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Куку, мои котовские!!!! Сразу ставим лайк ❤️😂

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Пока я тут доделываю дела, провожаю @petruchiani в миллионный раз в Париж, утирая слезы 😢 , у вас есть возможность задать мне САМЫЕ провокационные и неожиданные вопросы🔥, которые только приходят вам на ум!!!😈😱🙈💣 обещаю ответить так же откровенно))
⚡️По традиции: отлайкаю профили авторов 10 самых крутых вопросов,
И одному передам видео приву в сториз!! 😱⚡️😜💣п о г н а л и ! ! !
Боди @entreaguas_wearableart

‘If women remember that once upon a time we sang with the tongues of seals and flew with the wings of swans, that we forged our own paths through the dark forest while creating a community of its many inhabitants, then we will rise up rooted, like trees. And if we rise up rooted, like trees … well then, women might indeed save not only ourselves, but the world.’
-Sharon Blackie
Love my tribe of the Empowered, beautiful, Powerful woman, who supports the others and helps her shine,
Who realises men are not the enemy,
Nor is another woman,
But our own inner insecurities are.💖❤️🌟👸🏻 #femininedivine #ifwomenroserooted .
Gonna miss these beauties @mylittlemantra @pilar_islandyoga @reinodenita ❤️💜💖💃🏽

Practice gratitude for this day, and every day that we're given. So often, the things we take for granted someone else is praying for. Every day it is a gift and a blessing to simply be alive. ✨
Everything you’ve seen me wearing all over Instagram is now on SALE! Just click the link in my bio to see my curated collection of Alo favorites & get an extra 25% off using code: 'SELFLOVE'! #aloyoga 💗
@kungfunerd 📷

On my way back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my fam tomorrow🍁 Super random, but @samsmithworld (aka voice of an angel) — I’ve been obsessssed with all his songs lately, anyone else 🤷‍♀️
Acro with @hollybentley_yoga before she had her precious baby bump
📷 @bentleycreativeagency

Good m o r n i n g OMies ☀️
&& Happy Tuesday!! .
I figured I would share a transformation post because it’s been awhile. And I figured I would share it with a pose that I was already flexible in when I started yoga. I started yoga in 2014 after being retired from gymnastics a few years and needing to find myself doing some active productivity... 👈🏼 (that’s just info for those of you that ask how long I’ve been doing yoga 😘). .

I’ve always had flexible hamstrings it’s something that comes to me naturally without much warmup at all - spinal flexibility not so natural lol. .

While continuing my journey with a dedicated asana practice, I noticed even the poses that came to me easy started to improving. So here’s a look into my journey with my fav half-moon variation ~ chapasana 💫✨ .
#transformationtuesday #yogatransformation #yogaprogress #yogspiration #motivation #practicealliscoming

Nothing beats making shapes with your yoga buddy. Tag the yoga buddy you want to make shapes with 🙏 #yogalove

Pause a while
Breathe deeply
Open your heart
Awaken Gratitude. 💫
👉 @best.yoga.video
👉 @best.yoga.teachers
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🌊💕✨ Today is Day 3 of our #mermaidmeditation challenge!! 😌🙏 💕{Day 3: Low lunge - Anjaneyasana (with optional mermaid variation)}💕 Mantra: “I am connected with Mother Earth”- Write about a place in nature you are grateful for. 🦋🌼🌿🌎Think about somewhere you like to go to find peace.

