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Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. Mary Anne Roadacher / It’s you, yours #Love what you do!! ✨✨✨/ outfit from aloyoga. Now @aloyoga is giving you early-access to their Black Friday sale - take 25% off all full-priced items using code: SELFLOVE 💗

The world wants you to win,
Your friends want you to soar high,
The Universe wants your soul to shine,
You know why?
Because the more of us that are celebrated,
The more it allows for everyone else to drop the darkness and come into the Light.
So don't hide my dear friend,
Walk tall.
..and You.Are.Love.❤️💜💖🌟
(The Universe taught me this BIG lesson yesterday)

Together they are in harmony! 😍
Did you have a moment where the world stopped? 😊
Follow @explorationdream for more 👫
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Bom dia meus amigos brasileiros 😎✌🏻 I have a lot of #spanish and #portuguese speaking friends. Thank you @vinilafayett for nice pictures. I wish I could visit Brazil 🇧🇷 one day 😻 Пока я тут живу, в Майами, я обзавелась испано и португальско - говорящими друзьями. Активно учу и тот и другой 😄 а ещё так же двигать попой, как мои бразильские вдохновительницы. Знаете, почему у них такие попы? Они танцуют и приседают с младенчества 😄 фотка моего бразильского друга @vinilafayett #oxanarumyantseva

Nothing beats making shapes with your yoga buddy. Tag the yoga buddy you want to make shapes with 🙏 #yogalove

Being outside in the winter is my favorite. There’s this magnificent quiet hush that casts its spell as everything is covered in white. ❄️ My favorite snow activity is not yoga—😂—just a few shots before we hike or snowshoe. ❄️ Photo by @chandolla 💕 #snowga

🌪Stormz Mondayz Muzings...💭 when your #yogapants are literally a work of art... you don’t just wear them for yoga !!🖌🎨🌀
Over the moon 🌚with these #leggings from Australian artist🇦🇺👩🏻‍🎨 @rachelwhitemanart
Combining her love of Art, Fitness and the Environment, she uses her Ananda design 🌐(means Divine Joy 🙏🏼 in Sanskrit) and with #recycled bottles ♻️ created these beautiful #ethicalfashion yoga pants
The fit is Ideal - with just enough compression to stay put in all your asanas and super comfy to use for going out 🌃
Most unique of all is they have a MATCHING YOGA MAT (swipe to see) 😱💙 Made from recycled rubber ♻️ it is also available now online www.rachelwhiteman.net 🖥📱
Worldwide shipping ✈️🌐gets it to u fast plus use my 15% discount code SILVERSTORM15 and save some 💵
Thrilled to be part of this exciting venture that is not only exclusive and uber chic 💎but also #ecofriendly 🍃🕊🌊 Rachel’s artwork is truly special- plz take a peek @rachelwhitemanart
⚔️🐺5️⃣5️⃣AgeIsJustANumber 5️⃣5️⃣🐺⚔️
#ethicalfashion#yogaretreat #yogaforlife
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This right here is exactly why I use @otterbox on my phone 😂🤸🏻‍♀️📱 I have to have a case that can keep up with my yoga hiking adventures and this baby does the trick! #outdoorfun #yogaoutside #hikingadventures PS yes my phone did hit my head on its way down lol head injury by iPhone sliding out of back pocket during bridge pose 🤸🏻‍♀️📱🤕🤣😉


#falling4yoga of Day 4 #fallentriangle pose. .
악. 소리 여러번 뿜음. 뒤로 약간 넘어갈 뿐인데... 이 챌린지 시리즈 보기보다 넘 어려워서 신난당. 신나 ㅋㅋ .
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #yogapose #balance #yogafun #yogimama #yogaforlife #yogalove #fitmom #요가 #요가하는엄마 #운동하는엄마 #홈트 #틈새운동 #아들맘 #아줌마일상 #요가스타그램 #운스타그램

