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This morning, I asked Alan to lead our session. I am usually the one leading the practice and calling the shots and it is rare for me to get the chance to be on my mat and be directed in what I am doing. I actually find it a difficult thing to do, being a mega-control freak!
What challenges you about practice?

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In high school, you never wanted to be part of a group that shared the same principles and ideals? You know, like the popular guys, the bad guys, the smart ass, etc.
In my tireless search for my own identity, and before being a bastard yogi who hates avocado, I was part of some social groups and urban tribes during and after high school such as:
•The losers (and chubby, in my case) but smart. (My nickname was "diapers", I already told that story in a previous post, you know, my ass was also chubby and peachy 🍑😊) .
•The bad guys who smoked at school and looking for troubles anywhere.😎.
•Darks and punks, you know, with black nails💅. (Although I kept listening Madonna secretly). .
•Hippies without cannabis. (It was expensive and hard to find back then, but It was fun, I made very cool bracelets with rocks and stuffs 👨🏼‍🎤).
•Party boys. There is nothing to say here. I barely slept.
•A small group of gays. (I was born in a small city where being gay was not totally acceptable... Still).
•Group of revolutionaries who take to the streets to protest against the government and demand rights while we smoke weed. Good times..
•Yoga group. (Maybe I just had bad luck, but it turned out to be the group that I least enjoyed given the hypocrisy ... But I appreciate the inspiration).
•And finally my street workout group. (The one I still miss, since it was probably the only group I was part of without intending it).
•And now I'm part of a group of bastard Instagram yogis who hate avocado and make fun of yogi celebrities. Lol, nope, I'm on my own here. 😙. Anyway.

Namaste and margaritas. 🍸🙏✨

When you’re looking for a place to do a handstand but you’re not in the mood for the floor. @theacrocaveman

It’s been about 6 years since I tried this transition from #adhomukhavrksasana to #pinchamayurasana I’ve made it my mission now to slow it right down for a soft landing. Then come back up the #handstand 🙌🏻 super fun!

It’s time for some body image awareness. I could easily lie and tell you that I put in years of hard work for this transformation, but the truth is that these photos were taken 5 minutes apart, and nothing was photoshopped. One is me, unflexed in natural lighting. The other is me, flexing after getting a pump on, and oiled up in better lighting. Almost everything you see on IG, from a girl’s perfect ass to a guy’s ripped physique is a set up. I did this in 5 minutes with a phone selfie in a bathroom. Many IG stars have professional cameras and lighting, and then use photoshop on top of that. Imagine what this would look like in those conditions. Don’t believe everything you see. It’s almost all fabricated. #transformationtuesday #bodyimagemovement

"His gratitude widened his smile and bent his back.” - Arundhati Roy ✨🙏🏽
#repost 📸 from @namaste.trey

Why you ask???
✅Works shoulder extension
✅Increases hamstring flexibility
✅Works compression strength
✅Stretches the low back nicely
✅Will get strange looks if performed in public
This is a great, low impact mobility drill that everyone should do! If you suck at this the first time, don’t worry, you’ll be amazed how quickly you improve.

YOGA METHOD- creative and intelligent ways to sequence towards peak postures. In this sequence there is a bunch of shoulder contraction and shoulder opening, finishing in a variation of chin stand. Stay tuned for that. Countered the sequence with this, a #sarvangasana #halasana #kurmasana transition. Thank you @gabiabalo for the inspiration. Super funky and feel good. Always learning.


Something happens when you step on your mat. It is unfiltered, unapologetic, raw, real, honest, pure, imperfectly perfect. The aim is never to have a perfect practice, it does not exist. A perfect asana does not exist. Express yourself as you can. Do what you are intended to do, not what you are pressuring yourself into doing. With what your mind and body allows you each practice. Just practice. Nothing more and nothing less.
Your heart and soul opens. Your happiness and joy for life and for the future is growing, it is blooming, it comes to life after having been sleeping for a moment.
You can face another hour, minute, second with grace, peace, calmness and equanimity. All emotions, underlying thoughts and feelings bubble up to the surface to remind ourselves to never hide - and to always love fully.
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If you read @omyogamagazine you might see a familiar face... I'm this month's 'Man on the Mat', having a chat about Reverse Warrior, a clear favourite of mine.
Thanks @omyogamagazine for the chance to speak about this fun posture and cheers to @moreyoga_ for the photoshoot - turned out alright!

Wait a minute. Let it go. Practice. Ocean wavin' à la @meghancurrieyoga this afternoon. Get the juices flowing 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Suppose it's only my first few classes of Muay Thai. My kicking game is shite but we will see how it improves over the next few months

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