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It happens, just south of 30 minutes. Sound blurs and I slide in. Back into myself, friends again with my mat, with my breath and once again embraced by the practice. The teacher is there, I can hear her, the music is there, I can feel it, but mostly I can feel myself again. Judgements start to fade and grace finds its way in. I can feel the physical embodiment and the sensation of the poses twisting, burning--awakening my tissue and inspiring sweat to bathe my skin. I love the glorious feeling of the deep stretch--not a reckless stretch, but the kind that is a deep conversation with my body and as such you listen and trust and are nourished and liberated all at once. Somehow as I flex and flow, breathe in and breathe out, my mind doesn't empty it instead becomes full. Full of a sacred space that knows exactly what to do with each thought that enters my head. Thoughts that don't serve are less vibrant and thoughts that are truly new fresh ideas that contain solutions to challenges that have been driving me mad glow bright with their insight-- and all is suddenly right in the world. All will be done and the only really thing that matters is knowing that a hopefully long pigeon pose and a deep drink of savasana will come soon. Thank you yoga, thank you beautiful mat, thank you teacher. Thank you for this ancient timeless practice that delivers me back to me, more awake, more alive, and once again fully inspired.


F*ck Yeah!! โœŒ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž #kundaliniyoga #yogamagick #s0uth3rnb3lla

One of our favorite people in the world was kind enough to give us an amazing testimonial on YouTube the other day. She shared with us that even though she put in the hard work to lose so much weight, we helped her release her fear of being seen so that she could share her photos and stories with the world. She is one of the strongest, kindest, funniest people I have ever had the privilege to know. And she'll be available for life coaching very soon. We love you wifey! @laurawighton #beforeandafter #weightloss #inspiration #yogamagick #volcanomagic #givelessfucks #nofucksgiven #fitness #wearwhatyoulove #nofear #noshame #shamebusting #celebrate

Be nice to others, have some compassion, be humble....peace! #yogamagick #compassion #peace @majakayoga

๐Ÿ’ž The real magic of yoga as explained by Ellen O'Connor in this month's #IndianaAndYogaMagazine is beautiful. May we trust in our resourcefulness and resiliency whether our dreams are fulfilled, or not. #IndyYogi #YogaMagick #YogaMagic #MeaningfulLife #YogaWisdom

... Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the other day after, or the one after that. #YogaOverAnything #Yoga #EveryDamnDay #YogaLife #WhatGym #GymForWhat #YogaMagick โœจ๐Ÿ•‰

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F*ck Yeah!! โœŒ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž #kundaliniyoga #yogamagick #s0uth3rnb3lla

#yogamagick โœจ

Today, I let go of external and internalized misogyny projected at or ever from me. To be a woman is to be at the target of violence, scrutiny and lust. Yet, Womxyn, and all people are divine entities within themselves; suns, planets, winds, oceans, rivers of roses running through their veins. In nature, we seldom hate anything even if it harms us, and we forget all the time, we are all that nature while simultaneously our spirit, unfortunately stuck in states of chaos, unable to contain ourselves still like a plant or objectively like a cat. So, given that, I open my heart to stern compassion and understanding for all compartments of my interpersonal relationships, and allow myself the thought of accepting people's perspectives or opinions of me as valid while simultaneously harmful or threatening, and letting that be, keeping myself grounded regardless. I accept the animal within me and others and see my true self and spirit always. I accept the innateness of feeling the need to size up and compete in the jungle, while I simultaneously accept my duty to tame and play with these animals in myself and others who do this to me and whom I do this to..... Perceived worth in a single moment can rely mostly on the internally programmed nature of the observer, be it jealousy, competition, survival, lust or disgust that drives it, and I'm allowing that to become the shitty song on the radio I eventually fall in love with, the annoyance I always run into until I myself subconsciously seek it out..The fact is that our minds are the sweat shop factories of our reality, always at work. What we think becomes. But, our energy can be spent in higher realms, in peace, creating the future through imagination, or decoding the universe through intellect and emotion, and because we have that ability, it's our duty to use it, to guide it ourselves and not fall into the trap of negatively thinking. And if it be the case, we should fall into fear or negative thinking, we should also manifest or pray from there, asking for what it is you need, rather than seeing through the polarized eyes of the ego and wasting precious, precious time. Ubuntu. ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค #anticipatejoy

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