Curious about sound healing? My new blog post explores this in preparation for the Love and Light: Yin and Reiki workshop I'll be co-leading with Lilah Strauss on the 17th. Read more here: https://www.jamiekuttenkuleryoga.com/single-post/2018/08/04/An-Exploration-of-Sound-Healing

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Latest blog released last night!
Head to my website to gain some inspiration. This month I’ve been writing about the importance of recovery during practice. ✨
I also shared few useful tips on how and when to recover during practice.

Recovery in between postures and sequences is a crucial step towards progressing in the physical aspects of Yoga.
Recovery builds trust between our body and the practice and allows us to progress as we find more ease in our favourite shapes.
Would appreciate your thoughts on this article 🙏
. 📷 My latest favourite pegion variation with a bolster 😍
Join me for a class at @activesanctuaryyoga and I’ll show you how it is done ;)

In this picture I’m fully supported by my acro buddy. I trusted him completely not to let me fall. We communicated during the set up and descent of this pose. It’s so important to have that same connection with your birth partner. Have complete trust in them to support you, to hold space for you. Have a conversation during your last days of pregnancy and explain in detail what you need and expect from them.

Top tips include: ✅ give massage to ease achey shoulders and lower back (especially if having back labour)
✅ provide snacks and hydration (sipping from straws takes less effort than drinking from bottle - have some straws handy - reusable straws would be best 😉)
✅ ask them to remind you to focus on the breath (golden thread, white feather, ujjayi breath)
Read my latest blog post (link in bio) for the rest of my 15 tips.
Leave a comment to share any other tips that have helped you .
Acro buddy: @clauseckbo .

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@annandiyoga : ⠀
‘I am passionate about my work as a teacher not because it makes good wage, or easy, or comfortable, or sexy, or even just fun.⠀

I am passionate about it because I truly believe that helping people to connect to their authentic self makes the world a better place.⠀

I know that teaching Yoga saves the world no less than serving the army or volunteering or writing or fighting for human rights etc.⠀

It is a grand gesture for humanity and truth which, like everything I love, is very subtle in its expression.’⠀
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I've updated my website! Check www.jamiekuttenkuleryoga.com for:
- Updated schedule (new classes start in August)
- Reiki
- New special events
- New tips for August

Hope to see you on your mat soon!! #jamiekuttenkuleryoga #yogateacherblog #blogger #yogateacher

Good news! I have successfully survived my jet leg and moved on enough to write about my experience...
Check out my website, blog page: I released a new blog on ‘How to Fight a Jet Lag the Yogi Way’. Read it now or save it for when you really need it 😉
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Happy Saturday, yogis! I've updated my website a little early for July. Please check it out for updated:
- public class schedule
- Reiki special for July
- yoga and fitness tips


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Hi friends! I have a guest blogger this month: Nutritionist Kimsey Self unravels the mysteries of food cravings. Check it out at https://www.jamiekuttenkuleryoga.com/single-post/2018/06/17/What-Your-Food-Cravings-Could-Mean

If you enjoy the blog and want more information about Kimsey, check out her virtual nutrition company here: http://progressivehealthandwellness.com/

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Have you already read my latest blog?
Head to my website and check out five Yogi tales that will remind you that all is one, life is simple and you are doing just fine!

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✨ The cold winter days are already here; stay close to yourself to keep warm✨

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New blog released on our website! Check out five traditional Yogi tales retold by our founder, @annandiyoga . ✨ The cold winter days are already here; stay close to yourself to keep warm✨

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When's the last thing you've blocked out some time in your calendar for rest and relaxation? Read my thoughts on the importance of rest here: https://www.jamiekuttenkuleryoga.com/single-post/2018/05/18/The-Importance-of-Rest ...and while you're there, I've updated my public class schedule - check it out!

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Can’t think of anything more fulfilling than seeing my blog published in print!
This year my life turned to be so inspiring and as I learned to let go and follow my dreams, things seem to work out and align almost effortlessly. It is times like this when I truly know I am on the right path for me.
Thank you @yogaaustralia for the collaboration.
I can’t wait to share more of my Yoga words with you 🙏
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Hi friends! I'm adding Reiki healing to my set of offerings and would love to offer my first 5 clients a deeply discounted price: one 60-minute session for $25. Direct message or email me to schedule your appointment - first come first serve. Mention the deal when you reach out!

I've also written a blog about my experiences: https://www.jamiekuttenkuleryoga.com/single-post/2018/04/23/Rediscovering-Reiki

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Sharing with you my latest favourite pranayama for the start of my practice. 🧘🏽‍♀️
This simple flow is very meditative and centering. It also warms up the arms, shoulders and upper spine. Engaging the arm muscles encourages movement from the upper spine rather than the lumbar, so the lower back can easily remain quiet and safe.

Excited to share my latest published article on The Art of Flow. Thanks for the cooperation @yogasailingholidays 🙏
Check it out here:

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How closely do you look at things around you? How attentive are you in your observation?
Can you tell the difference between illusion and a fact? Have you ever had a moment of truth, where all illusions seize and facts no longer matter?
Head to my website and check out my latest blog! I would love to hear your thoughts 🙏

* MALASANA ⭐️ Benefits: 1️⃣ This is a great hip opener increasing the diameter of the pelvic outlet where your baby passes through. 2️⃣ It also eases any tension in your lower back 3️⃣ lengthens your pelvic floor muscles enabling your baby’s head to crown
This week’s newsletter focuses on pelvic floor muscles and the role they have in ensuring your baby has a smoother birth journey (see my latest blog post on www.midwiferebecca.com)
Note - It is just as important to keep these muscles strong as it is to be able to relax and lengthen them!

Look at that badass writer 😜

I am excited to announce that one of my articles will be published in the next issue of Yoga Today journal!
Clearly got my grammar together... 🤓
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This time last year with my loves. 💕 Spring feels and reflections on my blog. You know where to find the link. 📷: @eriquita

Still feeling blissed out after my Chakra Awakening Workshop this weekend. It is amazing how much more layers there are to our practice and how fuller the sensations can be when we tune in to the experience of the body on the mat!
Even I underestimated the strength of 100 rounds of Nadi Shodana pranayama as an Agna chakra awakening practice. It is been a while since I’ve done this one myself and after sharing this practice with a group there is nothing I can recommend more warmly. It is truly a deep spiritual experience on so many levels!
I would soon put a short video on my website explaining this pranayama in more details so stay tuned. We will definitely come back to do similar workshops at @activesanctuaryyoga so you are welcome to follow me there as well!

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