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Fastest Way to Get on My Block List? It might surprise you. .

It's Not...
Weird foot fetishes
Inappropriate comments
Obvious trolling .

Although these will all get you blocked if overly persistent, they don't set me off quite as much as... PEOPLE WHO TELL OTHER PEOPLE WHAT TO EAT.

Now...before you get upset. It's not so much the topic that gets to me. If you stem from a place of wanting a high level discussion or having a legitimate question, fine. Totes fine. .

But come at me with some asinine internet claim that you... A) Think will enlighten me through judgement
B) Simply want to feel superior because you watched the newest "mock-umentary" on Netflix,
C) Feel that your personal journey/experience is at all grounds for MY health . .
. ...we are probably not going to be friends. And (C)? Really? Ever heard the term N of 1? .

Here is the part where depending on your stance you either A). Get pissed off because you frequently repost FB articles like "Eating an Egg is Worse than Smoking a Cigarette" & "Coconut Oil Causes Cancer," B). Purse your lips & chastise me for blocking someone when you feel it is my personal responsibility as a yogi to always engage in a loving, educational discussion with people regardless of their tone/rhetoric
C). Roll your eyes & nod because this shit happens to you as well...all too frequently. .

What it all boils down to is...#mybellymybusiness. Have I done research? Do I do my best to eat consciously? Abso-Fucking-lutely. .

Biology/Chemistry with a focus on Human Phys & Nutrition IS my background. My husband has a PhD in Nutrition & a decade of personal study in the field. .

Still, you won't catch me screaming nutritional "rules" from the rooftops. Why? Because I know that different bodies have different needs, & I try to leave the educational aspects to true experts like @drbenhouse. .

There's a difference between diligently striving for betterment of the human race & feeding into the already frenzied fear mongering by making unsupported, definitive statements about health or sharing ludicrous "articles" on subjects that you really neither know that much about nor have any business in judging others on.

Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way. With yoga, we become aware of how and where we are restricted -- in body, mind, and heart -- and how gradually to open and release these blockages. As these blockages are cleared, our energy is freed. We start to feel more harmonious, more at one with ourselves. Our lives begin to flow -- or we begin to flow more in our lives. - Cybele Tomlinson @rivkayoga @missbrittrae

Obsessed with all things Brené Brown. Have you read any of her books? Who are your most loved inspirational authors? Gimme ... I need them all 😝🙏🏻😘
w e a r i n g / @aloyoga
m a t / @liforme

It's all in the details... although this is considered an Advanced sequence, the principles of movement that I apply here are the same that I use from the very first sun salutation. The entry is via the point of balance - which is essentially a tuck handstand, lowering down to straight arm Lolasana (or tuck planche). The backbending is the same technique I use for drop backs - arms up/shoulders to ears/hands back as far as possible without letting the back arch. Then looking to the hands and bending from the top down - neck, upper back, mid back, lower back and then extending the hips. Glutes are on - especially to lift back up. (I will post about the Glutes relaxed myth and other movement myths more in future posts). The breath is natural and free flowing - don't suck anything in - actually the belly should visibly move in and out with each inhalation and exhalation - unless you're deliberately breathing into the chest - which is a useful technique in backbends to deepen the stretch. If you need to keep your core tight then you've most likely gone too far. Then to lift up to straight arm Lolasana: set the shoulders/engage the lats/compress knees to chest/chest to knees. Bend the elbows to bent arm Lolasana and jump back to a 'good' not collapsed Chaturanga. Depending on how I'm feeling I will approach the upward dog differently, in this case I was fully expressing coz I was feeling open from the backbend....
Moral of the post: fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. It's all there from the beginning and if you build a solid foundation then this will set you on a good course for exploring more advanced postures later. Thanks for reading and watching and big thanks to all who came to our week here in Ibiza. 🙏

No distractions, no excuses! Every day there are a thousand little things trying to pull you off your game. Every distraction you give in to is one less goal you can accomplish.

My fave yoga pose to do with my man ♥️🙏🏻captured by the lovely @misterandmissesdo on mallorca 🌴I love the calming spiritual parts of yoga but a but trying out fun poses is just as great. By the way, there is a new blogpost up about how I am preparing for yoga teacher training ♥️

Today's vinyasa practice 🤗 The aim is to go as smoothly as I possibly can 😄 .
Going to watch 'IT' soon. I was traumatized by the mini-series years ago. It's time to face my fear now 👊

Posturas, meditação, respiração, ferramentas para nossa performance e bem estar, música e muita vibração de amor! Esse é uma breve resumo do curso de formação Premananda. Sexta começa mais uma turma em sp, se sentir que é o seu momento, se junte a nós! 👇🏻👇🏻 Formação de Professores Premananda Yoga School - SÃO PAULO - NATIVIDADE
Venha se aprofundar com a gente nessa filosofia milenar e transformadora. Nosso curso é feito para alunos de todos os níveis que gostariam de incorporar o yoga nas suas vidas ou que desejam dar aulas em qualquer lugar do mundo, pois temos certificação internacional pela Yoga Alliance.
Professores: PEDRO FRANCO, Filipi Peres, Dr Rodrigo Duprat, Beta Arruga, Lucas Ribeiro, Teo Balieiro, Renata Kherlakian e Renata Mozzini
@peresfilipi @beta_yoga @rekherlak @dr_duprat @lalalagas @remozzini @pedro_premananda

Nosso time de professores é composto por um grupo com os melhores profissionais dentro de várias áreas do Yoga para que cada aluno tenha acesso à informação de qualidade e possa ter uma base sólida para desenvolver sua própria visão e assim viver e compartilhar o yoga plenamente.

