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I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night's @lalgbt panel-Jessamynstanley.com/tour for tickets! This tour has brought up a lot of interesting observations for me:

1. There are a lot of people in America who feel compelled to brag about their yoga practice(s). 2. I legit just realized that I'm perceived as "breaking the yoga stereotype" and therefore breaking into the mainstream "yoga world." This is confusing for many reasons, one of which is that I have no desire to break stereotypes that aren't based in fact so much as ignorance & which REALLY just represent white washed patriarchal worldview, a worldview that all too many of us have accepted as the only reality. This may not seem like an important distinction to anyone but me, but I can't start giving a fuck about anyone else's perception of that particular perspective.

3. There are way too many of us who hold the opinions of complete strangers in a higher esteem than our own opinions and emotions.

4. There are endless opportunities to be eaten by the yoga industrial complex (the blood lusty monster which feeds on expensive yoga leggings, coconut water, beach retreats, etc.) I'm not immune to the yoga industrial complex. I must remain ever conscious of this fact.
5. My practice must remain the focus of my consciousness if I'm not going to be eaten alive by the yoga industrial complex. It is more important than ever but it must not become a bragging point. Because all this attention? Yeah, I could live without it. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll know what that feels like again one day.

Photo by @justincookphoto

I first came to Mc.Leodganj with two friends from college in Delhi in the year 1998.
Back in those days I was severely bitten by wanderlust,every weekend I would open my Lonely planet and decide a new spot to go to.
On that particular weekend we took a local Himachal Tourism bus and arrived in Mc.Leodganj and stayed in some cute little quaint guesthouse.
The next morning I went for a walk and wandered somewhere in the hills,and got lost, I had absolutely no clue where I was, I kept walking and walking to find my way and eventually gave in to being lost.
..and I remember so clearly just as I had almost given up and Was walking up this hill with the most incredible music playing On my headphones, the music reached its crescendo and I had reached the top of the mountain,and could see the whole valley below me.
I still distinctly remember the feeling I had; it was the first time I experienced such immense joy, and even though I was alone I felt the whole world was mine,I had tears rolling down my eyes and felt this wave of gratitude for being alive...
..and ever since then my love story with the mountains started which till this date has continued.
Today I hung out with this amazing person @abhiandnow and we bonded over our love for the Himalayas.
Loved this day hanging out with this beautiful being.
📸 @abhiandnow

Sorry I have been a little MIA ... here is a #throwback looking optimistically to the #future. Thank you for joining my journey, Instagram family! 💕 You'll all made my year so special, and have inspired me so much. Happy you are all here. 💙 And isn't #morning #yoga the best? This @dfsportswear #unitard definitely motivates me to keep #health and #wellness in mind, body, and soul. 🌿 It's so sleek, I feel gorgeous in it. 😍 Hope your #Monday will be the start to an amazing week! 😊

Our Level 1 teacher trainings for 2017 are in May 3-15 and November 2-14 in Bali, Indonesia. Check out our website for details www.YogaBeyond.com 👆🏼link in bio
Whether you aspire to teach others how to spread their wings, or you simply wish to take your yoga practice to a whole new level, this course is for you! We will teach you how to skillfully and safely take yoga from earth to air. Uniting elements of vinyasa, inversion training and acroyoga, this practice cultivates trust and community in a powerful way. This is an immersive residential program that will take you on a journey of self discovery through a daily practice and study of the fundamental principles of yoga & acrobatic flying, art of teaching, sequencing, inversion training, asana alignment, philosophy, anatomy as well as the business of yoga, branding & social media. Our personal insights and proven feedback process aim to give you an expanded awareness not only as a teacher, but more importantly as a human being. You will learn the necessary tools to cultivate a confident teaching voice and nurture your own teaching style. This immersive experience is an opportunity to learn, explore and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Join us on a journey of yoga evolution!
With love from earth to air,
H&C 🙏🏼 #YogaBeyond

#TwistOutTheToxins Challenge participants - I made a mistake and posted my pose last night instead of tonight 🙈 so refer to my last post for tomorrow pose, which is WILD THING. My apologies. I have vacation brain and got my days all mixed up. That being said - vacay has been great. We survived the flight even though one kid puked on the flight hahha. Have a great night everyone 💜💜💜

I decided to jump on the #inspirationwithin train hosted by my awesome ladies. I'm so inspired by all of them, so why not joining 😄
Life update: i had an appointment today and let my wrist checked again and i guess there's no other option than a surgery 😒 i don't really have time (ok i have time), it's summer soon and now i finally have the time for yoga again after my graduation. But on the other hand i can't practice a lot of Asanas bcause of my wrist (ganglion cyst). On another note: the sun is here again ☀️🌸 Hosted by @benditlikebay @asanavanessa @eleonorazampatti 💕 and sponsored by @werkshop
Wearing @bohemian_island shorties and @aloyoga crop

Happy Monday loves!! 🌸

📷 ↠ @reece.mcmillan
If it does not challenge you, it does not change you. Stop focusing on what could go wrong and start getting excited about what could go right. Sometimes it can feel like an insistent struggle against darkness, though stick with it, and don't give up. It's all within reach, you just have to believe and pursue.
Wearing ↠ @dharmabumsactive


昨日のシヴァナンダヨガ クラスの様子です。200名入る体育館クラス 沢山の方との一体感は 今朝まで余韻残りました…
このクラスでの私の役目は講師HIKARUさんの元 ポーズモデルをさせて頂き 時々 皆さんの

