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Happy feet= happy legs. wake up those feet every Wednesday at 6pm in Midway, ky @midwaykentucky @livemidwayky #freeyoga #yogainthepark #yogalex #yogateacher #yogaflow

MIMOSA flower or MIMOSA power?! Usher in the weekend Granola Culture style~ with a FREE mimosa + relaxing yoga flow. 🥂 Every SAT + SUN @ 10:30A 🥂 Reserve your glass online OR thru the GC Fam App 📲


My Wednesday class has moved on up to 6:30! Breath. Wine. Movement. Wine. Yoga nap. Wine. Aromatherapy towels. Sounds like a good hour to me!

Join me. Tonight. 6:30. @granolaculture
#curvyyoga #yogalex #sharethelex #winedown

If you're looking to kick your yoga practice up a notch, come check out my Boss Flow workshop at @creative_yoga! March 12 from 2-3:30. Hour and a half of hot, sweaty fun and learning 🙏🏻🙏🏻 📸cred: @katehalpinphotography 😘 #yogalex #sharethelex

So impressed with @gretcheng24!! Her first class was AMAZING!!! I'm no yoga expert, but give her a certificate already. 😊 Next #champagneandsavasana class with Gretchen is Tuesday, August 15 at 6pm. #yogalex

Yogamosa, y'all. And I'm not teaching so I can imbibe! #yogalex #yogamosa

#champagneandsavasana with @gretcheng24 is this Wednesday at 6pm!!! A mid-week vinyasa flow is necessary to survive the remainder of the work week. ☺️ Also, 🥂. Bring a friend and mat! #yogalex

Friends. @ellisasana is the real deal. Gratitude for days. So much talent at @granolaculture. And thanks for letting me record!
#yogalex #dailypractice

Just sitting outside with my best mermaid friend and the sequence for tonight's class. We will play with finding balance in poses as we move. Not just flinging our bodies from one shape to the next, but being attentive to where our bodies are in space. Kind of like the yoga equivalent of walking with a book on your head. Except our movements will be smaller and we'll have a block on our hips. It'll be an adventure. •••
Tonight. 6:30. @granolaculture. $12 for the class AND a glass of wine. #yogalex #sharethelex #curvyyoga


One of Josh’s students at @latitude_arts gifted him this gorgeous picture of a Solstice shrub/Hannukah bush today. 💖💖💖 Josh teaches yoga at Latitude each Thursday. 😄
#happyholidays #hannukah #solstice #christmascactus #yogalex #lexingtonyoga #yogaforall #yogaforpeoplewithspecialneeds #specialneedsyoga #locallex #lexington #kentucky #supportlocal #supportlocalartists

You have taken the first steps on the Library Way’s path with the previous post. Now, please continue to follow our self reflective journey as you embrace the above sidewalk plaque.
#nycpubliclibrary #sophia #englishliterature #poet #virginiawoolf #lexingtonpubliclibrary #carnigiecenter #gratzpark #libraryofcongress #mindfulness #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #healingmeditation #meditationlex #yogamedlex #yogalex #yogameditationlexington #yoga #meditation
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If your fave yoga teacher is on your shopping list, we think the Lolë Dace Top makes a perfect 🎁! #namasteyall


This pathway seen here leading to the New York City Public Library features several bronze tablets encapsulating the intellect of many who have helped shape our Consciousness. Throughout the next month we shall post one of these bronzed quotes for self reflection enjoyment. Your walking meditation begins now with the 3rd photo.
#3 Emily Dickinson’s insight accompanies your moment to reflect. (See second plaque)
#nycpubliclibrary #sophia #englishliterature #poet #emilydickinson #lexingtonpubliclibrary #carnigiecenter #gratzpark #libraryofcongress #mindfulness #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #healingmeditation #meditationlex #yogamedlex #yogameditationlexington #yoga #meditation #yogalex
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Over the years, I've LOVED coaching and mentoring new business owners in bringing their visions to life. Now, the cat's outta the bag: I'm thrilled to now offer 1:1 #businesscoaching & #careercoaching services as a Licensed Facilitator of #TheFireStarterSessions by @daniellelaporte and! I'm offering you the chance to experience this in-person at my workshops in America next month. Let's kick off the new year @centeredlex's cozy #yogastudio to set resolutions & intentions, find #clarity, #getunstuck & live a more #fulfilling life. (link in bio) I would love to see you there. Xoxo #lexington #lexingtonky #sharethelex #yogalex #kentucky #desiremap

