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"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind." - Patanjali @yellabella

#BabyAcro !
@SofiePhoenix may not be able to crawl yet, but standing up with dad @yogabeyond is no big deal for this superhero munchkin! 👶👊🏼 Tag someone to warm their heart today! 💕

Peace comes from within. ✨ I was randomly woken up this morning by worry. The thing I was worrying about is currently out of my control. I've done all I can, but my mind still can't help but to think negative. As I felt a sinking feeling in my chest, which typically comes when I experience anxiety, I decided to just not feel that way. I had to mentally yell "STOP!!!!" I had to breathe. I had to remind myself that I'm not in control of the situation but I'm in control of how I feel about it. Letting go isn't easy but it feels so good! ✨ I hope you all have a peaceful weekend. LET THAT SHIT GO. 🤗

@ericatenggarayoga on The Moon Salutation 🌛
Cause the nit picky pointed out my "sun" salutation mistake. Reposting with a diff name. Just gonna call this a back bending warm up
Chandra Namaskar (translated to moon salutation) or 12 step salutation
This warm up is a back bendy version of the classical 12 step salutation which doesn't involve bringing the arms up in low lunge. I teach this warm up for every back bend themed class, it is also what I practice in prep for back bending photos. I personally find it more effective than Sun A/B in prep for back bending
⭐️Reach back only to the point where you can still breathe
feel free to take more than one breath in back bends ⭐️Inhale to bring the arms up exhale to lean the spine back
⭐️emphasize on tailbone forward
⭐️constantly draw pubic bone to sternum
Palms at heart centre, take a deep breath in and deep breath out
Reach the arms up & back, keep the legs straight
Don't hold the breath
To fold, don't feel pressured to fold deep
Step the right leg back, back knee down
Reach arms up & back as you scoop the tailbone forward
Keep hips lower than front knee
Step back to down dog, maybe forehead to floor
Lean forward on tippy toes to high plank
Lower down to knees chest chin, elbows over wrist, squeeze shoulder blades in, navel tight
Full cobra, take the variation you prefer
Down dog
Step RIGHT foot forward between hands, back bend
Step forward to fold
Rise and reach back
⭐️EXHALE palms at heart centre samasthitihi
Right leg goes back then right leg comes forward repeat with left leg going back then forward and that is ONE round
⭐️Repeat as necessary I do 3 rounds on stiff days 1 on juicy days
As you become more used to the warm up overtime you will require less rounds
⭐️Better your breathing to get used to looking back ⭐️Give every step 💯don't half ass it but at the same time I feel slower is better to give time in finding your deepest depth ✨
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Definitely suffering from some #yogateachertraining withdrawal symptoms today in the form of lots of negative thoughts. Mainly centered around feelings that my practice should be more advanced now I am officially a teacher. Headstand presses should be pincha presses should be handstand presses. Shouldn't a teacher be able to do all those things?! I know logically that this isn't true and I'm sure I'll be back to my normal positive self tomorrow, but for now this is where I am. Hmpf.
Post-tanning, pre-dinner flows... part 1 #realtime and keeping the cats entertained, part 2 my more normal speedy flows (6min --> 1)

Привет йогалюбители! Под последним видео получила столько комментариев от вас, что, вдохновленная, записала еще одно видео интенсивное для продолжающих в основном на проработку кора: силовые асаны, балансы, а также прогибы и стойка на руках! Одним словом на все тело, чуть больше часа 😀. Кстати, асаны силовые, но не слишком уж сложные в плане гибкости, начинающепродолжающие могут попробовать и уже по ощущениям принять решение делать или нет! Так что сегодня в планах отредактировать и загрузить, всем отличных выходных! #йогасленой #йогавидео #йогаютюб #виньяса #флоу #динамическаяйога #виньясайога #iloveyoga #yogaaddict #yogavideo #yogatimelapse #yogaeveryday