Love my yoginis , my spirit , my motivation , my healthy partners 😇😍🤗🙆‍♀️
#savasana #yogini #yoga #yogaforlife #instayoga #yogafam #igyoga #yogaforeverybody #yogisofinstagram #namaste 💗💗💗

Let’s start that day 2 of #KickoversNLeftovers challenge. Today we are focusing on warming or backbends. I’m doing a variation of camel pose with my cheeky little monkey 😍.
🧘‍♀️ Hosts : @throwin.shapes @stretchylexi @bethanysmithyoga 🦄 Sponsors : @aloyoga @mantralaces @liforme .
#yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming #yogini #yogisoul #yogi #selftaughtyogi #yogaforlife #twistyourbody #yogadaily #challengeyourself #novemberchallenge #nofilter #toocolorful

Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
And between the two my life flows. -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I lost my yoga teacher training journal.
I couldn’t find it before vacation but I figured I’d just misplaced it, and once we got home I’d locate it pretty quickly...
It is officially lost, and I have been so unbelievably sad about it. I wrote my notes in there, but also — a lot of personal feelings, answers to difficult questions about my nature as a human being with flaws, inside jokes about alignment that our instructor shared with us, and, on the very first page, I wrote down my intentions for the training. What I hoped to gain from it. One of the women in my class emailed me today and said: “Do not beat yourself up for its loss. Try to think of the lost journal as a step in your process. How does it relate to your intentions?” And it fucking changed my whole perspective. I am a control freak and I always have been, so losing this journal has given me some terrible anxiety and caused a lot of anger to bubble up. After reading that email, I put on my headphones, rolled out my mat, and just flowed until I was too tired to continue. I did asanas that I normally avoid, and allowed myself the freedom to just follow wherever my instincts led me, rather than sticking to a sequence I was comfortable with and knew well. Now I see this loss as a fresh start, instead.
So today, like everyday, I am grateful for yoga. It is always teaching me things that I’m often resistant to learn, and forcing me to do the hard work from within.

Day 5 of #ThanksYoGiving is a balancing pose 🙏🏻
_ .
🍁 Grateful Hosts 🍁
🍁Gracious Sponsors 🍁
For those who like to be prepared:
- Standing pose with prayer hands 🍂
- Folding pose with prayer hands 🍂
- Twist with prayer hands 🍂
- Inversion with prayer hands🍂
- Balancing with prayer hands🍂
- Backbend with prayer hands
- Hip opener with prayer hands
- Meditative pose with prayer hands .
#yoga #anxiety #pitta #toestand #balance #yogaforlife #lookwithin #myyogajourney #yogaeverydamnday #grateful #goodvibes #sahm #asana #namaste #ytt #behappy

While Sri Dharma Mittra photographed 1,350 asanas, there are said to be 84 classic poses.
👉🏼What's your favorite pose?👈🏼

Vyaghrasana (one handed tiger pose ) this pose feels better recently🤗

Good morning :)

・ ・

#trikonasana #trianglepose #三角のポーズ #sidestretch #hamstringstretch #chestopener #shoulderopener #balance #abs # #yoga #ヨガ#instayoga #yogaforlife #骨盤矯正 #瑜伽 #asana #yogapose #yogini #yogaeverydamnday #motivation #practice #igyoga #fitness #yogafit #요가 #practiceandalliscoming #flow2spaceYogaTipFor #haveaniceday

Thanks to everyone for the lovely, hilarious, and heartfelt birthday wishes today. I got to spend the day doing things I love (especially yoga, donuts, grilled cheese, and coffee) in a way that has been more true this year than any year before. I’m not much of a New Years Eve person—I see my birthday instead as a moment for reflection and intention-setting. I feel ready for everything my new year will bring, and am happy to have you all share it with me 💖🎉🧘🏻‍♀️

