The beauty of my stupidity is my ignorance, which is the cause of all suffering. .
The awakening of my soul is pure tranquility. .

After teaching and practicing yoga, it’s my joy to serve and give back to others. .
Yoga has been there many a times, when I was empty searching for answer. .
. .
Yoga has refueled me time and time again about what’s going to unfamiliar territory. I have come across some many beautiful yogi and yogini, they have welcomed me and taught me a lesson. I can’t thank everyone personal. I am forever grateful for this community the good and the bad. It’s been great lesson. Thank you 🙏 for those following my journey for your support.

Transverse split #transversesplits #splits

See you tonight @vinyasaarts for my hormone balancing yoga workshop!! 6-7:30pm. You will leave with your very own moon chart, a circle of support and a yoga practice that will leave you feeling more balanced! #hormonebalancing #nomudnolotus #vinyasaarts #sandiegoyoga #yogabybeth

Teaching my final yin yoga class of 2016 TONIGHT @vinyasaarts. Come surrender into the mat and let me help you cruise into 2017 open and ready....And don't forget to mark ur calendar Saturday 1.14.17 (6-7:30pm) women's hormone balancing workshop @vinyasaarts. #sandiegoyogateacher #letitgoletitflow #namasteeveryday #nomudnolotus #yogabybeth

SAN DIEGO friends! If you know any friends or family looking for a private yoga instructor, I would LOVE to chat. Message me for more details and questions. There is something so special about working one on one with clients and addressing the whole picture of wellness and feeling fantastic. #yogabybeth #namasteveryday #sandiegoyogateacher #letmeteachyouyoga

FINAL yoga class @teamhampton tomorrow 7:30pm!! As I make my big move back to the states it is even more important than ever to maintain softness and allow the changes to happen without resistance. Come play with finding softness within resistance and help me conclude this incredible chapter of my story. #teamyoga #namasteeveryday #gonnamissaustralia #justbboppingaround #yogabybeth

We all miss @juandavidmartinezforero including myself, so instead of his usual Monday class @teamhampton...tonight 7:30pm will be YOGA!! Come be a peaceful warrior with me!! #namasteeveryday #teamyoga #moveurassana #yogabybeth #teamhampton

Backbends were my least favorite yoga pose when I started practicing seriously...they made me feel too open and like my heart was going to pop out of my chest..so I often skipped them. Until my teacher asked me one day why I never did the full pose and I realized it was time. Time to get out of my own way, time to open myself up more and be vulnerable and time to just find the breath even in the crazy moments. Well now an adventure isn't complete without a backbends. Be open, be fearless. #namasteeveryday #justbboppingaround #ohhelloheartopener #yogabybeth

Pretending I'm a fearless warrior II riding a sick wave at Bells...Meet me on the mat @thinkeatandmove tomorrow at 4pm and we are going to play with finding our balance and being fearless warriors! #moveurassana #yogabybeth #teamyoga #noreallybetheretomorrow #teamelwood

@teamhampton yogis!!! It's almost time to #moveurassana with me! Tomorrow Tuesday 7:30pm! Getting on the mat is like New Year's Eve all over again! Set some intentions, let go of the stuff you no longer need and focus on making 2016 the most epic year yet! There are only a few more classes with me before I head off, so commit to getting there each week and giving yourself an hour of bliss, space and breath! @thinkeatandmove I will see YOU on Sunday 4pm for more of the same! #yogabybeth #namasteeveryday #justbboppingaround #teamyoga

I remember so perfectly sitting on the edge of the Himalayas in Nepal and letting stuff go. As I trekked I let stuff go and as I inhaled the fresh air I invited in more of what I wanted...it felt good!! Here is your chance to come let something go!! Tomorrow 7:30pm @teamhampton come let something go and make space for the new year. #namasteeveryday #yogabybeth #moveurassana

What a pinch me moment to be teaching a yoga class on Sunday for @lululemonausnz with a stand up paddle board competition as our view. There is nothing more soothing than to move to the sounds of the water. #pinchme #yogabybeth #namasteeveryday #lululemonathletica #moveurassana #naturetherapy

Thanks you @lululemonausnz for an OMazing morning of yoga on the beach!! I love my lulu gals and all the awesome people who came to join in the fun! #lululemonathletica #yogabybeth #namasteeveryday #openheart

Come down to Greenpoint Brighton beach tomorrow at 9AM for a fun beach yoga class with @lululemonausnz taught by ME!! Class theme will be all about going with the flow and feeling that wave like movement. #yogabybeth #namasteeveryday #lululemonathletica

Happy thanksgiving to all my loves!! Although my heart aches to be far from my family and already shed a few tears skyping with family and receiving such sweet messages. I am so grateful to be exactly where I am surrounded by friends and people who make me feel so loved. No matter where you are, there you are!!! So if you want to really make me feel loved...COME to yoga @thinkeatandmove tonight at 6pm!!! #thanksgivingdownunder #yogabybeth #fullheart #viewfromhome

I feel so much gratitude to @lululemonausnz and the 31 women who came last night to my "women's hormone balancing yoga workshop"!!! I can't even explain the joy I felt to be able to share my story and any and all information I have that might make another women's experience a little easier. This is just the beginning of these workshops. There is one thing I am certain of...you can't go through this life without the help of others. How wonderful to expand the network of awesome women coming together to support each other! #yogabybeth #healingpcos #hormonebalancingworkshop #lululemonathletica #mooncyles

This big bright full moon had me thinking a lot about my dreams. Not the kind that come to me while I sleep, but the BIG dreams. The dreams that keep me up at night. The dreams that push me every day to do better and appreciate the journey to reach them. And while I know I am slightly afraid of these dreams...I also know that if they didn't scare the crap out of me...it would be time to think of bigger dreams. Come to yoga tonight @teamhampton 7:30pm. The mind body practice helps us focus in on these BIG dreams or realize when we need to dream a bit BIGGER! #namasteeveryday #yogabybeth #teamyoga #moveurassana

Savasana or corpse pose...where the body completely and totally relaxes, integrating the shifts and changes that occurred during the practice into the body and mind. So great to have a full class this arvo and witness tight sore bodies open and unfold. #teamyoga #moveurassana #namasteeveryday #yogabybeth

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