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Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down." -Roy T. Bennett ✨

🖤 It's been a while since my body has made this shape. I took a break from really reaallly deep backbends, largely to build core strength for support and to balance with my back strength, but also because a little part of me always feels.... different?
• I know my body and my practice more than anyone, certainly more than any troll or person observing from the outside, I know what feels good and what is too much. That being said, sometimes things still get to my head and I won't practice my fullest expression or do the different variations when in a class or doing photos because I've been told that it "looks unhealthy" or that it's weird, gross, it isn't yoga and also the sexual comments that I don't even want to get into or acknowledge 😣 • This felt soo f*cking good and thank you @blakesinclair for saying such positive uplifting things after I got into this 🤗 not to mention I see a small but significant difference in the way my spine arches more evenly ✨
I'm going to share more of my personal practice that I've left out for a little while because I want to inspire those that don't fit into a box to just be yourself always, create your own box 🙌🏽 even if that looks different, even if you get "opinions" about how you should or shouldn't do things .. 🙄 All that matters is how it feels 🦄 I want to encourage (as always, but even more than ever) that anything is possible and our bodies are freaking amazing things to be explored 🙌🏽 and that differences can be celebrated!! ♥️ Love you all so much and have a beautiful sleep 🔥 xoxo

Backbends with the talented @progo_a_gogo after she taught my first ever full yin yoga class. Hard to beat a relaxing and restorative class with views like this through the windows of the studio 😍 I'm in San Marcos, Guatemala and its absolute yoga heaven here. I may stay awhile 🤷🏼‍♂️☺️

Welcome to day 8 #backbendontrend Scorpion forearm stand.#beginner
If you don’t have the yoga block, you can substitute with a block or a book.set your mat facing to the wall and set your yoga block donot plenty close to the wall because you gonna be pressing your feets and chest direction always from the wall
1Forearm Plank 5-10deep breaths
Forearm Plank is an excellent pose to strengthen your arms, shoulders and core. 
2. Dolphin Pose 5-10deep breaths you will strengthen your core muscles and create muscle memory to prepare yourself to balance this way upside down.
3. One-Legged Dolphin Pose 5-10 deep breaths increases your body awareness and teaches you how to depend more on your upper body and forearms for balance. Lifting one leg adds more weight into the shoulders and arms
4place a block (or book) between your hands and spread through your fingers wide. Your thumbs should be on the inside and the fingers on the outside edges.
3Lift one leg up into the air as high as you can
4.kick up to the wall then start bend your back and lean your chest back
5.press your feet into the wall gently walk down
***The strap around the upper arms really helps support the pose and the block keeps you firmly planting your hands in to the floor. If you don’t have these, you can substitute with a belt and a book.❤ With Your Bendy Hosts:
@annphuong_ .
☄And Our AMAZING Sponsors:
@elasticapparel ( my legging )
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light falls
your face
I leave
I'll take
too. @sarahrosangela 🖤 🎶 Half Moon #gizemozdem1

WHEN TWO BEASTS COLLIDE..👊🏽 With the bro @king_david85 💪🏾 Track by - @poundz_100 🔥

Tag Your Workout Partner!🙌🏽

Hello Yogis! For Day 19 of #MasteringHandstands we have #HandstandLotus
Video sped up x 2 to fit Instagram 🤗🐇🐇
🌱Drills for Handstand Lotus *** FULL DISCLAIMER*** This is a really challenging posture and should not be taken lightly! Please stretch and warmup completely before attempting it! Also, those with knee injuries or tight hips may need to pass as it can be dangerous on your knees if you aren't ready for it! Please be mindful and modify as needed!!! .
🌱Carefully place your legs into lotus and then crawl onto your belly and rest your forehead on your forearms. Switch sides. .
🌱The goal is to be able to keep your knees safe and happy while you come in and out of lotus without using your hands. To practice this come into bridge pose and then walk your feet in towards your hips and come up high onto your tip toes. Place a block underneath your sacrum. Practice crossing and uncrossing your legs into lotus. For me that means flexing my hips to creat a hip crease, then bending the knee of the leg that I am starting with and wiggling that foot into the crease of my hip. Once that is secured crossing the other leg on top using the same sawing/wiggling motion to get in. Once in, flex both feet and keep them flexed. If there is ANY sensation of discomfort in the knees come out immediately and either forgo the lotus completely or stretch your hips a bit more first before trying it! .
🌱To get used to doing this upside down try it in Tripod Headstand, that way you get used to balancing while getting your legs in lotus.
🌱Handstand Lotus at the wall. Place your hands 5-8 inches from the wall. Kick up to handstand and allow your butt to rest on the wall. Bend deeply at your hip crease and take lotus as described above. Switch sides! .
🌱Full lotus handstand in the center of the room! .
#angelasyogatutorials .

@KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro and @AngelaKukhahnyoga .
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Playground shenanigans after #gym ⚖️


🖤🖤 E M B R A C E each other's differences
Having been born and raised in one of the most diverse nations in the world, we cross paths with people of different cultures, beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds everyday. Living with them, growing alongside each other, and getting along with one another was something that didn't really need to be taught, it's part of the way we live; #proudtobecanadian. Let's try to accept each others' differences and understand their perspective, wherever we may be in this world. 🙏🏻
‼️Shop @just_yogis using promo code【yogawithwen】for $50 off $500+ purchases!
Photographer: @conniee_c
Outfit: @aloyoga
Location: @sheratonhotels
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Two chances to practice with me today! 5:30 pm yogahour @bluebirdyoga and 8 pm slow flow at Blue bird! #yogaeverydamnday #iloveteachingyoga #yogastudentforlife #joblove

Throwback Thursday to the hike I did shortly before leaving the States…Whenever I think of the Hollywood sign, I think of LaLa Land…the place where all your dreams come true…

Such a perfect thing to have pop into my mind today as I am in France, doing yoga, taking pictures, and working to manifest abundance…more on that later on today after I reflect during my lunchtime walk…

In the meantime sending the highest of vibrations to all of my peeps - near and far…

See you on the mat…with smiles…

PS - What do you need to allow for in your life to make your dreams come true? And how do you make the space and energy for that?

PPS - Thank you my soul sistah @nrodas for capturing this moment, for hiking with me, and for dreaming bigger and better all the time!

#tbt #throwbackthrusday #dancerspose #yogilife #manifestabundance #yogaeverydamnday #morningmeditation #europeanadventure #france #travelingyogi #hollywoodsign #lalaland #losangeles #yogapractice #liveyourpassion #beauthentic #girlpower #girlboss #model #traveler #writer #dreamer #yogaeverywhere #griffithpark #wanderlust #freespirit #gypsy #inspirejoy #withsmiles

PS - So in love with the way the French say Hello…Have you read “The Bonjour Seduction” on www.samanthaeveyoga.com (http://www.samanthaeveyoga.com/blog/the-bonjour-seduction)
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Day 5 of 🍁🍂 #FallIntoFlexibility! 🍁🍂🌲
#yogachallenge is #DancerPose ....
. .
Hosts: @robinmartinyoga @karlatafra
Sponsor: @bodyangelactivewear

Graphic Design by @tateenglund

Please use the code "FALLINTOFLEXIBILITY20" for 20% off at @bodyangelactivewear during the challenge. .
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GREAT news for all Earthlings!
All disappointing circumstances, like stock prices falling, chocolate prices rising, or being disappointed by others - are temporary. You, however, are eternal.
You don't even have a say in the matter.
-The Universe
#greatabidingyoga #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #unlockingthepowerwithin #yogaoffthemat #yogaaddict #yogateacher #yogastudent #liveyouryoga #livealifeyoulove #livefully #createyourreality #greatabidinglove #powerwithin #yogalife #namaste #montana #Mountains #Sunrise #earthmagic

Apart from having a bad hair day . Its one of those mornings that i dont know what to practice knowing that i need to practice everything. On slide 3 says it all. I did quite a lot of that pose this morning. Ended up crowing around did some flying crow too but it looked too awful to post.
#crow #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

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First meal of the day 🥑😋🍡🍽😍
Baked eggs on toast, avo, coconuty mushrooms and fruit skewers
My god, i wish i had this chef cooking for me every day of my life
#southfrance #moliets #fatbudhhacamp #yogacamp #surfcamp #molietsbeach #starsurfcamp #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #health #wellbeing #foodie #brunch #vegetarian #instafood

Had a short run and then yoga. This is the first time I do standing bind, I have been practicing sitting bind and wow what a challenge for my balance to do it standing up.. wobbly, wobbly😜 .
#foldintofall #yoga #yogaandrunning #running #yogaeverydamnday #beyogaplayful #träning #löpning #springa #träningsglädje #hälsa #friskvård

