Mark your calanders and prepare for take off!
Margo will be teaching a 2 day workshop on how to prepare you for flying in your Yoga practice. .
Day 1 will be breaking down the fundamentals of headstand and handstand.
Day 2 will be learning how to integrate these flights into your flow. .
Join us September 29 & 30 from 2-4pm // 25$ a class!
*Sign up online or come talk to our front desk at the studio <3

Have you met this sweet soul yet?
Meet Allison Lyneham, she is a compassionate teacher with a big heart. She teaches Vinyasa twice a week at the studio!
Practice with @a.l.l.yoga
Tuesdays- Candlelight Vinyasa @ 6:45-7:45pm
Sunday- Vinyasa @ 4:30-5:45pm, Allison's Sunday class is offered as a Community Drop in class for $13 <3

Women Crush Wednesday!
Get your girls together.
Build friendships that last forever.
Make memories that last a lifetime.
Go skip in the fields, and play in the sun.
Play dress up.
And of course get your girls together for Yoga!

More Vinyasa?
Yes, we have added a new Vinyasa class to the schedule on Wednesdays from 9:30-11AM!
Enjoy a 90 minute middle of the week flow with Benjamin Leslie. Benjamin's metaphor for Yoga is that, "Yoga is a great life-long friendship. Yoga is the kind of friend who is always there for you, who challenges you when you need to be challenged, who comforts you when you need to be comforted; a friend who can evolve and grow with you forever.” .
Join Benjamin on the mat Wednesday mornings and allow your Yoga practice to become the friend you need in life.

It is common for fears to arise in the context of pregnancy, birth and then in parenting. How do you greet your fears? Do you welcome them with an inquiring heart? Or struggle to keep them at bay? How has fear shown up in your body? Our bodies are always in communication with us, offering us wisdom, if we are willing to listen. ✨
And what better context than yoga to begin to unpack and examine these fears as we honor the mind and body equally. Join me for prenatal yoga today at Yoga Pearl from 12-1:15pm. Or dive even deeper into these themes in our comprehensive childbirth education class @yogawaytobirth. ✨
#fear #prenatalyoga #yogapearl #yogawaytobirth #laborloveandliberation #nayyirahwaheed

Big shout out to Christy Cassano @christycassano for our Yoga Pearl photoshoot.
It was such a pleasure to work with this sweet gal. She has been a part of the Yoga Pearl community for over 11 years! .
Christy used to work front desk way back in the day, she is still a student at Yoga Pearl, but is living her dream as a professional photographer. .
When you surround yourself with inspiring people, you get inspired to follow your own path of inspiration.

Behind the scenes shooting some new photos for @yogapearl last night. It’s always fun getting to see some of my fellow yoga teachers who I don’t see nearly enough. I will say, it was challenging thinking of creative and accessible postures while pregnant. I usually love taking advantage of photoshoots for capturing inversions, arm balances, and deep backbends, but this one was a little more passive. Pregnancy has a way of helping check the ego, which I fall victim to, just like everyone else. Yoga is never about the posture or pose itself, but what you learn about yourself as you breathe within. @christycassano I can’t wait to see the finished products. ☺️ #Yoga #yogapearl #joblove #photoshoot #halfmoon #30weekspregnant #ardhachandrasana

It’s a beautiful thing to work with friends. Each meeting becomes 25% business and 75% everything else. And as a business owner I wholeheartedly believe that the love, curiosity, integrity, mindfulness and humanness behind the business is what leads to true success. This morning I was able to explore that in two back to back meetings, one of those being with @abeckerblack. If you don’t know her work already be sure to check it out on her Instagram page and website. You’ll be happy that you did. #alexandrabeckerblack #yogapearl

A little #behindthescenes from my photo shoot with @christycassano for @yogapearl this morning. Can’t wait to see the magic she creates! < Forest Park, 2018 >

Be the support and strength you've been looking for.
You have the ability to support yourself through your own physical, mental, and emotional strengths.
Often we forget to look within ourselves for the support we need.
Photo by: @karenpride

Friends, it’s happening again! My dear friend @nikkiweaver and I are leading a retreat. Read ahead for details then message Nikki or I to sign up. We just announced it yesterday and it’s already half full! I think that 5 spots remain so sign up quick because I’d love to cook for you 😘

Wild at Heart: a weekend retreat for women (2nd annual gathering!)
Feb 15-18 2018 in Mission Beach, CA
$750 p/person
*Limited to 11 lucky ladies (airfare and airport transfer not included)

Wild at Heart is a place for women to circle up to heal and feel together. A space for you to come as you are in all your messiness and imperfections. A space to hold each other, know each other, and kindle the beginning of new and old friendships in a beautiful place.

