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Chris Kummer, #yogadetour's resident anatomy teacher and #fasciaguy, tellin' it like it is. Even those who have had the pleasure of learning from Chris on other occasions tell us all the time that they continue to learn from his super practical, intelligent and accessible approach to anatomy education. In 2017, Chris will be sharing all kinds of knowledge with our students, both in the next 200hr training (STARTS IN FEB!) as well as in individual Continuing Education Modules (12 hour weekends, taught separately from the 200hr program). Make sure you don't miss a beat and sign up for our newsletter at yogadetour.com!

Day One of Movement for Trauma as part of the continuing education program @yogadetour at the @mindfulmovementcentre . What forward thinking yoga teacher training program doesn't include a foundational level of knowledge regarding trauma and the body? Grateful to have met 12 new students and to have @kolakat13 as teaching assistant helping to create the container for this work to unfold. #traumarecovery #traumainformed #yogadetour #movementismedicine #movementfortrauma

I'm very late to the game on this #yogadetour Instagram challenge 😬 If you're working on arm balances, etc make sure your upper body strength can support your goals. 3-5 sec pauses, pressing back up if you can. Keep the spine neutral and shoulders externally rotated especially at the bottom. Try it! More from this challenege at @yogadetour #yogateachertraining #yogachallenge #yogadetour #movement

#sissysquats #puppyproblems @yogadetour #followthedetour #yogadetour #yogachallenge loved your flow!! I would have to be really warm to bend like that. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™

Challenge #5 slow mo hip circles. I was definitely feeling the BERN #feelthebern #sanders2016 #movement #yogadetour

Yoga Detour Day 3 Challenge - TVA Activation ...cinching inward... Never gonna wear a corset #followthedetour #teachertraining#practice#bodyweight#yogadetour

Getting straightened out after a serious lack of handstanding in my life these days.
#handstand #California #inversionarmy #yogadetour #followthedetour

Toronto are you ready? MINDFUL STRENGTH is coming at the end of May. Two days in a state of the art gym, learning strength from the ground up, all levels and ages welcome. Come see why strength is not something to be feared. Sensitive strength training made simple for you!


#kby #mindfulstrength #yoga #movement #yogadetour #toronto #strengthtraining #yogiswhopull #getstrong #traumasensitive

#tbt to Saturday's Movement Rx workshop when @andretalbot and the lovely @yoginiella demo'd beautiful spinal articulation informed by contact, touch and feedback.
Does your spine know how to #movewell? Do you move it in all the ways? If not, start now!


#tbt to Saturday's Movement Rx workshop when @andretalbot and the lovely @yoginiella demo'd beautiful spinal articulation informed by contact, touch and feedback.
Does your spine know how to #movewell? Do you move it in all the ways? If not, start now!

Missing Brooklyn missing Coney Island missing the beach

Out here tryna get strong af

Heyo! Happy International Yoga Day πŸ™ Glad to celebrate the very thing that has helped my mind and body in so many ways. Let's yoga togetha this summer! DM me for info on private sessions and more. πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•βœ¨πŸ™Œ
🎢🎢 Aydio - Deltitnu
And big thanks to the best drone operator I know πŸ“Έ @glunaworld


Gotta love it when the #ydtribe shows up to class and spreads the love ❀️

Monday mantras.

We introduced the ELDOA practice to our students at Movement Rx for Yoga Teachers this past Saturday @spiritloft. These postures are incredibly intricate, precise and when done correctly - powerful.
The best way to learn ELDOA is one on one from a qualified instructor, though we find group classes to be an efficient means of introducing this life changing practice to more people. Curious to know more? Drop us a DM and we can point you in the right direction to some of our ELDOA-certified colleagues.

95% of my movement practice is stuff like this - slow, repetitive strength building movements. That give me the ability to move into the 5% fancy. Also, if anyone says they don't have enough room at home to have a movement practice...well, I don't believe you...find a doorway. 😘
#yoga #yogadudes #yogadetour #yogateacher #nothingfancy #strength #mobility

Ready πŸ˜‰

A little clip from one of @andretalbot 's portions yesterday during Movement Rx for Yogis.
Much of the day was spent exploring the edge of our comfort zones, finding ways to then incorporate new movement approaches into the Yoga practice a la Detour ;) We ❀️collaborating with members of this thriving, curious community. More clips of our day together are captured in stories...check em out πŸ€—

