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"Yoga is the fountain of youth. You're only as young as your spine is flexible." - Bob Harper @hannahtaha

Do a backbend against a wall /door.Backbend routine practice.😊
**one step from the wall❤
***Donot forget to breathe💚(sometime i did to 😆)
****i did a tutorial of this pose check out on my page😊
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💫Throwback: expressing movements in inspiring surroundings.🌸
🌎 Lisbon, King Eduardo Gardens with @origins.nutrition blogging food & nutrition💚
🔝#upyourrom there is never a perfect moment to express yourself, just be yourself in your moment alway.✌🏼

@erinkellyart on Productive Days 😎
Today's been fabulous, I got up extra early, cleaned and rearranged the house. Purged lots of material items and added some new ones. I took a nap with the kitties, meal prepped for the next couple of days and even got to read some of this new book I've been hooked on. Happy girl, Happy Sunday 🙋🏼😊😘-
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The beginnings of forward jumping into bakasana position. This is a baby bakasana ...

Welcome to south Florida. #Litaf #hotyoga #hotaf #yogis #hotyogi #bikram #yogadaily

My backbend practice has evolved over the years. I can always go to a seemingly deep position if I want to but it doesn't produce the holistic benefits I am looking for. The height and width in the standing backbends is always my number one goal. #backbend #yoga #yogaasana #yogainspiration #doyoga #yogateachertraining #practiceyoga #love #instagood #picoftheday #yogalove #giannayoga #tattooedyogi #yogateacher #yogi #yogadaily #yogapractice #yogafit


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Yoga anybody? I cannot believe that I haven't started sooner. The benefits are outstanding! If you're looking to shed some weight, fix back problems, sleep patterns yoga is definitely something you should be looking into. The benefits are insanely awesome!! Here is a program that I would recommend for anyone of any age. It's got my stocked! Click the link, and watch the video on it. The link will also be in my bio
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My favourite part of the day 👌🏻


I feel like some kind of amphibian in these pants🐸🦎

#todayimay seek to serve others (although I'm not sure I'm serving anyone with this attempt at visvamitrasana 😂). But struggling with and falling out of this pose definitely reminded me not to take myself to seriously and to enjoy and appreciate where I'm at in my yoga practice without comparing myself to others ❤️❤️❤️ ⠀
Anyway, today's theme is so far my favorite from this #yogachallenge In today's individualistic society, it's easy to forget the true joy and peace that come from serving others ⭐️🙏🏻⭐️ There's really nothing like knowing that you made a positive impact or difference in another's life.⠀
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So much room for activities!! 😆 always finding new ways to move and new stuff to play on. Super should stretch here 😮🤷🏼‍♀️

This picture made me tear up! That's one lucky little boy! ❤

While I was born and raise in Las Vegas, both sides of my family are from super small towns in New Mexico. My family origins lie in discovering and settling down in these lands. My parents grew up miles apart from each other, it's the kind of small town where everyone knew everyone. My moms sister dated my dad's brother at one time. My grandma managed a local grocer and my dad's parents kept a shop. My uncles were local politicians and everyone, I mean EVERYONE knew of my Grandpa Eddie.
I saw his sombrero hanging on my moms wall today and wanted to pay homage to him. I'll visit my parents' land in Los Lunas next month, retreating this 1.5 acre Garden Of Eden reconnects me to the love I have for small, simple living; the love I have for my heritage.
The older I get and more I branch away from taking the beaten path in search of adventure and expansion, the more I like to reconnect with my roots in NM.

These cute pants are by @lilybod!

Breathe..just breathe 😌💨💫

#YogaEnCasa2017 🌳
Día 25 #Dhanurasana o Postura del Arco
Hoy tenemos que seguir las mismas indicaciones que para la Cobra pero incluso con más cuidado porque esta extensión de espalda es más profunda y va a haber más presión en la columna lumbar. En este caso presionar bien el pubis contra la colchoneta para llevar coxis hacia abajo alargando el sacro se convierte en imprescindible para así descomprimir la zona lumbar. Pensad en crear el arco en la parte alta de la espalda, intentando proyectar el esternón hacia delante y hacia arriba, con las escápulas descendidas y hacia la columna para abrir el pecho y hombros lejos de las orejas. Las rodillas como mucho al ancho de caderas.
1. Si agarrar los dos tobillos a la vez resulta demasiado, podemos hacer media postura, es decir, sujetar primero un tobillo y luego el otro, dejando el brazo y pierna contrarios extendidos.
2. Con una correa, la dejamos bajo las espinillas con los extremos hacia delante para poder agarrarlos. Al tirar, la correa se irá hacia los talones y nos permitirá “ acercarlos” lo que necesitemos.
3. Con un bloque o manta enrollada, lo colocamos bajo las costillas inferiores para ayudarnos a levantar el torso. los muslos pueden quedar en el suelo o levantarse. También podemos colocarlo en la parte superior de los muslos para ayudarnos a levantar los muslos 🔊 Hoy no hice más que decir Qué calooorrr! como @martacosta79😁🌞
@reyesdiazmadrid quiso practicar a pesar de sus anginas🤒
Para @martitchka la media torsión entra dentro del yoga para irse a dormir💤💤
Atentos a @apoamor y su asana de la media cabeza!🙆‍♀️
@helloimmirina ha descubierto que le encantan las torsiones porque le sientan muy bien👍 y @sorregoo nos recuerda que apenas queda una semana para que termine el reto! 🤤Oh Dios mío, no puede serrr!😲😲 ➡🎁Regalos cortesía de @susiecreativa @zalando @almadeindali
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•creating space for me•🌫🌧

Do you know what holiday is coming up!?! Hug Your Cat Day!! Oh! And Monkey Around Day! Wait...you've never heard of Corn on the Cob Day?? Oh man... this challenge is for you. Join @themooserocket (ME!) and my amazing cohost @gulnuryoga for 14 days of WACKY fun this June. Each day we will celebrate a different wacky holiday with a corresponding asana! We've got great prizes from our sponsors: @yogatops @roselite.design @thewaymat @yogetrymats @kocoandviking @satyayogawear @lotustribeclothing - be sure to show them love!
To Play:
Repost this flyer and tag a few friends! Follow all hosts and sponsors. Each day we will give you a new wacky pose to try. Be sure to use the hashtag #WackyDaysofJune when posting. And make sure your profile is public so we can see you! Get as wacky as you want with variations, props, outfits, edits- we want our feeds filling up with wacktastic shenanigans!

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