Over the years, I've LOVED coaching and mentoring new business owners in bringing their visions to life. I'm thrilled to now offer 1:1 #businesscoaching & #careercoaching services (PM for details). And! Major news, my friends.. I'm now a Licensed Facilitator of #TheFireStarterSessions by @daniellelaporte and you'll be able to experience this in-person at my workshops in America next month. I'm kicking off the new year @centeredlex's cozy #yogastudio with a circle of #firestarters looking to set resolutions & intentions, find #clarity, #getunstuck & live a more #fulfilling life.
(link in bio) I would love to see you there. #lexington #lexingtonky #sharethelex #yogalex #kentucky #desiremap

LUNA YOGA 🧘🏻‍♀️ tonite with @awoke.wellness ! 7:45 ~ All moon goddesses welcome! 🌝✨
📸: @danascamera

Tomorrow at 5:30p...Expect groovy music and a fast-paced but all-level vinyasa flow and the chance to be you. In all your glory. With no one looking.
This hot, dark power yoga is set to a sound track that is designed to provide an opportunity to quiet the chatter in your brain with movement and breath, a moving meditation that will give you something else on which to focus besides if you are “doing it right.” .
#yogalex #lexky #sharethelex #creativeyogalex @creative_yoga

DO YOU SEE THE FAIRY? Fairies can be real or imagined. Their Spirit of love and hope flows to guide and protect, so that all that divides humanity is swept into their joy. Sometimes, a fairy also brings us the magic of life......LOVE
#SantaClaus #Disney #Celticlore #TOBA #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #healingmeditation #yogalex #meditationlex #yogamedlex #yogameditationlexington #yoga #meditation
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🎶Sippin’ bubbly, feelin’ lovely, livin’ lovely 🎶 BOTTOMS UP! Yogamosa with @ellisasana happening tomorrow at 10:30a! Mimosas on us! 🍾🥂

Spinach leaf transforming into beating human heart tissue (2017)
National Geographic by "Delaney Chambers"

Vascular system in spinach leaf forms a structure that can grow cardiac tissue. -SLIDE 2 -

Grafting process slides 1-4 creating cardiac muscle on this leaf.

Credits to - Polytechnic Institute

#heartresearch #phtonutrientsandheartmuscle #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #healingmeditation #meditationlex #yogalex #yogamedlex #yogameditationlexington #yoga #meditation

Yogis, which yoga pose puts a smile on your face? Or, what’s the pose that your teacher guides you into that your body whispers or yells “YESSSSS”? Me:: I’m a Warrior girl. Give me all the Warriors, especially Warrior II.

Your turn....do tell! *Photo of our beautiful Beth.*


The trees are taking a “breather” from growing now. “How does a tree breathe anyway? You can see part of its lungs, these are the leaves. They have narrow slits on their undersides that look like tiny mouths. The tree uses these openings to exhale oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide.” Excerpted from The Hidden Life Of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.
#photosynthesis #autumn2017 #scienceoftrees #autumntrees #forest #leaves #groveoftrees #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #healingmeditation #yogalex #meditationlex #yogamedlex #yogameditationlexington #yoga #meditation
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I am so excited to teach this week.
Tonight (Sunday @ 7:30) we will explore poses where our legs reach away from our bodies and out to the side. Gate, Warrior 2, and seated butterfly. All with an attitude of stability first and curiosity second.
Tomorrow (Monday at 7:30pm) we will build breath awareness by joining our breath with arm movements. Then we’ll bring the arm movements into our poses to breathe new life into familiar shapes.
And in December I’ll be adding a third class every week! Be on the lookout!
All classes are at Ageless Yoga Studio. Upstairs from the florist at the Winchester Road/3rd Street split.
#curvyyoga #curvyyogateacher #yogalex #curvyyogalex

Happy Sunday, Yogis!

Our new classes begin tomorrow! We’ve added FIVE new classes to the schedule.

Join @theblissbetween (Erin Short) Monday morning at 8:15 for Yoga Flow or 9:30 for Yoga Basics.

