I’ve been procrastinating a little to post Day 3 of the #YASummerChallenge bc I didn’t know what to say. We are talking about a self-care ritual today and this is something that I’ve been struggling with for years. Mom life, wife life, work life, yoga teacher life and fur mama life really don’t leave a lot of spare time. I don’t have a consistent schedule and I’ve never been able to dedicate a routine to self-care. I was actually becoming more stressed bc I couldn’t fit “me time” into my schedule. I’m slowly starting to realize I don’t need an extravagant plan or routine. My self-care is now being aware of how I’m feeling - noticing if I’m burning the candle at both ends and to ALLOW MYSELF TO TAKE A BREAK. Self-care is not selfish, it’s a necessity! A five minute walk might be all that you need. ❤️🙌🏽🙏🏼
☀️☀️New Challenge Alert! Please join us for the #YASummerChallenge July 16th - July 29th as we dig deeper, learn more about ourselves, and practice self-love through asana, self-care + other fun techniques. If you feel it's time to focus on self-love and personal growth, this is your challenge. We encourage support and engagement with other participants throughout this challenge. Let's give ourselves some love and lift each other up! .
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☀️Pose line up:
1. Nature photo✔️
2. Yoga pose with your favorite book✔️
3. Self-care ritual✔️
4. Least favorite yoga pose
5. Favorite yoga pose
6. Someone that brings you joy
7. Dancer's Pose
8. Alternate Nostril Breathing
9. Self- massage
10. Dedication yoga pose
11. Crow Pose
12. Headstand
13. Wheel Pose
14. Warrior II
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🍃It has always felt like there was a hole inside me.
And I tried to fill it with things. And people. And places. And feelings. And myself.
But despite all of that. It was always you.
And now I know why they say you are meant to be two. 🍃
Natarajasana, also called Lord of the Dance 🌿 (here in a variation), is a beautiful pose that opens up the heart. It demands that you are stable yet soft, engaged yet at peace and strong yet open. Closing the circle of feet, arms and head. You need to hold on to your feet to get the pose, but you also need to let go and open for the body to allow it 🙏🏻
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Where you learn the most about yourself, your short comings and your strengths.

Where you choose to put the sufficient work in and soar confidently, or procrastinate and be unsure of how far your wings can actually spread.

Where you learn, if you are receptive to your own wisdom, where you can be better.
In yoga, it can be the difference between comfortably sliding into a pose or variation of set pose versus injury.

In life, it can be the difference between success and disappointment.
The process is important and a significant tool for growth when exercised appropriately 🙂

Work hard.
Play harder.
& trust the process!
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💫Letting go does not come easy for me. And this year life just came and made my life so uncomfortable that I had no other option than to change. To grow. To transform. 💫
The universe literally broke my heart and spirit into so many pieces that I had no other options but to rebuild. And let go of negative behavior and thoughts that are no longer serving me. And everytime I fall back into some old pattern, it seems like life is there to break me even more open, just to remind me that Im destined for better. To remind me that to be free I need to release all the stuff I can not control🌿 Sometimes its good to stay and hold on, and sometimes you need to let go because the doors that will open are so much better 🍀
Natarajasana, also called Lord of the Dance 🌿 (here in a variation), is a beautiful pose that opens up the heart. It demands that you are stable yet soft, engaged yet at peace and strong yet open. Closing the circle of feet, arms and head. You need to hold on to your feet to get the pose, but you also need to let go and open for the body to allow it 🙏🏻
#yogi #yoga #dancerspose #dancersposevariation #natarajasana #heartopener #heartopeningpose #healing #yogagirl #flexible #backbend #love #selflove #strenght #yogapants #yogapose #yogainspiration #yogafit #yogainspo #yogaeveryday #yogalife #yogagram #happiness #lettinggo

Day 8️⃣ #anglesofsummer is L sit.... everyone’s favorite, RIGHT?!! 😭😭🤣
Just kidding, I’d say this is one of my LEAST favorite poses to practice (this typically means I need to practice it MORE).
One thing that will make it more accessible is height! Grab yourself a pair of blocks or two stacks of books and you’re ready to rock. Make sure you warm up your wrists and quads prior to jumping in, otherwise the potential charlie horse in your quads will be pretty dang unpleasant 😑🤦🏼‍♀️
Low Lunge
Warrior 2
Extended Side Angle
Crescent Lunge Twist
Lizard Lunge
Dandasana Lift
Knee Behind Shoulder
8 Angle
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#Repost @yoga.bijam ・・・
Benditas mañanas las que parten así 😌🌞☕
️Esta vez mi cuerpo me pidió estirar y apertura de caderas, lamentablemente mi teléfono no da para grabar la practica entera asi que va un pedacito junto a #yussefkamaal 💥 buen fin de semana laaaaargo🍃
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Studi-yooooo with Olivi-yaaaa 🔮 @oliviak safe travels homie

