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not perfect but you would still pay for the picture ~ rw

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Nothing supports inner peace more than letting go. Letting go of the resistance to what is. Letting go of constantly dwelling on the past or focusing on the future. Inner peace begins now, in the present moment.

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“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” @bananablondie108

I just finished a great practice down at my old stomping ground, with my mentor and teacher Eileen Hall at YogaMoves, here in Sydney. The realisation dawned on me as I drove home that it has taken me 20 years of practice to be free from wanting something from my teachers, whether it be recognition, praise, a new posture or to be seen. I've always been late to bloom 🌺 but it's better late than never. 😌Yet, at the same time, and I can only speak from my own experience, that all of it is a necessary part of the learning curve. We all have unresolved stories; karmic imprints from the past, that need to play out in their own good time. 🙏

Sınırlarımızı sırayla ve büyük bir sabırla aşmalıyız 😆💜 #pincamayurasana #scorpion #pinca #babybakasana

Those shadows though 👥👀

#wcw goes to @elisebalance ... when you meet someone who you can have equal amounts of laughs and inversions, you know it's a match made in heaven 👎🏻

Don't ever forget, my dear,
you are the light
of your own life,
the captain of your soul.
- Mark Anthony
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💕🙋Sailor Moons Swedish Cousin💕🙋.
💫🌙🌜🌜Ebba Moon💫🌙🌜🌟.
Ebba is a no fuss bad ass girl with a fierce love of dress up and tattoos. She is also a big activists for women's rights. Some silly fucker tried to teach her when she was a child that crossing her legs and shutting her mouth was what a lady should always do. She was constantly shamed and told her skirts were to short and her legs were to long. Men often said nasty things to her about how she looked a lot older then she was and how if she dressed in short shorts she was asking for it. 😡😥.
Ebba was abused .
Ebba was raped .
Ebba was lost....
Ebba started to listen to that little voice inside here , that felt these beliefs were wrong and she started to educate herself about her rights.
She found out that she was not dirty , wrong , or slutty.
She was strong, righteous, and full of loving desire.
She found out that she wasn't a skank for sitting with her legs open.
She wasn't anything but just her fucking self, sitting how it was comfortable for her to sit.
She found out that she wasn't asking for it .
She wasn't in any fucking way, to blame for her rapist actions , she was not at fault .
She found herself, her rights, her power .
Ebba loves herself , despite all her scars, the damage that was done to her , she refuses to give into that shit. She is a warrior and she will make sure she helps as many other girls as she can , find their inner warrior. 💪💋🌙💫💕🤗. #takebackyourpower.
This post is dedicated to one of my biggest lady inspirations the sensational @sassy_latte 💫💕.

There will always be someone else who is more flexible, stronger, smarter, wiser and the list goes on, but there is only one of YOU! We are all unique. Don't forget to love yourself and often times just being you is enough ❤️ #selflove


Twist towards the sun and watch it rising. @juliesunrise and @knut_knutson .
With a huge variety of locations I've scouted over the past 8 years of living in Bali, I'll cater to your style and vision.
Available for private shoots between May 8 and 23 in Bali.
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Sun Yoga is so much more than just a yoga studio. We are a community and we are Ohana ❤️ thank you for being such an important part of our family 🙏🏽 📸 @davemiyamoto

Its been a day. New Moon kicked my ass today. So much energy sucked out of me right now. Driving from San Diego to LAX and back through Orange County to the IE before getting home to San Diego again is not for the faint of heart. Oh, and during rush hour! If you don't get any of what I just said... basically I just completed about 5 hours of driving, 3 of them in traffic. 😆😂😅😵
Give me a second here to catch my breath... pose for tomorrow's flying pigeon challenge to appear shortly! Hope today treated you all much better. 😥

Current head space ..... Yoga
6pm Vinyasa 7.15pm Restorative

The swimsuit version of || 💃 ||

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First day upside down in a loooong time... like a week at least.
Song: Something About You by Hayden James

GOA 2018 ❥The weather here in Hamburg makes me miss the tropical vibes and the beaches of Goa so much 🌊🌴❥ Did you see that the admissions for our 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training from 7th February- 2nd March 2018 are already open? ✨ Come and join us for a transformational journey of a lifetime 🙏 Have a wonderful day everyone, I will be dreaming of the lush goan vibes while working on the opening of the Hamburg center, which is equally exciting and feels so real now --> 20th May Grand Opening ❤️ #grateful

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