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This mornings flow 🧘🏻‍♂️ #yoga #yogangster #yogaforbjj #ossome #rickatine

💥GIVEAWAY TIME💥Want to join #TeamYogangster at London's first ever #Wanderlust108?! We've got 2 tickets to giveaway to one lucky winner & their yoga bestie... To enter: like this pic, follow @yogangsters & @wanderlustgb & tag a friend! Entries close 18/09 10am.
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Just dance. -Dancer's pose variation
नटराजासन -Natarajasana
- #BLP #yogangster

Next Friday @mrgoldie & @benjamin.sears are back at it again! Join us @omyogashow 6pm for the ultimate #Yoga & #Music class 🎧💥 Be sure to book your ticket now this is one class you won't want to miss! 📸 @chelonewolf #Yogangster #OMYogaShow #YogaFun #ThrowbackThursday #YogaWorkshop #YogaTeacher #YogaLife #YogaAddict #Yoga #YogaInspiration #YogaMusic #LoveYourSweat #FitFam #Activewear #FitnessFashion #TeamYogangster #YogaMotivation #YogaDaily #YogaLove

We had a blast with this gentleman of yoga @limehouseyoga Mr Jock Orton...and guess what we are busy scheming to get him back to Suffolk next year for another The Retreat Sisters weekend of lovelyness (spelling?) @theretreatsisters #butleypriory #ipswichyoga #yogateacher #yogangster

Had a perfect Sunday with my sister goddess @carolinegwyoga who lead a whole lot of us through another glorious yoga journey at the alexandra palace yoga show. Our hippy princess castle on the hill for the day where I found a sweet serpentine stone that I took home and forged into a snake necklace using other pieces I had. #ombaby #goodvibes #freespirits #yogangster #petrocks 💚🐍♻️

Really just one of the best days ever! How did it take me this long to find Stewart Gilchrist?? Mind-blowing Vinyasa Krama with Stewart Gilchrist and electrifying Rocket Yoga with Christiane Terrone at the Yoga Festival Milano 2017. ❤️ #stewartgilchrist #yogangster #yogafestivalmilano2017 #christianeyoga #yogaitalia


“That night when you kissed me, I left a poem in your mouth, and you can hear some of the lines every time you breathe out.” - Andrea Gibson

Rose Plant Communication Helps Other Plants 🌱
Scientists have long known that plants communicate with each other using aromatic compounds. Fascinatingly, researchers in southern China found that the natural communication between rose plants also benefited surrounding plants.
To test this, they planted rose plants in a tobacco field, with a rose-less tobacco field as a control. They found that planting a rose plant close to a tobacco plant resulted in an important increase in tobacco plant molecular defense mechanisms.
In your own experience with diffusing essential oils, you may have noticed that not only are essential oils harmless to plants, in many cases they help the plants! This is just another instance of the great power of essential oils positively influencing healthy molecular responses, whether they are in plants, pets, or humans.

@supermodelyou @supersoulyoga
#lawofvibration @proctorgallagher

Lets get lost.🌳🍃

Consider this a gentle reminder that there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure because there’s no need to feel ashamed for liking what you like. Like it all. Let people roll their eyes at you because those people probably aren’t enjoying much anyway.

It takes approximately 252,000 individual petals (or 8,000 rose flowers) to produce one 5ml bottle of rose oil. This is the equivalent to 42 lbs. of rose petals.

What a lovely thing a rose is!" He walked past the couch to the open window and held up the drooping stalk of a moss-rose, looking down at the dainty blend of crimson and green. It was a new phase of his character to me, for I had never before seen him show any keen interest in natural objects. "There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as religion," said he, leaning with his back against the shutters. "It can be built up as an exact science by the reasoner. Our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers. All other things, our powers, our desires, our food, are all really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But this rose is an extra. Its smell and its color are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers.
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Naval Treaty (The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, #10)

Rose 🥀 oil is in our Anti-aging blend.
A proprietary blend of powerfully renewing, rare essential oils used throughout history for their beautifying benefits.
Our Anti-Aging Blend is formulated to protect and nourish skin while helping to reduce contributing factors to the appearance of aging skin. These powerful essential oils help sustain smoother, more radiant, and youthful-looking skin. Immortelle easily absorbs into the skin and can be used on the face, neck, and décolletage to ✨💋✨💋 Ingredients
Frankincense Resin, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Gum Resin, Helichrysum Flower, and Rose Flower essential oils.