ところへ行きポーズのアドバイスをさせて頂きました🙏🏻 熱心な方々が多く私も刺激になりましたよ✨

ラストの写真のシャヴァーサナ(クラスの最後に行う屍のポーズ)は体育館のど真ん中で 大の字になって 脱力していく…… 気持ち良かった〜〜〜♡ 呼吸も忘れて ただこの場所に身を委ねて…🍃 是非 いつか 皆様にも体験して頂きたいです。

ORGANC LIFE TOKYOに関わる皆様 この様な機会ありがとうございました。

皆様 またお会いしましょう🙏🏻✨ #organiclifetokyo


deep in the chest
a humming vibration
awakens and grows.
her name?
she watches and waits
for unclenched teeth,
ready to escape
with a lionhearted
written by yours truly
Stay tuned for a blog post this week👩🏼‍💻
PC 📷: @seanmhaglund
@aloyoga threads #beagoddess

💕All you need is love💕 ~ Being a member of the #YogaJournalLive team was a #powerful experience in itself, but the icing on the cake for me was the #gift of connecting with people on an energetic level. I gravitated toward @beautifulplacestodoyoga on my first day joining the crew and we spent the majority of the weekend working and practicing together. I thought nothing of our instant connection until she thanked me for making her feel comfortable in a setting where we were all initially strangers. I then flash backed to the moment she introduced herself to the group and I got inexplicably emotional. I still don't know why I felt that #energy but it led me to comfort her #thisismygift
#therealmarathonmom #therealyogamom #yogateacher #findyourvoice #trustyourinstincts #love #friendship #energy #connection #yjlive #yjliveevents #yogajournal #namaste

O sucesso não é atingido através de grande barulho mas através de sinceridade de propósito. Bom, pelo menos deveria ser assim, mas o que vejo nas redes sociais é o estereótipo de professor de Yoga, o que me entristece. Será que não sou, ou serei, boa professora o bastante enquanto não domino todas as posturas? Os professores de Yoga que conheço são gente como a gente, então de onde saem esses seres mitológicos mágicos com corpos e práticas perfeitos? Para pensar: "A intenção de Dharma Mittra nunca foi definir um padrão de como deve ser a aparência do corpo de um yogi ou do que o yogi deve ser capaz de fazer. Não - seu verdadeiro legado é o da devoção à prática do yoga. Nem todos podemos dedicar nossa vida ao yoga, como ele fez, mas todos podemos fazer cada postura de yoga do melhor modo que conseguimos. Nem todas as pessoas que se dedicam a essa prática vão desenvolver as habilidades físicas de Dharma Mittra, mas cada pessoa dedicada à sua prática pode conquistar algo muito mais valioso: aceitar e possivelmente até amar quem ela é, por dentro e por fora." 🙏❤ #sarayuyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogagirl #yogspiration #yogainspiration  #AimTrue #staytrue #yogini #yogalove #yogajournal #simplesmenteyoga #yogalife #yogasampa #spsemstress #happygirlyoga #yogaiscalling #maisyoga

Life is a lot like the ocean current. It can tumble you and toss you around. It can pull you off course, sending you in multiple different directions. It can push you out or pull you deeper in. But in order to get back onto the shore, in order to fall back into alignment, you have to surrender to the current. You have to trust in the flow and let go of your desire to fight or control it.

Made for walking

For hundreds of thousands of years I have been dust grains floating and flying in the will of the air. In sleep, I migrate back. I spring loose from this waiting room. #rumi
Pictured: @marialani_mermaid
Follow this beautiful yogi. Her travels and blossomed heart will fill you up.

Calling all #yogisofinstagram !!!!
Looks my for a beautiful handcrafted #mala ?? Check out @inspiredbykat_
Use code YOGAJOURNAL25 and get 25% off your mala today only !! #sweet #yoga #inspiredbykat #yogajournal #om #namaste #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogaaddict #jewelry #theuncivilizedyogi ✌🏼

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self 🙏🏼 #yoga #yogajournal #yogajournalevents #bhagavadgita

Day 8 of #sexyflexybendy2 is #thesplits #splits. First time I've attempted these, in full, since school age. Got down further than I thought. Used a block to aid support. Did a few hip and lower back openers before taking this shot. 😀
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#HappyHipsAndHammies | Day 5 | Standing Split - Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana
Hello my dears, welcome to day 5! 😊💗
Pose for today is standing split.
You need to really be warmed up for this! When going into this pose, all you have to do is try to lift your back leg as high as you can and fold foward towards the bottom leg.
You can also do this with the help of Paul the wall - it really helps to go deeper than when you have to lift and hold the leg by yourself. You can do it 2 ways - facing the wall and slide one leg up and come as close to the wall as you can; or lean with your back against the wall and lift one leg (you really have to put the weight on the wall!).
Do whatever variation is best for you!
And of course don't forget to check out my beautiful co-hosts's posts as well!
🌸 Leggings - @almondon
🌸 Bra - @dharmabumsactive #LoveMyDharmabums #DharmabumsActive
For a chance to win:
Follow and tag all hosts
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Make sure your profile is public and share each day's pose with the hashtag #HappyHipsAndHammies so we can see all your posts! 😘 Have fun & spread the love! ❤
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Finally posting my #sdy for the awesome Andy @presentyogi.ec, thank you for thinking of my lovely, and for all the amazing yoga and cat inspiration!! 😍 (check out her stories, her cat luna is the BEST!!)
I'm learning to find balance on my wheel, in the sand 😊💙🙏🏼
Would @yogielena @lsopher and @shiziks like to play next? Whenever you ladies have time!
👖 @bymoniquerotteveel via @yogachicksnl 👚 @oneill ⭕️ @vayuyogawheel 📿 @coco.and.lime 📿 bracelet @lavha .
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