Handstand 🤸🏻‍♀️ Practice! ❤️
Swipe for D r i l l s ✨
In Order on Video:
💥 Plank Holds
💥 Low Bow Pose
💥 Lying Down Broken Stick
💥 Warrior 3
💥 Standing Split
💥 L-Handstand at Wall/Ledge (alternate legs)
💥 Handstand with Split Legs
It is insanely crucial to keep your core engaged while practicing all of the prep poses for Handstands! 👏🏼
🤸🏻‍♀️ Handstands are mostly core and pelvic work.
The more you can control that,
the easier you will find control in your handstand! 🤸🏻‍♀️😊
When working on L-Handstands,
stand arm-length away from wall/ledge, and then where your feet are is where you will plant your hands for proper L-Handstand alignment! 👍🏼
I hope this helps! Happy Hump Day! 🐪🍑☀️💖
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Day 6: fish pose 🐠 #bendin2summer ————————
🌸Amazing Hosts 🌸
1. @eat_sleep_yogaa
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Challenge Schedule:
1.\t🏹 Bow pose✅
2.\t🌉 Bridge pose✅
3.\t🐫 Camel pose✅
4.\t🐍 Cobra Pose ✅
5.\t🐄Cow pose✅
6.\t🐠 Fish pose ✅
7.\t🐦 One-legged King Pigeon
8.\t💃🏽 Lord of Dance pose
9.\t🏹 Upward Bow (Wheel) pose
10.\t👹 Wild Thing
11. 💁🏽‍♀️ Yogis Choice .

Hi friends 🙋🏼‍♀️ I know I’ve been absent for a few days. Bodhi boy had a little surgery (nothing too serious and he’s doing great) but I just wanted to cuddle him and take a break from posting. And this flow really has nothing to do with his surgery but I just love him and I’m so happy for his cheerful, chill soul. -Also I’m not sharing what his surgery was on to keep some things personal. Thanks for following along with us ☺️

I am a bird of paradise 💕🏝

Day 4 of #BendsAndFoldsWithWerk is #3leggeddownwardfacingdog
We know backbends open our heart to give us joy and forward folds help to relieve stress and promote calmness.
💙Werk Hosts 💙 .
🌸@inspiremyyoga (Rebecca) .
🌸@yogi.hemaxi (Hemaxi) .
🌸@_maryoga (Maria) .
🌸 @kwang_angkana (Kwang) .
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😍Werk Style Bends and Folds Asanas😍

1) Sugarcane pose/ dancer pose✔

2) Standing forward fold✔

3) Wheel pose✔

4) 3 legged downward facing dog✔

5) Camel pose

6 )Fold with Flamingo or Compass pose

7) Tiger pose with backbend .
8) Seated forward fold

Ahh, sweet practice... 🍯
My yoga has gotten away from me for a while due to some unexpected life changing events. I used to practice multiple times a week, but over the past few weeks ive only practiced a handful.
A mix of being busy, being stressed and wanting to do nothing, and being purely lazy has set me back. And it was until recently did it hit me.. Yoga used to be my outlet--a source of passion. Something that made me feel good mentally and physically. I'd rave about how important of a practice it is. And here I am abandoning it. Not only do I feel a lot tighter and stiffer, but my mental health is taking a toll.
My anxiety has been through the roof lately to the point where I am getting mini panic attacks way more often than usual (light headed, tight chest, nausea, extreme feelings of panic). 🙃 And while I initially started to beat myself up about it, I quickly reminded myself that its okay to stear off track. Its okay to put something you love on the back burner if you need to.
Life fucking happens and it gets in the way but it doesn't mean that things are ruined forever. My new job opportunity is going to bring me so much joy. And yes it may keep me away from my practice more than I'd like, but that just means I'll have to get creative on how to keep it up. 😀
I wanted to share that incase anyone else feels shitty about putting their passions/self care routines on pause. You're not alone, you're doing your best, and you'll get back on track I promise. 💕 #lifeisarollercoaster #enjoytheride
. 🐢 Video speed - X2 🎵artist is unknown ~ plz lmk if you know who this is!

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