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What is it people are really saying when they're like, I did this before it was cool - before it was a "thing"? When did everything become a competition?
Yknow what I did before it was "a thing?" Nothing!
And I am perfectly happy with that - to jump on board with creative people who are doing what I enjoy and helping each other find our version of awesomeness. For example, I was taking "progress" yoga photos many years before I got Instagram…but you know who took photos before I did? Like everyone else here, and Mr. Iyengar took yoga pics before I was born...darn, a yoga sheep once again. 😜
I want to be of abundance mentality and appreciate what everyone can bring to the table. We find our unique contributions not by comparing, but by supporting and acknowledging.
Bringing your cat with you in his astonaut backpack on hikes, though...is that a thing? If it is, where you all at so we can go hiking together 😂
Have a happy humble Sunday!
🌸 @aloyoga

The body achieves what the mind believes ⭐️ Dressed top to toe in @womensbest -
Use the code tammyrara for 10% off everything at womensbest.com
#womensbest #yoga #believe #activewear #yogaposes

Sunflower dreams 🕊🌻
📸 @nolank808

|| STRONG & SLOW || My latest yoga tutorial is now live on YouTube. 💙 It’s all about being strong, but slow. Moving with the breath, growing through strength and ease... but remember, slow and with ease doesn’t necessarily mean ‘easy’! Let me know how you get on. Happy Sunday!🧘🏼‍♀️✨🧘🏼‍♀️ Link in my bio.
Wearing: @stylerunner 🙌🏼😍

I love connecting with beautiful souls with similar passions.. Today I had the pleasure of hanging with the amazing @juliettelauer ! She’s bendy and a badass acro babe, check her out! 💖 📸 @aerialist.tay
Wearing: @mikayogawear

I want to stay young, strong and flexible, emotionally physically and mentally... 😜🤑😈

Happy Sunday 👉 stretch amigos 😘

@namaste_in_dc 📸😍
"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!" 🕉
Wearing Yogini Line Magnolia Legging. @yogini_line_
@namaste_in_dc Yogini Line Ambassador

When we see a picture of a pose we quickly decide if we could do that or not. Sometimes a pose looks so easy and then when we try, we just don't seem to get it right. Other times it's the other way around. Obviously we like it when that happens. 😃


Monday Motivation! Come refuel with us this week! See you today at the 12pm, 4pm, 6pm, or 8pm! Check our App for the schedule &updates!

Repost from @bikramyoga “Every exercise/physical activity in the world you do, you burn energy, like driving a car burns gas. The tank is empty, you need to fill it up again. Hatha Yoga class is a gas station, it is the only place in the world where you gain energy, instead of losing it” - Bikram
Repost via @yogabikramparis .
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R E J O I C E 🎈

Everyday in my world is a Fun Day!

Every Moment 🎉

Every Milestone 🎊

is worth CELEBRATING!! 💫🧘🏻‍♀️

701 Days
23 Months
16832 Hours
1 million Mins
✨✨ Alcohol Free!!! ✨✨
Today I choose to not drink alcohol...simply because it’s my choice...not my problem. 😉

Loving my life & all the fabulous people in it! 🙏🏼 Thank you all!! 💖😘

Gentle reminder that almost everything in your life is ultimately your choice...
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#scorpion 🦂🦂

The goal isn't to touch your head with your toes... 👣😁😇

Lately I’ve been having a hard time prioritizing things and feeling like there’s not enough time in the day to complete everything. Picking out a bathroom rug, paying bills, and preparing for my classes were all somehow equally important to me… which doesn’t seem quite right. To quiet my mind, I decided to open up the gates of my thoughts, letting them run wild, and then recording them on a scrap piece of paper. After minutes of frantically writing down every “high priority” item on my mind, I put the pen down and took one good look at the list… only 2 out of the 30+ thoughts were practical things I should be focusing on. Everything else was pure mind chatter.
Yoga, mediation, and walks are amazing outlets to purify your thoughts, but when you’re in a situation where those outlets are not accessible (i.e. at work), there are alternative ways to focus on your thoughts, reflect on them, and then let those that do not serve you go. I hope you all find peace and stillness in your mind today, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. You deserve to be fully present and experience the fruits, the lessons, the blessings that the present moment has to offer

Today's pose for #Fall4Hips challenge is any variation for #eaglepose and I chose to do a fun leg sequence. 

Gratitude 🙏🏻 there really isn’t a stronger power than that of being grateful for everything you are and everything you aren’t. But most of all grateful for each moment, however big or small, the universe grants us so that we can experience it, feel it, love it, hate it, learn from it, be all full 110 % in it. #gratitude #surrender. . .
Photo courtesy of the most talented @dardarling_
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Seasonal vegetables, lightly sauteed with your favourite herbs.
Use your soaked quinoa and blend in food processor with coconut oil, salt and pepper, water and baking powder until a smooth paste is formed.
Dobble with your favourite sauteed vegetables.. voila

#quinoapizza #seasonalvegetables

Nothing feels quite right today.
My body feels heavy.
My words aren’t coming out right.
I’m getting angry.
Everything is louder.
The air feels closer, tighter,
it’s harder to breathe.
I haven’t had these feelings for a long time. I’ve been going about life enjoying it, sure sometimes I felt tired. But most of the time mentally I was feeling good, positive. But the real work comes in on days like today. When everything seems a little harder. And searching for the point of it all isn’t quite as easy as it usually is. Even teaching yoga today I felt like i was talking to the students through a wall of bubble wrap, nothing was clear, could they even hear me? Was I even looking at them?
Is it okay to share this stuff? I always feel like nobody wants to be brought down, and there’s always a worry that I could remind someone of these feelings they have, manifested in their own life. But the stigma around mental illness is something we need to get rid of. So I’m telling you about my day, sorry if it’s dark and heavy, but that’s life for me right now. Moving helps, writing helps, sharing helps, and maybe it doesn’t just helps me, but it might help one or two of you too 🙏🏻

Practicar con el gran Atlántico al ladito no tiene precio 🌍🏝🏜⛰
#hathayoga #yogaliving #ocean #canaryislands #namaste #beachlife #vsco #yoga

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

This pose is soooo comfortable i could be here for days😂. REALLY!

one of the many things I love in #Yoga, besides building #strength and #flexibility is those deep deep stretching poses, like this one here.
At first it was impossible for me to do, and never thought my body will be able to bend like this!
Yet, what i love is that with CONSTANT practice, deep stretches became my favorite part.
Since you are not moving much all you do is focus on breathing, being present in the moment, and feeling every physical and emotional tension in the body dissolve away.
The hips is a part where we store many of our emotions and by stretching we let it all surface and wash away slowly.
Besides being great for stretching the #hips, #hamstrings and the #spine, it also relieves back pain and expands the rib cage.

Australia voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage.

To Sol who is beyond this dimension. You keep shining in our hearts. 💚💛💜💜💛💚 #welovehemp #equality #marriageequality

Day 1: #Thankfullhearts yoga challenge = cowface pose 🙏🏻
For this challenge I’ll be posting old photos instead of new content. I’m doing this for a few reasons; to reflect and give thanks to my practice and well this damn virus hasn’t allowed me to practice much. A part of me wanted to apologize to you all but this is my real life right now. 🙃
- April 2016 Jacksonville beach FL. So thankful for this mini vacation with my bestfriend, plenty of sun, beaches, yoga and family @laurenkapplemanfit 💕☀️

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