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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you have a weekend filled with love and peace ❤️
@werkshop ‘s Black Friday starts now! Everything is 20% off and their mats are on sale too! Everything is designed and made right here in the USA #teamwerkshop 🧡💚💙 .
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Change is one of the most challenging concepts to embrace.
In theory of course it is easy but in practice,maybe not.
We are so used to this fixed identity of ourselves that when the season changes, and it is time to embrace the new, it always stirs one up.
The last two years have been super challenging for me, to be on the road, to leave behind a lot of things, people, friends, my city that I associated with my sense of self.. to totally embrace the unknown was constantly stirring me up.
My biggest practice has been to let go of control and trust that the Universe has my back, to trust in the Unknown, to trust that what is yet to come is better than what was.
The most powerful practice has been to stay present to what is.
And this is where all the Mindfulness practices on the mat are constantly helping me off the mat.
Taking the Yoga beyond the mat, onto my life.🙏🏻☮️💖

Another day in paradise🌊🧜🏼‍♀️ Auf die Gefahr hin, dass ihr mich für verrückt haltet (ich weiß es ist kalt in Deutschland) - ich freu mich jetzt schon auf daheim lol Ich vermisse mein zu Hause, meine Mami, freu mich auf Kaffee-Dates mit den Mädels, everyday Kürbissuppe, weil noch so viele 🎃 da sind lol und last but not least: Deep Work haha. Ich kann keinen Berg mehr sehen 🙈 Am Anfang will man immer nicht mehr heim, das mehrmals täglich essen gehn macht Spaß, jetzt vermisse ich meine Maiswaffeln mit Erdnussbutter u Honig lol. Das ist doch das schöne am Urlaub: Man schätzt sein zu Hause wieder umso mehr :) aaaber ok, ein paar Tage baden sind auch nicht verkehrt 😂 #clifton #southafrica #capetownlove #bikinigirl #stewardess #flightattendant #vacationmode

Stop now, enjoy this moment
Enjoy every moment
It’s now or never ✨
Thankful for ~
All the abundance in our lives
For the power of “enough”
For the love, light, and reflections of you + me
For waking up next to you every day
For going to sleep holding hands with you every night
For our friends, family, and the friends who’ve become family
For our simple and uncomplicated lives
For @deandreyoga capturing this candid moment during a photoshoot
For our @aloyoga fam ❤️

Giorno libero dal rugby e ne approfitto per un po’ di yoga...
Sto traendo tantissimi benefici da questa pratica che non si limita a migliorare solamente la postura!!
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Tagga un amico che avrebbe bisogno di provare • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
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I need some new ideas, what else should I try with these things?? 🤔 I work out in ways that make me feel like a ninja 🙅‍♂️ I feel awesome when I feel like a ninja, if I feel awesome I do it more, hence I get stronger without even thinking about it! 😊 This is my training mentality and I've gotten pretty strong this way🐒 @ninja360grips you've created something so simple yet will surly keep me entertained for good while! Link in bio#ninja360grips
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Hoy no pidas nada... solo AGRADECE 🙏🏼
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@adellbridges on Strong Toes 👣
Pointed toes don’t just look pretty 💁🏻‍♀️ They encourage the leg muscles to engage and switch on 🔆 When the legs are engaged they’re working FOR you, helping lift you up or open you up. Otherwise they’re just dead weight—and the legs are pretty heavy so that’s a lot of extra weight you’re having to work with! .
Try this in your next practice, and not just with these three postures but with your handstand kicks or lifting your legs up in your headstand. Use your powerful leg muscles to take you further in your postures! .
You’ll see that you have a lot of strength you didn’t know you possessed already there ready and waiting .
Catch me at one of my teaching events: - @kulayoga Melbourne 25-26 Nov .
- @powerliving Bondi 1 Dec .
- @villa_de_zoysa Sri Lanka 4-10 Dec .
- @trimurtiyoga Goa February TTC 💛 .
Outfit is comfiest EVER by @aloyoga #yoga #yogatutorial

There’s always a silver lining. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding it.


E hoje teve HotYoga....
As posturas combinadas com a respiração, o alinhamento e a atitude mental correta, possuem enorme poder de influência em todos os aspectos. .

Os benefícios sutis de Vrikshasana, ou postura da árvore no são:
✔além de fortalecer as pernas e pés, trabalha intensamente o nosso senso de aterramento e segurança, ajudando-nos a ter atitudes saudáveis diante da vida, principalmente no que diz respeito às nossas necessidades mais primárias.
✔permite ter acesso às nossas camadas mais escondidas, relacionadas à intuição, mediunidade e outras faculdades mais sutis
✔a postura perfeitamente alinhada, equilibrada com a respiração, de forma firme e confortável, pode provocar uma sensação profunda de conexão com o universo. .

Em resumo a Vrikshasana é um verdadeiro oásis das posturas de pé. Um porto seguro de alinhamento, equilíbrio e serenidade.
Respire, pratique, alinhe, e sinta.
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Miranda Leeann

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Sabes lo que es el #yoga , lo que puede hacer por ti?? Pues el yoga es #union es silenciar el ruido de la #mente es #compartir #actuar #fortalecer #paz #disciplina #cambio #yogalover #iyengarcolombia #iyengar #transformación #gratitud

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I’m Possible 💜 Yes You Are!

Ready for tomorrow's Open House! Wilmington folks, stop on by 11-2 🙏🏼 See last post for sale deets locally + in the shop! {www.spiritualjunkies.com | link in bio!}

Happy thanksgiving! 🦃Okay Yogis! If you’ve had a little too much turkey today here is a great post turkey stretch routine. The twisting movements in the body will help kick start digestion and give you a little more comfort! Check Facebook for the full length video! #yogateachertraining #yogalover #yogacouple #yogawheel #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogisofinstagram #yogis #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yoga365 #yogastudio #yogaworld #thematyoga #thematyogis #thematyogaut

As the winter deepens I crave to put my belly on the grass again. To feel the cool grounding from below and the warmth from above hug my body. I honour the Four Seasons. I am grateful Nature takes its course to refresh and renew. But I do miss those summer days...🤙🌞🌼🤸‍♀️❤️

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.”
Henry David Thoreau 📷 cred @kristopherpace ❤️
#yogainspiration #yoga #handbalancing #thankfulforinversions

🌿Cette semaine le thème c etait la douceur, dans les cours de yoga, dans les meditations, dans les seances de coaching ; on a bossé sur l indulgence face a soi meme, sur la patience, le respect de nos limites, etc. Pourquoi ce thème ? 🤔J ai traumatisé mon corps avec 23 ans de danse, faite n importe comment. D ou l importance pour moi de la justesse des mouvements, de l alignement du corps, et de la douceur avec laquelle on execute les postures, en collaboration avec notre corps. Cette photo me tient a coeur pck elle marque la fin de la rééducation qui m a pris 3 ans pour arreter d avoir mal aux genoux. #liberation 🎉 Mais aussi d un travail de comprehension, de respect et de douceur envers moi meme. 👌🏻Voila un petit mot qui parlera surement a tous ceux et toutes celles qui souffrent physique, qui se sont blessés ou ont eu des accidents. Je finirai par cette citation qui m accompagne depuis des années: la route qui mène aux étoiles ✨ est longue et sineuse. Seneque. Namaste 🙏🏻En ce weekend de thanksgiving, j en profite pour remercier tous les nouveaux élèves, ceux qui se fidélisent , ceux qui deviennent des amis 😍et enfin ceux qui m apportent beaucoup. Et merci a Cedric ( je vous posterai le lien vers sa page au prochain post ) pour cette premiere photo d un bon moment partagé. 🍍

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