the serenity on the facade hides boiling blood • this is an excruciating moment in time • and from my forced space, all i can offer are tears and prayers • 70 years in and the Nakba (the catastrophe) continues • #yogainahallway with hero pose for my sisters and brothers in #Palestine who are giving their everythings to bring justice to light • our existence is our resistance

No fancy hotel here. This is the only space I have to work out in. @callmepali Inspired #yogainahallway
But holy crap this spine stretch was harder than it seemed 😂 I thought I was choosing an easier stretch. But it’s a humble reminder how much I need to keep working on stretching and strengthening. @catbradleyyoga #CatsFlexibilitySeries

we are of the earth, and to her cradle, we return • today was a day of reflection on life, so i sought out my second-favorite #tree, and went to be with her • she looks graceful as she dances in the wind, but her branches and buds are sturdy and sharp against your hand • she is not to be messed with, but, with gentleness, she’ll nudge you along your path • #yogainahallway with a #weepingwillow + #treepose for #earthday

in yoga, we say “we bend so we don’t break.” in my first class today, i literally felt all the tension of the past couple weeks culminate in my shoulders and in my lack of balance; even the simplest moves for me were difficult. after the second class, i had accepted these were just today’s conditions, and laughed them off. yoga has taught me to accept and honor the imbalance, pain, struggle, just as much as the ease—they are all part of the same journey. that’s why i love this practice so much • #crouchingeagle#yogainahallway to being bendy, not break-y

as hard as this pose can be, i respect it because it forces you to rally all of you to make it work, to prepare for what’s to come — it can be hard to unify, but it’s absolutely necessary • #yogainahallway to harnessing our oneness for good

when the palms face up, you signal to yourself, to the universe, that you are open to receive. sometimes, that’s the hardest way to be • #yogainahallway to reception of the waves 🌊 around us that often show us what we need, better than what we want • #namaste

not there yet, but #handstand is in progress • #yogainahallway to better alignment

today has been quite a day already • i didn’t even realize that i walked into class without putting my stuff into a locker; coffee in hand; tension oil by my side — brain was not focusing — but practice brought me back to calm, cool, and, eventually, collected; and then to this bound double-pigeon [slide over to see the pose in progress] • #yogainahallway to letting it all just happen & being chill with it

something that helps me refocus and release the stress of the moment (whatever it may be) is tapping the center of my forehead, an area referred to as the “third eye”. tonight, my knee served as a perfect notch on which to rest my third eye, and release all the tension and هم that the day threw at me • #yoga is just a panacea like that • thought i’d share in case you wanna give it a try • #yogainahallway to appreciating the body as its own healer

all this focus on handstand, i miss my #crow so here ya go • (see what i did there?? 😉) • #yogainahallway post kazaxe

today was the last day of the #sparkhandstands workshop w/ @nikwill14 ... i still have a long way to go, but under Nikki’s tutelage, i’ve come a long way too • yoga is movement with meditation • yoga is ongoing practice • 210+ minutes of yoga today for me was a much-needed reminder that i can do what i put my mind to, and eventually, that’ll include a proper handstand • #yogainahallway as an ode to Nikki’s drill(s)

never in my life have i done so much homework between classes, especially after my eyeballs were attacked by sweat in 100 degree hot power yoga • anyway, there’s a little extra hang time creeping in 😊 ... watch out now @halalcoolj 😉• #yogainahallway to champion • #sparkhandstands @nikwill14 • s/o to my boo bachem @lambsandwich85 for the FIT Happens shirt 😁

an hour of #sparkhandstands training today with @nikwill14 wasn’t quite enough i guess, so i did some extra credit #yogainahallway • thanks for the flex-foot tip, Nikki — i can already feel a difference 🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️

L = #handstand homework before #kazaxe & before @nikwill14 arrived = chill, easy breezy | R = more #sparkhandstands homework after kazaxe and with Nikki there = why did i do that to myself & yes, you hear me tell her “it’s so much easier when you’re not watching” loool • #yogainahallway at kazaxe

as part of @nikwill14 ‘s #handstand workshop contract, i have to handstand every day • day 1 drill = a handstand hold at the wall for time — i got about 45/50 seconds before my graceful landing • for accountability, Nikki, i warmed my wrists, etc. up during Jaime’s hot power class & am practicing my malasana jumps right before Lisa’s candlelight class • #yogainahallway to getting this mutha trucka

launch & form still need work, but the hold is getting there • #pinchamayurasana here i come • #yogainahallway between two classes: power & vinyasa ... i’m going to pass out after this .. ha! • #agoodvibestateofmind shirt via @spiritualgangster

before #books are banned too a la Fahrenheit 451, i’m getting my fix • books & melodies are greater than the superficial superfluous nonsense that keeps scrolling on my screen • #yogainahallway for the mind and the soul

jet lag + long day ahead = early morning work it out session • #namaste from a hotel gym in #Seattle#yogainahallway to some Seattle-born coffee ☕️ i hope

it’s been a while, but here’s to balance amidst the twists • as my shirt says, “do no harm but take no shit.” @humanunlimited#yogainahallway#namaste

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