2 p.m. tomorrow (sat) TruFusion Summerlin relax and stretch in TruYin with Indigo Sky and myself. Together we will let that shit go 😉#trutribers #Trufusion #yogi #yogisofinstagram #trufam #yogaheals #yogahealstrauma #chronicillness #chronicpain #migrainswontstopme #migraine #tarlovcystdisease #teachertraining #yin #yinyoga #truyin

@calendow ‘Twenty Years Of Life’ with Suzanne Bohan and a panel today celebrating great work in communities. #nonprofit #riseupasone #wearebhc #traumainformedyoga #community #yogahealstrauma
#prisonyoga #mindfulness #uprisingyoga #love

Having some serious spinal issues prevented me from traveling very far. I mean even going to the bathroom was difficult when the real problems began. I promised myself, I would work hard and never give up on myself. The plan was simple...Any where I go, I'll use tools like yoga to keep up with my healing process. This machine is an electrical nerve stimulater, that has been essential. Helping my body react better to the physical stress. Staying vigilant...will not allow myself to regress. Keeping consistent produces results. #spinalinjuryawareness #yogainspiration #healthiswealth #fitnesshealsthebodymindandsoul #yogahealstrauma #tensmachine #stayconsitent #progressing #healing #warrior #nevergiveupthefightforhealth #physicaltherapyexercise #faith

Prepping for our 2nd wellness fair this Thursday for our city workers - the bus drivers and staff at MTA bus depots. We bring mindfulness and movement practices, nutrition/food justice education, and healing bodywork to them. It's been so eye opening learning about all the health hazards and issues they have to endure on the job. Some ailments they suffer from are things I could never even think of, but are inevitable in their work environment. Y'all, show love to your bus drivers. Their job is a lot harder than you think, TRUST. .
Looking forward to bringing wellness to this community again. I love what I do and even more so when I get to serve the underserved.
#wellnesstothepeople #servetheunderserved

I AM A SURVIVOR! Happy National Trauma Survivors Day! On July 16, 2014 I was rescued by @jackmillen_ while surfing at windansea, La Jolla. Being new to San Diego and a beginner surfer, the wave took me into the rock. Had I not been saved, I would’ve died within 24 hours as I lacerated my liver and kidney and was bleeding internally. Thank you Scripps Hospital for saving my life. And THANK YOU to everyone who supports and believes in me and listens to my music (aka my ROSEBUDS) because y’all are the real winners and survivors who keep me going! I released my 2nd album BACK 2 LIFE 2 years ago May 18, 2016. Link in Bio. Much love and Happy Wednesday to all...stay safe out there this summer! @scrippshealth @traumasurvivors @corycphotography📸 #traumasurvivors #rocknroll #surfingaccident #lifeguardsrule #imasurvivor #strongerthanever #rescuesquad #believe #miracleshappen #fullrecovery #healing #yogahealstrauma #iwillsurvive #inspiration_photography #traumasurvivorsday #back2life #listenmusic #albumonspotify #Rosebuds #sandiego #lajolla

Come on out and support me in my first class teaching fly gym 7 p.m. TruFusion Eastern and the Beautiful Merrie will be doing Hands-On assisting, we are so excited. #yogiesofinstagram #yogagirl #yogahealstrauma #yogatherapy #flygymyoga #flygym #truyoga #trutribe #trutribers #trufam #chronicmigrainesufferer #chronicillness #tarlovcystdisease #truyou #bostonterrieraddict #yoga

There is a DEEP OPENING happening in my life. An allowing, unfolding and expansion that’s granting access to emotions I didn’t realize I was holding on to... Yesterday I was fortunate to spend quality time with friends that support me @mariebellepr @nelsonmoves outdoors enjoying the beautiful Miami weather, we moved and played and were all present to the beauty of our lives. (We should all try this OFTEN). Then I had the honor to teach Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ I consider the opportunity to teach an Honor. The ability and opportunity to shine light 💡 for all involved to experience their lives FULLY is a gift and honor I take seriously. Fast Forward to 5am where I woke up crying and sweating 😓 Instead Of panic I simply SAW the sadness coming up, allowed myself to feel and acknowledge it then after about an hour a deep sense of Calm ensued. It is the calm that comes from knowing that ALL IS DIVINE. EMOTIONS are energy which need to be moved and felt. Instead we are taught to shove it down and repress it because crying makes people uncomfortable. I will admit I’ve always been one to cry easily. Many friends have expressed that I need to stop 🛑 that crying 😭 and of course in an effort to be accepted I obliged and repressed my feelings. I’m ready to BE ME. To experience life FULLY which means there may be moments of tears, but wow there are also the balancing emotions of Joy, Love 💕 and Freedom. So grateful for the Ashtanga Yoga practice opening me up to new possibilities. I’m no longer going to make excuses or dim my light 💡 because someone feels uncomfortable as this would be akin to me slapping the creator in the face for making me as I am. I am Perfect and Divine in all the Laughter, Playing, Screaming, Dancing 💃🏻... Don’t allow old paradigm to keep you from BEING #YOGA #yogadropback #soulsisters❤️ #friendsthatholdyouup #movementculturepeople #miamiyoga #brickellyoga #brave #bereceptive

