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🚤 #Navasana#BoatPose on 👉@yogaalignment
#coreyoga with @chelseasyoga 👈
Boat Pose or #Navasana

1. Legs at 45° to floor
2. Lengthen tailbone
3. Straighten knees (*modify with bent knees on floor or at 90°)
4. Arms parallel to each other and floor
5. Spread shoulder blades, energy through fingers
6. Engage core
7. Femur head press toward floor
8. Gaze is forward or slightly lifted *BENEFITS* Strengthen core, hips, and spine. Improves digestion.

|| BE LOVE || When we radiate love, we attract love. 💛 Easy to say, right? Not everyday do I feel like being the happiest, most loving human, but I do the best I can each day and that's good enough. 🙏🏼 Outfit details: @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2srm0

Do you understand how strong you are? You have the power to create whatever life it is you dream of. It will take a lot of hard work, a lot of tears and probably pain, for you to get where you want to be. Your journey is going to be one hell of a ride, with a lot of mountains to climb and streams to cross, but the destination. The destination is pure happiness.
You deserve it, we all do. We deserve the most amount of love and happiness this world can offer, we just have to be open to the idea of letting thing go - people, memories, material things. It's not easy, but once you shake of the negative energy in your life, you'll have nothingleft but love and bliss💓

What helps me let go of negative energy in my life is a lot of split and hip openers. We store so much unwanted energy in our hips and shoulders. So here is some bits and pieces from my morning practice, I added a few heart openers this morning because I felt that my heart needed to be more open and more accepting of certain things in my life. Flow for what you need🙌

Bad ass tunes by @kevinparismusic

Practicing yoga off the gram. I'll start with the physical. I've shared this squat with the many names before. I believe it is important to focus on the target areas of the body, we can modify/adjust ourselves accordingly. It is opening the groin, inner thigh, hips, etc. It stretches the lower hamstrings, back, neck, and ankles. It can be a lot of compression for the ankles too (a bone thing!), which may be what prevents a student from dropping low. Pictured here are some "same-same but different" looks with similar targets.
- you can roll a blanket/mat under your heels to relieve ankle compression. Or place it behind your knees for a squeeze.
- sit on a bench or on blocks.
- send your bum way back behind you, bringing your chest forward.
- drop your knees wide, like you would for a toe-stretch.
- or take the tops of your feet down, knees wide, for a chest-lifted child's pose variation.
These all look slightly different (and there's more), when we focus on a target area, we can adjust. It doesn't mean we have to always go for a pictured pose, cue, or what our neighbor is doing in class. You are your best teacher, your body is your best cue. If you have to force it (harm), leave it. It will always give you feedback and a single posture can come with a family of shapes and variations.
It's important for me, as a student and teacher, to dissect these poses. Alignment and anatomy are important, this is a practice of non-harming and designed to be sustainable as we go (grow) through life. We must know when/how to modify. There are many well-intentioned "do this/not this" or "good vs bad" posts on the square, there's so much more to explore than two examples given. Bodies in the real world need more than two examples of demonstration. In person, hands-on instruction, or tutorials with modifications as the rule can make the world of a difference in your practice. Talk to your teachers, take foundational workshops at studios, and/or work privately with someone that has a clear understanding that one pose doesn't fit all. Asana is a moving dialogue, let's keep it moving and long-living.

Wrist strengthening exercises 🙌🏼💕 Do you experience pain in your wrists while you practice plank, wheel and other poses?
These exercises help building strength in your wrists:
💓 always mobilize first!
💓 wrist pumps 💓 wrist curls with light weights (I use 1 kg)
💓 wrist push-ups on hands and knees or in plank 💓 lots of shaking out, stretching, loving in between 🙌🏼 Better safe than sorry 🙏🏼☺️
Whether your wrists are weak or not: if you have a regular yoga practice that includes chaturangas, armbalances and other poses where you hold your bodyweight on your hands (maybe handstand? 🙃💓😉) you should ALWAYS give your wrists a little warm up like you would do with the rest of your body.
@maurigirltravels i hope this helps 💕Let me know if you need a break down of any of these exercises.
I'm having fun creating these videos for you so let me know if there's anything I could help YOU with ☺️🙏🏼💗

Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attraction. ~Albert Einstein 🌟Thank you for this quote Honza!! 💪🏽 Today's word of the day is IMAGINATION for my 300 hour Teacher Training with @yogabeyond and @bryceyoga 🤗 I love today's theme because I truly believe in the power of visualization and imagination. Our brains are soooo powerful in steering our lives. I've used visualization many times in my life, and it's like gym-time for my brain. I honestly started doing it when I was in college and was a usc song girl and I didn't have enough time to practice the choreography and study and everything else that happens in college. So I would lay in bed before I fall asleep and do the choreography over and over again in my head imagining myself dancing, mainly because I was too tired to practice more at the end of the day! But I've used it more strategically now, like imagining myself pressing up to handstand and this pose here in this pic!!! I first imagined it and then began to believe that I could do it after feeling it in my mind first. I do it for every goal of mine now. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Try it out for yourself on something your working on, or a goal of yours ✨It can also work in the reverse, so mind your thoughts 😉#beyondbrycejournal.
📷 @lukegraeber
Click the link in my bio to join my free Workout Library! 👉🏽 @actionjacquelyn || actionjacquelyn.com/free-downloads-sign-up

FIRST TIME!!!!!!! The first time I could float in head stand (away from the wall for a considerable portion of it). And my tshirt says "It always seems impossible until it's done." Sweet co-incidence much? :') Got a partial hang of core engagement in this pose. I'll soon do a side view to show how imperfect it really is.
Day 3 of #backtotraditionalhatha is Shirashasana or Headstand. Hosted by : @irya_devi and @mintyogini 🔸 Sponsored by : @shambhalabarcelona @pranamat_esp @libretea @malas_of_the_sun @banyanbotanicals @potionsbcn
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We came across an amazing playground while in Wales so while the kids played, we adults were enjoying ourselves too..
This was with @the_spg_effect testing my T-Rex arm strength..
Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Who's ready to sweat? #brogayoga @fiercewellnesshotyoga Sunday 8am & Wednesday 6:30 pm. Built w/guys in mind & everybody's welcome! Build strength, flexibility, and stamina while having fun with a great community. #yogafit #yogamen #yogaformen #yogadudes #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforbeginners #yogaforall #yoga614 #igerscolumbus #igersohio #igers614 #yogaclass


If you are thinking about coming to @theyogaweekend in September 15-17 but "not so into yoga", let us say, we got you!
Yoga is an intimating practice and there are a lot of beliefs out there that you have to be flexible, strong, coordinated, be able to stop your mind, dedicate your life to the practice, speak in Sanskrit, and be a peaceful person. We are here to say that none of these beliefs are reality. These are potential by products of the practice that perhaps you may experience but by no means are they prerequisites. You don't need anything but a mat and curiosity.
If you are physically inflexible, tight, tense, stressed, muscularly weak, have a busy mind then you have this beautiful thing we call an edge. We call it an edge because it's a place identified that is both comfortable (because it's the state you have been in for a while) and uncomfortable.
This edge will allow you to see and receive shifts that will shock your body, mind and ❤️ We will be offering a 2 day yoga basics workshop at the yoga weekend so you can learn to use your powerful life force (your breath) to change your body and mind as well as foundational postures that you will find in almost any yoga class out there.
A yogi now or not, let's open our minds to be better and seek tools to help us navigate through this world.
Link in bio to sign up for the yoga weekend! .
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Such an amazing day @yogathontoronto filled with incredible energy! #riseforacause ❤🙏🏻

#showusyogis #танямордоивниз Day 1. Sexy. Поясняю, суть марафона - ежедневно подбирать асану, которая даёт почувствовать то или иное настроение, эмоцию, чувство. Буду выкладывать асану и слово. Надеюсь, выбор вопросов не вызовет. А это #garudasana
Hosts @fit_yoga_girl @_monette @laceytcufitchick
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Kicking off the weekend with vinyasa class in Hyde Park for three special students 😍 Enjoying this crazy English weather as much as possible!
Empezamos en fin de semana con una clase de yoga para unas alumnas muy especiales en Hyde Park 😍 Disfrutando del tiempo mientras se puede!