Aromatic Description
Woody, spicy, rich, fresh

Frankincense: has anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulant properties. It is often used to help support the body’s response to cancer and other cellular diseases

@elenacardone @britishgq

Let's not even pretend that this completely staged photo has anything to do with the #SYNDICATEyoga #YTT session it was taken just before. Let's focus entirely on the straight up phenomenal, where has this been all my life, and all around, blow my fxxkin' mind, perfect, best #YogaMat I've ever seen. Two words and 1 set for @kyle.r.fisher... #ThankYou 👉🏽🤛🏽
#Mantra #YogaGotMeLike #yogangster #runthejewels #rtj #killermike @runthejewels @killermike #yogamn #midwestyogi #mnyogi #dopeaf #hiphoplife #dopebeats #musicwithamessage #picoftheday #instagreat

Need to cool it with the wall work, my ankle and lower back are a tad wonky from it. I just wanna #pincha so bad, learning to practice #progressnotperfection is #hard #yogi #yogangster #benddontbreak #lifeafterroute91 #countrystrong #caseydonahewband #askmetostay @caseydonahew 💕

We flirt with death everytime
we etch a new tally mark
Into our skin
I know how to split my wrist
To reveal a battlefield too
But the time has come for us to
Reclaim our bodies
Our bodies deserve more
Than to be wartorn and collateral
Offering this fuckdom
As a pathetic means to say "I only know how to exist when im wanted"
#MaryLambert #MyBodyIsHome

“As with a wound on one’s own body, it is possible to develop an intimacy with the most disturbing of things.” - Kazuo Ishiguro

Meditation has really helped me over the past few weeks.
Had a few ups & downs lately but through finding my inner self I have made the most of my situation & am in a really good place right now, both mentally & physically.
Huge thanks to @louisexvxfury
for helping me & also taking this awesome pic.
Start my new job on 2nd January & I'm really looking forward to it.

Feeling 22! 🕺 Another trip around the sun... I’m so grateful to be exactly where I am, with the people I love, doing all of the things I love to do. I would have never thought at this point last year that I would be on this amazing journey. I hope to see you tonight for a birthday flow at @bsyorchard at 7:30pm. Today we do nothing but laugh and love and share our light ✨🙏

📝More than 16 million people posted their #MeToo story ~ This is the turning point ~ it has to be.....

The O.O.G himself, The #godfather

It’s our first cold (feels like -25) morning in southern Ontario this winter and I’m cold just thinking about opening the door, so here are some things I enjoy:
- the smell just before a summer rain - the sound a book makes when you first crack the spine open - feeling music come up through the floor
- clean sheet day

12 dec - 🎵 "now is gold" 🎵 headed off to New Zealand for three weeks - every yogi's dream come true 😇. Headed off with these new year's resolutions in mind: give less f*cks/chill the f*ck out (I have high anxiety) and be more compassionate and whimsical. What are some of your 2018 goals? 💙🙏🏻🌟

Me, a space cowboy: What in starnation?
All the space puns coming with each of these photos.💁🌌 with @ladiaroja by @aphrocentricity for @unicornpuncherzine

This mornings flow 🧘🏻‍♂️ #yoga #yogangster #yogaforbjj #ossome #rickatine

1️⃣ #AbsoYogiFabulous
Time for a bit of #Navasana/#BoatPose for today's asana. I've taken this twisted, held variation because it brings out the dancer in me 💃. •


🔈🎵 Might stay in the Trump Tower for one week...Spray paint all the walls and smoke weed 🍁 Fuck them, Fuck y’all & Fuck me! 〰️ @kendricklamar 〰️ 📍Fury flows for menstrual moments 🧞‍♀️

Oh like I’m the only one who does #nopantsyoga at #3am! Currently obsessed with this little hallway in my room. Must master it within the next 9 days! #goals #yogayourheartout #yogainspiration #LifeAfterRoute91 #yogangster #getupsidedown #inversionjunkie #lifeisbetterupsidedown #yogini #yogi #igyoga #igyogafamily

“If someday the moon calls you by your name don’t be surprised,
because every night I tell her about you.” - Shahrazad al-Khalij

Today’s lesson- when surrounded by 💩🐷s in LA, put on ur favorite song and #yogayourheartout!! Wall yoga is hard AF. Calling all yogis for tips! Clearly it hurt my back real bad. Also if anyone was wondering what @dustinlynchmusic sounded like sped up here it is 😂#IdBeJealousToo #DustinLynch #Sex #CountrySexy #Yoga #GetUpsidedown #LifeIsBetterUpsidedown #progressnotperfection #LifeAfterRoute91 #strength #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogahelp #helpayogiout #yogangster

| Yoga |

Injury💡 - motivated me to commit to #YogaEveryDay💪

Thanks for the #Yogangster top @christian_salton_yogavybz ✌💓💪

Literally cannot wait for summer to be back.