Another Movement Rx for Yoga Teachers in the bag at @spiritloft. Such a privilege and honour to collaborate with #YogaDetour and break open a broader movement lexicon with 25 dedicated teacher-practitioners interrogating inherited patterns with fresh eyes and curious minds. May we all wake up to an evolving paradigm of practice... one that is mindful, joyful, inclusive and sustainable. #stability #mobility #integration #improvisation #spiritloft #movement #yoga @yogadetour

3 years ago. Same same, but weirder. πŸ‘€πŸ‘β€οΈ

Handstand check in: stable and stronger than ever. Yoga alone didn't teach me this, it's a combination of modalities that may or may not be surprising. I deeply respect traditional yoga but it isn't for me. It never was. The traditions and practices behind asana are incredible and should be preserved for all of time, but you should never feel guilty for enjoying the asana and not personally being into other aspects. Be you, practice what calls to you and do what feels right. I enjoyed the challenge of asana because it therefore challenged my mind to enhance sharp focus, attention to detail and the ability to sit with myself without getting restless. Yoga transcends the moment and pours over into all other aspects of our lives.., that's kind of how I saw it over time. It's something for me to return to, something I'm grateful for for creating the avenue to schools such as @yogadetour -- a place I learned there is much beyond traditional postures, and that they are not always necessarily the goal. I still will always love inversions, vinyasa, rocket yoga and generally flowing. Sometimes it feels repetitive, sometimes it feels comforting, other times I mix it into different stuff. Just remember to never become a victim of dogma. Practice and all is coming is true, but not all encompassing. If you can't do a thing, break down that thing, regress that thing.... don't keep doing the thing that constantly brings you pain and injury. There's a fine line between a little discomfort to induce neurological change and repeating something that will only lead to injury and more pain. If this doesn't make sense to you and feel difficult to identify, find a few good teachers and ask questions. All. The. Time. Also, do not forget the element of play.

The basics...

✨✨✨This week we have TRANSFORMATION on our minds.✨✨✨ What better way to explore that concept than through a Prenatal Yoga training, learning to support others through one of life's most significant transformations?
This past weekend a stellar group of women, led by educators-extraordinaire @yoginicky and @jenhelland put the pieces together from all the previous PPDT modules to explore a truly comprehensive approach to teaching Prenatal yoga. In September we'll reconvene again for Postnatal Yoga Detour Training which will complete the inaugural PPDT program.
Interested in joining the 2018 cohort? Comment below and let us know what you'd love to see in a transformative Pre/Postnatal YTT!

Early Bird pricing for this fall's Sustainable Yoga Immersion with @heartandbonesyoga ends today! Sign up before midnight to save over $50 - link in bio. πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½ #Repost @heartandbonesyoga ・・・
Toronto!! I'm excited to be teaming up with @yogadetour and bringing my Sustainable Yoga Immersion on October 21 & 22. This workshop is is designed both for yoga teachers and everyday people who want to move well and feel awesome in their yoga practice and throughout life. Discover what the 4 Pillars of a Sustainable Yoga Practice are, how to #sustainablize some of our most common poses along with a ton of other great info. -
Join myself and Cecily of @yogadetour for a live chat where we talk all things yoga & movement this Thursday at 10am MST on Yoga Detour's Facebook page! ✨
**** Early bird pricing is on right now until June 12. Find out more and register over at yogadetour.com.

First Karma Class done! I can't believe it! I remember taking my first class at @glowhotyoga and teaching my first hot flow class today at the studio brought it full circle! Overwhelming but so exciting πŸ‘ But I couldn't have done it without the support of my beautiful friends and boo πŸ™Œ Join me next Sunday at 2:30p for my next free Karma Class πŸ’•βœŒβœ¨

Take a break from your beautiful Saturday evening and give this quickie move from @yoginicky a try! Your psoas will ❀️you for it.

Ayur-what?? EYE-ur-VEY-duh

If you've never heard that word, you need to come to @glowhotyoga on Sunday at 4p! My friend and Ayurvedic chef/author Lois Leonhardi is hosting a workshop breaking down the basics of this ancient system of natural healing. Originating in India, Ayurveda and Yoga go hand in hand. I've recently begun learning about Ayurveda and have been working with Lois for my own natural healing process. Fascinating stuff and worth getting familiar with if yoga is your jam βœŒβœ¨πŸ’•

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