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This time last year with my loves. 💕 Spring feels and reflections on my blog. You know where to find the link. 📷: @eriquita

Still feeling blissed out after my Chakra Awakening Workshop this weekend. It is amazing how much more layers there are to our practice and how fuller the sensations can be when we tune in to the experience of the body on the mat!
Even I underestimated the strength of 100 rounds of Nadi Shodana pranayama as an Agna chakra awakening practice. It is been a while since I’ve done this one myself and after sharing this practice with a group there is nothing I can recommend more warmly. It is truly a deep spiritual experience on so many levels!
I would soon put a short video on my website explaining this pranayama in more details so stay tuned. We will definitely come back to do similar workshops at @activesanctuaryyoga so you are welcome to follow me there as well!

Acceptance is moving from ‘it DIDN’T WORK out the way I wanted’ to ‘It WORKED out in a different way.’ #inspirationaftermeditation

Updated website coming your way! Check https://www.jamiekuttenkuleryoga.com for updated class offerings, new tips of the month, updated special events, and don't forget my new blog. #jamiekuttenkuleryoga #yogateacherblog #yogateacher #denveryoga

When you stumble upon another human soul on your path, you can’t always know what it has been through. You may not know that a simple insensitive word can easily trigger its collapse. And you may be surprised how a simple act of kindness could have saved this same soul.
Always choose to be kind. It is the easiest thing to do! And it doesn’t cost a thing...
If only each and one of us felt more responsible for other people’s well-being, the world would have been such a softer path to step through.

#seethestruggle #bethereforothers #compassion #universallove #responsibility #truth #honesty #inspiration

I said today I'll work from home and be productive. 5 minutes later... 🤦‍♀️
#sunnyday #beachaddict ☀️🤸‍♀️💦

Be mindful enough to listen to ✨YOU✨
Open your heart to hear the struggles of your loved ones.
Be attentive enough to not miss the whispering pain of strangers.
Be kind ❤️ It will always help you on your journey, never distract you from it.
#compassion #bekind #openyourheart

Don't miss out on my last workshop in 2017. This is an opportunity to set intentions for the new year and let go of all which is not serving us anymore.
In this workshop we will:
💫Flow through a Vinyasa sequence, focusing on the Pranic sensations in the body
💫Practice some pranayama (breath control) and meditation
💫Enjoy a heated room, infused with essential oils, to support our journey
💫Share our energy through practice with other likeminded dedicated Yogis
💫Feel release, renewal and inspiration for the new year ahead
✨Can't wait✨
#yohaworkshop #pranicflow #sealtheyear

A weekend with no internet reception makes me appreciate life just the way it is ❤️🙏
#badminton #simplelife

Weekend mermaid 🌊❤️
#rockpool #capepaterson

#YogaRetreat | "If you need to just get away from it all, this soulsful and alternative mountain retreat is for you." @chaletrosiere #musicandyoga

TGIF Tea time ❤️☕️
Lucky there is something to lean on 😜
#comfy #goodvibes #teaaddict

Day dreaming about my luxury retreat in Granada, Spain 🇪🇸 You are all invited, July 8th, 2018. #yoga #meditation #workshops #nature #travel #sunsets #beaches
What else can I ask for? Can't wait! Check my website or contact for more details 🙏❤️

Love seeing my awesome projects for 2018 coming together. Thanks @kikki.k for feeding my planning addiction😂🙏#enjoyingtheprocess #pinklady #diarylover

Stretching the psoas muscle (hip flexor) is considered to be a practice that reduces anxiety. The psoas is the muscle of the front groin which is also connected to the bottom of the spine. In several Yoga postures, such as lunge, the psoas receives a deep stretch. ✨✨✨
Our bodies are actually amazing! ❤️
The physical area we are focusing on in our practice is directly connected to the mental benefit we gain from it. ✨✨✨
The hip flexors energetically relate to the lower chakras, particularly Muladhara chakra (which is located at the base of the spine). Muladhara chakra is responsible for our ability to feel safe within our own body; it is activating all of our primal protective mechanisms. Thus when this area is weak energetically, opening space in the psoas might help in awakening the strengths of Muladhara. ✨✨✨
Generally speaking, anxiety occurs when we don't feel safe. The reasons for anxiety may very but the good news are that lunges are available for all of them! 🙏
Lunge deep, breath to you hips and ground, find space and trust the body to direct your mind to a calmer, safer place. ✨✨✨
#stayconnected #everythingmakessense

Some alignement tips from me🙏
Come to my classes to learn your posture in detail, instead of treating it only as shapes you flow through. ✨✨✨
Let me know which postures or alignment cues you want me to discuss in my blog or in my online tutorials which will be released very soon. ✨✨✨
All of my favourite flows and variations will be recorded for you to watch at any time. Follow me here and don't miss out on these! ❤️🤸‍♀️❤️
#alignmentaddict #safepractice #onlineyoga

Yogi Beach Hangs ❤️☀️🤸‍♀️
This is how we like to spend our Monday mornings 😉
📷 @_katrinamaree
#beach #sunnydays #gettingreadyforthesummer

Late night writing - early morning yoga kinda day... The more I practice, the more contained my postures become. I practice to heal myself and not to make shapes with my body. I enjoy observing myself even when there is not that much going on 🙏
#yogateacherlife #inspiration
Photo credit: @andybbearphotography @kulayoga

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I chose to go a bit more in to the technique of the physical practice in this post. I unpacked four confusing alignment cues for the postures: Triangle (Trikonasana), Chair (Utkatasana), Standing forward fold (Utanasana) and Cobra (Bhujangasana). I hope it will be beneficial for you in your practice and teaching. I would love to hear your thoughts and will appreciate your shares 🙏 Spread the love ❤️ #unpackingalignmentcues #yogateacherblog

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