Bitch, you outta this world.🌍🌌
Such a blast shooting with @ladiaroja and @aphrocentricity for @unicornpuncherzine 😍 First time working with another model at possibly the best, tackiest, 80's porn setesque location of all time.😏 Stay tuned 😈


On the 7th days of FrankMass @visionarylifehakzmum gave to me...
A Healthy Glowing Skin Serum

Add 10 drops each of Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils into a 10 mL roller bottle and top with Fractionated
Coconut Oil, apply after showering.

Hawaiian Sandalwood: helps to alleviate feelings of depression. It helps one accept others with an open heart, while diminishing one’s own egocentricity. ⚔️🙏✨☀️🌴 Frankincense: has been studied for its antiinflammatory properties. Its anti-infectious property also helps protect the skin from harmful microbes. Frankincense is also soothing to the skin and nerves.

Hawaiian Sandalwood: has been found in several animal studies to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV-b) radiation. It may also be useful in skin regeneration, and in stopping skin infections.
@womenshealthuk @britishvogue @huffpostuklifestyle @healthandfitness_mag

Who loves Frankie boy as much as we do?

Natural Cold or Flu Medicine

Next time you have a respiratory infection from a cold or flu, use frankincense essential oil to help provide relief from coughing. It can help eliminate phlegm in the lungs. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory in the nasal passages, making breathing easier, even for those with allergies or asthma. Add a few drops to a cloth and inhale for the respiratory benefits or use an oil diffuser.

Helps Relieve Inflammation and Pain

To improve circulation and lower symptoms of joint pain or muscle pain related to conditions like, arthritis digestive disorders and asthma, try massaging frankincense oil to the painful area or diffusing it in your home. You can add a drop of oil to steaming water and soak a towel in it, then place the towel on your body or over your face to inhale it to decrease muscle aches. Also diffuse several drops in your home, or combine several drops with a carrier oil to massage.

Helps Reduce Stress Reactions and Negative Emotions
When inhaled, it’s been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure. It has anti-anxiety and depression- reducing abilities, but unlike prescription medications it does not have negative side effects and does not cause unwanted drowsiness. Works well for Drug/Alcohol Detox programs.

Balances Hormone Levels

Frankincense oil reduces symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause by balancing hormone levels. It can help relieve pain, cramps, constipation, headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue and mood swings. Frankincense oil also helps with regulating estrogen production and may reduce the risk of tumor or cyst development in premenopausal women.

Free bottle of 15ml Frankincense this month.
Think 🤔 about this Frankincense, Lemon 🍋 & Lavender 🌿
#visionarylifehakz @gwynethpaltrow
#womenempowerment #womenshealth #naturalbeauty #holistichealth #skincare #holistic #aromatherapy #eattherainbow #eatingforbeauty #sustainability @hustlegoddesssupreme @kaypachajewelry @supermodelyou @successmagazine #spiritualgangster #yogangster #lifecoach #lifefood #rawcacao #superfoods @britishvogue #spiritualawakening #meditation #rewilding #antiageing

“Some things are destined to be – it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.” - J.R. Ward

08 dec - some #publicdisplayofyoga while waiting for a run to start 😛. 1 hr run - just over 6.8 mi 👍🏼

08 dec - if not now, when? Next month, next year? Five years from now? We have memories and moments to make today 🖤.

Camera angle favouring the tree rather than me but it’s fine🎄Labouring legs, legs, legs! 🐎 @isaiahrashad 🎶

“Hope is a powerful thing. Some say it’s a different breed of magic altogether.” - Stephanie Garber

A great call with our mentors this evening. The work we do really give back directly to the people of this Earth 🌏
My bro just planted 175 trees 🌳 in Kenya 🇰🇪 & Tanzania 🇹🇿 The purpose is to revive an economy, create work & 1.5 x times higher wages than the countries minimum wages, creating drinking water, teaching folks how to get back to the land, organic growing methods.
Reviving Ginger, Patchouli and Tea Tree 🌳 production in 50 years unused farms.
Creating Connection & Beauty.
Providing water for 3 thousand people that would normally have had to have walked Miles to harvest clean water.
Providing work opportunities for 3-5k people that lowers crime rates in the poorest area of the North East of Kenya 🇰🇪 By investing in our oils this is what contribute. We create jobs for others and save endangered wild folk of the earth like these Colobus Monkeys 🐒
We do this all over the world in countries like Paraguay 🇵🇾 Haiti 🇭🇹 Nepal 🇳🇵 Oman 🇴🇲 Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Tonight I learnt about how more and more MD Doctors are now recommending our oils to their patients.
You know learning about essential oils like our Protective Blend and say our mother nature’s anti Biotic oregano 🌿 can save you a lot of time and money. It may cost you money to buy an oil but when you look at the investment long term it’s time saved having to arrange, visit and then collect a prescription. I have friends who were on antibiotics 3-5 years and by bringing in Frankincense, Tea Tree 🌲 & Oregano 🌿 May be worth considering from a story a heard tonight.
The powers of our protective blend are super reassuring.
PTSD folks are able to move forward and progress by considering working with Vetivert, Lavender and our Calming Blend.
I heard great stories about post operations working with a miracle oil I have come to love ❤️ called Helichrysum
The world 🌎 is waking up.
Pain truly pushes us until the vision pulls us.
I am working now with Geranium & Peppermint for my own Brain 🧠 Health And integrity.
I am feeling very blessed and in the right place at the right time.
They say when you love ❤️ what you do it is not work.
#healing #miracle #spiritual #ecology

