Day 16 of the @coreelementsyogalethbridge summer yoga challenge. Last week I posted about Creativity and what it means to me and the word that came to mind was Freedom. It also included a wicked tree I painted on a rock, haha. While I was painting that tree I was a little worried in my abilities to paint, but I decided to let go and just trust in myself and what I could create. Because a by-product of Freedom to me is Trust. Letting go of any expectations you put on yourself and others, without trust we become closed off and start putting up walls. Which become barriers in the way we perceive the world around us and we start feeding fear, living in the future and always wondering what will happen and going through life in a anxious state. I'm always trying to implement trust into my practice and throughout all aspects of my life (movement, music, relationships, friendships and family), because to me it opens up possibilities which allows for growth. Trust asks us to be vulnerable which is a hard thing to do in this day and age, because everything is supposed to be perfect. So everyday I remind myself to let go a little more and trust in myself and the process. #cesummerchallenge #yoga #yogayql #trust #freedom #growth #movement

As the excitement of the weekend festivities start to build, don’t forget to take a few minutes out of the day to recharge.
Somehow we find weekends have a way of coming and going leaving you even more tired Monday than you were on Friday.
The key to a successful rejuvenated weekend is to free the mind of stress and responsibilities(in moderation). Even though your weekend is jam packed with plans and activities; whatever they may be, make sure to shut it all off even for just a few minutes a day. You’ll notice a difference when Monday comes around.
Your future self will thank you.

Day 10 of the yoga challenge - finding little bits of time to work on my full wheel, there will always be the battle of relaxation and tension. One of the biggest parts I've carried tension and still do is my neck and shoulders, but hopefully over time it will start to relax and open more. The queues and hands on training I've received from @eardz89 and @daniel_vincent_yoga have been huge in getting me to where I am today, which makes me look forward to the future of my practice. I truly appreciate all their help, support and guidance :) #cesummeryogachallenge #yogayql #yoga #wheel

Hi it’s me, the inner peace Mala. I’m looking for my forever home, I am made with Dalmatian Jasper, Amethyst and Labradorite. I promise to protect you, ground you and help to strengthen you. If you think I would be a good fit for you please DM or click the link in the bio to purchase.
Thanks for looking 😊

Please head over and follow my business page @mountainzenhandmade
I appreciate the amount of love and support that I am receiving from all of you.
This is where I will be posting my latest creations as well as meditation tips and some motivating posts.
So if you’re into that kind of stuff, give it a follow.
Also if you’re thinking about purchasing any jewelry please follow the link in my bio to check out the new Etsy shop, I’m still working out a few bugs but it’s there and it has items available for purchase.
Thanks loves 💕

Finally!!! To make your shopping experience a little easier Mountain Zen has an Etsy Shop!! Follow link in Bio.

Mashup Mala.
Mini version of a full size Mala, this petite beauty is made with a wonderful mix of jasper and a peekaboo of rhodonite.
Keeping the traditional 108 beads, this mala is a must see.
Best off all, this mini comes with a smaller price of $50.

Day 8 of the yoga challenge. This past Saturday I attended @laurenhartyoga Creativity Workshop, I've attended her workshops and classes before but this one was long overdue and needed. Part of this workshop was about being creative through journaling and painting, which are two things I have not done in a long time. Especially the painting part... the last time I painted was in junior high and yes it was a tree, mountains and waterfall. During the workshop we needed to find our own definition of Creativity, to me the word that came to mind was Freedom. In my mind without freedom there is no creativity, like movement if we put boundaries or control on the way we move we will never grow or show what is truly possible. #freedom #letgo #cesummeryogachallenge #yoga #yogayql

Mountains are calling and bring your mat!
Bring a friend, meet new friends
Take a hike, chill on your mat
Perfect day of fresh air and mountain play
This is the perfect hike for all levels! Don’t let rate of pace hold you back as there will be stories, stop and yoga moments and what have you’s. This is a chill day of exploring!
Space is limited and filling fast!
For those asking there will be one more hike yoga this season in August.
DM or message me yvonne@vonyasa.com
Hike Yoga $30

Seize the day, even if that day happens to be Monday!
#happyday #youonlyliveonce

The Rosé Mala. Need I say more?
#allnew #handmadejewelry #checkitout

Day 4 of the summer yoga challenge and one of my favorites poses 'Gorilla' lights up the back of the body while giving your hands and wrists a nice massage :) @coreelementsyogalethbridge #cesummeryogachallenge #yogayql #whoneedsamasseuse

Anyone else having hump day blues?
Whatever it is, don’t let it dull your shine.
Just remember...You’re amazing 💜

Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 I am grateful to live in such a beautiful country, From oceans to mountains, and beaches to forests. You can experience so many different types of natural resources just going from province to province. 🏔Waterton Lakes National Park
📷 @camillaexplores

You’re worth it

Happy Monday Friends!
Just a reminder... pop up shop happening July 8th at CASA.
Hope everyone has a great week! (Pictured is a custom set I made for a male customer.)

Today I felt the need to sit down and create this piece. With the chaos that is going on in my life it was a relief knowing that I can still sit down and “let it all go”. Making this bracelet brought me back into a calming state of mind.
After making this, I looked around to see my house in shambles and everything in boxes and I was able to tell myself “it will be over soon”. With that a deep breath and a sigh of relief and it all went away.
For those of you who don’t believe in the power of crystals, you probably are thinking I am insane. But I believe in the power and I don’t care what you think 😉
I call this the “unity bracelet” not only because I made it for a special event coming up. But it helped to make me feel like everything is finally coming together, and that’s a great feeling.
This piece is made with Dyed Chalcedony which is a stone known for bringing joy, love and kindness. It also helps to balance emotions.
White howlite is a very calming stone and also known to teach patience.
Black obsidian is a stone for grounding and protection.
And the silver plated Buddha is oh so cute!

I am grateful for a lot of things, but one thing that stands out lately is having the ability to meditate.
I am no where near an expert on meditation, but every session I learn something new about myself.
If I could give one piece of advice on the topic, is make it your own. Set your own intentions (if that’s your thing) and just take it with ease. Especially if you’re new to meditation, take it day by day. It’s not easy to shut the world off but once you find your way, you’ll be hooked.

I look at this and think “hello gorgeous”
First of many Malas that I’ll be making to sell.
This beauty is made with Labradorite, Howlite, Rose Quartz, hematite and a little bit of network agate to finish it off.
Check out @mountainzenhandmade for more!

This gorgeous mala is up for grabs!
This “goes with everything” piece is made with Labradorite, Howlite, Rose Quartz, hematite and a little bit of network agate to finish it off. $70

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