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Join us tonight and shut down for a good cause! We spend so much time on our devices and looking at screens it’s easy to see how we have lost touch with our wild souls. Every year it is my pleasure to lead the #yogatreestudios Yonge and Eglinton community for a 1-hour candle light yang to yin fusion practice. This is a donation based class and all the money raised goes straight to @wwf for a bigger cause - our earth mother. Living on this earth is a great privilege, I try and honour her often myself. Please join me at 8:30pm this evening @yogatreestudios #midtown and join the good fight. The fight for planet earth. Can’t make it? Help us heal her by shutting off your own lights for an hour. Enjoy some quiet time, candlelight meditation or even a hot bath. Join us and take 60 minutes this evening to connect to your natural, earth bound self ❤️ can’t wait to see you on the mat #namaste #yogawithalexa #liveyourdharma #loveyourlife #torontoyogacommunity #beherenow #beYOUtiful #nature #yogalove #stopdropandyoga #earthhour2018 #earthhour #community #worldwildlifefund

Some of the students from class this morning. As I look around the room I see such beauty and strength within all of your grace and flow. You are all my inspiration and fill my heart with so much gratitude! Even our fails and falls are a reminder of our dedication to this practice, and that it is a “practice”. You keep showing up, and the determination and patience is so rewarding to us all! #yogatreestudios

Empathy leads to compassion and compassion to forgiveness and connection.
#empathy #compassion #connection #forgiveness #livingyouryoga #openheart #beagoodhuman #thursdayvibes

Inner and Outer Yoga

What you see here is an outer representation of yoga, and not how I practice.

As a practitioner - it’s an inward journey where the aim is to connect with deeper and deeper layers within the body. The question I ask myself is - ‘How does it feel?’ But when I pose for pictures the focus shifts to symmetry and the presentation of the pose - ‘how does it look?’ Being aware of the distinction is the first step to choosing where the awareness will flow. 📷 - @lensedbycalvin
#yoga #yogatree #yogatreestudios #TheKaizenProjekt #parighasana

I am grateful for the sun, for the ocean and for yoga ☀️🌊🧘🏻‍♀️

Subbing for @shirlzinwonderland on Friday March 23rd
4:30pm Reduced Heat L1
Subbing for @kayy_g on
Saturday March 24th
9am Core L1-2
10:30am Vinyasa Flow L1-2
(@yogatreestudios Richmond and Spadina)
Teaching the 3:30pm $10 Hot L1-2 on Tuesday March 27th (@yogatreestudios Bay and Dundas)

#yoga #yogatreestudios #yogaeverydamnday #torontoyoga #yogateacher #mexico #holbox #ocean

Look up in the sky
And maybe you'll read
The ancient secrets hidden in the stars
Notice this moment
And maybe you'll understand
The reason it was left for us
One day there might be
Another Sun
That will bathe your dreams in its fervour 🌿 #yogatreestudios
📸 @yogaseechris

Steal away into peace 🙏
✨New Blog Today ✨
Asteya - non-stealing - The last of the Yamas we dive into for the #blogayama series. .
This Yama gracefully ties all of the other Yamas together into an achingly serendipitous, full circle moment 🙌 Click the link in my profile. 🔝Thank you for being a part of this deeper look at the hidden gems of this practice: The 5 Yamas of yoga 💜 I hope it has brought insight for the journey, and some peace for the often weary mind and soul xo


Yes, I am looking at YOU my Torontonian friends and my dear pals from both Canada & America.
In a few weeks time, I’m heading to Toronto where I’ll be offering two workshops @yogatreestudios Bay & Dundas on the weekend of April 6-7. This will be part of my brief Easter getaway where I’ll also be in NYC the week before.
Come join me for two masterclasses, one of which is proudly sponsored by @byoganow . There are only 25 spots per session and they’re both slowly getting filled up so don’t miss out and get booking through the link in my BIO.
I cannot wait to meet all of you!
DM me if you’re around to meet up or kind enough to recommend a mean list of eateries not to miss teehee.
#yogaforall #tuesdaytravels #globalyogi

All is coming.
That has been on my mind the last couple of days. All is coming in time, trust the process. Don’t doubt, believe and move forward. Let go of the how. Believe and go!

