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Rainbows and #AcroYoga 🌈 follow @yoga for more
@gypsyon__ is an inspiration!

Yesterday I talked about learning new things and the importance of not being afraid to fail, and not having to wait until things are perfect before you 'put yourself out there'. So here's one of me - learning something new (contemporary dance) and putting it out there. This body we have been given is one of our most precious gifts and it feels so good to embody it and move in different ways. .

Thanks @joshmu for the expert instructions and inspiration. 🙌🏼 Week 3 of our intensive with @deepikamehtayoga has come to an end and it was another beauty. I'm feeling so blessed and happy to be here with all these amazing people. 🙏

#progressnotperfection I have been starting to do a yoga since 2010 and I started seriously practiced everyday since 2015 .This is one of my progress backbend shot 🙈
You wanna be there where you wanna be. Small progress everyday💙.Have a nice weekend 💙
. #Sweden #beach #strong#bendintosummer

Do what you love 😎

It's the first day of YTT retreat and I'm feeling quite annoyed and saddened that I've had to miss out today. As that is knowledge I'm missing out on. My kids complained when I sent them to school today and I'm sad I'm missing out on going to my school 💁🏻its a battle. But not having anyone close by to watch my kiddies till their dad gets home, mummy duties call again & I can't think of anything else but to flow 😌
Wearing @aloyoga 💕

Literally flying on #ForearmFriday !
Currently waiting for my flight to take off to Hoi An! Been teaching like crazy the past few days and happy to take a few days off to restore, sit by the beach and soak in some new inspiration. I'll be back on Tuesday Singapore! ❤


Last day of #asanaremix has us in my favorite thing to do.
I followed the leader and took this neat variation, because I haven't tried it in a long time.
It's like hide- and- seek on your head.
Thank thou for this amazing #yogachallenge
I love seeing so many inspiring people flooding my IG ❤ and also it pushed me out of my zone. Much love to the participants, hosts, and sponsors!!

There is beauty everywhere!!!!
#repost @adrian_mccavitt 🏹

This is yoga. It's not limited by a rubber mat or a sacred space. It's something you live by everyday. A discipline, a practice, a journey. I am proud to be a member of this global family.🙏🌿
Photo by @lamponiada

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Muy buenos días !!! 4 día del #yogachallenge #FindYourBalanceCVY #chilevinyasayoga postura de hoy #AstaVrakasana el tips de la postura es presionar con fuerza las piernas con tu brazo y estirar mucho las piernas tbm usar adubtores a full 💪🙏🏼 inclinarse levemente un poquito hacia adelante y pecho hacia adelante ✨✨✨✨✨hosts @saavedramacarena @tairasedini @flowyoga_cl @vinyasa_yoganto @jesunazar @chilevinyasayoga @binduschile @bezanilla sponsors @rumboverde @anahatayogachile @yogahousechile @primalchile @intuition_socks @yoyotea @nuxactivechile

Beautiful picture by @sriis who's participating in the SUP Yin Yoga challenge, resting in Caterpillar pose... #supyinyogachallenge #supyoga #supyogapro #yogachallenge #suplife #standuppaddleboarding #yinyoga

Be adventurous, brave, and never back down from an opportunity to discover and grow.
I'm terrified of heights, but it's something I've actively been working on challenging these past few years, so when I saw this gorgeous stump I took it as an opportunity to get a little uncomfortable. I had thought about rocking an arm balance, but once I got up there I realized nerves were nowhere near stable enough to do it safely so I opted for day 7 of our #UnleashTheRebelWithin challenge asana, Malasana. Stable, grounded and rooting deep while flying high. So much fun to push the boundaries of our comfort zones.
Alexis on the other hand has zero fear of heights and was determined to climb up after mama. So amazed and inspired by this kiddo!
What's the last thing that you did that was outside of your comfort zone?
With your fab hosts (in posting order)
1- Low lunge
2- Dancer
3- Chatarunga
4- Pyramid pose
5- Crow
6- Headstand
7- Garland Pose
8- Side Plank
9- Rockstar
10- Handstand
11- Reverse Warrior
12- Shoulder pressing pose/firefly
13- Wide Legged Forward fold
14- Savasana
Don't forget our amazing sponsors providing some incredible prizes for our rebellious yogis:
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