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Handstands- I never thought I could do them. I'd try them every single day against walls, on random walks, at the climbing gym... wherever it was, I'd stop, drop and handstand and then fall right out
After a whole bunch of strength training, practice, discipline & finding that "sweet" spot of stabilization, I've begun to find comfort in a handstand. It's really exciting!! Sometimes I get my feet straight up and pointed, and sometimes I don't- regardless, it's been a fun journey and my strength and resilience always seems to surprise me. 💪🏽
I wanted to let you all know that hand standing is fun and exciting, but that it requires a lot of hard work. If you want to take your hand standing or arm balancing practice to the next level, let me know & we can work on it together in an affordable & fun one on one class in my home yoga room
I think there's no better way to finally master a handstand, then to have a teacher with you for an entire hour, focusing only on your progress! I'm really excited that I've come to a place in my own practice that I can offer this. With alignment tips, adjustments & positive encouragement, I'll help you get to where you want to be!

The only way out is in. #FearlessFriday

#VirabhadrasanaIII#Warrior3 Pose on 👉@yogaalignment
#yogagoals with @melisfit_ 👈
YOGA TIP! 👉🏼 Every Tuesday (this week Wednesday!) I'm going to be showing you my biggest tips to get the most out of your yoga practice!! Today I want to show you some of the biggest form mistakes and problems I see when people practice Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana 3) 💘
In the before photo there are a few big issues here that could cause serious injury and hurt your practice:
1️⃣ My hips aren't square to the floor causing my balance and form to be completely off!! 😕 The top form mistake I see in Warrior 3 is that the lifted leg hip is open and not facing down. Both hip points should be pointing towards the floor. I know this may not be as comfortable but the more you practice the better for your hips and back! 😍
2️⃣ My standing leg is bent and my lifted leg is relaxed! 🚫!! This is an easy & important fix. You have to flex through your lifted leg foot and actively engage it! This is how you will establish balance and core strength. The standing leg needs to be straightened for stability. Energetically lift up through the standing leg all the way to the hip!! Think powerful legs for a powerful pose! 🙏🏼
3️⃣ My neck is straining, my shoulders are cramped and my lower back is arched. Overall: OUCH!! 😭One easy way to fix this is by taking your gaze down towards the ground about 6 inches in front of you. This will relax everything!! Also make sure your core is tight by drawing your navel up and in towards your chest. Imagine your front body is going up towards your back body and vice/versa!! 💘
👉🏼 Want some modifications to work your way to the "After" photo? If you're a beginner try this pose with your hands on a wall or your hips. Also don't take the lifted leg up as high. Focus more on squaring your hips and keeping your upper body engaged. 👉🏼 Want more?? Once you have your form strong bring your arms up by your ears and look forward (balance challenge to the max!) 😍😍!
Should I keep sharing my yoga tips? Let me know below and tag a friend who would find this helpful!💘
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Sadece sırtını güvenle yaslamak yetmez 🤸🏻‍♀️💙👍🏼
Dünkü yoga videosunu beğenen, yorum yapan herkese çok teşekkürler✨iyi ki çekiliş var yoksa ben yorum yazan herkese hediye göndermek istiyorum 🙏🏼🎉🎉 (link hala profilimde) #elvinleyoga #dreamyogafest

Body paint + sun = stellar tan lines.

Just fyi.

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Hey tribe! 🙋 We are counting down to the Asheville Yoga Festival 2017! Come check our booth and join us for this amazing experience in the heart of the ancient and mystical Appalachian Mountains! ✨🌿 See you all there!
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Registrations now open for zenthai flow teacher training in Bali .. Feb 24-March 14
5 elements meets movement based therapy through Asana, partner flow and bodywork. "Find the teacher within and create what is uniquely your own "
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Мне необходимо жить у моря 💚

Porto Yoga Fest 🕉️ #yoga #flyyoga #yogafest


#kosmickolibri #arialyoga #blissflowyoga #bhaktifest #yogafest ..mixing my Old Passion for ArialAcrobacy with New Yoga positions from my last TTC..who want to join me?! :)

