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#behindthescenes I hide once I hear the voices, he doesn't have to. And he even decides to take a photo of me!
Can I be sure that there aren't people around when we are shooting!?

99% of our photos have been shot in private areas or in studio. Of course, this limits locations a lot.

Then the other 1% we have been a bit crazy, we just checked no one is around (apparently not well enough in this case) and quickly I take my dress/jacket/bathrobe off and then a few snaps. Because of nice photos I would be ready to do a lot... Only things that I'm not, is something really dangerous or things that can offend other people. And seeing a naked person in a place where you wouldn't expect can be that case! So no, I'm not prepared to shoot when others can clearly see me.

But sometimes we have to take those small risks in life for another kind of end result.

Last august i thought my foot will never find my head...
Never say never #believeandalliscoming

What the mind gathers from sight informations and labels as magic or impossibility most likely is illusion and explainable by physics. We use the forces of nature to our advantage in this practice. They work for us, not against us. ☺🙌🏼🌲 So the next time you see a pose and your mind tells you "never& #34; , speak back with affirmation, then look at the pose again and see past the sparkles and the colors and the polka dots, they only serve as distractions. Look instead at the lines, look at the body weight, what presses here or pushes there, where is the engagement, where is the structure that supports the expression of the shape. Look. Look again. With naked eyes. Open up to every possibility. Then play around with it, that's how we learn. Experience and experiment and watch as the process grows you into yourself. ☺🌲
And yes, I wear dresses and skirts most days. Soft and comfy is my mantra when it comes to outfits. Also, color! 😬🎉and I think this is my only #snowga contribution this whole winter 🙈🙈🙈

Today I came across a photo that had the text "double tap to see magic" edited into it. Out of curiosity I double tapped the photo and as can be expected, no magic appeared.

That led me to question myself. Why did I double tap the photo? What was I expecting? A magical unicorn floating out of my phone screen?

I acknowledge that oftentimes I simply do something without asking myself the most important question. This question is "WHY am I doing it?" If you double tapped this image because of the text I edited into it, then I'd like to challenge you. What did you expect would happen? What else in life do you simply do, without knowing why you're doing it?

This was a good eye opener for me, I hope it will be for you as well.

Don't avoid your life's purpose. Don't ignore your deepest intuitions. Feel your feelings. Experience your emotions . .
Day 5 of #2in1yoga is a hybrid of hasta padangustasana and dhanurasana.
@joe_lizzzzzz_yoga flipped hers and inspired me to take mine completely inverted . .

@joe_lizzzzzz_yoga .
@yogagoals .
Photo by @dylanwernerphotography

"Nature does not hurry,

yet everything is accomplished." #LaoTzu #HasteMakesWaste #Dothingswithcare

For her the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself. and when she returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair, and taste the infinitely salt on her lips. -Jose Chaves- 😭💓 Bring every piece of love in your heart and share it to your precious people🙏🏼#lifeisbeautiful #sealovers wearing @aloyoga


I'm aware the challenge has ended but I hope my entries are in time! Even if not - I loved shooting and thinking about the meanings behind this challenge anyway. Thank you #chemicalconsciousyogis 💞

Days 7-9:

7. Bridge - medication:
I used to be on ~40 pills a day. I have lupus, arthritis, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia and suspected borderline personality disorder. In the last 3 months my body has been craving a more chemical-free life. Starting with my meds. I cut them down to what I felt was essential - two anti inflammatories to manage the lupus and prevent further joint damage, and a beta blocker to ease the physical anxiety symptoms...but the latter only on days I feel they are needed. Pain relief is needed far less these days but as the anti inflammatory regime is still new, it's still one step at a time. I no longer take pills "just because" and I'm delighted to be off anti depressants, super strong analgesics and everything else I was on. This is the chemical subject I'm most passionate about, not just because I've lived it, but because I see both sides.

8. Downdog - deodorant:
Took a twist on this one, first time I've tried a twist in 3 legged down dog. Love the result, not so much the expression 😜

9. Legs up the wall - soft drinks:
What pose could be better than legs up wall? Legs up tree! It was so relaxing.
Thank you to all those involved with running the challenge. I learned a lot about all the topics and it certainly made me think. Namaste 🙏 😘😘😘 Hosts


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Did y'all miss me 😜😍😘 Well I'm still in the challenge 😤👏👊 Just been busy the last couple of days. Also had to think what to do for a new #wheelpose 🤔⭕️ I've done a few variations before but never straight legs. So here you go 💁 Will shortly get back with sideplank 💨💨💨 #PracticeYourVariation
Hosted by: @lyktan_yoga and @_yogajenny_
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quando dico che è lei che comanda a casa..intendo proprio questo...
Camilla la comandante 😂😂😂

"Adventure is worthwhile." -Aesop
Nearing the end of a crazy, amazing, food-filled, eye-opening trip around Southeast Asia, I am in complete agreement.
@ainstim .
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Wednesday Water Workout in Sydney 💪🏼💧🇦🇺 @speedoaustralia @daniellebazergy @vixfitlife

🐺Когда тренер гоняет тебя - это очень хорошо! Значит ему не все равно на тебя! Он видит, что ты можешь большего и учит тебя добиваться. Именно для этого мы все и занимаемся с тренерами. Перенимаем чужой опыт. Если ты практикуешь плохо и тебе об этом никто не говорит - тренеру безразлична твоя практика

Saying you're not FLEXIBLE enough for YOGA, is like saying you're too DIRTY to take a BATH. 😜
Two hand grip for king pigeon 🤗 getting there slowly & surely ... 🙏🏻

That's a wrap! Already half way through the week. See you on the mat
Ness 🕉
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