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Happy Friday happy feet 🤘🏻 Give your feet and ankles a little love this weekend with a fun mobility exercise.

1 # tuck toes under, then lean back if your toes are ok. Otherwise lean forward to ease of pressure.

2 # untuck toes and lean back so the knees lift, only lift the hands if your ankles feel ok.

3 # tuck toes, now slowly lift knees (practise without helping with your hands)
4 # bring the heels slowly to the ground if possible. If your ankles are tight, place feet wider apart and balance with hands.
5 # core exercise of your choice

6 # slowly come back to step 1#, practise on not using your hands.

This video is fast forward, go though each step slowly and linger in the stretch... ...Oh yeah, and keep on breathing 😜

A quick break from my *shoulder-pulling movements for yogis* series of posts to point out one extra cool benefit of adding shoulder-pulling moves into your yoga practice in general. 😊
. . .
If we work on *pulling strength* in an arms overhead position, this will often help us increase our range of motion in shoulder flexion (arms up).
. . .
Meaning we can move farther in this direction of movement, which should benefit our down dog, handstand, and all other yoga poses we do with our arms overhead. (Including gomukasana arms pictured here!)
. . .
Yesterday’s shoulder-pulling suggestion (#2 of 4 in this series - refer back if you missed it!) is a great example. If you make sure to work hard during the part where the shoulders are in full flexion, this should help increase your shoulder ROM.
. . .
The same goes for static hanging from a bar as well as pull-up progressions - these all build *pulling strength* with the arms overhead, which will only help your yoga asanas!
. . .
Who knew that shoulder-pulling work could be great for so many reasons? Stay tuned for my next post in this series with movement #3!! 💙

Workout 2 of the #dressageridertraining #yogamobility Ive suffered a lot of muscle wastage and weight loss. I decided to invest and commit to the programme. On my second workout, it really hurts! Nothing worth having comes easy!
#type1diabetes #type1athlete #type1life #type1lookslikeme #diabeticdressage #takingontheworld

This week in Monday Yoga Mobility Class we explored our active hip range of motion in several different positions. This is a quick Hyperlapse of a few mobility drills we did on the mat. I love it when students get that “ah ha” moment and realize exactly what their own bodies are doing ( or not doing) .... myself included 🙋‍♀️ As a PT I diagnose patients with dysfunctional movement patterns that eventually lead to overuse syndromes ... and PAIN🔥 ... which is when they come to see me 😂 I love this part of my job 🧘‍♀️ that allows me to actually train people to discover their own asymmetrical patterns and muscle imbalances .. BEFORE they become pathological (painful). This gives each student a personal treatment plan to use during their personal practice 🙏 Another interesting outcome —- most students (myself included 🙋‍♀️) realized that hip joint range of motion was more restricted on the side OPPOSITE of their pain🧐😳 ...something I see in most of my patients with overuse issues #yogaandtherapy #yogamobility #physicaltherapy #physiyoga #hipjointhealth #205yoga

#GomukhasanaArms Strengthening

Often times, when people can’t yet bind hands in Gomukhasana arms, they use a towel or strap to bridge the gap. The strap allows you to experience the bind and educate the body what joint positions and muscles lengths are required. The strap allows for a nice feeling of stretch and possibly some increase in passive flexibility, but does it help develop the active mobility to get into the bind with control and skill? I propose (of course) a little strengthening at the end ranges required in this pose. I use a theraband for these, but you can also use a yoga strap and an isometric pull (where your hands don’t move, but you activate the muscles). You can also use light hand weights. I tried with my 10lb sandbags and that was a no-go for me at this point, lol. 🦋Kneel with the front of the bottom arm shoulder against a doorway. This will keep you from leaning forward as you work, and provides feedback to that shoulder, helping you learn to stabilize as you move the arm into and out of the pose. Come into Gomukhasana arms, with the theraband between your hands behind you. Pull your hands away from each other and straighten the arms as much as possible. The closer together you grab the theraband, the harder this will be. 🐒The first stage worked resistance as the arms straighten. Now we want to work resistance as the arm bends. To work the bottom arm action, hold the theraband between your hands behind you. Turn the thumb of the working hand up, palm away from you and slide it up your back as you hold the band steady with the other hand. Hold the contraction at the top for a few seconds and release slowly. 🐯Working the top arm, hold the theraband with both hands overhead. With the palm of the working arm facing forward thumb down, slide it behind your head and towards the center of your upper back as you hold the band steady with the other arm. Hold the contraction for a few seconds before releasing slowly. 🐉After working these drills, come into Gomukasana arms (or as close as you can) with no strap and without pushing your arms into place–work the pure functional mobility and see how controlled and skillful you can be as you work

