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600K!! 🙏😍❤️❤️❤️ So much LOVE to you, thank you for your support!! ❤ This photo is for all of you. #NudeYogaGirlAlphabet

Can you hear my howl ???
I'm on the prowl!!
I'm calling for your company....🐺🐺 ..........
Stand up for what your heart truly believes in and wear it on your chest proudly!!! (And I firmly believe there is love for everyone in the world I just gotta keep reminding myself "especially this freak "

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Back pain and spinal health go hand in hand. Sometimes we think we are doing a motion to strengthen ourselves, when really it is causing the problem. Keeping the spine in proper alignment also means you are engaging your core properly! Here @caligirlgetsfit shows it very well, thanks for sharing #inflexibleyogis .
Pizza is bae! Always look at the 🍕 on the ground (or add your own favorite food) when planking!

Someone recently asked me if it REALLY is that important to keep a cervical spine when planking (because I'm always talking about this), and the answer is yes! If you don't believe me, I've sketched a little picture of what your spine is actually doing when planking correctly / vs what it looks like when you plank with bad form! Ouch! That hyperextended cervical spine and hips down low like a banana does not look comfy! And while it takes core strength to keep your body in line as you get stronger every day, don't forget to also keep your cervical spine neutral so you don't injure your neck.

If you want to get technical, here's some info from my friend the rehab expert @vinnierehab: cervical hyperextension puts a lot of strain on your neck, notably your suboccipitals as well as your SCM muscles! So many people hyperextend their neck on everything (deadlifts, push-ups, squats, etc.) that it's definitely something to watch out for!

So remember next time you're planking... Eyes looking slightly in front of you... Keep your eye on the prize! 🍕

"Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be." - anon @eveinmotion

What are you willing to give up, in order to get what you really want? 💙
For me the answer was easy, but the decision was hard. I gave up the corporate world, and with it the safety of my high level job, the security of a stable paycheck, health care benefits, annual bonuses, and the camaraderie of my co-workers. But as those things fell along the wayside, some other, different things appeared...
I found freedom in following my heart, independence in doing what I loved, and the unparalleled feeling of pursuing my dreams. I've also met some wonderful souls along the way, no longer co-workers in cubicles, but friends scattered across the world. 🌎
The path hasn't always been easy, there have been plenty of bumps and winding, narrow roads, but the journey has been incredible, and there's not a thing I'd change. 💙
Sending love and light to each and every one of you, and wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 😘

31 yesterday. Shittttt. 👽🌑🔮 ||| #yogawitch #gemini #wtfismyhanddoingtho

Май - в бан почаще отправляй!😜
Минутка психологической гигиены с практическими советами и примером из жизни🔥⚡️
Среди нормальных комментов встречается бесполезный в информационном пространстве словестный мусор - с некоторых пор я удаляю комменты с переходами на личности, обвинениями, обвинениями меня в обвинениях и прочим оскалом чего-то нездорового эпистолярного дара. 🤡А ещё боты антипрививочников клевещут о моей необразованности, одновременно рекламируя страницы духовных доул почему-то под моим постом про рыбу.🐟
Странный способ продвижения - к ним так что, идут? 🤔 🌋"Ты очень высокого мнения о себе"- говорили они мне неоднократно.
Причины были разные - например, я отказывалась лаяться с человеком, который в научном вопросе оперировал исключительно личным мнением, а позицию ВОЗ из 20 документов, в каждом из которых по десятку исследований, на...пальце ☝️вертел и называл "моим мнением". Мне ,конечно,льстит, но я - не ВОЗ. И это - не мнение. 🌋А знаете, что забавно? Этими словами обычно недовольные награждают людей, просто знающих цену. Себе, своему времени, силам, вложенным в развитие. 🌋Даже оправданное "высокомерие" - как это называют некоторые, бывает уместным. Как часто оно уберегает от бесполезной информации, вещей, отношений, разговоров! 🌋Иногда напоминайте себе, что ваше время слишком дорого, чтобы тратить его на скучную книгу, унылый фильм и, особенно, токсичного человека.
Это касается и интернета - нормально удалять и банить негатив в личном блоге. Нормально устанавливать свои правила. 📌Как у меня - доказательная медицина - доказательные источники. Уважение.
🌋Те, кто отбрехивается сверхценным ИМХО, перемежая с обвинениями - не уважают моё время. 📌Которое я лучше потрачу на полезный пост для вас или ответ действительно нуждающимся☺️
👆Как в своём посте сказала замечательная @popartmarketing "это примерно то же самое, что собрать вечеринку, увидеть на ней чувака, который пердит, смачно рыгает и блюет на ковёр, и делать вид, что все в порядке. И аккуратно обходить блевотину по центру комнаты. Моя позиция - чувака Огра - выгнать, ковёр почистить и продолжать вечеринку."
Цените свое время, ребята. 💖 #lorana_divanniypsiholog

To the Sexy Report Makers 💋.
So my hips offend you. The way I move my body with the rhythm of the music . Divine, animalistic , deep, sensual . My sex makes you uncomfortable . My words about , the power of that pussy , my lovely feminine power house, makes you squirm . Look long and hard, see your own disfunction .. and know this ..
Good, I love it. 🌶💋.
Means my message is getting through. Means I've vexed you and I'm now I'm taking up a part of your consciousness . Good thing I don't need your approval to own this body, and move/use it however I see fit. .
Love always.
Sister Thursday Addams.

