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In honor of #nationalpuppyday ...🐶🙃

Impressive balance, control, and flexibility by @kinoyoga 🙏
Tag someone who aspires to do handstands like this!

Start with the breath, and continue that breath through the entire practice. Focus on it, and feel it's sensation. That's been my intention, and obligation this week.

Oh my god we are dying from cuteness and a hundred other emotions! The REAL reason we all want to get good at handstands #goals 😍💪 @gasya #inflexibleyogis

To this cutie who's always ready to play,
happy to cuddle or sneak in a kiss,
right side up or upside down,
thank you for being a part of our family,
and for loving us as much as we love you... 🐶
#nationalpuppyday #yogawithwinnie #rescuedog

Here is a little transition that I've had floating around in my head.

Look at you kids with your vintage music ♥️

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.
Moments of daily practice.

We often give out the advice we need ourselves. It's so easy to see a solution to other people's problems and ignore our own, not taking our own advice! A friend recently called me out on this, and reminded me I was letting fear stop me from doing something I wanted to do. If you find yourself giving out advice, it may be worth looking at if you need to hear it yourself! .
Photo by @dylanwernerphotography .
Wearing @aloyoga


after a few gloomy days,the sun finally came out!! I wasn't quite ready/ dressed for it but I had my sunnies 😎
This is my mod on a #treepose 🌱 makes it harder on a sloping rock.

Happy FRIDAY!!
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❤ LOVE ❤ In the eyes of love you will never be punished or judged for your actions. Everything that happens is for a reason, So that you can grow in all the areas that you need to, and your soul can become self-realized.. I feel like we all need to let go of the fear and embrace the love that is being offered.

First fold of the day (and yes I know it's the afternoon... ☺️); I used to never be able to go into such depth first time round. The strength and length that has developed over time has truly surprised me. For someone who struggled with forward folds tirelessly, rounding and straining... it is so nice to feel at home with these stretches now 🙏🏻 @fitflowyogis by Steph Matthews 💚 #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogagirls #yogaeverydamnday #yogisofinstagram #igyoga #om #fitness #yogapractice #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #picoftheday #namaste #yogabrisbane #fitspo #yogaeveryday #strength #thesweatlife #practiceandalliscoming #yogapose #yogalife #yogalove #yogainspo #stephmatthewsyoga #brisbaneyoga

Today is <3 your friends for #worldloveyoga !

I used to be a gamer hater. Now I'm an uber gamer. I never thought you could actually meet real friends online. Now that I play World of Warcraft, I've met so many people and I've made such good friends. I meet people from around the world and I talk to them every day. Even if it's just online, teamwork forges a strong bond.


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Happy weekend! Via @abbey.fitness
We are now doing PT OF THE MONTH challenge, don't forget to participate by emailing us 1-2 sentences about yourself + your Instagram handle 😊💪

Split variation. :)))))

Cheeky fri-yay vibes today @saintpour www.saintpour.com.au

Some days you will feel like the ocean. Some days you will feel like you are drowning in it. - Lora Mathis 🌊🌊
Are you a Millennial!? Born after 1984.
What's your TOP struggle in your life!?
Tell me below 👇
Is it...
1. Lack of confidence in knowing your path?
2. Feeling the lack of support in real life and dreams?
3. Not having the practical skills to obtain your dream life?
4. Other...tell me in the comments
The truth is sometimes I wake up, and feel like I could BE the ocean. And other days I can barely find the courage to continue working on this passion of mine, helping millennial women follow their hearts and live a freedom life. It takes so much time and energy but I honestly couldn't imagine not doing it. I couldn't imagine not serving others and making a difference. So here's a little reminder to everyone that YOU can do it! You got this! Here's to always wanting to feel like the ocean 🌊🌊.
Tell me below what your TOP struggle is in life! Read above! 👆
Coconut kisses + mermaid wishes babes 🐬💫
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I've never tried chest stands before because I never felt safe trying. Today I found a variation that made me feel safe. It was really fun and I'll be adding it to my practice 😄
Time for bed, night night ig 🌙🛌🌟😪

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