Want flexible hips?
How about hips that are mobile and strong?
That’s my preference and what we’ll be focusing on in classes this week.
Unless you want to be like Nookie bear 🐻
Remember him? 😆
#mandybrinkleyyoga #nookiebear #yogamobility #functionalyoga #yogastrong #modernyoga #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #yesthebearismine

Sometimes you just gotta move and not worry about fancy poses or new mobility techniques. Because as fun as those are, it can keep us in our heads and we forget about the joy of simply moving your body. There is always so much to learn that sometimes it’s nice to simply practice.
Speaking of learning, I recently tried to add up how many hours I’ve been teaching yoga and movement. I started teaching in 2003 and back in those early days, I was teaching 25-30 classes a week. (Not recommended, and not sure if anyone can even get that many classes in our currently saturated yoga markets!). After a number of years at that unsustainable schedule, I opened a studio and was able to pair down the number of classes and started teaching more workshops instead. All this to say is that my quick math brought the number of teaching hours to well over 10,000. Wowza. And that’s not including the hours spent in practice and continuing education.

But here’s the funny thing, after all these years and all those hours, there is still so much to learn. What makes someone an expert? When do you feel like you’ve learned enough? The only answer I have to those questions is to keep asking more questions, as I know I’m going to continue to learn and grow for my entire life. Because that’s the secret right there... the best teachers are also really good students.
And another secret, 10,000+ hours of teaching still means I sometimes mess up my right and left, forget the name of random body parts (“What’s this thing? Right, elbow 😂) still don’t take myself too seriously, still love yoga and still really love teaching.
Unroll your mat and be inspired from this sequence or click the link in my bio and join the online yoga studio. All this week you can use this promo code: LAUNCH10 to get 10% off your membership. Monthly or yearly options and so far it seems the yearly option is the most popular, Whoo hoo! ✨

LIVE Video today explaining WHY and HOW I teach “yogic” breathing to all my patients and explaining this study supporting it.
Not only to mobilize/stretch the 100+ muscles that attach to the rib cage but also as a tool for stress reduction/pain modification through activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)!
This study suggests an even bigger role in decrease of inflammatory processes and hypersensitivity to pain!! 🙌🏼💕🙏🏼
#lovemyjob #PTmeetsYOGA #thebalancedpt

Movement Monday! All about hip extension and an online studio launch promo code for you 💜 It’s official, the virtual studio doors are open and people from all over the world are enjoying classes right now... whoa.
This week’s Movement Monday tip is part one of a three part series all about hip extension. This week will teach you how to tweak your lunge so that you are accessing more areas around your hip joints. Chronically tight hips are going to love this one! You can watch the full tutorial on the Heart + Bones Yoga Youtube page.

And the extra bonus is that if you are a member of the online studio, you get to enjoy a whole variety of classes that build on today’s hip extension tips. You can see how it looks and feels in a yoga class. Whoo hoo!
Use the promo code to get 10% off of your first month if you sign up as a monthly member. OR sign up for a year and use the code and get three months free... pretty sweet deal 😍 Here is the code: LAUNCH10 (make sure it’s in all caps) and sign up on the link in bio. Can’t wait to see you in the studio!!! 💜

