💡Citation philosophique du jour :
" Dans 20 ans, vous serez plus déçu par les choses que vous n’avez pas faites que par celles que vous avez faites. Alors sortez des sentiers battus. Mettez les voiles. Explorez. Rêvez. Découvrez. "

C'est bien dit !
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여긴 정말 파라다이스 🏖

#throwbackthursdays to when I was in Washington DC for 2.5 days. Mainly to catch P!nk in concert and also get to explore USA’s Capitol. The period I was visiting coincided with the Cherry Blossom blooms. I was glad I took the “free” DC tours by foot, having a guide who brought us around to explore the National Mall by foot (you pay an amount that you think it was worth at the end). It was freezing cold despite me being supposedly well prepared (long story, I could have avoided the crazy cold if I just took my layers with me as I thought the weather looked great when I woke up that fateful morning 😏 I made a “pilgrimage” visit to GeorgeTown Cupcakes which I was following for the longest time from 9 years ago on TLC channel to try their famous Red Velvet cupcakes! It was AMAZING! And then off to DC’s first and only cat cafe on behalf of my son’s request to go visit :) #sophiasohtravels #sophiasohwanderlust #sophiasohtraveldiary #yolotrip #sophiasohyolo

내가 몰타에 오게 된 이유!!!

St Peter’s Pool

St Peter’s Pool

높은 곳만 있으면 다이빙을 하겠다며

この旅では時間がなさ過ぎて夜にしか行くことしかできなくてサン ピエトロ大聖堂の中に入ることができなかったのがこの旅の後悔でした😭
p.s カトリックの指導者にあたるローマ法王は妻を生涯をバージンで終えるのだと思っていましたが、中世では、愛人を何人かかかえていたそうです…笑

몰타의 옛 수도.
글래디에이터,다빈치코드 촬영지.

몰타의 옛 수도.
글래디에이터,다빈치코드 촬영지.

여행은 또 다른 여행을 만든다는 말이 맞는 듯. 여행 계획을 좀 바꿔봐야겠다.


📍Banyumala Waterfall
Coup de 💚 pour la ville de Munduk et ses environs : peu de touristes, des randonnées sympas à faire, de la verdure, des cascades... Difficile de croire que ce jour là on s'est tapé de la pluie (on ne sait plus ce que c'est... 🤤🤤🤤) et que c'est aussi à ce moment là où on est tombé en panne d'essence 😂
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