Asrita Singh @asrita_singh is at @uprisingyoga Trauma Informed Yoga Training in @adelaidehillsbikram talking about our training in Auckland at her studio @yogashacknz How cool to bring together people working in the field with service providers, academics and yogis to share ideas and collaborate. This is why I do this work - which is literally “bridging communities worldwide!” Thank you to all the graduates sending me emails about our time together, never forgotten and absolutely life changing. #yogahealstrauma #prisonyoga

Asrita Singh @asrita_singh is at @uprisingyoga Trauma Informed Yoga Training in @adelaidehillsbikram talking about our training in Auckland at her studio @yogashacknz How cool to bring together people working in the field with service providers, academics and yogis to share ideas and collaborate. This is why I do this work - which is literally “bridging communities worldwide!” Thank you to all the graduates sending me emails about our time together, never forgotten and absolutely life changing. #yogahealstrauma #prisonyoga

This is why we teach yoga @yoga_for_healing_trauma to those incarcerated as well as in communities with difficult access to the freedom yoga and mindfulness brings. Great video @prisonyogaproject #yogahealstrauma #prisonyogaproject #traumainformedyoga #prisonyoga #donate #nonprofit #uprising #riseup #love💚

This past month, I had a chance to train with @loveyourbrain, a non-profit organization whose goal is to support the people affected by TBI to connect, heal, & thrive through research, accessible yoga & meditation practices. My 🧠 is full of joy with knowledge gained, love from the @loveyourbrain family, gratitude from the passionate yogis who will be making a difference in the community across the country to support those affected live a brain healthy lifestyle through yoga and meditation. #loveyourbrain #loveyourbrainyoga #loveyourbrainyogateachertraining .🧠💜 .
When I shared a story this quote was shared by a fellow trainee: “The worse thing you can do is worry about me and the BEST thing you can do is BELIEVE in me.” @driftbyvivian - partner of @loveyourbrain
#seattleyoga #seatteyogacommunity #yogahealstrauma #yogaheals

Ever since my Yoga to Transform Trauma intensive and the start of my YTT I've been asked why I'm adding these to my psych edu & training. Talk therapy can undoubtedly lead survivors of trauma toward healing and adding a complementary somatic based form of treatment (such as yoga) can deepen their awareness to a more visceral level, the level at which the trauma entered the body. Ultimately allowing for healing to begin from the point of entry and not just the mind. So, instead of suggesting that my clients begin yoga, I will be able work with them.

Our bodies actually hold on to trauma, as Bessel A. van der Kolk says, "our body keeps the score". The traumatic memories are somatically stored in our cells. This is how we experience vivid flashbacks, intrusive memories, heightened anxiety/fear...etc. when faced with a trigger (which could be anything). Our body will react as though it is reliving the event. These occurrences slowly cause us to feel disconnected from our body; we may feel that we have lost control of it, we may develop a fear from the uncertainty of when and how our body is going to react to. So we begin to avoid places, people. Maybe we withdraw to keep our bodies away from uncertainty. Sometimes we may view our body as the enemy, no longer feeling safe in our own skin.

Yoga allows us to regain trust over our bodies. Yoga allows us to slowly begin to feel SAFE in our skin. Yoga provides us with the tools to feel strong, empowered. Yoga reminds us of the crucial and calming power of the breath and that it's okay to get into child's pose whenever you need. Yoga teaches us that forward folds are a quick and easy way to calm the nervous system because the forward bend at the hip activates the vagus nerve. Yoga reminds us how to be in the present, it trains our mind in mindfulness, to tolerate challenges and explore our abilities while listening to our bodies and holding off when experiencing pain. We also learn the difference between healthy discomfort that can lead to growth and pain. Once we regain that deep connection to our physical body a boost of self-love comes to life. Yoga fine tunes your autonomic nervous system.

#yogahealstrauma 🙏🏽♥️

“I would like to start from the clients at my clinic and encourage them to try yoga. I have seen clients who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and much stress. So I can start from them using tools that I learn not only for yoga but also how to communicate during consultation. There are a lots of tips in the training. I would like to make one on one program that they can safely practise at home.
Even in Bikram classes, I would be more mindful of the words I communicate, practice of compassion to the students and emphasis on present moment practice to bring their body and mind back into balance.” Rieko Umemura Scotland, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Bikram Yoga Teacher. URY @yoga_for_healing_trauma @adelaidehillsbikram Trauma Informed Yoga Training Graduate. #yogahealstrauma

Check out 3 incredible @yoga_for_healing_trauma Trainings @yogashacknz & @hotyogadunedin & @adelaidehillsbikram photo’s on the yoga4healingtrauma Facebook Page! Each one was unique and incredible. If you’d like to host one contact help2uprise@gmail.com. Thank you for this collaboration of heart work, I’m truly honored to share such life enhancing work with the world. More info: www.yogaforhealingtrauma.com Join Our Team! #YogaHealsTrauma #JuvenileJustice #yoga #kidsyoga #PrisonYoga #probation #Educate #SocialJustice #SecondaryTrauma #SelfCare

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