@abbey.yoga on Forearm Wheel ✨
I have had a lot of requests on how to get into forearm wheel recently, I thought a video would be perfect to show the 3 main ways I get into the pose. I don't know why I didn't do the options in order of easiest to hardest, I'm silly. The 1st option is the first way I learned how to do it. Lowering the forearms down from full wheel. 2nd is to go from pincha and fall (as gracefully and controlled as you can, this would be the hardest. You need more open shoulders and bendier back. The 3rd option is to prep yourself to go into wheel, coming to the crown of your head and creeping the elbows underneath the shoulders, lifting the head up off the ground. This option is the easiest, if the shoulders are really tight you can work on getting them into the correct position. All the options I have found successful within my own practice and as well as my students. Find a option that is good for you and have fun!
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Happy Saturday ☀️ Let's just dance through the weekend in style. Pearl of the Earth leggings available online, free shipping across Australia🇦🇺✨ #theelementsco #balanceyourelements

#YogaEnCasa2017 🌳
Día 27 #Navasana o Postura de la Barca
Esta postura tiene la misma forma que el Perro mirando abajo o dandasana, y todas ellas pueden ser muy exigentes con los isquiotibiales.
Si al estirar las piernas se redondea la parte baja de espalda, dobla las rodillas, para sentarte bien sobre los isquiones y estirar la espalda.
Coloca una correa entre la base de las escápulas y los pies y presiona por ambos extremos. La correa facilita el trabajo de los flexores de la cadera y ayuda a activar las piernas y levantar el pecho, llevando el esternón hacia el cielo. Mete el ombligo y trabaja en llevar las crestas ilíacas hacia delante y hacia abajo, que no caigan hacia atrás, de modo que se produzca una pequeña anteversión pélvica (lo contrario de redondear la zona lumbar).
Si tienes problemas con el equilibrio puedes apoyar la espalda en la pared o bajar los brazos y apoyar las puntas de los dedos a los lados del cuerpo.
Mantén, respira y a disfrutar! 🔊 A @lolismerys también se le pasa el tiempo volando! Ya en la recta final!
@mariadelosangeleslorenzo nos regala su variación preciosa
@evampzdd se llena de energía con las fuerzas encontradas de esta asana y no os perdáis los fantásticos triángulos extendidos de @cripxm @barbybpm @monti_es y @emmaboneta ➡🎁Regalos cortesía de @susiecreativa @zalando @almadeindali
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Day 5 - #YogisUnite
Warrior 2 -Virabhadrasana 2
Right facing. strengthens legs, opens hips and chest. Warrior 2 develops concentration, balance and groundedness. Improves circulation, breath and energizes the whole body. A full body pose, when done correctly, works every muscle in the body🙏🏻
Hosts: @donnanobleyoga @krystalslusciouslife
Sponsors: @gurugrid @omyogamagazine @dawngilldesigns @curvesomeyoga @fabuplus @lineagewear @niyoljewelry
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June schedule is out! Come join the #outnamastetribe as we share our practice under the stars 🌟🌟🌟 Every Wednesday @ Toa Payoh Town Park. See you soon! 👋🏻

A few new things. 🙏🏻

Torture brought to you by @flextopher, but he's the best😍🙌🏼 Look to where he got me today. Contortion is not easy, but I'm slowly taking the hang of it and I'm sure there's lots to learn. Gotta bring this guy home 😂😭😭 I can't thank him enough for his awesome class and constant torture for an hour. 😩♥️🙌🏼

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Come celebrate International Yoga Day and Refugee Week with us.
# belong
Wednesday June 21st
☝🏼see link in bio to purchase your ticket. 🙏🏼

Museum ✅ library ✅ homemade decorated gingerbread cookies ✅ I wish I had the energy of my kids! Day 2 of #chakrasanas is puppy pose for the sacral chakra. Hosts: @taylluna @hallieparkerlmt @namastayxo Sponsors: @little_miss_yogini @crystallinealchemy @selenesistershop

Reminder #2: TACFIT is back! Join @bnkkates for his return post paternity leave at the loft at 8:30am tomorrow morning to kick off your holiday weekend 💪🏻 #tacfit #bfpy #workout

WE HAVE BOLSTERS!!! If you're into restorative yoga, a good bolster is a must-have. The ones we have at the studio are of highest quality! Thanks for modeling, @georgia.tracy.marion 😋
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Day 13 of #HandstandYourHeartOut and it's cheesy video alert cause she's only gone and wiggled herself into #lotus 🙃🙊🙌 😁
Got my first Al fresco flow with @nathalieyogini this evening. She is food for the soul! Thank you very much lady, for dealing with and cheering me through my multiple attempts at this pose! Can't wait for next week 😊😘 Shout out to the hosts and sponsors too, for giving me another reason to really push myself to explore handstands so much more. I've been sore all week! 😂😂

Coming to the end of the Alta writing and yoga retreat @aquawellnessresort! Making the most of this beautiful beach. Tag your beach buddy!

Latest piece! This mala is filled with Lapis Lazuli, a stone which promotes a strong spiritual connection, truthfulness, and creativity. It is related to the throat and brow chakras which aids in discovering your inner power. ✨✨✨
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😍😍 High Quality Soccer Game Table - 17 Inches 😍😍 USD 68.23 and FREE Shipping 😲
Please visit our website for more details or comment here. 😎
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