#yogagirlchallenge dag 21
Idag klättrade jag upp för ett berg och blev ödmjuk inför naturens styrka och min egen litenhet. Det är svårt att vara kaxig på en brant av ett berg när jag svettas som en gris och inte tror att jag kommer orka till toppen. Men orka gjorde jag, jag klarar mer än jag tror och ner kom jag. Människor i naturen är generellt vänligare och mer öppna än på andra platser. Oavsett språkbärriärer eller ålder så hälsar alla, ger stöttande leenden och hjälper varandra om det behövs. För vi är alla människor, med samma mål. Att komma upp på berget och återvända ner. Det är ingen tävling, alla gör sin egen resa. ❤️
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #berg #natur #kärlek #enhet

When Le Artiste @reganwarner 🎨 wants you to lay with her, you lay with Rey!
I desperately did not want to get out of bed this morning. Lucky for me today’s pose was conducive to keeping the dream alive! Thank you Rey Rey for helping me sleep in for just a few extra moments 🙏🏻💕
I am The Assassin @brick__t 🗡
League posting order
9.4 Lotus Blossom @tryahlove 🌸
9.5 The Goddess @stephaniekicksbutt 💜
9.6 The Viking, @ninajarnumyoga 🍷
9.7 The Maniac @yogamaniac_sam
9.8 The Ashkicker @theashkicker 👹
9.11 The Purist @Renny_sito 💎
9.12 The Saltire @finlay0901 🏹
9.13 The Wolfpack @Skywalkeriam 🔥
9.14 The Cobra @samgachyoga 🐍
9.15 The Capoeirista @dreamsofmanta 🐒
9.18 The Queen Bee @kateswarm 🐝
9.19 The OG @gordonogden 😎
9.20 The Bhakti @pablo_maha 🙏
9.21 Le Artiste @reganwarner 🎨
9.22 The Boomerang @ryan.cartwheels 😏
9.25 The Arrow @greenideas80 💛
9.26 The Stoic @behrangyoga
9.27 The Fearless @nick_vishanka 👺
9.28 The Baron @yogi_eric
9.29 The Duke @mirajfindingbalance 👑
Check with @leagueheadquarters for reporting of daily asana
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Day 21: ( picture from a rooftop break last night) Stress related insomnia is a bitch. It turns me into someone I really don't like - irritable, sensitive to noise, generally annoyed at everyone, and very prone to meltdowns. Meditation ( done this morning while taking a footbath with essential orange oil & wearing a calendula/aloe face mask - I call this time-efficient selfcare, and I shall never do it again. It feels like cheating) helped only to the extent that I got to work feeling like a composed mess, and not a homicidal one. There are so many things to be done before the weekend, that will require another two long nights at the office, and it feels like my to do list just keeps growing, with only limited possibilities of delegation. Responsibility is usually great and rewarding, but sometimes, like today, it's owerwhelming, and makes me feel anxious and paralysed. And when then the weekend I have been looking forward to has to be subjected to a work related change of plans, effectively resulting in lots of travelling for minimal quality time, it just feels like the end of the world. It's not, but it sure feels like it. But once the urgency anxiety subsisted because I checked off the most urgent stuff off my list, so I could actually breathe normally again, and had a brief 'I think I have crossed the threshold of frustration and I have no idea how to do this on my own' talk with my boss, and some coffee corner banter with colleagues, I am feeling better. It's still a crap day, but now it's crap with only partially cloudy outlook, so all in all, I think I'll be ok. ________________________________________________________________#yogagirlchallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #thedailygrind #anxiety #insomnia #yogapractice #yogaeveryday #sharing #communication #mindfulness #sometimesIstruggleandthatisok #meditation #brightside #selfcare

Yoga Challenge Day Two - taking time to do some yoga BEFORE at 7:30 breakfast meeting sort of seems like a thing of my past, and yet here we are. I knew the rest of the day was jam packed and this might be my only time to get to stretch it out. And it felt good. Really good. .
I am choosing to forgive myself on a couple of things today. I forgive myself for not spending "enough time" preparing for an audition I have today. I so wish I'd had the time to prepare a new monologue for it, but I simply don't and the one I have in my back pocket will have to do. I forgive myself for not doing a couple of things I told people I would do for them.... read their play, follow up with someone I know who can do them a favor etc. Not that I'm excusing myself from doing this things (and maybe I will get to it today) but I do forgive myself for forgetting or even for procrastinating so far. I have been overwhelming my mind and body with tasks, there are only so many hours in a day. What is meant to be done will get done in time. .
And I suppose as I write this I have to forgive myself for being late to my meeting due to yoga... 🙄 .
#SoulGoodYoga .
@malaslala_yoga @mikayogawear @ujjayi @allthatglittersjewelryco @emilygraceacupuncture

💛 Just love 💖

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