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‘If women remember that once upon a time we sang with the tongues of seals and flew with the wings of swans, that we forged our own paths through the dark forest while creating a community of its many inhabitants, then we will rise up rooted, like trees. And if we rise up rooted, like trees … well then, women might indeed save not only ourselves, but the world.’
-Sharon Blackie
Love my tribe of the Empowered, beautiful, Powerful woman, who supports the others and helps her shine,
Who realises men are not the enemy,
Nor is another woman,
But our own inner insecurities are.💖❤️🌟👸🏻 #femininedivine #ifwomenroserooted .
Gonna miss these beauties @mylittlemantra @pilar_islandyoga @reinodenita ❤️💜💖💃🏽

There’s so much goodness in this world. We are so attuned to seeing the dangers and difficulties but I believe if you look around, you’ll see more good than bad .
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Thanks @dylanwerneryoga for this photo, and for everything else 🙏 .
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When I was a child I would climb a lot... trees, boulders, fences, houses - you name it, I climbed it. To this day I haven't lost that sense of playfulness. This is something I bring into my Yoga practice both as a student and as a teacher. If I can offer you the opportunity to reignite that feeling of childlike carefree playfulness, then I have succeeded as a teacher

"That's why her hair's so big. It's full of secrets." 😂
And I told you that secret yesterday but I'll share it again incase you missed it!
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Photo by me #WOOSH

@dylanwerneryoga on 2 Types 🔮
There are 2 types of people. One who sees a magic trick and wants to believe that it is real and the other who wants to know how they did it.
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Practice love
And everything else will fall into place
📸: PC by the lovely @z_khawaja
Wearing: @urbanoutfitters

Ben olana hiç direnmemeyi öğrendim; şimdiki anın olmasına izin vermeyi ve her şeyin ve her koşulun geçici doğasını kabullenmeyi öğrendim. Böylece huzuru buldum. ~Eckhart Tolle~🖤 @adidas.turkiye #adidaswomen#ultraboostx#ultraboost#BestMe


~Το κουράγιο ειναι μια ερωτική σχεση με το Άγνωστο. ~ Όσσο
Κάποιες μέρες δίνουμε κουράγιο στους άλλους, κάποιες άλλες παίρνουμε απ τους γύρω μας κ κάποιες φορές το αντλούμε απο τον ίδιο μας εαυτό μας με εμπιστοσύνη κ υπομονή🙏🏻 . ~Courage is a love affair with the unknown ~ Osho . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday#yogajourney #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #yogaphotography #yogini #asana #yogalife #yogalove #love #life #yogagirl #girl #fit #fitness #yogateacher #stretch #strenght #body #train #photooftheday #instamood #instagood

I was the type of person,
that held onto things too tight,
unable to release my grip, When it no longer felt right,
and although it gave me blisters, and my fingers would all ache, I always thought that holding on, was worth the pain it takes, I used to think in losing things, I'd lose a part of me too, that slowly I'd become someone, my heart no longer knew, then one day something happened, I dropped what I had once dear, but my soul became much lighter ,
instead of filled with fear ,
and it taught my heart that some things, aren't meant to last for long, they arrive to teach you lessons, and then continue on, you don't have to cling to people, who no longer make you smile, or do something you've come to hate, if it isn't worth your while, that sometimes the thing you're fighting for,
isn't worth the cost, and not everything you ever lose,
is bound to be a loss.

Sneak peak at last night's photo shoot results. What a great bunch of yogis! So much love for my @lunayogamtl fam @wellnessmtl @francesca.knowles.yoga @jivafrances #yoga #justbreathe #yogaforlife #photography #reflection #yogaphotography

Warrior II pose:
One hand in the past, one hand in the future. Gaze into the future. Be here in the present.

"Have you ever been to a @wanderlustfest Festival? •

Come breathe and practice with me at O'ahu. I will be teaching Fit Flow Fly classes and fun flows with core & inversions work 💚

Via @bryceyoga
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I’m so #thankful to have great friends like @livewellwithdeana for agreeing to help me grow as a photographer by being my model while I experiment. I know this is completely different then anything else in my feed but love to hear what you all think.

"Welcome to day TWO of — Side Plank 💋🔮 .
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What does it mean satya - truthfulness for you? For me, it means to be myself. Not to think, what you should be, what other people want you to be.
Love ❤️ what you are, love ❤️ what you do every day. Be truthfull...be yourself, authentic self. .
Co znamená satya - pravdivost pro vás? Pro mě to znamená být sám sebou. Nepřemýšlet o tom, co byste měli být, co očekávají ostatní lidé, že budete.
Miluj ❤️, co jsi, miluj ❤️, co děláš každý den. Buď pravdivý ... buď sám, pravé Já .
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"Does your back hurt? Do you want to improve your posture? Do you want to strengthen your arms and legs? Do you want to hold your arm balances longer? The issue may be your core! Instructions below 👇👇👇👇 thanks for sharing @roxanne_yoga ・・・
My all-time favourite core exercises!
1. Inhale to stretch opposite arm & leg. Keep the core engaged by drawing belly & ribs in toward spine. As you exhale, round your spine to touch knee to elbow, and squeeze heel to butt.
2. Inhale to open chest, exhale to touch elbow down. This works the obliques. Keep thighs engaged and hips up.
3. Hold plank for a min. Or do your best. Check that you're not sinking the hips down. Do so by lengthening tailbone to heels, drawing ribs in, keeping thighs active and chest forward. Challenge yourself by lifting one foot off just slightly and hold for 30s. (Need not lift too high.)
4. Same like no.3, keep core active by keeping back leg strong and chest forward. Be sure you do not sink the hips and bend the elbows especially when you twist. Keep shoulders stacked on top of elbows. Twist from the obliques, not the hips, so don't let he hips sink.
Do 2-3 sets of each exercise.
Via @inflexibleyogis
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When your world moves too fast, and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset.
Reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet.
Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take.
Find yourself in the appreciation of life. .
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A companhia correta proporciona o impulso necessário para se melhorar. Imitar os bons significa engajar-se em boas ações; as boas ações formam bons hábitos; e os bons hábitos desalojarão os maus hábitos. Yoganada #yoga #yogalifestyle #yogalove #yogababy #yogamom #mamaste #igyoga #yogagram #myyogalife #namaste #energy #yogini #yogininars #yogabrasil #yogalife #yogapose #flexibility #yogaholic #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforlife #yogachangedmylife #yogavibes #yogaphotography #yogapic #yogamama #sadhana #yogainspiration #yogacat #calicocat #yogananda

When you're really 'nailing' being present and focused on the moment, then you come to a forward fold and the teacher tells you to gaze at your toes ..."omg I forgot deal with my toenails, they're disgusting, I've had that varnish on for 4months now, I hope nobody's noticed." 💅

It's my favorite time of the week #wcw 🖤. Have you ever met someone who you knew instantly would be special to you? Well that is how I feel about @fawnbonesyoga . We met on a retreat with @bodhimovement and I instantly felt connected to her. She was my best friend during our 200 hr YTT and helped turn me into a hugger. I could always vent to her and talk to her without fear of judgement. She's also funny as hell and made my abs hurt way too many times when we were in Bali. Her practice is beautiful and she is beautiful inside and out. Kyla i love you and Naomi with your insatiable love for macaroons. I miss you dearly. #soundmindsoundbody #womenempowerment #womenwholovewomen 🖤Every Wednesday I will be posting a different female account I follow. Us women need to love and empower each other. So in my effort to spread positivity you'll get to see all the amazing women who inspire me on this platform.🖤

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