LIVE Video was so much fun this morning talking about the science behind Meditation!! 🙏🏼💕
Video will stay LIVE on Instagram for 24 hours then will be uploaded to my NEW YouTube page. Link in bio! (Facebook has a limit on videos...who knew 🤷‍♀️)
So please please go out and subscribe! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Once I have over 100 subscribers I can start hosting LIVE there as well 🤗
Also I organized and made playlists for all previous videos so check those out as well! 💁🏼‍♀️🙌🏼
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Happy Sunday! If you are bored at home, waiting with baited breath for tomorrow’s launch of the online yoga studio, why don’t you stop scrolling and head over to my Heart + Bones Yoga Youtube channel. Enjoy some of the MANY classes and tutorials that I have for you there.
While your there, subscribe to the channel to stay updated and never miss a new video. Have a fabulous day everyone and don’t forget... TOMORROW THE ONLINE STUDIO OPENS!!!! Hurray!! (Monday, January 15th) 🎉🎉✨✨😻🦄🤩💪🏽💜

Day 2️⃣ is forward fold. Ooooooh my legs are tight from powerlifting. I’m sure I will notice a big difference in this pose after committing to yoga everyday this month. I will post a before/after to compare. #30dayyogaliving #yogamobility

#Titibhasana hip flexion drills. Using the chair as a prop here helps to focus the work in the hip flexors - you’re not worrying about balancing or lifting yourself off the floor.
I use a strap to assist deepening the hip crease and to keep the low back and waist long. Start with hands on the floor and then as your hip flexion gets deeper, reach your arms underneath the chair and grab the bar underneath. Once you grab the bar, lengthen through the waist and try to keep the spine long.
This drill will strengthen the ability to straighten the legs when the hips are in deep flexion - useful for #titibhasana, #handstandpress #compass #visvamitrasana and others.
Try these and let me know how they go! .
#JillsYogaDrills #fortheloveofyoga
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#yogaplay #yogatutorial #mobilitytraining #yogamobility

❗️Neues YouTube Video❗️
Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben !
Auf meinem YouTube Kanal findet ihr ab sofort ein neues Video für gesunde und starke Handgelenke. Es eignet sich aber auch super vor - oder nach eines Handstandtrainings. Den link findet ihr oben in der Bio. Ich freue mich über euer mitmachen und wünsche euch einen tollen Freitag 💪👏

✨LIVE Series: Knee Mobilizations✨
Hey guys! Just wanted to post a quick highlight reel of my live video from yesterday. 🎥
Don’t try this at home without watching the full video on Facebook. As always Knee Pain is best evaluated and treated by a PT as these techniques are not best suited for everyone with pain. 💁🏼‍♀️
Watch the full video at Facebook.com/thebalancedpt to learn more 😘💕

Just a sample of Monday’s Yoga Mobility Class - this week was focused on scapular movement and stability 💪 Lots of protraction and retraction in all positions - reminding the upper body of the important synergistic force couples needed to move the arm over head 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ In my PT practice I see lots of peeps with shoulder pain caused by dysfunctional movement patterns .... sometimes the body just needs a gentle reminder of how to move better ❤️ #yogaandtherapy #physiyoga #physicaltherapy #therapeuticyoga #yogamobility #alignmentyoga #thegreatyogawallbham #205yoga #selfcarerevolution #recoverfaster #movebetter #livehealthier

I casually call this one “baddha konasana side plank” because the leg positioning reminds me of baddha konasana (butterfly pose) turned on its side! Do you think so too or is it just my imagination? 😊
. . .
This is a quick clip from my *newest online class* that arrived in my class library today. It’s called “Recruit the Glutes” and if you’re interested in some awesome & creative glute strengthening woven throughout a yoga slow flow, I think you might liiiike!
. . .
And don’t worry - if you’re not a library member of mine, this class will be available for individual purchase soon! But just FYI my class library is super cool, very well-priced, and features tons of classes from me plus classes from other science-based special guest teachers I admire a ton.
. . .
The next class to release in my library will be the first class with amazing Cecily Milne of @yogadetour (can you believe it!!) And we still have one more new special guest teacher coming onto the roster whom I haven’t announced yet... WHO could this mystery person be? 😉

Mobility vs. Flexibility. There’s a difference and it’s important. I’m on the bandwagon of not glorifying the flexible.
Check out @zen.punk for breaking down the two.
#Repost @deskrx ・・・
Mobility VS. Flexibility

Mobility - your body is doing the work. Forcing you to rely on your own ability to generate force and muscle recruitment in order to create movement.

Flexibility - typically passive; type of movement or range of motion acquired through an external force (ie: your hands, the ground, etc.)

Know the difference. #DeskRx

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