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Today's @yogafeature by @nude_yogagirl
your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.
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@bestyoga post today! by @rivkayoga
Our body is our soul's vessel.
photo capture @kaylala88 🙏🏽
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Some tips speed 2.3 x
1. Hamstring push-up you going to wrap your hands around your feets .You going to sit down in this position feel the stretch in the groin 20-30 total
2.Lunge try to keep back leg straight and hold it.
3.Hamstring stretch extend front leg out.Knee straight hand on the ground and
you feel stretch hold it.Or if you have more flexibility you can get all the way down and hold it .
4. Fish hook try to get your feet to touch your thing.
5.Straddle stretch try to pressing leg closer to the ground .
6.Pull the fingers in the way legs into happy baby
7.Supported stretch
You are new split so you might have more 2 pillows,maybe you need more then 2 you, put it under your leg .Extend that front leg and back legs out .You are going to sit here
If you could take one pillow out to bring you a little closer to the ground
It might take some time to build up to this but there you go🙇
*&*make sure you repeat on other side .Tag your friend and save if you think this tutorial is good for your splits .
If you like this I am going to make more video and give more tips for split every Sunday or Monday
Hana Bladh . #wearewarriorsbc2 #sevendaysplitschallenge

I’ve been doing a lot of forward folds lately so this is a well relevant repost. Let’s fold with integrity! Open up those Hammies safely :)
This is for my peeps that struggle with forward folds! Lose the rounding and you will find length, lose the ego and through props you will find strength :)
But seriously, use strap, towel, shirt to help you lengthen and take your fold into your hamstrings and out of your upper back. Shoulders shrugged back when you're pulling yourself down and engage the kneecaps to engage the thighs! Tag someone who wants to touch their toes!

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Winner will be announced on my IG stories. Have a great weekend.😘

Where competition ends, empowerment begins and magic ✨ happens.

Thank you for all of you who support me and voted for me. Knowing that you support me means a lot to me ❤️. If you are wondering what I am talking about, click on the link in my bio. You can still vote.
Happy weekend 🌞.
📷 @gabrielabellph
#FITawards2017 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration

“The universe took its time on you
crafted you to offer the world
something different from everyone else
when you doubt
how you were created
you doubt an energy greater than us both”
- @rupikaur_
Outfit: @aloyoga
Necklace: @tinyomjewellery
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📸: @daniloberonja
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Oh my goodness, yogis and friends, it’s DAY 6 of the #YogaAndWineChallenge, which means I’m sad to say this is the last day of our challenge! 😭 What a fun ride this has been, getting to know all of you and your beautiful yoga practices. ❤️ I cannot wait to continue to follow your adventures on Insta, and hopefully the feeling is mutual! 🎟 For DAY 6, we coined a new pose that we are calling WINE-ASANA. Yep, we went there. 🤣 This is your chance to capture yourself sippin’ on some yumminess. Remember, this is your own drink of choice, whether it be wine, champagne, beer, grape juice, water, or any other mocktail or cocktail! Share with us the recipe or varietal of the drink you are sipping, so we can all try it out, too! 👍 The true essence of this challenge was to help you get back to your innate balance of Being. Sometimes we try TOO MUCH to be perfect, or healthy, or even unhealthy! You already know intuitively how to be balanced in your life. It’s about everything in moderation, and guess what? That includes wine (or insert your FUN action here) and yoga (insert your ACTIVE action here). It’s about being mindful to balancing having fun with being active, so that your body and mind are healthy and thriving. 🕺🏼 If you have any questions or want to learn more, I highly recommend (of course I do 🤦‍♀️) checking out my eBook 40 Days to a More Balanced YOU! It’s free, just by clicking on the link in my profile and signing up for my newsletter. Once a week at the most, I promise. Oh, and did you ask about the WINNER for this challenge?! We will be waiting for all of our yogis to post your Day 6 and then choosing a winner via the Random Name Picker feature on www.miniwebtool.com! Please submit your DAY 6 photo no later than Saturday night, so that we can announce a winner ASAP! 🤸‍♀️🍷

Day 5
From all splits variations this is the only one that I dislike. I find difficult to balance when holding the ankle, and upper leg is never straight. Aligning the hips is not an option. 🙈 it is what it is, can't wait the day when I will use this shot as 'before' pic!
But here it is, one off the twenty shots. The straightest ever! 😆 and my face is not that grumpy as I was expected to be 😜
Wearing: @aloyoga
Mat: @liforme
Day 1: Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose 💥
Day 2: Splits 💥
Day 3: Center Splits 💥
Day 4: One Legged Side Plank 💥
Day 5: Standing Splits 💥
Day 6: Upward Facing Wide Angle Pose
Day 7: Bird of Paradise
Day 8: Splits Against a Wall
Day 9: Handstand Split
Day 10: Forearmstand Split
Day 11: Shiva Pose
Day 12: Standing Compass
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TEN DAYS LEFT TO GO for our 21 day WEIGHTLOSS PROGRAM! Diwali and all the amazing madness with it has come and gone and it's time to get our best selves out and loose those extra kilos!! Would love for you to come and join me for a healthy start to the new year in the 21 day transformation programme!