This sign and all of our things are going to be poppin up at the @whirlmagazine #OneWhirlYogaFest tomorrow! 🙏 Don't fret, we will be back at the @lvillefarmersmarket in a couple of weeks!!! Meet up with us tomorrow for some #yoga at #PointStatePark ✌️ Check out our samples, discounts, tanks, tees, and more tomorrow, Ultra Matcha #yogafest edition - our IG story may blow up soon here 😋 💚💚💚 #PittsburghMatcha

Something great to do when you're confused about your path or identity is just to stop focusing on the decision for a few days and to focus on things that you KNOW make you feel the most YOU. You'll be surprised at the clarity you gain from doing that 🙏🏼

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius, The Book of Rites | Photo by @fonnatasha taken at @yogafestofficial

Day 2 at Wanderlust:

Wow! What an empowering and awakening kundalini/vinyasa class with @rodstryker108! So much gratitude for Rod sharing his knowledge, experience and practice with us this morning.
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Вчера наконец-то собрал геокупол, 💪😎 сегодня произвели натяжку тента и делаем подготовку к ягье☀️ #перезагрузкавлесу #yoga #yogamen #yogafest #йога #yogalove #yogalife #hatha #ashtangayoga

Baking for #wanderlustsquawvalley tomorrow 😍🕉👌🏻coconut flour blueberry muffins and black bean brownies 😋

Join us first thing Sunday morning {August 12} for a kids yoga class to kick off #santabarbarayogafest taught by the beautiful mama herself @stephbesler of @yasayoga ❤. Stay for a fun filled day at the beautiful @bacararesortsb and play!!
Date : August 13 #linkinbio for ticket information! All proceeds of event benefit CADA’s Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center in Santa Barbara 🙏🏻
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As I embark on the weekend and teaching at my first yoga festival there is anticipation, excitement, and gratitude. Luckily this practice brings confidence and faith. Taking a step back with curiosity on how the weekend will unfold, observing my feelings, releasing attachments to outcomes, taking in the energy of a city filled with yogis, and the beauty of the mountains. ••
The second photo is my good friend Bala and why I'm here. Much gratitude to this guy. ••
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The only way out is in. #FearlessFriday

Hey tribe! 🙋 We are counting down to the Asheville Yoga Festival 2017! Come check our booth and join us for this amazing experience in the heart of the ancient and mystical Appalachian Mountains! ✨🌿 See you all there!
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第一段の告知物『オフィシャル パンフ』がスタジオに届きました🎵


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We are so proud to be putting together a community Yoga event to honor our dear friend, Trevor Tice. .
What is the story behind YogaFest? The event is inspired by the recent and sudden death of CorePower Yoga founder, Trevor Tice. Trevor’s vision was to spread yoga to the masses when he founded CorePower Yoga with @brandonsbeachlife in 2002. Trevor battled substance abuse for much of his adult life. All event proceeds will be given to CADA’s Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center in Santa Barbara. The Center is home to the largest local teen substance abuse program in the county, serving over 5,500 teens since it opened in 2001.. .
The first annual Santa Barbara Yoga Fest…
is a collaboration of local yoga studios (@yogasoup @yasayoga @corepoweryogasb @corepoweryoga and @divinitree ) in support of community and charity.
Join us for 4 different classes during the day of event : 10:30 Kids yoga, 12:00 YogaSoup, 2:30 Acro, 5:00 Silent Disco class.
We hope this is the first of many successful years of a local yoga festival that brings likeminded people together for community with a cause. The first year is a bellwether for the event’s continued success.
#linkinbio to purchase tickets!
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“The #yogatouchmethod removes guesswork from hands-on adjustments, concisely explains the functional and anatomical focus of asanas, and encourages clear communication.” Don’t miss our festival classes with the inspirational with the inspirational Martia Rachman, owner of @blackmountainyoga.

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