This Sunday! I can’t wait!!! This workshop is an introduction to Strala. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of working with Tara Stiles and her husband Mike Taylor, who developed Strala. I’m excited to share with you. Everyone is invited—expect an all-level practice that is suitable for beginners and long-time practitioners who want to find something new. And it will all take place in a balmy 76° studio.
#yogalex #lexky #lexingtonkentucky #sharethelex

Hello Friends! How are you today? I'm getting pumped up about all things retreat. Next weekend I'm retreating at Shaker Village with one of my business besties Erin Smith of @theomplace (who many of you know and adore). We'll spend the weekend diving deep into all things life, business, and relationships. We'll do yoga, hike, eat delicious food, laugh, likely cry, enjoy nature and the the sweetness that comes with connecting deeply with a soul sister.

It can be hard for us, especially as women, to carve out a few hours for ourselves. So carving out a whole weekend can feel next to impossible. But I promise you, it's not. And you, my friend, are worthy of time to nurture yourself.

So get your planner out. Pencil in an hour, a day or a weekend for YOU. The world won't fall apart. And more than likely you'll find yourself putting all the pieces of YOU back together.
I'll also be back at Shaker Village (can you tell how much I love it there?) January 5-7 leading my annual New Year Retreat. If this theme of "retreat" is calling to you then consider joining us. We're halfway full so let me know if you have any questions.

And because life is sweeter with a soul sister....tag a friend you'd love to come with you.

We are seeing a horse and rider together experiencing confinement for the 1st time. This action goes against all natural instinct for both. The yogi rider’s ability to transfer his calm stillness to the horse is a real feat. Rider regulates every emotion to communicate stillness to the horse. _______ Have you used self regulation to control emotion?
#keenland #AQHAracing #jockeyclub #bloodhorse #TOBA #lexingtonhorsepark #CBT #TB12 #horse #BHPics #stillmind #calmmind #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #healingmeditation #yogalex #meditationlex #yogamedlex #yogameditationlexington #yoga #meditation
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Happy Monday, yoga rockstars!

A couple weeks ago I asked what you wanted to see on our yoga schedule. I'm happy to report back that we listened. While we couldn't add everything you asked for, I feel like we've done a great job to bring more balance to our yoga schedule and provide you with more opportunities on your mat.

We're rolling out the new classes starting next Monday on November 13th. You'll see all the new additions and/or changes in the schedule by the ones "bolded". I'll be sending an email out later this week about our new classes. If you're not on our newsletter list then hop on over to our website and get yourself signed up (you'll see that on our homepage). http://www.barefootworks.com/

Retreat about shifting into a non-duality perspective by experiencing dieting is eating, losing is winning etc. Letting go is being full. 🙂
#gnanayoga #advaitavedanta
#yogamedlexington #🐝calm #meditationlex #healingmeditation #yogamedlex #yogalex #yogameditationlexington #yoga
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Yoga Rave! Friday, Nov 10 at 6pm! All ages, come as you are or dress as fabulous as you feel. ;) Suggested donation: $10.
#yoga #yogarave #yogaraveparty #yogalex #sharethelex #danceparty #locallex #locallexky

You will be 💚GREEN💚 with envy when you see the lovely shades of one of my fave colors making an appearance this fall/winter. The @beyondyoga V-neck tank in light sage is incredibly soft with a flattering “swing” fit and layers beautifully with navy, white, grey and black. If you were one of the lucky ones to score the *sold out* sage/forest spacedye leggings, this tank will match perfectly. #shoplocallex

Even caped crusaders wear mesh. 🖤👻🖤 #bootiful

Super fun, super SPOOKY Bloody Mary and Corpse Pose thanks to @meg_belove_yoga . The playlist and weather set the tone for a fabulous Halloween themed day in #downtownlex . Bundle up and come downtown this evening for the Thriller parade.....parade starts at 8pm with Thriller dance at 8:30! #thrillernight

Our brews this morning in Montreal ☕️☕️. Looking forward to our Kentucky brews @mirrortwinbrewing next Sunday. Best rate for yoga and brews ends tonight beer yogis!!! #balanceandbrews #beeryogi #youcandrinkwithus #coffeelover #sharethelex #yogalex

Join us this Sunday at 10 am for a FREE Halloween yoga class followed by Bloody Mary bar. Costumes optional! Bring a mat and friend....if you dare. 💀 #yogalex