Purify the Heart
The first step to self-knowledge is to know that thou art composed of an outward shape, called the body, and an inward entity called the heart, or soul. By "heart" I do not mean the piece of flesh situated in the left of our bodies, but that which uses all the other faculties as its instruments and servants. . . . It is the knowledge of this entity and its attributes which is the key to the knowledge of God. . . . An exact philosophical knowledge of the spirit is not a necessary preliminary to walking in the path of religion, but comes rather as the result of self-discipline and perseverance in that path . . .

For the carrying on of this spiritual warfare by which the knowledge of oneself and of God is to be obtained, the body may be figured as a kingdom, the soul as its king, and the different senses and faculties as constituting an army. Reason may be called the vizier, or prime minister . . . But if passion and resentment master reason, the ruin of the soul infallibly ensues. . . . The aim of moral discipline is to purify the heart from the rust of passion and resentment, till, like a clear mirror, it reflects the light of God. — Al-Ghazali


07 december - ❤️ love heals every body ❤️

“I want more. Everything. Maybe too much. Don’t think I want any less.” - Lana Turner

Who loves Frankie Boy as much as I do?
Natural Hygiene Product�

Due to its antiseptic properties, frankincense oil is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen. Look for natural oral care products that contain frankincense oil, especially if you enjoy the aroma. It can help prevent dental health issues like tooth decay, bad breath, cavities or oral infections. You can also consider making your own toothpaste by mixing frankincense oil with baking soda. 😁😁 Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Fighter

Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, and it even helps lift and tighten skin to naturally slows signs of aging. The oil can be used anywhere where the skin becomes saggy, such as the abdomen, jowls or under the eyes. Mix six drops of oil to one ounce of unscented oil and apply it directly to the skin. Be sure to always do a small patch area test first to test for possible allergic reactions. 😁😁 Balances Hormone Levels

Frankincense oil reduces symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause by balancing hormone levels. It can help relieve pain, cramps, constipation, headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue and mood swings. Frankincense oil also helps with regulating estrogen production and may reduce the risk of tumor or cyst development in premenopausal women. 😁😁 Heals Skin and Prevents Signs of Aging

Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, and appearance as someone ages. It helps tone and lift skin, reduces appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds. It can also be beneficial for fading of stretch marks, surgery scars or marks associated with pregnancy, and for healing dry or cracked skin.

Scar Reducing Body Butter

INGREDIENTS: • 2 ounces shea butter or coconut oil
• 10 drops of jasmine oil
• 10 drops frankincense oil
• Small container or jar to mix the ingredients


1. In a double boiler, melt the shea butter until it’s liquid.

Thank you for practicing. Teaching up North tonight was a pleasure. We won our Wednesday. See ya next week in the morning. We win earlier. #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #yogastudents #yogainstructor #hotyoga #90minutes #26&;2 #pureyogatexas #december2017 #finishstrong #yogangster #lululemon #thankyou #winning #wednesday #winyourwednesday #practice #yoga #lioncat

So tonight I managed to grab my toe for the first time in King Pigeon pose! Using a wall to help and only on one side at the moment.. this is 100% my goal pose for 2018! 💕✌💕
Thanks to @louiseavilesyoga for my birthday leggings too!!
#kingpigeon #backbend #goals #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogis #yogisofinstagram #yogahippie #yogaeverydamnday #yogangster #addictedtoyoga #getbendy #yogapals  #yogapants #asana #yogalife #yogaaddict  #practiceandalliscoming

Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious.
One of my fave pictures of me ever captured by @bodhiimaging via Polaroid back when my hair was long 💖💖💖

Kshepana mudra - Perfect for practicing and allowing to let go... the element of this mudra is air - stimulating and allowing the air element to sweep in and take away anything that does not serve you, for your highest good. ▫️
Practice this mudra interlacing your fingers with index fingers pointing up - hold for 3-5 minutes in a seated position and observe. ▫️
How do you feel? For me, this mudra makes me feel very uplifted 🤗💙

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