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This is what training should be - fun, challenging and getting to hang out with cool people thanks to @cecily_milne @kathrynbruniyoung #yogadetour #yogaforrunners #strongwomen #nevertoostrong

I'm very late to the game on this #yogadetour Instagram challenge 😬 If you're working on arm balances, etc make sure your upper body strength can support your goals. 3-5 sec pauses, pressing back up if you can. Keep the spine neutral and shoulders externally rotated especially at the bottom. Try it! More from this challenege at @yogadetour #yogateachertraining #yogachallenge #yogadetour #movement

#sissysquats #puppyproblems @yogadetour #followthedetour #yogadetour #yogachallenge loved your flow!! I would have to be really warm to bend like that. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™

Early bird pricing for Cecily Milne's #yogadetour weekend workshops ends August 28th! Register today to save big bucks! Call us at (716)885-9100 or stop in to either #eastmeetswestyoga location to reserve your spot. #emwschedule #educateyourself

#ytt #yoga #yogadetour #followthedetour

Day One of Movement for Trauma as part of the continuing education program @yogadetour at the @mindfulmovementcentre . What forward thinking yoga teacher training program doesn't include a foundational level of knowledge regarding trauma and the body? Grateful to have met 12 new students and to have @kolakat13 as teaching assistant helping to create the container for this work to unfold. #traumarecovery #traumainformed #yogadetour #movementismedicine #movementfortrauma

Challenge #5 slow mo hip circles. I was definitely feeling the BERN #feelthebern #sanders2016 #movement #yogadetour

Yoga Detour Day 3 Challenge - TVA Activation ...cinching inward... Never gonna wear a corset #followthedetour #teachertraining#practice#bodyweight#yogadetour

Ready for week numero dos! Mind blown with everything I've learned so far ✨ #ytt #yogadetour #yogateachertraining


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Wicker lanterns 😍

Back in July of 2014, almost exactly two months before I had my beautiful daughter, I was still holding onto a tiny bit of my yoga practice. What should be noted here is that the movement felt so go on my body! BUT I was not paying attention to the over stretching and intra-abdominal pressure I was putting on the #lineaalba and causing what ended up being a 3 finger #diastisisrecti
If you look closely at my downward dog as I'm breathing, you can see the bump or tenting action happening- which should be avoided during pregnancy.
Should have followed my own rules!
The lessons to take away from this?
β€’ Be active!! β€’ Learn "core breath" to activate and strengthen the abdominals functionally β€’ Avoid extremes where you are unable to control your core. (Watch for the bumping out or 'tenting' happening to the belly)
β€’ Be sure that your exercise makes you feel fabulous, not stressed physically or emotionally.
#pilatesdoula #coreandfloor #pregnancyexercise #yogadetour #32weeks

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#buffaloyogateachers! There are still spots available for Cecily Milne's #yogadetour #teacherworkshop Activate to Integrate: Understanding the Yoga Detour Method on Friday September 15th from 1-6pm at the #buffalofoundry location. #emwschedule #educateyourself

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*#Repost @retreatmalibu
Enjoy an American classic - The Airstreams. Choose between two themes each with their own personality and feel. Perfect as a launching pad for the extraordinary hiking and tourist attractions nearby.

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The last entry in our sandbag series! Thanks for all the ❀️shown in response to our out-of-the-box uses for these amazing tools. ///
Here, it's all about external rotators of the shoulder, muscles that for many of us are super sleepy and underused. The sandbags here are totally optional - you could do this without props or sub the bags for blocks instead and still get some nice proprioceptive feedback. ///
Things to keep in mind:
- elbows stay close to the body and don't float forward of midline
- emphasis on rotation as opposed to scapular retraction - at your end range, when thumbs are reaching back, pause and look for a little extra activation before drawing hands back toward centre
Try 8-10 reps, 3 sets and see what wakes up in response!

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We love @janeclapp and her work, and this is why we asked her to be a guest contributor to the Be Moved 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program. She will be teaching her Movement for Trauma Level 1 training.

Become more informed and intelligent about the impact of traumatic stress on our physiology, tissues and brains so you can make your teaching and training more transformational and lasting. Learn how to develop healthy physical, psychological and emotional boundaries with all your clients through tapping into the intelligence of your own body during sessions.

You will make a greater impact on the quality of life for all your clients, whether they are dealing with the trauma of everyday life or more severe histories of trauma.

Learn more about the Be Moved Teacher Training program at:

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Attention Retreaters!! We will be hosting our first day retreat on Sunday, August 27th from 10AM-6PM. We have a wonderful team guiding us through workshops, yoga and meditation. You don't want to miss this! 🌠

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