This recently designed ritual involves viewing landscape/cityscape art in an attempt to experience embodied responses to an unfulfilled wish. Because an unconscious intersection between our internal and external environments exists, one can resolve the fragmented emotional state of a ‘wish’ by finding the missing necessary attribute from our stillness of focus.
#insightyoga #gnana #presence #nondualconsciousness #innerself #objectivepsyche #advaitavedanta #discoveringlife’smysteries #prajna #KnowThySelf #mindfulness #yogamedlexington #meditationlex #🐝calm #yogamedlex #yogameditationlexington #yogalex #healingmeditation #yoga
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🌿 c l a s s • s c h e d u l e 🌿

TUESDAY: <<630P>> [free] community tai chi with @taoistdragons, sponsored by @kentuckyforkentucky <<745P>> luna yoga astro flow with @awoke.wellness
WEDNESDAY: <<630P>> wine down buti dance-yoga [free wine] with @brgabb
THURSDAY: <<745P>> amaZEN warrior flow yoga with @ellisasana
FRIDAY: <<3P>> kombucha core yoga [free kombucha] with @max_alberto
SATURDAY: <<1030A>> bottoms up yogamosa gentle vinyasa flow [free mimosa] with @ellisasana
SUNDAY: <<9A>> ashtanga fundamentals with @whitneylebus <<1030A>> bottoms up buti dance-yoga flow [free mimosa] with @brgabb <<7P>> sunset yin yoga with @ellisasana / @awoke.wellness / @whitneylebus

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” ~Michelle Obama

We had the sweetest group of young ladies for yoga yesterday! They are learning how important exercise is for a healthy life by participating in yoga and watching the habits of other women. Special thanks to @mindoverbodystudio for teaching class and everyone who supported @gotrcentralky ❤️ #sharethelex

BUBBLY MORNINGS at the GC treehouse are the best! Of course, what better way to start your Saturday than with some yoga, free mimosa and good vibes? See y’all at 10:30! 😉🥂✨ Reserve through the GC Fam App 📲 or online! 📸: @danascamera

Find your center with this lovely lady and a glass of MIMOSA tomorrow and EVERY Saturday morning at 10:30! 🥂 Reserve your glass (achem, class) through the GC Fam App 📲 or online! 📸: @danascamera

Who is excited for Kids Yoga Sunday???? 🙋🏻 Dress your little in their Halloween costume or Superhero cape and swing by SALA on Sunday at 3pm. @gotrcentralky will be present to discuss their amazing organization and raffle prizes. Parents of older children can go on a run with other parents during the yoga class. Snacks and beverages provided. Donations accepted for #girlsontherun Family Fitness Fun!!! #sharethelex

AmaZEN Warrior Flow tonight with the beautiful @ellisasana at 7:45! ✨

MEDITATION CREATED FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. After their meditation class, teachers from Fayette County middle and elementary schools gathered at The Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center to make plans to share their meditation methods to their students.
#meditationforelementarystudents #meditationformiddleschoolstudents #meditationforhighschoolstudents #meditationforteachers #meditationtheeasyway #yogamedlexington #🐝calm #meditationlex #yogalex #yogamedlex #healingmeditation #yoga
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Exciting news, yoga friends! We've been working to bring more yoga opportunities for our kids to the studio.
We're pumped to offer our very first Family Yoga experience, wahoo!

Take a look at the details and get yourself registered (as space is limited)! Tag a friend/family you want to join you!


Everyone, Sunday is the LAST PRACTICE at Ashland for the season! If you have been coming all summer you know how special this practice is and if you have been meaning to come, this Sunday is the day. Slow down, breathe deeply and feel in this beautiful environment with many people who love yoga and want to share it. We meet at 11 a.m—It's free and for all levels. Invite your people, share this post and/or bring a friend! (The practice is free but it would be really nice if we all bring a donation for Ashland--they sure would appreciate it.) .
#lexky #stralayoga #yogaatashland #sharethelex #yogaeverywhere #yogalex

BEYOND. @granolaculture is beyond yoga and wellness. We’re family. And there’s something magical about that. ✨

TUESDAY Schedule: - 6:30P - Free Community Tai Chi with @taoistdragons, sponsored by @kentuckyforkentucky - 7:45P - Luna Yoga cosmic astro flow with @awoke.wellness 📸: @danascamera

