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Peace is always a choice. No matter where you are in life, nor what's happening choosing peace is possible. Dramatic highs devastating lows, and intense emotional fluctuations only get worse if you give them attention. Some people aren't addicted to substances, they're addicted to emotions. If drama is all you know, you can actually get attached to it. But, remember peace is always an option. If you can't see the peaceful path, you don't have to move forward. You can just wait until it's revealed to you. Knowing when to act and when to sit quietly is a discipline of the mind and the spirit. This is in essence why we practice, so that you carried the seed of a deep peace that passes all understanding and in your heart. If it doesn't give you rest, if it doesn't give you peace, if it doesn't share love, it's probably not the best choice. Don't rush, let it take the time it takes. Sooner or later you will find your own way to peace. 🙏
I'm spending my last few moments in Miami on the beach. It feels like summer has really hit. I'm on the way to San Francisco to teach @lovestoryyoga this weekend. East Coast to West Coast. See you in class. 💗
#choosepeace #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 💫
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One becomes firmly established in practice only after attending to it for a long time, without interruption and with an attitude of devotion. @diceyoga

Anyone else love to stretch on the bed? 😜
@aloyoga @parkhyatt_siemreap

How to enter my fav forearms hollowback 😊 Instruction on the video-> you can try it or you che count my mosquitos bites 😋 up to you! #martinafixtheasana
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The best way to get things done is to simply begin. ❤️ Happy Thursday ❤️ #supansayoga ...🕉

If I am trying to rush along, I will never arrive at my destination. 🌿 We must allow for time to slowly lead us down the path. When we hurry, we miss all of the unfoldings, these lessons must be noticed and absorbed or we will never be able to arrive because we have not collected the tools necessary for our arrival. So slow down and enjoy it. 🙌🏼 Every day, every moment of every day. It is in this footstep that you will gain the awareness and ability to recruit the energy and focus required for the next step. And so this moment ushers you into the next and so on. Having the ability to move into more "advanced" shapes in this practice is simply the utilization of the actualized knowledge of where the body is located in reference to the foundation and how to recruit and awaken the energies required for the shape and then being familiar with the body to be able to pull the focus of these recruited energies to a center point of balance and engagement. So we can begin to see that the practice is not about mastering poses, no, it's about mastering ourselves. The pose is just an environment, a schooling ground, for learning the body and teaching the mind to drop so our awareness of said body is greater and more powerful. So there is no need to rush the process, you will get there when you relax into yourself and delight in what is right now. 🙌🏼🌿✨ pantaloons are @aloyoga for the curious cats 🐯

It's gonna be studio life --music, not yoga--for the next few days! I'm laying down vocal tracks for The Tribe rock n roll (with an empowering and tribal flavor) -mostly female musicians and we rock it so hard. It's real, raw and personal. It may be the most challenging yoga I've ever done. ✨🎤✨.
#rocknroll #womenwhorock #rockwhoyouare #new #album #classicrock #sadieandthetribe #singer #voice #empowerment #gaiam #liveauthentic #yogini #rockerchick 🤘photo @jamesstvincent


For day 9 of #splitz4days I opted for a #kingpigeon variation.
Here it is.
BTW, love practicing in the soft grass: summer means also this- having a warm and dry lawn to use as a comfy mat :D

Send yoy love 💕💕 💕 💕 💕


Be a warrior,
Not a worrier.
"Warrior I, II, and III are some of the most common postures in the yoga practice, and for good reason. They’re approachable for most bodies and are less intimidating than some of the more ‘advanced’ postures while still being great postures for building strength, confidence, and body awareness.
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Focus on how blessed you are 🙇🏻‍♀️

I had a conversation with someone new to yoga today, and it got me thinking. Often times we allow our struggles or shortcomings to hold us back from our full potential for happiness or joy in the form of doing things we love. We make excuses like, "Well I can't do yoga, because I'm not flexible. Or "I can't become a professional ballroom dancer, because I'm too [fill in the blank]." You get the idea. If I would've listen to my internal dialogue or my lack of flexibility or my lack of strength, or my fear of falling, before starting this yoga practice, I would never have found the joy that comes when those breakthroughs happen - when you finally get the splits, when the flow feels like a dance, when you get upside down for the first time - when you feel like you could DO anything. BE anything. Don't let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing the things that make you come alive. With perseverance, patience, and practice, you can do anything. I am no where near where I want to be, but I am so much farther along than I was 3 years ago (I mean seriously scroll down 👇🏼 through my pictures 😳)... Whatever it is, start now. Don't wait. Don't make excuses. Dream. Pursue. Inspire ❤️

There's a million fish in the sea but right now I'm a mermaid in Roman sandals just about to TGIF!!
Volume VI. The Jungle Game
Day 5: #fishpose
♥ This round our poses are inspired by the wild and fabulous creatures.

#FearlessInHeels 👢👡👠👞👟
👢@simplemuffin •
Welcome to the jungle
Are you ready to get wild?
Join the fearless tribe ❤ ・
#yogaover50 #yogaat52
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And sometimes some of your inspiration wanders in when your third eye is settled. Say hi to Roxy the original yoga kitty! Silly kitty! #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogakitty #kitty #kitten #cat #cats #roxy #meow #yogafamily #yogajourney #yogalove #yogalover #yogamat #yogapants #meditate #thirdeye #grounded #liveinthenow #pet #catsofinstagram #silly #namaste

X4 sped up. Featuring more sweeping lots of fairy particles, and how my flows at home go. Also kurt and I are matching 😂 blue and black 🖤 The practice is to adapt, my personal practice tends to be me moving and me pausing- sometimes for conversation, sometimes for writing, sometimes to pet the puff.
Also enjoy the chipmunk sneeze 🐿
Move your body in whatever way is possible. ✌🏽🖤

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