So let's get healthy and balanced! I have designed a special 21 Day Yoga course with @nowwearethis to get you feeling your best and losing some pounds! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
The course is broken into three 7-day mini courses that focus on Flexibility, Strength and Core! You can sign up for one of these or all three!! I would love for you to join me the full 21 days because this is the time it takes to form a habit. That is exactly the idea here! So come and join me at my lovely studio by the sea and make a healthy change in your lifestyle that lasts!
We will be doing 90 minutes of yoga everyday and I'll be sharing a diet plan with you all to make sure your eating matches your movements! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
To book your spot, head over to Now We Are's page! See you soon! ♥️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 📍Yoga Gallery x @nowwearethis ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⏱Nov 1 - 24th (Except Sunday's)⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ▪BOOK NOW: www.NowWeAre.com ⠀ ⠀ ▪CONTACT: @prasheenlodhia or call Prasheen on +91 98332 62699
for more info.
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The deeper love of the heart is just like a breeze that comes into our room, brings freshness and coolness and then it goes away. We cannot catch hold of the wind in our fist and therefore a very few people are so courageous as to live with a moment-to-moment, this changing life and thus they fall in love instead of rising in love as they can depend on someone.
#pawanrewrites . . 🕉️ 🙏 . 🕉️ Day 6 of #AsanasForAwareness3 and it was #twistedlotus. Thanking the amazing host and wonderful sponsors. 🙏 🕉️ 🙏 . .
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#DigDeepYogis | Journal Entry 20| 📝💕🙏🏼
This word is important for me. I have good family, friendships, works everything coming from all connections.
Namaste 🙏!
We wear all from @flexilexi_fitness -
Photo by @junetangtrakul and my beautiful butt connection is @som_somboonsub 😀😀
🍁#DigDeepYogis Challenge Hosts: @yoga_lovely @rivkayoga @alissayoga @cherylfyoga
and Sponsors: @liforme @aloyoga
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#yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl
#believeinyourself #yogapose
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Upper back opening up a bit and allowing for deeper & safer backbend. 🤗🤘 Being in an office & sitting for 8 hours takes its toll, especially on your back 😖

So one tip which made a difference for me : each time you take small brakes at work, just stretch against a wall to open up those stiff back.
This doesn't take much time but serves a purpose and adds up.

In one of my next posts will share some of my favourites 👍
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogainspiration #yogi #yogajourney #yogachallenge #yogalife #yogagirl #yogapractice #yogaeverywhere #yogaposes #namaste #fitness #flexibility #flexible #flexibilitynation #dancer #dance #poledance #polefitness #polesport #poledancenation #poledancer #fit #fitfam #fitgirl #fitnessmodel #progress #tips @fitandbendy

Where mind goes, the body follows #yogachallenge❤

Smiling so much after teaching #Halloween #glowyoga tonight @hitchinlavender! 🎃👻Wouldn't want to spend my Friday night doing anything else - love teaching yoga and all my students! 🙌♥️ .
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#AffirmYourTrueSelf Day 5
. ✨💜 I AM LOVED 💙✨
The greatest thing you'll ever learn,
is just to love and be loved in return...
📷 @lieke.g
Hosting group:
@aleksic_twins 💕
@doroteasworld 👯
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I often enjoy self practice when it comes to yoga and feel more anxious, hesitant and vulnerable when heading to practice in a group and class setting. For just this reason I know it is important to force myself to go to class in a community space sometimes and simply showing up with my mat to a class outside my own practice space or home can be a struggle. Does anyone else feel this way? Losing control and allowing your breath and movement to be guided from an external source (teacher) instead of being able to choose how to move, practice or what to not practice or be present to sometimes creates patterns where we can avoid leaning in and doing what we are most vulnerable, weak or resistant to. Putting that 110% focus into a moment of weakness or discomfort and having someone guide and support you through this is key to overcoming barriers and objections in our minds and daily lives beyond the yoga mat or beyond the gym.
The value of coaching, community and support from someone beyond your(self) can be a powerful and necessary game changer. And as a trainer working with others, I try to stay true to this belief and practice what I preach and have others teach me sometimes instead of relying solely on my own level of knowledge, patterns or habits. I am humbled by the knowledge and passion of other coaches, teachers, trainers that I witness every single day at work and in the Vancouver community. #yoga #thankful🙏 #coaching #practicewhatyoupreach #personaltrainer #growthmindset #skilldevelopment #community #yogainspiration #coachingworks #selfpractice #showingup #levelup #mentorship #introvertproblems #onmymat #vulnerability #faceyourfears #gamechanger #surroundyourselfwithgreatness #vanfitfam #fitnesslifestyle #mindfulmovement #yogachallenge


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