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Show us what you got! Put your clothes on and strike a pose. Take a pic, post in on Instagram, tag with #yogarebellondon
You could WIN free goodies! πŸ“Έ @ntinaua_yoga in Onzie Long Legging - Paradise #yogarebellondon #yogarebel #yogarebelsquad

O hai abs
Yup that looks about as shaky as it felt πŸ˜•
@onzie #onziegear @yogarebelsquad @yogarebellondon #yogarebelsquad #yogarebellondon

Loving the new packaging 😍 #yogarebelsquad #yogarebellondon

@williamstweet in Dharma Bums Printed Legging Full Lenght - Floral Artistry 🌟 #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

You are a warrior. You CAN do this. #yogarebellondon #yogarebel #yogarebelsquad

It's time to vote for your favourite pic in Yoga Rebel Photo Contest - February '17. Visit our Facebook page and like the pictures you like! #yogarebellondon #yogarebel #yogarebelsquad πŸ“Έ@hollybailz - January's winner

@ellenbaggs in Onzie Graphic Legging - Levels πŸ’Ž #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon


"And in the end, all that really matters is how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of those not meant for you".
Happy Solstice and International Yoga Day, beautiful people.
May we all love with the whole of our hearts, live with the whole of our love, and laugh with every breath. Love and light, always.

β€œA bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch, but on its own wings.” - CW

Inspired by the flight of birds, tonight we’re focussing on finding lightness and trust as we flow, making our way into asanas such as Bird of Paradise/Svarga Dvijasana and Eagle/Garudasana, and perhaps even finding flight in Crow/Bakasana.

Join me on the mat at 8pm at The Yoga Station, Whitley Bay - let's flow together 🌸🐚 Bookings/Enquiries: link in bio

Create your karma πŸ’™πŸ™Œ #yogarebellondon #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #spiritualgangster

Thank you to Clare and @yogabombyork for today's class. 90 minutes of twisting, flowing and moving with a full class of yogis is definitely a good way to start a Sunday. Even better when followed by brunch at @gulpandgraze -check my stories to see what I had! Now for Father's Day dinner -hope you've had a great day! πŸ’š #greenandaquamarine

"Rest when you need to.
even the ocean lulls
and quiets
when the tide
is running low" @alison.malee

Twenty minutes condensed into one; a glimpse into the first moments of my practice with the waking sun this morning. Behind all of the beautiful photos and exquisite postures, this is where we find what we're forever searching for; in stillness, humility, in humble movements and quiet breaths - it is here we find serenity, it is here we find ourselves.

Next classes: Tuesday 8-9:15pm and Sunday 10-11:15am at The Yoga Station Whitley Bay. Come flow with me 🌸

@sbcyoga in K-Deer Legging - Alexis Stripe πŸ’« #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@waktaspirit in Dharma Bums Leggings πŸ’Ž #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@williamstweet in Dharma Bums Printed Legging Full Lenght - Floral Artistry 🌟 #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@upside_down_emma in Spiritual Gangster Grateful Arch Paradise Bra - Heather Grey πŸ’• #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@wellnessvagabond in Spiritual Gangster SG Collegiate Muscle Hoodie - Heather Grey ❀️ #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@ellenbaggs in Onzie Graphic Legging - Levels πŸ’Ž #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@lani.yoga in Dharma Bums Full Lenght Legging - Forest πŸ–€ #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@etherealtype in Spiritual Gangster The Moon Phases Vinyasa Tee 🌟 #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

@lenokiyoga in Alo Yoga Goddess X Goddess Ribbed Legging - Blue Tropical Feather πŸ’« #yogarebelsquad #yogarebel #yogarebellondon

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