Our retreat begins Friday evening and ends Monday after yoga and breakfast. We will be staying in a gorgeous 5 bedroom beachfront home, rooms and beds will be shared. So bring a friend, or cozy up with a new friend. Over the weekend you'll enjoy 8 gourmet, vegetarian meals by Karen Pride. You will be nourished from the inside out. We will gather early every morning for yoga on the beach or deck, afternoon coffee or matcha conversations led by Nikki (curious, goofy, and inspirational:) Our three evenings will be filled with creative maker-time, singer-songwriter experiences in an intimate acoustic setting , and wine and treats from Karen's kitchen.
#wildatheart #yogaretreat

Meet Pam Blair, you might have practiced with or beside her at the studio. She has been apart of the Yoga Pearl community for years. Pam teaches Hatha on Tuesday's from 5-6:15PM and today she is teaching Yin from 4-5:15pm, not her usual class!
Pam’s teaching style embraces versatility; she regularly teaches a variety of styles of yoga. Approaching each class like a work of art, she incorporates creativity, challenge, inspiration, playfulness and structural integrity. “Versatility keeps me fresh and challenged. I encourage my students to explore their own universe through an attentive practice both on and off the mat. I view the opportunity to teach as a humble form of service.
Meet, Pam and explore your own universe <3

I’m rested and I’m ready. I awoke early, tucked into my little corner of the woods. Made some coffee and talked through the yoga class that I’m leading an hour from now. There’s a little woodsy mouse running around on my right side, chipmunks feasting on wild berries and birds darting in and out of the trees overhead. @pickathon is my favorite thing about summer. The music, yes, but as the years go on it becomes more and more about connection. Find me in the workshop barn at 9:30am this morning. We’ll breath together, explore both the connections that surround us and the state of our own hearts. 💙 #pickathon2018 #yogapearl photo : @lorijo45

"It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up." @eckharttolle .
Be present.
Be thankful.
Wednesday's catch Margo at the studio for Power Vinyass 6:30-8!

:ATTENTION: A message from Gregory @gregoryjamiel
This Wednesday, August 1st from 9:30-11am, will be my last class at Yoga Pearl. My heart is leading me North to Carnation, WA (just East of Seattle). After 11 years of living in Portland, it was a hard decision to make, but in the end the courage to follow my dreams into that scary ocean of the unknown far outweighs the limiting growth the safe shores of my comfort zone offer. I will be teaching at my best friend's studio, Two Rivers Yoga, in Carnation and continuing to manifest my dream of getting my show, 'Explore & Exhale' on the Oprah Winfrey Network! Teaching at Yoga Pearl has been wonderful and I will dearly miss the conversations and friendships I've made with teachers and students here. It's been an absolute pleasure and I wish you all continued health and wonderful blessings to your hearts, minds, and Spirits! Aho! ​

“Many women have described their experiences of childbirth as being associated with a spiritual uplifting, the power of which they have never previously been aware. To such a woman, childbirth is a monument of joy within her memory. She turns to it in thought to seek again an ecstasy which passed too soon.” ~Grantly Dick Read, Childbirth Without Fear
Back to my regular prenatal yoga class tomorrow at @yogapearl at noon. Looking forward to seeing you expecting mamas, moving together and riding those waves. 🌀
#Repost @dboodoofortune
🌊💙W A V E A F T E R W A V E💙🌊
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We still have a couple 12"x18" Peace Prints available at the studio! Each print is $65 and all proceeds are donated to the ACLU. Stop by the studio and pick one up today.
@jamiestreetphoto “After the devistating results of the 2016 election, I was fortunate enough to have these amazing 35 women answer my call for help and meet me one early and chilly morning to come together to make this image. It has since sold over 500 copies, and the profits from every last sale has been donated to the ACLU.”

Happy Friday! Enjoy the end of your week lunch break with Jessica Baker, she will guide you through a flow that will set the tone of your weekend.
Find Jessica at the studio, Fridays for Power Vinyasa 12-1PM and Saturdays before your morning brunch from 8:30-9:30AM
See you on the mat!

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