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"Big ideas have small beginnigs." ❤

Luna nueva 🌌🌠🌑
"las lunas nuevas se producen cuando el sol y la luna se juntan, cuando el cielo está oscuro, no vemos la luna. Es el momento del mes en que nos proponemos cosas , en que plantamos semillitas.El encuentro es en leo, signo de fuego, signo del corazón y el momento en el que nosotros, como seres humanos, nos identificamos conscientemente con nosotros mismos, en donde entendemos que somos únicos, cómo queremos sobresalir, que es lo que nos gusta hacer, donde entendemos que nos tenemos que querer a nosotros mismos, donde aflora nuestro ego.
Ego que normalmente nos dicen tenemos que destruir, ego que normalmente nos dicen que nos lleva a tomar malas decisiones, a ser egoístas, peeeero, ego necesario para que desarrollemos nuestros talentos. La única clave para tener algo así como un "ego sanito" es ser reales, hacer las cosas desde el amor, y no de la inseguridad. Esta luna nueva tienes que preguntarte que es lo qué, de verdad, te motiva, que es lo qué quiere tu alma, es lo mismo que tu ego
normalmente la respuesta es "que me quieran", pero lo que tenemos que entender y lo que nos enseña leo, es que primero te tienes que quererte a ti mismo.Cuando ya entendemos eso, cuando el alma y el ego sienten lo mismo, nuestra vida fluye perfectamente, empiezan a aparecer esas "magias", logras la felicidad y la tranquilidad, prueba y verás.

Entonces lo que se nos propone es entender nuestras pasiones, entenderlas para encenderlas, encenderlas para sentir ese amor que necesitamos tanto, ese amor que un poquito endulza que todo lo que haces, y energía no nos va a faltar, recuerden que marte también está en leo, cosa que no hace nada más que llamar a la acción, acción desde el corazón, no esa que busca el reconocimiento del resto, esa que te hace vibrar a ti. Es es el momento de re-conectarnos con nosotros mismos, de auto analizarnos y entender que nos podemos hacer felices. Cual es el talento que no explotas? Confías en ti mism@ ? 🌎🙏🏻💫" Feliz domingo, feliz luna nueva 🐶🦋#newmoon @subaruchile

#sundayvibes #takeadeepbreath @madymorrison ❤️ Hier ein kleiner Reminder an alle: was auch immer die kommende Woche bringt, du packst das! Glaub an dich! Ich wünsche einen schönen, gemütlichen Abend! :)) 😘

Scapulohumeral rhythm and head position in Chaturanga Dandasana. In this video I'm demonstrating two approaches to this very challenging posture - 1. Scapulae protracted ↔️2. Scapulae retracted. ➡️⬅️In both variations I start in high plank with the scaps protracted and depressed ⬇️. .

In variation 1, as I lower down I try to keep the spine in slight flexion, and the scaps fully protracted (extremely difficult as you will see) and depressed, and elbows in towards the body (external rotation and abduction of the upper arm). In variation 2, I squeeze the scaps together as I reach Chaturanga, keeping them depressed and the arms the same as above. .

From the side view I repeat these two patterns but also show different head/neck positions. One point of view is that the neck should be kept in neutral with the natural curve in tact (just like when you're standing). But if you look at photos of Yoga masters like Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois then you'll see they used to keep their necks extended (head up). The reason for this is usually said to be to keep the front body open (prevent the shoulders from rounding forward). However the tendency with the head up is to cause tension in the neck and traps (something our modern culture doesn't need more of) and to cause the lower back to excessively arch. Keeping the head in neutral can help to engage the deep cervical (neck) flexors which will in turn keep the thoracic spine extended and the frontal line (abdominal muscles to the pelvic floor) engaged. .

In both variations I attempt to keep the abdominal muscles fully engaged with either a slight posterior tilt (or in neutral) of the pelvis. The main point to watch for in Chaturanga Dandasana is to prevent collapsing - in the lower back and in the arms/shoulders/scaps. .

See if you can figure out how to do both. Find your weaknesses and work on that. Remember, as Rumi said, "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there."

How to enter our favourite combo pose 😊 lots of communication (plus endless previous fails 😂)... keep sound 🔊 this is definitely easier if you have someone taking the pic and guiding you but nothing is impossible 😊❤️ #THETWOMARTINAS
Me and @martina_sergi Matching in our @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess

I realize I propose this variation in a lot of challenges but that’s because it works on several important issues at a time. If you can’t bind in today’s pose, chances are the arms are not going through enough, and that likely could be solved if you folded deeper at the hip flexors and kept the spine ‘flatter’. This variant can help with all that and more. Let’s isolate the stretch and make it all about the back so, feel free to bend the knees if the hamstrings is the area where you feel it the most. Find with the shoulder blades the wall and really ‘lean’ on it, I mean rest more ‘back surface’ on it and feel the lower ribs, maybe even the top of the sacrum, touching it. Relax the head and neck and let gravity lengthen those. Very often, if the crown is close to the floor, you end up touching it (the stretch is working!), just bring the feet closer so the head is dangling once more and there’s no rounding in the back. Relax the arms, hold opposite elbows or grab onto the legs/heels to give yourself a deeper assist. If you’re as persistent as I am 😁😁😁do this version first and hold for a while, then move away from the wall and put a strap around the waist to try the bind, then do it a third time laying on the back (with a strap too) and see how far you get. This is totally achievable with a bit of #practice and dedication! Let’s start planting the seeds then!! For more alternatives, look for Aislinn @yogawithaislinn and Rachel @rachely.wang. Mat by @livesankalpa. For translation in other languages, follow and check out daily these accounts:

