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Red lip, red leggings, red kisses! 💋
Wearing my fave Fall color leggings from @aloyoga ❤️

Beyond fear there is Joy 🦄

Hoje foi dia de treinar em casa !!! Conectando o corpo e a mente !! #yogagivesbackchallenge #yoga #flexivel #forca #leveza

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Às vezes equilibrar-se é uma questão de escolher onde colocar o peso maior !!! Namaste
#yogagivesbackchallenge #yoga #yogaretreat #yogapants #lovewhatyoudo

Jamais se desespere em meio as sombrias aflições de sua vida, pois das nuvens mais negras cai água límpida e fecunda.

Provérbio Chinês
Musica: Leandro Gusman

Please welcome, @shantitaletayoga the latest member in our Yoga Ambassador Family! ✨
Shanti is from New Zealand 🇳🇿 and was brought up within the Indian yogic philosophies of meditation and mindfulness since her parents followed Osho even before she was born. She started yoga from the age of 4! 💆🏻 She has been featured in NZ Yoga Scene Magazine, & has written numerous articles on yoga, health and wellness, which has been published in NZ Yoga Scene Magazine, @ElephantJournal and Investigate Magazine! 📝 - What is Yoga for you? "Yoga is my lifestyle, it is not just something I do for an hour a day on my mat! It is a way of living and it has had a profound transformational effect on all aspects of my life!" ☯

Shanti says she had a hard time finding the perfect yoga course & teacher for herself & wants to help others in fulfilling their spiritual journey in an easy way with. "I LOVE yoga and travel and to combine the two, whilst helping others would be soooo rewarding!" ✌🏼💛 We are with you in your journey Shanti! Let's create a beautiful world together 😇
THANKS for all the beautiful posts & applications!! Please continue joining us through posting for the 🔜 #YogaAmbassadorChallenge. 👀
Next Ambassador coming soon... Keep Sharing the #TrueYogaRevolution & stay tuned on Friday!! #TrueYogaReviews #YogaAmbassador #yoga #yogainspiration#yogaeverywhere #yogadaily#yogaaddict#yogateachertraining #yogalove #feeltheyogahigh#yogateacher#yogaholic #yogajourney #yogacommunity #instayoga#yogini #yogattc #yogagivesbackchallenge
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" Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me "

👉🏼S A T U R DA Y is here!👈🏼
"Whenever we find stiffness in the body, our body should be specially supplied. It is never the stiffness in our bodies that limits our practice it is always the resistance of our mind"
Saturday @yogaruka
Slow Fusion Flow::: 1.30pm to 2.30pm 🙏🏼🙃
#yogasydney #yogaclass4you #yogaclasssydney

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