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• LAST CLASS OF 2017 •

2017 has been one where I started holding myself a lot more accountable to what I offer in my teaching. Threading the scattered nature of my learnings whilst questioning and re-questioning the relevance of established customs and conventions. Sifting away distractions to understand for myself what yoga is to me and what it is that I would like to share.
My matless sessions @indabayoga are a manifestation of where I’ve come to so far. Still an ongoing enquiry, like it always will be. Simply grateful to have been given the opportunity and encouragement to continue exploring fearlessly.
We go matless for one more time this year.
3.30-5pm today. See you there.
📸 @paul.selvey_inspired

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Last week @indabayoga asked what my greatest struggle in practice was. I said, “To stay within the mat.”🤣

Here we go again guys.
3.30-5pm today, where we go…
Beyond the mat.
Beyond asana.
Beyond alignment.
Beyond musculature. 
Beyond dimensions.
Beyond familiar patterns.
Beyond FUN.
So who’s coming today? 😉

📸 @meezsmith
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Day 3 of the @beachyogagirl #challengeyourselfchallenge is jumping into #malasana. I'm so glad @beccaj.pilates and @lisacbeck and doing this with me, I don't know what I'm doing. Follow #beachyogagirl for info, tips and all the detail on the daily. #yogaattempt #polishedfloorsforthewin #tryusingamat #yogamatless #keepgoing #moveyourspine #moveyourbody

Practice makes perfect*
Practicing my yoga poses and wow, it feels amazing. For now I'm yoga matless😆 but that doesn't stop me 😀
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