Happy Saturday Kittens!! I promise I'm going to be ever so good today..😈😈😈!! Hahaha! Just kidding! I'm gunna do whatever I want!! So I'm off to get some new ink!! Gunna go repent at the alter of the holy ZipZap! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️💕💕💕💕💕!! Xoxoxo.
-Sister Thursday Addams-


• I'm so EXCITED!! My first challenge is coming.. 💙🙏🏻
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Join us for our next challenge ... #OpenHipsForSplits .
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Ola se voce sonha em fazer splits (abertura) esse desafio é para voce!!!
Junte se a nosso próximo desafio chamado #OpenHipsForSplits mesmo que fazer splits pareça ser uma tarefa impossivel, esses 7 dias lhe ajudará com dicas e posturas de como abrir seu quadril!!!
Todos os níveis são bem vindos!!Vamos colocar esses quadris no chão!!! .
Para participar siga e marque todos as hosts (nós rs) e sponsors (lojas que gentilmente irão presentear alguns sortudos ganhadores com seus lindos produtos no final do desafio) em suas fotos e não esqueça de usar a nossa hashtag do desafio para que possamos encontra -los na galeria ok? Repostar o banner em seu perfil e marcar alguns amigos para participar tambem!!! Vamos nos divertir!!! Começa dia 10 de junho! Não esqueça de deixar seu perfil publico 😉

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At Sage Yoga I had an incredible experience and had the pleasure of taking a class with the beautiful Naomi!

When I held each pose for 4 minutes. It felt so comforting and my muscles felt so stretched and relaxed. 🙏🏾 🙆🏾 @sageyogaboise
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Handstands have become my favorite thing to practice along with splits which I find hilarious considering I never thought I would get to a point where I would even be able to do either. Like anything tho it's not an immediate success there you must keep trying at it 😜😊 #yoga #yogi #igyogicommunity #blackgirlyoga #yogajourney #yogaforall #yogaofcolor #yogilife #yogaeverydamnday #igyogafamily #yogaaddict #yogiswithtattoos #yogiswithcurves #yogalover #colorsofyoga #yogini #flexiyogi #yogisdoitbetter #yogajunkie #yogisofinstagram #yogatherapy #yogainspiration #curvyyogi #yogaforlife #yogapractice #yogavibes #yogadaily #newyorkyogi #yogateacher

La más espectacular @thehealingyogi 💘💝💘💝💘

Day 27 of the #lovelifeteachertraining challenge is
1️⃣Salamba Sarvangasana
Tell us why inversions are so healing! 🙌🏼 time for some extra credit 😄

#BabyAcro !
@SofiePhoenix may not be able to crawl yet, but standing up with dad @yogabeyond is no big deal for this superhero munchkin! 👶👊🏼 Tag someone to warm their heart today! 💕

Day 27 of the #lovelifeteachertraining challenge is
1️⃣Salamba Sarvangasana
Tell us why inversions are so healing! 🙌🏼 time for some extra credit 😄

It's about balance 🌹 .

Finding contentment and happiness in the obvious blessings; not looking too closely or else to spoil joy with flaws. But examining closely and coming to terms with the imperfections... striving to grow into a more beautiful, completely version of self is also key to contentment; self-satisfaction lies in the process and results of enduring said process... .

I feel like I've gotten a little bit better at this. I've always been very critical by nature. Any little thing I didn't like became a huge dark cloud that hindered my ability to see the roses... but lately, things have been changing. I don't feel like my heart and mind are guarded by cold, stone walls anymore... or at least they've just been knocked down to a suitable size. I breathe in fresh air, sunshine, and peace. I still see the flaws but they aren't as ugly or scary as they once were; they wear a rose behind their ear now, reminding me that good can and always will shine through all else. Reminding me to remain balanced. 🌹

Awesome way to start Sunday - silent yoga class at sunrise with @urbanblissaustralia 😊🙏

We're already feeling our glutes BURN! @lianahudsonpilates from @barrebody really knows how to push us to our limits!! .
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