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Working hard, or hardly working?? This is why I travel/teach with @erinkellyart .

We met at a YTT with @meghancurrieyoga a few years ago. We didn't really want to be yoga teachers, just explore and deepen our own personal practice. .

But we stayed in touch after we left the jungle, and soon found that our flexible lifestyles were conducive to teaching the kind of movement practice that we were actually passionate about. .

Neither of us wanted to load our schedules with 15-20 studio classes each week. Erin and I had (and still have) work outside of the yoga realm, so we had the privilege of being picky about where and what we taught, and never felt pressured to subscribe to a certain school. .

We started organizing some combined workshops, rotating back and forth, demonstrating with two different bodies, and speaking in similar, but still unique movement languages that melded into our shared style that continues to evolve today. .

It resonated well with attendees and so we continued. In these longer clinics, mini intensives, and even retreats/YTTs, we are able to delve so much deeper into the poses and the practice, all the while bouncing ideas off each other and having fun. .

Not only is being on the road more enjoyable with your bff at your side, but we have found that the casual banter between us at workshops lends itself to a safe, welcoming atmosphere. .

Sure, sometimes we teach on our own, but when you find something that works, and even better, that you ENJOY, stick to it! .

Catch us at @charlotteyoga this weekend! Only a few spots left!

Don't worry about what others think
Let your weird light shine bright
Trust your intuition
Believe in yourself
Let go of what is no longer serving
Make space for higher vibrations
We are collectively ascending
Spiraling into higher frequencies
Release the stagnation
Anything's possible

In theme with the last three posts - Building inversions starts with the arms! A strong foundation will lead to a long and injury free handstand career 😊 Make sure to put in the work and refine the basics before jumping into more advanced postures! Plank pose tones the whole body and strengthens the wrists, shoulders, and elbows hen done correctly. Thanks for sharing #Repost @melisfit_ #inflexibleyogis ・・・
In the before photo there are a few big issues here that could cause serious injury and hurt your practice:
1️⃣ My alignment is OFF!! 😕 In plank pose you always need your hands DIRECTLY underneath your shoulders and shoulder width apart. Since this is the foundation of your pose, you need to always fix this first! Sometimes all you need to do is shift your weight more forward!! 🤗💘
2️⃣ My back is ARCHED and my hips are sinking!! When you are in high plank pose you need to create a straight line from your heels to your head. This means you should have a neutral spine and an engaged core!! Some quick fixes for this are: drawing your hip bones towards your rib cage, engage your lower abs to avoid arching, and press your thighs towards the ceiling as you let your booty draw down towards the floor. Imagine everything is zipped up nice and tight from your heels to chest.
3️⃣ My neck is straining, my shoulders are up by my ears and I'm hunching my upper back (so painful!!). First things first: Relax your head, neck and spine. Take your gaze about 6 inches in front of your hands to create length in your neck. Take tension out of your shoulders and upper back by spreading your collarbones, relaxing your shoulders away from your ears, and lifting your chest away from your abs!! 💘
👉🏼 Want some modifications to work your way to the "After" photo? My top modification for high plank pose is to practice the pose on your knees! Focus on creating a straight line & engaged core before you take it back to your feet. Another tip I love is to place your feet up against a wall to help engage your legs and core by pressing into it! (make sure hands are under shoulder

If someone told me I would do a handstand a year back, I would have laughed and laughed a bit more 🙈I wasn't born flexible, matter of fact I am not that flexible compared to the other yogis on Insta..But I do my best and hit the mat everyday. There is no competition for me that I need to nail this Asan by some time. If I succeed at it, very well ! If not , I'll go on practising. Having expectations is fine, but being disheartened and demoralised when things don't go your way is not fine. This applies to everything in life.
Weekends hereeeee 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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I have found this company a little over a month ago. This is so interesting 👉 @mymonq isn't a vape or an e-cigarette. It is therapeutic air loaded with blends of essential oils and wild plant extracts. I ordered two.
1 was call Healthy ( inside: cinnamon, tumeric & marjoram )

2 Forest ( inside: black spruce, Douglas Fi, sandalwood ) my favorite one ❤


Understanding Bakasana * Bird pose
Action Plan
1. The dominant action in Bakasana is flexion. (You flex your joints when you bring them closer together.) You can see this when you look at the pose: The spine rounds, the knees bend, and the hips flex so that the legs can fold in toward the abdomen.
2. The second action in Bakasana is adduction—you adduct, or you squeeze, the legs toward the midline of the body.
3. The third action is shoulder protraction: The inner borders of the shoulder blades move away from the spine, while the bottom tips move down and into the back.
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Who's up for inversions? 🙃

Ce soir et toute la semaine prochaine, on se mets sur la tête et les mains 😉💪🏻🙌🏻. Réservez sur www.oasisyogaclub.com pour renforcer votre pratique ou tenter des nouvelles postures! #oasisyogaclub #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

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Friday fun day @beeyou_kidsyoga studio! Pleas join us today:
9am - Mommy & 🐝
10am - Busy 🐝s (ages 3-5)
11am - Little 🐝s (ages 6-9)
TONIGHT: Glow Flow with Jen Hansen! 3 spots left, sign up now at www.beeyouyoga.com
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Gather the things in your life that mean the most to you- things that bring you joy and happiness- and surround yourself with only love and positivity. 💓

In Chicago we have a lot of parks.Great to be close to the nature in Urban city.Chicago you are beautiful.

I still get nervous before almost every class I teach. Still get those little butterflies I get when I know I am onto something really special. When I first started teaching a few (not quite “many”) moons ago, I attributed those nerves to being new at it and never being someone who loved public speaking. But now I know it’s something else. I care immensely about my students. I care about their health and their happiness. I want every student who comes into my class to feel empowered, loved, supported, and brave enough to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Every. Single. Time. Everything I prepare -- the asana, the music, the “theme”, any readings or stories -- they all meet that end. I spend hours prepping each week for my classes, but I also always leave room for the divine. I have changed themes mid class when I feel like the energy in the room isn’t what I was hoping it would be for the dharma I had planned. All of this, as they say, is passion. And that’s me. I am passionate about the things (and the few people) I truly love. And I truly love yoga. For those teachers out there who still get those nerves, know you are not alone. I see you. I see your passion. I see how much you care. You are my people. #yogateacher #yogateacherproblems #yogisofinstagram #yogini #sutra #dharmayoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #love #instainspo #passion #dowhatyoulove #loveyourlife

Happy Friyay everyone!! Smile big and bright today even if shtuff hits the fan. You are blessed to be alive and breathing in this moment and sometimes that's the real reminder you need! 🙏

Teaching: ✨7:30am Vinyasa @ Vault west ✨5:30pm hot power hour @ Yoga Aura followed by Juice Buzz and FroPro party! 🎉

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We will be at Byers Woods tomorrow for our final pop up in the park for this season. Find us one last time in the great outdoors tomorrow at 10am. #popupyoga #popupyogainthepark #yogaeverydamnday @ashlandcountyparks2017

🕑 Segundo semestre com força total aqui no Vibe62!
MATRÍCULAS ABERTAS para nossas aulas regulares de *Danças Urbanas
*Yoga *Dança de Salão 🔸 UNIDADE JAÓ : Alameda Pampulha, 1773 Setor Jaó 🔸 UNIDADE BUENO: Rua Orestes Ribeiro (Antiga T-52), esquina com rua T-27, nº60 - St. Bueno
Matrículas e Informações:
 62 98346 0065 (whatsapp)

Wishing you all a happy Friday, and a magical weekend!

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