Entre em contato para receber maiores informações.

Ana Paula Alencar - Contato: +55 (11) 99248-9301
Diretora Escola Premananda Yoga School - Renata Mozzini remozzini@gmail.com

Um final de semana por mês.
Sexta das 20:00 às 22:00
Sábados e Domingos das 8:30 às 18:30

Setembro 22-24
Outubro 27-29
Novembro 24-26
Dezembro 1-3
Janeiro 5-7
Fevereiro 2-4
Março 16-18
Abril 20-22 (*retiro)

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Vibing high ✌🏾
Here is my challenge to you. Reflect on the things in your life that tune you up to the highest frequency. ⚡️
The people that make you feel like you can soar to the moon. 🚀 The places that soothe your soul. ✨ The things you do that make you feel grateful to be alive. 🤸🏼‍♂️
It seems like a no brainer but often times we make unconscious decisions about the way we live our lives that leave us feeling physically, mentally and spiritually depleted. 😔
This is why meditation is so powerful. Through careful observation, we can *choose* to switch the dial when things get low and make a conscious effort to move towards bliss moment to moment to moment... 💖
Here's a little memory of learning to dance in the rain at @nihiwatu ✨💦

Getting so inspired & ready for fall with all these beautiful fall colors. 🍂🌾🍁 #ilovefall #mtcharelston #hiking 📸@jessicabornstein

"You don't have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you're holding." -Cheryl Strayed • I love this quote and today it said pick me, it was just what I needed today. Sometimes it's easy to wish things were #different, that something would change or that we deserve something and maybe we do, but we have to #workforit and #workhard to get where we want to be. #sideplankpose is another great #corepose and really works the #obliques what is one of your favorites for an #obliqueworkout ? #vasisthasana #variation #corestrength #katiehopeyoga

Go with the flow of what the day will bring. Surrender to what will be and rise with grace. ❤️🌈❤️

I got to be a student today. It's so important to me to take classes, but I rarely get time. But today I got to take from my friend and favorite teacher. And I had a helper who insisted on carrying my mat.
#yogaeverydamnday #yogababe #yogamama #yogateacher #gottobethestudenttoday #fitnessworld @fitness_worldhc

I've been working on really pulling my chest forward in my forearm wheel. The feeling I get between my shoulder blades is magical. It's hard work, but totally worth it for me! It's also amazing just how straight my legs feel, but then looking at the picture, they're totally not straight! Something to work on 👍

Guess what?! I'm teaching at @wanderlustfest #Oahu 2018!!! Leading classes at #Wanderlust was one of the first #goals I set for myself as a #YogaTeacher and I am extra thrilled that I'll get to do it in my all time favorite #yoga studio, the #ocean 🙌🏽💦🦈🐠🙏🏽 Plus the amazing @leahvernonyoga is in the lineup too so #YogaKai will be rolling DEEP this year, aaaaah can't wait to reunite with our amazing Founder on the water!! Lemme know if you wanna come and I'll get you a discount on your tickets, let's do some #SUPYoga in #paradise in 2018!

#YogaKaiHawaii #Boga #BogaYoga #Wanderlust2018 #YogaEveryDamnDay #Yogi #Yogini #Hawaii #OneOceanDesigns #SUP #OneOcean

24/7 on and off the mat. Strong. Dedicated. Graceful. Be HER 🙏🏼 #OmShanti

What is super annoying way to end of my workday 🙄 Thank goodness I have yoga to fall back on… About to teach my second class of the day #breathe 🙏🏽 Music by @beyonce

time to disconnect to reconnect. Grateful for this time to learn to live like my sweet girl again @enjoyment_experience 2017


Last weekend I was having a particularly rough day, a lot on my mind. As a result #anxiety had really crept up on me. I went into my studio with my #furbaby, Holly, got on my mat, turned on some #relaxing music and spent some time taking deep breaths and doing some slow and gentle #stretching. Afterwards I felt much better. #Yoga really is a wonderful tool to #calm down when you are #anxious!

I love this time of year! But if you are like me, sometimes it can feel a little dry and this dryness can lead to imbalance that looks like dry skin, lips, hair, digestive tract (Not eliminating properly), anxiety, insomnia and not to mention, the previous seasons heat will be making its way out of the system and this can manifest as rashes among other heat related issues. So what to do? Hydrate! But sometimes drinking too much water will dilute the electrolytes needed to properly digest food and further dry out the colon for some. Try room temp water with lime & a dash of my mineral salt. The sour taste in the lime acts as a secretagogue that encourages secretions moisening a dry palate & GI tract and the salt will help to retain some moisture. To remove the past seasons heat from the system, add bitter taste to clear out and make your digestion work really well. Bitters are like arugula, beets, bean sprouts, chamomile, dandelion leaves etc. HAPPY Ayurveda ❤ -eva

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