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When doing the splits brings a smile to your face 😜 follow @yoga .

Yesterday I talked about learning new things and the importance of not being afraid to fail, and not having to wait until things are perfect before you 'put yourself out there'. So here's one of me - learning something new (contemporary dance) and putting it out there. This body we have been given is one of our most precious gifts and it feels so good to embody it and move in different ways. .

Thanks @joshmu for the expert instructions and inspiration. 🙌🏼 Week 3 of our intensive with @deepikamehtayoga has come to an end and it was another beauty. I'm feeling so blessed and happy to be here with all these amazing people. 🙏

I had a difficult time with my health this year, something that made me feel very vulnerable.
It made me realise the importance of reconnecting to the element in myself where the healing and power lies instead of looking for answers and solutions on the outside.
This is something I had realised years back,after my accident but over the years I had forgotten and taken for granted.

Healing whether it is physical,mental or energetic has to begin with belief and reconnecting back to a place of power within.
Anything on the outside can help that process but the thing that makes it work is belief and tuning inward.

Nothing substitutes that internal connection to the Source, you have to dig deep and tune into it.Whether in the form of Bhakti to your favourite God,nature or your own version of the Source.
Everyday take the time to tune and reconnect to this Source and create the altar within.
Seize your own Power,it's there within.Om Namah Shivaya.🙏✡️☮️💖#shakti #Shiva

One becomes firmly established in practice only after attending to it for a long time, without interruption and with an attitude of devotion. @diceyoga

Wanna be more beautiful? Just SMILE! The act of smiling makes us look good in the eyes of others. A smiling face is perceived as more friendly, competent, and courteous than a neutral face. And a smile is a great tool to boost your mood when you're not feeling your best, because using those grinning muscles (even if it feels unnatural) will stimulate the happy signals in the brain. It's all connected--the brain, emotions, muscles and nerves. It's science! 😁 .
Captured by @imagine.capture. Outfit @aloyoga #smilemore #beagoddess

It's the first day of YTT retreat and I'm feeling quite annoyed and saddened that I've had to miss out today. As that is knowledge I'm missing out on. My kids complained when I sent them to school today and I'm sad I'm missing out on going to my school 💁🏻its a battle. But not having anyone close by to watch my kiddies till their dad gets home, mummy duties call again & I can't think of anything else but to flow 😌
Wearing @aloyoga 💕

Yesterday at Tebing Keraton with my beloved students 😘😘😘 Special thanks to @iwan_chung and @set_chung for the photos 🙏🙏🙏

Been working my flexibility a bit more since my bends are still a little tender. There's always somewhere to go with yoga 😊🙏🏻
o u t f i t / @aloyoga


How fast time flys. This pic must be at least 4 years ago. Feels like yesterday. So much had happened in those 4 years. Some of the worst times & some of the best times in my life. A lot more tattoos added to my collection in result of the pain attached to that time frame. I'm still in NYC, all these years later. Hustling. Being saved by my career when everything else feels like rocky ground. All- the-while, craving the crystal clear beaches, clear blue sky, lightning and thunder storms, the stars, trees, fresh air, honest humans, reliable being to truly, fully love and be loved by. And yet, doing my best to find it within myself rather than having anyone else fill my life sized voids.
#lifesizedvoids #realtalk .
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First Sub Yoga Class!
It was the best! Now I want to be a Sub Yoga Teacher!
#subyoga #downwarddog #yogateacher #yoga #namaste #clubnou #portugal

there is no such thing
as loving somebody too much,
only loving oneself too little.
@markanthonypoet .
Love yourself wildly friends. 💕
Happy Friday everyone! What does everyone have planned for this weekend? I've got two concerts, a birthday party, and a going away party on deck 😂 But first off to yoga and climb @grottoclimbing .
Outfit @myinnerfire #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary

"Yoga is the dance between control and surrender" Happy Fri-yay y'all!!! Enjoy this beautiful finish to the work week and the welcome to the weekend💘

It's a very sultry, humid morning here in #dallas ... Bout to slow down and stay cool with a rejuvenating hatha practice ... #centuryplant #yoga #yogateacher #dallasyogateachers #dallasyoga

💇🏻 Going minimal for summer (or maybe forever)... thank you Jessica @ouidad ! You're a magical curl wizard 👏🏼. Finally back at the studio today at 2pm and tomorrow 8am & 10am @yoga_agora . See you on the mats 🙏🏼❤️ #newdo #ouidad #curls #curlygirl #free #light #healthy #summervibes #yoga #yogini #nycyoga #yogaagora #yogateacher #love

My perfect everyday after work chill: I'm not going to eat right after I'm home. I do yoga, exhale everything bad, take a few picture, take a shower and only then I feel like myself⭐️#yogamadrid #yogajourney #yogaespaña #yogaesvida #йога #йоги #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #yogatime #happyyogi #mindfulness #myjorney #yogateacher #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogagoals #yogaretiro #yogapants #fitness #pilates #yogaclothes #yoga #йогарт #йогажизнь #йогавезде

"As yogis, eventually, our goal is to see the brightest essence of all beings, in all circumstances, and at all times" (from 'yoga beyond the mat' by A. Kaivalya)🙏🏼🤗💕🌳🌾🌱 It's been such another great week of yoga in the park!
Thanks for being my greatest gurus, my teachers & inspiration!
Thanks to all new and old yogis who attended and see you next week for more #vinyasa sessions in the park🙏🏼🤗💕🌳🌾🌱 And a special thought to my girl @elea_gisele for being such a beautiful source of Light & delighting me with her sweet presence. Namaste!

Интересуйтесь тем, что происходит внутри вас, не меньше, чем тем, что вас окружает. Если во внутреннем мире все в порядке, то и во внешнем все встанет на свои места.

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