Family is everything
We come in all different varieties
But the commonality is love
Bring a child, parent, partner, love or BFF to our special Family Partner Yoga workshop!!!! (Age 3 - 93)
Saturday October 20 @zoia.yoga 11:30-1pm in celebration of their one year anniversary!
So excited for the first of many offerings in Wellington, Florida.
Very grateful for the friends and students that helped this expansion of yoga into another fabulous location !
We are planning dates in the future for both 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs at this fabulous hot yoga center!
P.S. Garnet will be co teaching this workshop 💞💕💞—-—————————————
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It’s been quite a week and it’s only Wednesday. I love to share the positive vibes and happy news but today I hit the mat after losing my temper with my kid. Parenting is hard sometimes. Teaching someone to be accountable for their actions is not something you can accomplish without providing examples of exactly that. My daughter is a sensitive and deep feeling person, and sometimes she has a hard time coping with her emotions. After losing my patience and raising my voice, I told her, “THIS is why I need yoga. I remember that I can’t control anything but how I react.” After my #savasana I will leave my yoga sanctuary and apologize to my baby girl. Yes- she did need me to be hard on her, but I am her example of patience, kindness and accountability. It starts with me.
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Yoga with my kiddo while playing with legos.
This photo was staged but that doesn't mean it's not real.
What that means is that yoga isn't just something I do on my yoga mat.
Yoga is the way I live my life.
It means that the boundaries between my personal practice and my mom life are pretty messy, like this playroom.
It means that I do yoga whenever and wherever I can.
I've been practicing yoga since 1999.
I've been teaching yoga since 2005.
I've been a mom since 2013.
I've had a lot more practice at the yoga than the motherhood.
Yoga, like motherhood, is an ongoing journey. You learn as you go along and you try to build on what you've learned before and chart your course based on what you have yet to explore.
Motherhood, unlike yoga, is a little bit trial by fire and try not to burn the place down.
As a mom, I also know how hard it is to get on my mat.
So I take my "mat" with me.
I'm not always so awesome at playing with my kids. I love puzzles and reading books and playing games, but I'm not so great at playing pretend or having tea parties or zooming cars/planes/trucks.
I'm happy to just sit with my kids while they play around me.
Sometimes I do yoga while they're playing.
Sometimes I also build lego structures while I'm doing yoga.
Yoga + Motherhood = Real Life.
Even when it's staged so you can see the real life.
If you have trouble getting to a yoga class and need to squeeze your yoga in between lego building and going to the grocery store, I have a way to help you out.
I created my Conscious Healthy Collective with busy mamas in mind.
For mamas like me whose busy lives sometimes get in the way of getting to a yoga class.
For mamas like me whose yoga life and mom life sometimes criss cross.
For mamas like me who want to carve out a little time for themselves but leaving the house feels impossible and it's easier to roll out their mat in the middle of the playroom.
Link to the Collective is in my profile and it's FREE for your first 14 days. 2 whole weeks to test out some of the 80+ classes in my online class hub (all just 15 or 30 minutes long).
Join me for some fantastic yoga!
(legos not included)

My friend Katie @kt.grant tagged me to move for myself. Both kids napped for a glorious twelve minutes today, and I got these new butter-soft leggings from @vayumudra to try out, so I put the phone in the tripod and got upside down for a hot minute. And for that minute, this one right here, I felt - normal. ☺️ #Postpartum and being a #momoftwo sure ain’t easy every day. Some days, sure, but not today. I feel so angry, so frustrated, so overwhelmed, so balding, so structurally fucked up (it feels like my ligaments are barely keeping my bones together by a thread), so sore from sitting up to nurse my babe all night because of his acid reflux, so totally over it 🙈 BUT — my baby is the chubbiest cutest snuggle bug in the world. His brother is so smart and helpful and curious. He’s starting at a Montessori school soon! My partner is kind when I can’t be, takes over when I can’t deal, and knows just when to step out of my way 😅 I love my boys... but also have to sometimes intentionally remember who I am without them. The me who can rock cute yoga clothes and handstand like a boss 🤣 Usually I cram my handstands in while still covered in spit-up and wearing nothing but underwear and a nursing bra. Today I needed the emotional boost of actually putting on clothes and remembering there’s a world out there. So thank you Katie for the tag — it was exactly what I needed to do during my twelve minutes of quiet 😁☺️🤩😍 #handstandingmomma #fivemonthspostpartum #postpartumfitness #yogamomsofig #ilovehandstands #handstandseveryday #yogaeveryday

To whoever reads this,
In this moment you‘re afraid of the unknown.
Because you never took this road before. You imagined your future differently. But trust me. In one year or ten years, maybe twenty years you‘ll think back to this time and you‘ll wish to live these moments again. I know you’re afraid of the unknown. But enjoy it. Because you only have this moment. This life. What would a life be without adventures? Without taking risks? Sometimes risks takes you to the most beautiful places. Listen to your heart. It knows the direction. You simply have to listen and follow. ✨ tag someone who needs this reminder .
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When my heart came to rule
In the world of love,
It was freed
From both belief
And from disbelief.
On this journey,
I found the problem
To be myself.
When I went beyond myself,
The pathway finally opened.
Mahsati Ganja’i
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#BalanceThatAsana Day 8: just to get into this pose took a whole lot of surrender....🙌 Message received Higher Self! 🙏💓🕉️ @gabbybernstein said it best "when you think you've surrendered, surrender some more...." 🙌Message received🙌
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“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.
Including you.” #truth
I spent a much needed weekend away with friends and family, and it felt pretty damn good to not allow my phone to soak up all my attention. ♥️♥️♥️
Unplugged, soaking up your loved ones, and surrounded in nature, is one of the best things for the soul. Add some bad ass athletic wear made from organic bamboo viscose, and you my friend, will be high vibin’ - mind, body and soul. ✌🏼🌲✨
Outfit: @boodywear 👇🏼
Discount Code: liftingyogini20 for 20% off your order!! ✨
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You guys, I made keto “crack” chicken today, and EVERYBODY ATE IT 🙌🏻👩‍🍳 I’ll link the recipe in my bio! #winnerwinnerchickendinner

I spent my day yesterday reconciling business bank accounts, reviewing profit and loss reports, and balancing balance sheets so my brain was like jello by the end of it. Today’s balancing was way more fun and I got some #playtime in. Working on that arm strength and handstand beginnings. (This is super sped up)
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summer is definitely great & all; but who’s ready for fall and these pumpkin bars I’ll be sharing next week?
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Sweaty, post-run movement meditation. .
Connecting my movement and breath is my all time favorite meditation. It’s easier for me to transcend and at the end, I’m buzzing and vibrating with delight. This has opened me to the love of Vinyasa.. I’m making it a goal to save money and work hard to learn Shiva Rea’s #pranavinyasa someday soon.
Breathe. Move slow. Breathe. Expand. Breathe. Contract. Breathe. Reach. Breathe. Change. Breathe. Lift. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
To the beautiful sounds of Ani Choying Drolma. .
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Today is mine. Today is new. Alanis Morissette is blaring & the sun is shining. I’m so focused on this sequence I’m loosing what i love most about yoga. The ability to drown out the world. So i took it back to my basics today. The girls are feeling better so we are hitting the pavement. —————————
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