French: @cyogalab_defi
Brazilian Portuguese: @cyogalab_portuguese
Korean: @cyogalab.korean

Sometimes life is a riddle. Vulnerability is strength. Firmness is flexibility. Sometimes you have to let go of what you want if you want to achieve your goal.
There were truths that I've been blind to that were obvious to everyone else. When I work up to the truth it was like a freight train hit me in the heart. Instead of building walls, I dropped down into a place of true strength and let it all in. There were times when I held on to my dreams so tightly I thought I'd die if they didn't come true. But now it's all different. It's like the riddle solved itself. And the answer was love. Could it be that simple? Oh yes, it really could. And yes, it really is. The reason life is a riddle is because you are vast and cannot be reduced to things that make sense. You contain opposites and are bigger and grander than anything you can define. You are love, brilliant and exuberant, abundant and overflowing.
Day 24 is Supta Padangusthasana, Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose. This asana is equally balanced between strength and flexibility. Lift your shoulder and lower ribs off the ground to rise up with strength. Sink the femur into its socket to drop down into flexibility.
I am overwhelmed with how many people are practicing with me on OmStars!!! This is a ten year dream coming true and I am grateful to every single person who subscribes to my channel. To join OmStars and practice with my Ashtanga Primary Series click the link in my bio!! Be sure to tag me and @omstarsofficial in all your challenge posts. ⚡️
#practiceandalliscoming 💗
Photo by @astrudaaa_photography
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Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction." - Unknown



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День 8 - Поза Танцора. "Даже Шива танцует, подчиняясь правилам. Разница лишь в том, что его танец происходит в самом центре мира. Но это не значит, что у него больше свободы. У него больше ответственности. От его танца зависят танцы всех остальных." (с)
Один из самых желанных и красивых балансов на одной ноге - Натараджасана.
Асана рекомендована к выполнению при заболеваниях легких и почек, и особенно при искривлении позвоночника. При не правильной осанке поза Танцора и ее вариации разрешены к выполнению в любом возрасте.
Натараджасана помогает вытягивать плечи и грудную клетку, живот, бедра, область паха, а так же хорошо укрепляет лодыжки и ноги, в области малого таза отлично усиливает кровообращение.
Поиск баланса и концентрации в работе с этой асаной помогут успокоить нервную систему, натренировать вестибулярный аппарат, а так же нормализовать гормональный баланс.
Вдохновляющие организаторы: @vesna108 , @ericarinyoga , @katyschereryoga , @caribouyoga , @yoga_nora , @gesticulate 🙏🏼❤️🌳 и мотивирующие спонсоры: @yogisurprise , @infinitystrap , @asanarebel , @fashionverdictsport , @mymalanecklace , @mettadali и @justlivebrand 🙏🏼❤️🌳

From @nnnamiiii | #〰
今日は#国際ヨガの日 なんだってー(๑´ㅂ`๑)
二の腕シェイプ٩( ᐛ )و


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We are so excited for our #Bali yoga retreat with @freeyourfearss. Oct 25-31st.. join us for a week full of yoga, reiki, meditation, exploration, community, and relaxation. DM if you wanna join us! Spots are almost full! ✈️🌎 @bagusjati.official @herwanderlustsoul .
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The Toe Squat Pose is deceptively simple in appearance, yet it is a very intense pose for almost everyone. Nothing will open your ankles, feet and toes quite like this one. If you are a hiker, runner or walker this pose is for you! This pose is especially helpful if you have plantar fasciitis as it will stretch the plantar arch at the bottom of your feet. If you don't have plantar fasciitis, this pose will prevent this extremely painful condition. In this pose, it is the use of the weight of your upper body, providing downward pressure that stretches the ankles, feet and toes.
Because this pose is so edgy, if you feel intense discomfort, don't stay in it for long. A full 3-5 minutes, which is the usual long-held time for Yin Yoga poses, is very difficult for this one. The challenge is to calm the mind & remember to breathe deeply as you do this pose and you will be able to stay with it for a longer period of time. This is a great pose to learn how to stay within your stillness despite the intensity of the pose, as you hold the edginess #toesquat #yogachallenge #toebalance #pinealgland #spiritualawakening

It has been a super intense weekend between my graduation and my birthday.
I just wanted to tank you all for making it so special.

This week class: -Monday 24th 7:30/8:30 PM @energybase_fitness covering
Austeja - Wednesday 26th 7:45/8:45AM @energybase_fitness - Thursday 27th 7:00/8:00 @energybase_fitness
Covering Austeja 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 ··· 🙏 ·························································································
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Does anyone even remember life before memes? See you in class today! 8:30 Hot26 with @gila_morein, 11:00 Flow with @designeryogi, 17:00 Hot26 with @aimee_inspired or 18:30 Hot Flow with @tawanarandall !

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