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Today is Yom Hazikaron, Israel's day of remembrance for all its fallen soldiers. This picture represents so much in my house growing up. My dad is the 4th from the right pointing at the flag with his thumb in the Aviator glasses. We have a small family because most of our had been killed in Holocaust, and then everyone fought in wars in the Israeli military. 23,477 have fallen to fighting and 59 this year. 🙌✌️💪✊. #family #israel #yomhazikaron

tonight marks the start of Yom Hazikaron, one of the saddest days in Israel where the lives of all the soldiers who fought for Israel and all the victims of terror attacks are remembered and memorialized. a haunting, two minute siren starts off the occasion and the solidarity between all types of Jews is astounding in these few moment. at the ceremony i just attended, families of the dead placed wreaths on the stage, parents and children spoke about their fathers/ children killed in action and every single person who was killed in service or in an attack since 1948 (who were citizens of my city) had their face broadcasted onto the town hall walls, giving them the respect they deserve. the flags were also lowered at half mast #yomhazikaron - @elisheva.x

Today is our annual memorial day which we remember the 23,544 Israel Defense Forces soldiers who died so far while defending the state of Israel since the independent of the Jewish people in 1948. We light a candle for them because without them we couldn't be free and protected on our promised land. Each one of them is an hero of our nation. I know one of them personally, Captain Yotam Weissberg, who served alongside me and commanded me for a while at squadron 914 of the northern Israeli Navy division. May god rest his soul, and may we know peace in the middle east as soon as possible. 🇮🇱🕯 #yomhazikaron #memorialday #standwithisrael #peaceinthemiddleeast

Let’s dedicate this day to remember and thank those who fought for us and our State of Israel.
#soldiers #yomhazikaron #remember #thankful

During my military service I lost people I knew, I saw parents who lost their dearest treasure - their own kid. I saw pain, tears and broken hearts. But in all the pain, I saw hope - hope for no more wars and hope for no more fallen soldiers.
I want to thank the fallen soldiers for making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Israel. Rest in peace heroes! #YomHaZikaron

Remember and Never Forget 🇮🇱#memorialday #yomhazikaron

Hoje, no dia em que Israel relembra todos os que lutaram e infelizmente sucumbiram pelo país, assistimos a um filme sobre o golpe militar chileno e as atrocidades que aconteceram na Colônia Dignidad... Crianças abusadas , pessoas torturadas , mortas e escravizadas..... Tudo isso para nos lembrar do que o ser humano é capaz ... Não importa credo, raça, convicções... Em todos os cantos vemos conflitos descabidos se repetindo ao longo da história....Até quando!?! #rememberance #yomhazikaron #paz #somostodosirmaos

On #YomHaZikaron/#YomHaAtzmaut we recall all #Israel has given us. Download my CDs about why it is the #HomeOfHope.


"Though I was again unable to understand what they were saying, I could sense the love and pride in their voices. This ceremony was an experience of a lifetime for all my peers and me. We were able to feel and understand the intimacy of the kibbutz ceremony without feeling like outsiders." Spring '17 student @carmenggarrigos expressed how #yomhazikaron strengthened her Jewish identity in her article published in the American Jewish World. 🇮🇱✡️ Link in bio 👆

Wow! Thanks to all of you who filled out thank you cards to soldiers in Israel in honor of #yomhazikaron. #israel69 #IDF #bmorej #jcc #Israel 🇮🇱

"Memorial day for the fallen soldiers of Israel and victims of terrorism." Wish they would not only remember themselves but their arab brothers and sisters also... #yomhazikaron #memorialday #remembranceday #victimsofisrael #oneminutesilence #1minutesilence #commemorate #dropdead #dropdeadandcommemorate

Meet Adina, a lone soldier, who is a social worker in the @israel_defense_forces! She was nice enough to share her story with the students on #yomhazikaron. Learn more about her in the latest blog written by @paigetankel! Link in bio 👆🏼

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Last night marked the transition from Yom Ha'Zikaron to Yom Ha'Atzmaut. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Israel's birthday with us, we had a blast! 🇮🇱 Happy Birthday Israel - we can't believe it's already been 69 years 🇮🇱 !
💙 💙 💙#happybirthdayisrael !
#yomhaatzmaut #yomhazikaron #birthdayparty #happybirthday #YouHadMeAtHillel #hiphiphillel

We will never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Ceremony of Yom Hazikaron 2017 #neverforget #our #fallensoldiers #israel #yomhazikaron

It's easier to identify ourselves as Jewish in Israel and our small Jewish communities. But with this ease comes the luxury of forgetting this freedom and letting that feeling pass us by without appreciation. I will not let this feeling pass me by. I will hold it close to me all the way to wherever the world takes me.
#amyisraelchai #yomhashoah #yomhazikaron #yomhaatzmaut #midreshetamit

1er mai 2017
Commemoration de Yom hazikaron en souvenir de tous les soldats israéliens tombés pendant les guerres en israël et les victimes du terrorisme.
Vous étiez plus de 900 personnes à venir vous recueillir : merci d avoir répondu à notre appel.
#yomhazikaron #marseillemaville #soldats #communaute #commemoration #terrorisme #breteuil #recueillement #israel #drapeau #drapeauisraelien
Crédit photo Sandra Amar @segalith26

Thank you @phil1gill for the most amazing time in Tel Aviv. Can't wait to see you in london next week! #thankyou #betterlatethannever #yomhaatzmaut #yomhazikaron #telaviv #israel

Top left: Independence Hall where the state of 🇮🇱 was founded, bottom left: the ceremony at the Western Wall and on the right are fireworks during #yomhaatzmaut celebrations! 🎇🎆 Read more about this and #yomhazikaron in @hannah.hirsch's latest blog. Link in our bio 👆🏼 Photo Cred: @marlosgro & @abby_22254

The day of Yom Hazikaron in Isral commemorates all the deaths from war and terrorism from 11am to 11am the next day. When the sirens resonate in the country, everything stops for 2min of silence, even cars on the highway. The ceremony in Tel Aviv happens on the Town hall square where PM Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995 by an extremist for signing the Oslo peace treaties with Palestine. #telaviv #israel #yomhazikaron #memorial #yitzhakrabin #war #terrorism #peace #palestine

Ayer en la noche, en conmemoración de #yomhazikaron el Embajador de Israel Sr. Marco Sermoneta, honró la memoria de cinco jóvenes soldados que perdieron la vida en el último año en #israel 🇮🇱 en ataques #terroristas .Bendita sea su memoria.

This past week was Yom HaZikaron which is Israel's Memorial Day. Yom HaZikaron is the most sad day in Israel to remember the fallen soldiers that have helped this amazing country become what it is today. I had the chance to visit Har Herzl last Sunday to witness how Israel comes together in the saddest of hours to remember what those brave men and women sacrificed for everyone to be there that day. Am Yisrael Chai
#israel #jerusalem #harherzl #YomHazikaron #MemorialDay #remember #soldiers

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