Thank you members of UKCHAARG for visiting our Center for a yoga and meditation workshop.
#chaarg #ukchaarg #ukchaargexec #yogamedlexington #yogalex #meditationlex #🐝calm #healingmeditation #yoga #yogamedlex
Please visit us at www.yogahealthcenter.org

*S T U N N I N G* Grab the #lbd of leggings with matching bra. 🖤#beyondbeautiful

YOGA with this cat at 3P today! Kombucha Core focuses on ab work and slow sculpting. As always, we’ll hook ya up with a free organic kombucha (coconut lime today 😉) and aromatherapy savasana towels! 💚 Perfect way to begin your weekend~ with a little self love. Sign up through the GC Fam App 📲 or online- link in bio!

T O N I G H T! Free Kundalini yoga with Lauren Higdon, owner of @centeredlex. Yoga starts at 8:15 pm Tuesday *AT* Centered (not SALA). Snacks and champagne immediately following. #yogalex

(Tap to listen) The dreams you are dreaming are you....Enjoy yourself.
#activeimagination #happy #smile #sweetdreams #yogamedlexington #yogalex #🐝calm #meditationlex #healingmeditation #meditation #yoga
The Impossible Dream from Man of LaMancha sung by Luther Vandross and Susan Boyle.
Please visit us at www.yogahealthcenter.org
#huffingtonpost dreams interpretation with Shelley Smith.
Designed by Derek Smith @dekedesignsstudio

I am ridiculously excited to teach Warrior 3 tonight! #curvyyoga #curvyyogateacher #yogalex

It's Monday... Let's WINE a little 🍷🍷Vino & Vinyasa at 6pm w/ @namashea_

La grenouille à la tête dans les étoiles....

“The Universe responds to details. The Universe responds to energy. The Universe responds to badasses.” Jen Sincero

Come take care of your energy and embrace your inner badass. Yoga classes this weekend:: Saturday::
9:30 Yoga Flow
11:00 Yoga Basics

9:30 Kids Yoga
10:30 Yoga For Stress Relief
6:00 Yoga Flow

Happy Weekending, yogis!! *Photo by @melaniemauer *

Acro on Thursdays from 5-6pm with @awakenembodiment - come by yourself or bring a friend! All levels welcome 🌞✌️stop by or check out our website for all that's going on here this fall! #sharethelex #kyforky #kentuckyforkentucky #getcentered #yoga #yogastudio #yogalex

“We do yoga, not to be good at yoga but to be great at being ourselves.” —Tara Stiles .
#lexky #yogalex #sharethelex #yogaatashland #stralayoga

Hard to believe this is happening in 5 MORE DAYS! 🙊✨Come out October 10th at 6P for the ONLY Kentucky TOUR STOP for @BOHOBEAUTIFULLIFE in a donation yoga event to benefit the @prim8rescue of KY! 🐒 {Minimum suggested donation of $10. Arrive early to sign in!}

IF YOU’RE A WARRIOR AND YOU KNOW IT clap your hands 👏 👏🎶 To ALL our ladies, out there on their hustle, working long nights and early mornings, keep on QUEENIN’ baby. That GRIND IS PRECIOUS. 👑 AmaZEN Warrior Yoga begins at 7:45 with @ellisasana tonight (AKA goddess-hustle-meet-up) so if that crown of yours needs an aromatherapy massage and your body some yoga, we’ve gotchu. #tellmewhoyouloyalto #loyaltyloyaltyloyalty

Take an hour-long break from the struggle and strife, hurt and anger in the world this week—join us for free, all-levels yoga on the lawn as we slow down, breathe deeply and feel what is good in our hearts and bodies in this beautiful environment with many people who love yoga and want to share it. Invite your people, share this post and/or bring a friend. (The practice is free but it would be really nice if we all bring a donation for Ashland--they sure would appreciate it.).
#yogalex #stralayoga #lexky #sharethelex #yogaatashland

Don't forget about our special yoga class TONIGHT (Wednesday) at 7pm at @yogawildfire. You will have a chance to see this amazing space AND be the first to get your hands on a new pair of @beyondyoga leggings (among other goodies from SALA). #localfirstlexington

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