Woohoo!! Episode 4 is up and it's a good one! I chat with Amber from @bodypositiveyoga_ all about her first experiences at yoga on the recommendation of her personal trainer, her journey to self acceptance and so much more!

Link in bio!

Today's #AlignWithKalyani pose is Dandasana or Staff Pose or Stick Pose.

This seemingly basic pose can actually be quite challenging, if done correctly. The idea of this pose is to create full body awarenesses from the feet all the way through the legs, torso, head and arms. .
😍Great Alignment:
👌Whole body engaged forming a perfect L Shape
👌Feet flexed and thighs slightly internally rotated and engaged
👌Sit bones back and firmly on the mat
👌Straight back engaging the core
👌Shoulders back and chest open, but not overly open. Shoulders and hips are in line.
👌Arms engaged using the hands as support
👌Lifting through the crown of the head . .
😞 Not so great Alignment:
👎 Only certain areas of the body are engaged
👎 Feet relaxed and thighs relaxed and externally rotated
👎Rounded lower back and core relaxed
👎 Slouching shoulders or overbroad chest – we want this area to be active, but not overcompensating
👎Shoulders are learning too far forward in front of hips or too far behind
👎Forgetting to engage arms, neck and crown of the head
👎Dumping weight on the wrists .
👣Sit against a wall with your sacrum and shoulder blades against it. Don't let the lower back or back of the head touch. Place a small blanket between the lower back and wall for extra support.
👣 Slightly separate the feet
☁️Raise the hips by sitting on a blanket
☁️Place a rolled up towel underneath your knees to help with lower back pain
👀Use a mirror so you can see for yourself .
. 👇Why you should do it?
- Improves posture
- Increased body awareness
- Strengthens back, shoulders and chest
- Mild stretch for hamstrings
- Lengthens Spine
👊Need a challenge? - Try with your eyes closed to increase body awareness
❓ Questions? ❔Comments? Let me know if you'd like me to post more like this! ❤️❤️
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FIRST TIME!!!!!!! The first time I could float in head stand (away from the wall for a considerable portion of it). And my tshirt says "It always seems impossible until it's done." Sweet co-incidence much? :') Got a partial hang of core engagement in this pose. I'll soon do a side view to show how imperfect it really is.
Day 3 of #backtotraditionalhatha is Shirashasana or Headstand. Hosted by : @irya_devi and @mintyogini 🔸 Sponsored by : @shambhalabarcelona @pranamat_esp @libretea @malas_of_the_sun @banyanbotanicals @potionsbcn
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Join @junekatasana on August 26th from 1:30-3:30 for our BEGINNERS WORKSHOP! Whether you are a season veteran or a newbie this is for YOU! Learn the foundations of our practice- Ujayi breathe, drishti, vinyasa, tapas and foundation!

#virabhadrasanaIII #warriorIII
Balance poses are real challenge for me - not easy to do it RIGHT WAY. Do not open your hips, do not allow the hip to rotate up. Try to keep the hips parallel to the floor and see the difference!

В этой позе важно не раскрывать бедра, а держать парралельно полу, что по началу трудно, поэтому можно опираться руками на кирпичик.

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Nice to see this on my Facebook page today. Ironic! I put most of these chakra elements in my healthy smoothie everyday. I have been significantly healthier for over a yr. now and I'm down 24 lbs. #yogalifestyle #yogalife #yogaforbeginners

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