I haven’t practiced #sidecrow for a long time and something inside told me to lift my leg. Guess what happened?! I got scared and fell flat on my face! 😂 Of course I tried it again. I have to trust my strength to keep me up & focus in the moment. I sometimes surprise myself.
All is coming, trust the process because with doubt, I will face plant, literally 😅

#sidecrowvariation #trusttheprocess #believe #tuesdaythoughts #tooblessedtobestressed #ekapadaparsvabakasana #icanfly #yogatreestudios #yogainspiration #yogalife #markhamyoga #markhamyogi #shirlzinwonderland

Find your true north.

For me it’s Joy. Does it bring me closer or further from joy? If it’s closer it’s a good idea to move forward. If it’s further then it’s time to ask some questions. Why am I doing thing? For what reason? Is this the only path? Just taking a moment to reflect and being aware of the choices you have.
What’s your true north?

#findyourtruenorth #startwithwhy #reflection #askquestions #wheelpose #chakrasana #shinebright #yogaeverywhere #travelingyogi #yogawellnesscoach #tuesdayfeels

Toronto you’ve been awesome. India is calling and my time is up, less than 24hrs left in Toronto. I’ll be leaving downtown around 6pm, planning a day of yoga and one last Jimmy’s coffee with a vegan brownie. I’ve met some awesome people here and learnt a lot here. I’m off to London, Dublin, Lisbon again to teach some yoga and surfing then a oneway ticket to India with no plans to return anytime soon. I’ll be based in India, China and Asia for the near future, come and visit. Namaste and vegan brownies #postramenfeels #feels #vajrasana #yogaseechris #jahrisdrishti #drishti #inhale #inhalethefuture #yogatreestudios #yoga #incredibleindia #tourofasia #yogateacher #yogi #yogini #travel #backpacking #lululemon #byoga #canon #t6i #canont6i #50mm #35mm #yogaphotography #namaste

....the only thing is, you might not like what it has to say.....
The past few months I've chosen a weekly theme to focus on in class. They are usually body related, but this week, it's emotions.
What made me fall deep in love with yoga (like love of my life kind of romance) was the ability it grew within me to OBSERVE rather than REACT to emotions or strong physical sensations. To not fight or resist them, but to live through them, watch them, and let them wash over me no matter how unpleasant or fiercely joyous -- each time leaving me standing and, shockingly, still alive to tell the tale. .
This is a skill worth growing. A life changing skill we can use everyday in our relationship with self and others. Be warned though, it is one of the many ways people end up falling madly in love with this practice. So come lay a mat this week. Feel all the feels. I promise, you will survive 🙏♥️

don’t watch the clock 🙇🏽‍♀.. do what it does. Keep going 🕰 ∾ Sam Levenson ♡.
some things simply can’t be rushed, but don’t lose faith. Stay true 🙏🏻 if it's meant to be it will come to you♥️. Evolution takes time but the stars always align 💫

„Exactly where I need to be“
Gate Pose offers a gentle stretch to the sides of your torso and is a great counteract to a long day of sitting. This pose prepares for deeper side stretches and helps to improve posture and mobility in everyday life.
Bring awareness to your often-neglected sides in one of my classes @yogatreestudios this week:
🔹Monday: Hot Yoga at 5:45pm (RS), Candlelight Restorative at 8pm (BD)
🔹Wednesday: Core Yoga at 3:30pm (BD), Hot Yoga at 5:15pm and Yin Yoga at 7:30pm (YE)
🔹Friday: Hot Yoga at 1:15pm (RS), Reduced Heat at 3:30pm (BD), and Power Vinyasa Flow at 5:15pm (BD)
🔹Sunday: Restorative Yoga at 1:15pm (RS)
Check out @heather_lil ‘s profile for more classes!
#gatepose #parighasana #sidestretch #mobility #yogawithfriendsismorefun #yogatreestudios #yogalove #yogateacher #yogaeverydamnday #torontoyoga #canadianyogi

Friends! Me and @heather_lil are planning something exciting for next month 🤨😬
Stay tuned for details!!
#yogabuds #frands #yogatreestudios @yogatreestudios

On the other hand these yogis 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️like to rise and shine and flow and align.
Subbed lovely Amanda’s class @thirdeyeyogi #moveanddetox #yogatreestudios #alwaysyoga #andmoreyoga #healthylifestyle #namaste🙏❤️ #pleasecomeagainsoon

This yogis 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️are to blessed to be stressed 🙏Thats why Gentle hatha.
#yogaeveryday #bliss #sundayvibes #sundayfunday #sundayyoga #yogatreestudios

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