Had to repost—CLASSES ADDED!
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
I'm grateful for being able to study & share yoga with the community. Yoga changed my life. With gratitude, I've joined @yogaflowsf - one of the most comprehensive heated vinyasa yoga studios in SF.
I start teaching THIS MONDAY in the same air space/same week as one of my first teachers @rustywellsyoga. It feels surreal. I'm excited to share yoga with even more walks of life <3
MON 9:00am @yogaflowsf ocean - balboa park (sub for Neil Wadhawan)
TUE 12:00pm @ moksha - fidi
TUE 1:00pm @ moksha - fidi
TUE 3:00pm @yogaflowsf union - marina
TUE 5:20pm @glowyogasf - northbeach
WED 9:30am @lovestoryyoga - mission (sub for @miravaleriayoga )
Signup via @mindbodyonline, @classpass, @zenrezfitness or link in bio 🔼 #rowenamittalyoga
I honor the teachers before me and nearby who taught me how to let go of the obstacle to my good work: self-doubt. Once I started accepting truth, things happened quickly. Thank you my friends, my classmates, my teachers for your support: @rustywellsyoga, Neil Wadhawan, @peterwaltersyoga, @alyssa.yoga.love, @erintron, @erinshredder, @miravaleriayoga, @nicholchase, @natkendallyoga, @_mimik, @laurelhaslamb, my mentor @stephaniesnyderyoga, and my partner - who was the first to help me see the truth. #om gam ganapataye namaha
📷 @yurinayoga 💜

Fun fact about me is that I loathe lotus pose, or at least my hips do. My right piriformis muscle sucks 🤣 so it took lots of warming up today. •
Day 9 of #thankfulforinversions is any inversion with #lotus pose 🧘‍♀️

Thankful for these awesome yogis and sponsors - @coffeeandrainbows @yogoskenz @amandastammy @hollybentley_yoga @aloyoga @liforme @tinydevotions 💜💜💜

Stand up against Racism.

Racism can cause a lot of damage to both individuals and communities.
Many people who view themselves as healers,or spiritual teachers, are doing something dangerous: spreading racism and aggression under the guise of love and light.
The goal of many self proclaimed Yogi 's is to get attention and fill people to there studios .
A new trend of selling spirituality- in the name Peace Love ,Global peace , Mantra , Tantra, Bhakathi, Jhana, Blah blah ) is in full force .
Social media gives an platform for advertising such tactics free of cost .
Yoga teach us self examining, self-reflecting, and cultivating deep compassion for all.
The purpose of yoga practice is to increase our level of compassion for all being . Yoga wisdom help us to make a unified world we want to live in, one in which we can fully inhabit our whole selves and complex identities ,one where everyone can feel truly connected.

The only way to preserve this time tested knowledge is to stop supporting such yoga studios .One can get an idea about a racist yoga teacher by visiting his or her Facebook profiles.
Be unified not divided .
Yoga shows you the way .#yoganordic #yoga #yogadenmark#yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogaclass #hathayoga #hathavidya #asthanga #vinyasa #yogafaroeislands #yogaeverday #yoga everywhere #yogaforlife #yogaforgrowth#yogamind #yogapose #yogaphotography#yogaslovenia

Day 5 of #InvertOrBend3
lotusinshoulderstand ⬇↩Hosts:
🎁Generous sponsors:
. .
⬇↩List of poses:
Day 1: Bound two legged downdog - Lotus legs cobra
Day 2: Bound angle headstand - King Pigeon 
Day 3: Dolphin - Cow pose
Day 4: Lotus in shoulderstand - Low lunge
Day 5: Pincha - Puppy pose
Day 6: One legged bridge - One legged bow
Day 7: Crow pose -Alien Wheel 
Day 8: Forearmwheel - Locust
Day 9: Funky inversion - Fallen Dancer
Day 10: Your all time favourite inversions - backbends

#yoga #yogapose #yogini #yogajurney #yogalove #yoga2017 #yogalovers❤️ #yogaforlife #yogasport #yogafitness

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