Getting into the pose:
-Begin in Downward Facing Dog ((Adho Mukha Svanasana)
-On an Exhale, step your right foot between your hands
-Alight your right knee over your heel
-Gently lower your left knee down to the Earth

Refining your pose:
-Keep your right knee stacked over your foot
-Slide your left knee back until you feel a comfortable stretch on the front of your left thigh
-Rest the top of your left foot on your mat
-Option to lift your torso to shine your heart forward
-Place your hands on your hips or thigh
-Draw your tailbone down towards the Earth
-Pull your naval in
-Lift through your heart
-Option to take a bind and come into your Mermaid Variation

Mantra: "I am connected with Mother Earth”
Use this intention to create a sense of calmness within your body and mind as you let go and sink your hips closer to the Earth. Although your heart and torso are reaching up towards the sky, feel the support of the Earth below you. Picture yourself in your favorite place in nature. Allow your breath to wash and rinse any stress or tension you may be holding onto. Soften your body and calm your mind more and more with every exhale. 🙏🌴🌺 Take your time in this posture. You are relaxed. You are calm. You are connected with Mother Earth 🙏🌊✨ Carry this feeling of peace with you throughout your day 😌 @malaswithlove
#malaswithloveyoga #mermaidmeditation 💗🌊🍃

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean” 🌊 - Lee Ann Womack
📷: @kintu_lutalo

Everything you really need is already Within You (except 🍫)

I keep telling myself I need to get better with my stretches bc you can obviously see that these hips don’t want to open at all 😅🌻

Beach Sunrise Silhouettes ✨🏖☀️
Partner Yogi: @crystallized_thought
📷: @kintu_lutalo

Keep an open heart. ♥️

Gonna miss this raw Goa vibe.🌴☀️🌊🌟💖

Sunrise session was beyond my prayers and imagination this morning. So happy to be in sync with my friend @crystallized_thought + beautifully captured by @kintu_lutalo ...Happy Thanksgiving!
🙏🏾☀️🏝 🌊 🏖 🧘‍♀️
#beach #splits #friendsgiving #yogaphotography

think less ➰ feel more
frown less ➰ smile more
talk less ➰ listen more
judge less ➰ accept more
watch less ➰ do more
complain less ➰ appreciate more
fear less ➰ love and trust more
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👉 @best.yoga.teachers
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Never do these but my #wcw is my sweet and amazing friend @lotusmoon1128 🌙❤️
If you don’t follow her already, you’re missing out! 😘⭐️
So thankful to have met her and so excited for our Florida trip next year! 🤙🏻✈️

Our first mala ceremony was a glorious success. We had a full house of women beading, chanting, and sharing in intention. It always warms my heart to do this work, and I received a few lovely letters like this that remind me of why I share what I share: “I had a really nice time on Saturday, but I don't think I fully absorbed the effect until today. I was walking home from a shoot thinking about all the things I have to do today/this week, and started chanting the mantra to myself to clear my mind and release some of the building anxiety. And last night I felt myself getting so frustrated with a situation, and pictured the stones on my mala and tried to let the anger wash away. Even with setting the intention at the end, which I was honestly a little uncomfortable doing but stuck it out, I found that it really helped me focus and bring that intention to the forefront of my day to day. And I'm sitting down now to do some work, but have decided to keep my mala at my desk to help me focus. So thank you, sweet Mama.” — @racheluephoto 💛 Feeling really grateful for all the wonderful souls that came out to be part of this special circle, and for everyone that does the soul work to make this world a little bit lovelier every day. 🙏🏼 // 📷: @mouse.photography

This hip opening challenge is really complementing the phase that I am in right now. As I am settling in to my new home and feeling more grounded, I am shifting my focus to opening up my perspective, my thoughts, and my heart to anything and everything this life has to offer.

Hip openers are amazing for our sacral chakra (physically our reproductive organs) as they encourage us to feel the feelings that arise as we open up to life as it is. The chakra is not demanding that we change the world around us or to alter ourselves and relationships near and dear to us. It is simply allowing us to accept what is and fully embrace the sweetness (and sometimes sourness) of the present moment. Relaxing the resistance to life, letting our hips go, we become less tense in our reproductive organs and are thus more open to experiencing more fruitful relationships with ourselves and with others.

Today’s pose for #Fall4Hips is low lunge

**insert deep, insightful quote about living free, or something like that...**
#mermaidlife #mermaidhair *
📸photo by @yogawithjoelle 😍😍😍 miss you my beautiful bendy friend!!! *
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