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Sometimes we feed the geese. 🦆🦆🦆
🎼: Down the river- Goose -
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Warning: If you're not a fan of feet, you probably won't be a fan of this video 👣
Plantar fasciitis is such a common diagnosis that many people experience! Though everyone's program will be different dependent on your structure, function and goals, I'm going to run through some exercises/stretches that may be helpful to include in your program this week or even add to your mobility/rest days to prevent it!
🔶 Plantar fasciitis Facts:
🔸Usually presents as pain at the bottom of the heel 🔸 The plantar fascia is not muscle/tendon inflammation, but actually the plantar aponeurosis, which is the connective tissue overlying the intrinsic foot muscles
🔸 It can be caused in people with flat feet AND high arches. If the plantar fascia is too stiff (high arch) or has too much give (over-pronation), there becomes a constant irritation to the fascia. The plantar fascia acts as a bow string. Too tight, or too lose, it looses it's biomechanical purpose for propulsion in gait. .
🔷 Windlass Effect/Mechanism:
🔹 Allows the arch to rise, become tight and compress the foot when the great toe is dorsiflexed - mimicking gait
🔹 Allows the foot to maintain structural and functional structure of the foot. .
🔹 Allows the foot to function as a mobile adapter and a rigid lever
Try lifting the big toe (or have a friend help you out in standing). Difficult? No arch movement? No dorsiflexion range?! This is a problem!! Start with some of these exercises to start waking things up and get your intrinsic foot muscles working again. As well we go on throughout the week, I'll address other stretches and advanced exercises you can do to keep that foot as healthy as you can!
Tag someone who has or has had plantar fasciitis!

Sending love ❤ YOGA must not be practiced to control the body: it is the opposite, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it need #vandascaravelli 🦋 your practice your time ✨thank you so much for all the love and support 😘 namaste 🙏🏼
Loving my beautiful dress by @emmaoclothing1

That feeling you get when you know a long holiday weekend is right around the corner... 😂😂
Haha, but in all seriousness, this powder shoot with @phlearn was one of my favorites and definitely the messiest one I've ever had... when I got home there was powder in places I couldn't have imagined 😂 check out my insta-story if you want to see a powder-covered selfie I took in middle of our shoot that day. ❤
This awesome animation was created by @frederickdbarnes using one of the photos from the shoot... I love how it came out! 🙏🏼

A lot of people asked me how I got out of the splits on the video I posted the other day. So here's the full video. I put my hands on the floor and tried to press into a handstand, and failed at the handstand part. But yes, I was able to come back down to earth from chair world. So for anyone who was concerned that I never was able to get down and that I was still on those chairs typing this, rest assured I am safe and sound. And that I got right back up on those chairs and did it again.

When the video isn't long enough to say everything you want to say 😂😂😂 haha but really though, it's pretty much all explained in the video but try this and hold for like 10-15 seconds for two rounds and tell me how your neck feels 😍
Tag someone who needs this!!!

Little lost for words at this point in my #datewithdestiny but feeling blessed to get to connect with so many like minded souls, all on the same journey toward self healing and self discovery. Obviously on these intense immersions things surface that you didn't even realise were a problem for you. We've been focusing on what our primary question is? The question we constantly ask ourselves that indirectly rules our behaviour and our life. Am I good enough? Am I going to fail? What's wrong with me? How can I protect myself? Once we discover what our primary question is we begin this journey toward finding a new question which better serves our passion and our purpose. How can I embrace my unique expression? How can I let the energy of the universe freely flow through me? When we learn to ask better questions we start to get better answers. @aloyoga 📷 @leeroy.t

Here's a fun backbend challenge shot by @codyapp for you to see what level you're at with your backbends. Comment below with your level. It took me 12 years to get here so there's no rush just breathing into each pose and moving mindfully.✨
Yoga and backbend training helped me heal after back injury and my daily morning practice keeps my back and core strong. Click link in my bio to try my NEW online program MORNING YOGA KICKSTART!💕

Back in nature again ❤️ Just arrived outside of Ann Arbor at @yoganaturejimandsherryl and driving in was like a fairytale 😍 Surrounded by trees, ponds, and other bodies of water, we sat in a swing during sunset 🌅 watching a heron play with two birds next to a heart-shaped pond 💧 Water is always so healing for both of us - our bed is even on top of an indoor pool and hotttub 🔥 Ready and grateful for a day of rest and rejuvenation 🙏 Chicago, you've been a blast; Michigan, we are ready for you! 📸 @cannonmcnair


Guten Morgen! Dran bleiben dran bleiben dran bleiben und die Sonne genießen 🌞

Victoria is a YOGICOMM instructor! This Norwegian lass has a unique and infectious (and inspiring!) approach to yoga that is both playful and meditative. She teaches Vinyasa, power yoga and yin yoga and is based in Cape Town, where she manages a yoga studio and is the @sentiensyoga official ambassador. In her words: "My love for yoga goes hand in hand with my passion for mindfulness and meditation." .
Be inspired and enriched by Victoria: www.yogicomm.com/victoria and check her out 👉🏽 @northernlights_yoga .
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Just breathe 🌬
Not that I am going to keep bothering you with this to often, but every now and then it is nice with a little reminder. It is so easy to forget in a stressed day.
We run through the day, and without noticing, we lift our shoulders, tense our neck and jaw, and only breath shallow breaths.
So, please, if you can find a few minutes during the day, sneak away, sit down, and first; straighten your back, but stay relaxed. Then let your shoulders drop down and back, and consciously let your jaw relax.
Then let your eyes close, without straining the facial muscles. And lastly, breath deeply. Try to relax, and get the breath all the way down into the belly, the lower part of the lungs.
And tell yourself that it is ok to just breathe, and the day will go on as soon as you are done. Just know that you will be more focused when you return to what need to be done, and take this time for yourself to calm down, and to remind your body to breathe and relax.
And have a lovely day, whatever it may bring. And remember that you are amazing, a unique person in a world full of wonder. ❤️😊
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Bättre att yoga lite oftare och kortare, än få och längre pass. Bättre effekt i kroppen och du får det gjort också 👍🏻✨ -Yoga everydamnday-
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