellness is to keep learning new things. This Saturday thanks to the people at #bikenyc I finished learning to ride a bike 25 years later! The thought of it used to make me feel kind of queasy, now I can’t get enough! #itsnevertoolate #lifeismadeforliving #womenshealth #bikenyc #blackgirlsdobike #yonibox

Went strawberry picking this weekend. While it was beautiful and fun, seeing so many of us picking crops, it made me think about what things must have been like for our ancestors during slavery in fields like these. How what is now a dream for us, was a nightmare for them. #truthheals #racismaffectshealth #endracism #endhealthdisparities #yonibox

Never in a million years when I was growing up did I think that there would be a day where I would be walking through the city and see a billboard ad of a real looking sister. There are many things that still hasn’t changed, but to me as simple as this is, it’s pretty remarkable. #realwomen #everlane #yonibox

Here is some from my video on postnatal depletion and black maternal mortality. The rest is available here: https://youtu.be/9-UNvyJtGps. I go more in depth about postnatal depletion and my personal experience with it in my book, A Taste Of Our Own Medicine. Shout out to all of those working on behalf of bringing more justice and quality of life to black and brown women! #maternalhealth #postnataldepletion #maternalmortality #blackmamasmatter #womenshealth #basta #yonibox

Shout out to @ubekitchen @smorgasburg #Brooklyn for making our dairy-free gluten-free ice cream dreams come true! #familyday #healthiswealth #coconuticecream #yonibox

More from my keynote talk @bklynlibrary Macon Branch in their #Brooklyn Mom-a-thon!!! Here I talk about an essential key to improving maternal health and decreasing #PostNatalDepletion -Sleep. For many mothers, in particular those with newborns, getting enough sleep can be a huge challenge and from a Traditional Asian Medicine perspective can negatively impact health. While we can’t always figure out to increase the quantity of hours of sleep, there are things we can do to increase the quality. Here are 2 tips. #brooklynpubliclibrary #maternalhealth #blackmamasmatter #selfcare #yonibox

Thankful to the @bklynlibrary Macon Branch in #Brooklyn for having me as a keynote speaker for their Mom-a-thon this weekend!!! It was an honor to get to talk about my passion of helping mothers to be healthier. . . Here is some from my talk on preventing #PostNatalDepletion. First, understanding that postnatal illness doesn’t automatically equate to postpartum depression and some on the importance of nutrition for mothers that extends beyond pregnancy. #brooklynpubliclibrary #maternalhealth #blackmamasmatter #selfcare #yonibox

20 years of studying this medicine and I still never cease to be amazed. This patient has cardiovascular issues. Even if I hadn’t talked to her, I would know just by looking at her ear. The bottom crease that I have circled is linked to coronary heart disease and the spot in her ear in the middle that I have circled is the area for heart. Don’t be alarmed though. This is my oldest patient whom has been seeing me for years. Though she doesn’t like to take pictures, at 92 years old she is kicking butt and doing a lot better than some of my younger ones! She gets up and downstairs quickly, doesn’t use a cane and is a joy to be around. #preventivecare #womenshealth #selfcare #endinghealthdisparities #earacupuncture #yonibox

A little from this weekend’s celebration of World Tai Chi Qi Gong Day on how our breathing changes as we age and how that can affect our physical and mental health. #worldtaichiqigongday2018 #selfcare #womenshealth #yonibox

Come and get your Qi On with me at a FREE Women’s Qi Gong Class this Saturday, April 28th from 10-11am!!! Learn more and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-womens-qi-gong-class-tickets-45064345671?aff=es2 #womenshealth #worldtaichiandqigongday #endinghealthdisparities #yonibox

Here is a picture of one of my posts when the Yoni Box Mothers Day Challenge first began 3 years ago! And this year we continue this tradition with mothers honoring ourselves in a small or big way daily for 21 days leading up to Mother’s Day. Improving health and deepening our self care! Any mother can join, just email here: drdanett@drdanettbean.com#selfcare #maternalhealth #womenshealth #yonibox

Breakfast at the ashram- so good. Filling enough where you could not eat again until dinner, but leaves you feeling light enough where you can move. I can even eat the rice there without problem. Pure magic! #yogaliving #womenshealth #yonibox

I get allot of questions about the Yoni egg so I made a quick description video on my YouTube(THEFIRECO) channel. With the purchase of an egg from me I do give a free 30 min consultation, I feel that it’s important to understand the correct practice to get the best results❤️#Yonilife

Sometimes it snows in April, the birds singing and crisp amazing air in the Catskills. Enjoying a little relaxation time (yin) to balance out all of the yang activity. This balance is a necessity to have sustained wellness. #selfcare #womenshealth #yonibox

When you get married you inherit all sorts of things, the good and “bad”. My husband’s recent winning of the complete collection of Zora Neale Hurston (shout out to #amistadbooks) is a sweet addition to my inheritance! #blackwriters #zoranealehurston #yonibox

This week is Black Maternal Health Week and it isn’t just about mothers. The health of mothers directly impacts the health of families and thus our communities. I wrote about this and a often overlooked condition called postnatal depletion in my book, A Taste Of Our Own Medicine: https://www.amazon.com/Taste-Our-Own-Medicine-Communities-ebook/dp/B071CG2ZVG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523550659&sr=8-1&keywords=A+Taste+Of+our+Own+Medicine #BMHW #womenshealth #selfcare #yonibox

How to use April’s Yoni Subscription Box! Check out the full video on YouTube (under the fire co) 🔥Hope you love it ❤️😘

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