Clearing our minds and relaxing at the end of yoga class! Will you be at the next class? Yoga for Dancers is happening every Tuesday at 5:30pm and every Saturday at 9am! Yoga mats and blocks are provided! #bellymotions #yogamiami #miamiyoga #dancemiami #miamidance #danceclassesmiami #miamidancestudio #pinecrest #pinecrestfl #kendallfl #southmiami #miamidancers #southfloridaevents #bestofmiami #livelovelaughdance #yoga #yogafordancers #yogaclass #namaste

Oh Miami, how I love thee! Just landed literally five minutes in & I have two beautiful connections. Waiting on my Uber at the airport I meet a #Beyoutiful warrior arriving back home from China. So lovely, I see you girl ☺️🙏. Then I jump into my Uber & meet Alberto. What I love about Miami is that I usually get spoken to in Spanish straight off the bat. One of the few places in 🇺🇸 where this happens. It always makes me feel at home. Alberto starts telling me about his beloved Cuba. He’s been living in Miami 25 years but his accent is still straight of the boat. He shares with me how people have very little there but offer you everything. How on December 31st the streets our filled with dancing & music. How if I were to be a guest in someone’s home for even just a week they would love me so hard they’d send me off to the airport crying. Passionate people they are. Alberto starts crying just reminiscing. We reach my destination, I exit the car and thank Alberto for the ride & chat. He opens his front door to hug me & shows me his leg, it’s no longer there. He says he got hit by a car. I just feel grateful. Grateful for everything. Grateful for it all.
Hopefully I’ll see you guys in a couple hours at the #MovMEANT playshop TODAY & TOMORROW. _______________________________________________________
🌞 MIAMI THIS WEEKEND! : SEPT 22 & 23, 1:30-4:30pm @floyo_coralgables 1430 S Dixie Hwy Miami, Florida. NO REGISTRATION. Just come & move. MovMEANT.com for price.

É daqui a pouco!!! Aulão de Gyrokinesis® no @espaco_pilatesrj!!!!
#tb da Certificação com a SMT @miriam.barbosa.3551 na delícia que é a Búzios House @studiorobertaquinn ❤️ .
#gyrokinesis #gyrotonic #colunaviva #movimento #expansao #yogafordancers #equinociodeprimavera #equinociodeprimavera2018

Rough work week? De-stress Saturday morning at 9am! Belly Motions will now be offering Yoga for Dancers! This is an amazing opportunity to work on your flexibility with stretches and poses specifically targeted with the dancers body in mind! #bellymotions #yogamiami #miamiyoga #dancemiami #miamidance #danceclassesmiami #miamidancestudio #pinecrest #pinecrestfl #kendallfl #southmiami #miamidancers #southfloridaevents #bestofmiami #livelovelaughdance #yoga #yogafordancers #yogaclass #namaste

JOOGAA TANSSIJOILLE -tunnilla su 23.9. teemana vielä kerran iliopsoas, koska tutkittavaa vielä riittää.🤓Lisäksi etsimme itselle sopivaa nutaatiota ja vastanutaatiota erityisesti taaksetaivutuksissa. Eli mihin suuntaan lantion pitäisi kallistua ja miksi? Käsitasapainoiluakin testataan vähän! 👀Menen nyt viikonlopuksi ihailemaan syksyn värejä metsään kotikonnuille, ja jos VR suo, olen sunnuntaina ennen kuutta DCA:lla. Tätä saa universumilta tilata!😅😘 🙌 📸 @bommitommi #yogafordancers #joogaatanssijoille #metsä #flowyoga #joogahelsinki #newyogateacher

There is still room in this month’s yoga class: Saturday September 22, 2:00-3:00. We will focus on external rotation- improve your turnout! Register online! #yogafordancers #irishyoga #pgsid #irishdanceyoga

В это воскресенье в 13:00 мы ждём вас на ЙОГУ ДЛЯ ТАНЦОРОВ с Ксенией Михеевой!☺️
В танцевальных кругах, Ксения уже не нуждается в представлении, но если вдруг вы ещё с ней не знакомы, то мы рады представить!😍
Ксения обучалась в школе балета им. Аскольда Макарова (Санкт-Петербург), в Латвийской Академии культуры (Рига), на данный момент - в АРБ им. А.Я. Вагановой. Несколько лет проработала в Театре танца Саши Кукина (2009 - 2015 гг., Санкт-Петербург), в течение пяти лет - "Провинциальные танцы" (Екатеринбург). При этом в процессе было и есть множество зарубежных стажировок (Pina Bausch Fellowship for Dance and Choreography; The Goteborg Ballet ; Cullberg Ballet; Wayne Mcgregor Laboratory)
Так же ее спектакли стали участниками Фестивалей, а «Коллекционер» в ее постановке вошёл в ТОП-5 спектаклей в номинации «Балет/Современный танец» премии Золотая маска!
Запись на занятие в Директ или 959-17-27

It's in the absence of wanting that we find peace! 💕💕💕 #onlylove #meditation #meditate #yogahome

It’s so important to cross train as dancers, and this season our Sr. Company gets the opportunity to focus on their flexibility and balance, while incorporating their breathe with their movement in our yoga for dancers class — taught by @daytonballet company dancer, Joe Seaton.

Stretching possibilities one breath at a time! .
#audreymelloyoga #yogafordancers

So I don’t know if you guys know but I used to work as a dancer for many years at @crazyhorseparis_official and today I went back to teach the girls how to keep there body in shape, how to do yoga every day how to take care of there body and soul ... I wish back in the day we had a yoga teacher that came to see us and guide us as the girls get weighed every week and they have to keep in shape for the show ...as a dancer in Crazy Horse you need a lot of discipline, focus , and motivation .Which you can all achieve through warrior yoga and meditation... good job my girls 💪

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power!💕❤💕 #onlylove #homepractice #homeyoga

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