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Nailed this counter balance with @carsonclaycalhoun. Just nailed it. #seriouslynailedit #missubro

Morning movement. SOUND ON to hear a beautiful piece by @thevoiceofskylermorgan 🙏🎵 I'm so grateful for this practice which puts us more in tune with the body's innate intelligence. Listening to the ways the body wants to move and being able to create that space goes so much deeper than the physical .
Listen, become aware. It's through simply listening that we discover all the most valuable things about ourselves. Not judging, not labelling, just listening .
Wearing comfy @aloyoga #yoga #yogavideo #movement

Day 7 (already 😫) of #strengthbodylove Is an #inversion of choice and I've taken a little funky #headstand #sirsasana
So I remember seeing this pose by the amazing @adellbridgesyoga a loooong time ago and meaning to try it... then a few days ago I saw this graffiti and I just had to. Thanks for constant inspiration girly!
Thank you to the amazing @bambibends for pointing it out and snapping this picture (quickly 😂). And for the many patient attempts so I could get my leg position right - my legs are like running? What's that?
Also a disclaimer- please DONT try a no handed headstand unless you feel very stable in this inversion and your neck is strong enough to withstand the weight with just one hand/fingertips on the floor. It's super dangerous to put too much weight on your neck like this before it's ready, and no IG photo is worth a broken neck... I promise you!
I may also be a little delayed posting tomorrow as I am off to CROATIAAA and SLOVENIAAA. So if any of you beautiful people are around there for the next two weeks send me a message! 👋

Keep all your awesome pics coming! I'm using the train and plane to have a look through so cannot wait! ❤❤ Your hosts:
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@blossomyogawear (20% off store wide by using “bodylove20” at check-out)

Pls make sure you follow all hosts and sponsors in order to qualify for the prizes!

Happy Friday everyone 💗
Announcing the winners of #InversionLovers1 .
We've been overwhelmed by your beautiful pictures and captions and choosing only five winners has been literally the hardest part. Wish we could give a prize to each one of you! We talked a lot and it took us a few days to decide, but truth is that you are all the real winners and we are so damn proud of you! So, first of all we would like to THANK YOU every single one of you who participated, thank you for joining us and supporting us, you filled our hearts with pure joy 💖

The five winners are:
🔹@kevayoga@yogisurprise (please send a DM to @vittoria_fox to claim your prize!)
🔹@yogameetscoffee@katia_icraft (please send a DM to @vittoria_fox to claim your prize!)
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Wearing @aloyoga Yoga mat @liforme

Understanding Bakasana * Bird pose
Action Plan
1. The dominant action in Bakasana is flexion. (You flex your joints when you bring them closer together.) You can see this when you look at the pose: The spine rounds, the knees bend, and the hips flex so that the legs can fold in toward the abdomen.
2. The second action in Bakasana is adduction—you adduct, or you squeeze, the legs toward the midline of the body.
3. The third action is shoulder protraction: The inner borders of the shoulder blades move away from the spine, while the bottom tips move down and into the back.
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This was the best I could come up with today. I have the worst sinus headache and being upside down seems to make it worse. Off to spend the rest of the day on the couch and maybe even order pizza for dinner 😳 #WallAsanas
Hosts; ❤ @bowlingandyoga@catbradleyyoga@stretchylexi . . ☄Our generous sponsors are as follows: . 👖@kosusaofficial - One pair of leggings. . . 〰@infinitystrap - One strap of choice. .
🤸@liforme - One mat (Due to customs restrictions the winner of this prize sadly cannot be bases in Russia Ukraine or Brazil so please do let us know in the comments if you're based here so we can easily pick the correct winners for the correct prize)
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Las clases de yoga para niños asocian trabajo corporal y mental. Para los niños, el yoga debe ser practicado como si se tratara de un juego donde aprenden en cada postura a respirar, relajarse y concentrarse. 🏵💕✨ Postura: parada de cabeza o #sirsasana.
Pequeyogui: @briannamarie_qs
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If the path before you is clear,
you're probably on someone else's ❤︎
📷 @maxandlizacro in our Aquamarine Classic Elephant harem pants #otaaquamarineclassicelephant

Day 6 #wallasanas
Im early with this but i was on a role so This is my version. I never for one second thought i could do it but i am happy with my attempt.
Thank you incredible hosts for pushing our limits, encouraging us to be creative and prove to ourselves we are invincible and powerful
@catbradleyyoga @bowlingandyoga @stretchylexi
And thanks sponsors @liforme @infinitystrap @kosusaofficial
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Oh baby you should go and hug yourself 🤗 • 📷 @laurasykora

Please follow me for this nice pic!!! Thank you so much!!!

Feel defeated. A little heartbroken.

When I woke up I felt like someone had sprinkled fairy dust on me. My life awake is better than any dream.

When i chatted with my tribe, seemingly meaningless moments, I felt amazed to connect with such beautiful, humble, kind people.

As I read @yogajosey post today I felt empowered. I felt grateful. I felt proud to be a woman.
As I swam in the pool with my parents and my kids I felt whole.

And when my mother left and started screaming out her window I felt shattered. As she screamed "I'm going to call the police, get out of here little boys" I was confused. And when my father came in like a storm I heard her saying they were peaking through in between the fence guards and pretending to masturbate while staring at me.
I first thought why would they do that? I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt bathing suit and playing basketball.

Then I was ashamed that my immediate thought was about how I was behaving or what I was wearing.

And then I was sad at how brainwashed we are that even those who preach and fight to end misogyny and patriarchy and sexism and this rapist society still blame women rather than males.

I blame their fathers, themselves, and every commercial, tv show, movie, celebrity, and everything around us raising our boys. I told myself it's not a big deal as I imagined that's what a cop would say if we had called. But inside I screamed it's a big deal to treat any human being like an object. Don't dehumanize me. And in ten years when those boys rape a college girl and the judge says he doesn't want to ruin his future despite her constant battle to even have a fighting chance at a future, I hope people realize it is a big deal. We need to raise our boys better. Our men need to be better. We need to expect better.

I should not feel crushed and saddened by the constant reminder that 1 in 4 girls are sexually assaultes before they are 11. Rapists don't go to jail. Little boys get excuses not consequences and they become big boys without punishments.

🐥#yogagirl 🌴🌺🌴
" À chacun son yoga" #achacunsonyoga
Comme #vata a plus d’affinités avec le « subtil ». Pendant la pratique, les personnes #vata devront donc se concentrer davantage sur la sensation d’ancrage, de contact avec le sol.
Vata étant de nature mobile, on recommandera les types de yoga où les postures sont tenues longtemps, tel que #hathayoga.
Le #yogarestaurateur ou #yinyoga, intégré à la pratique au moyen de quelques postures par séance, lui sera d’un grand support.
Les étirements seront à privilégier puisque les types #vata développent facilement des raideurs. On privilégiera les étirements dans les #postures au sol assises et couchées, toujours dans l’#intention de favoriser la sensation d’#enracinement.
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Ahh kindness..⠀
What a ⠀
Simple ⠀
Way to ⠀
Tell ⠀
Struggling ⠀
Soul that there is ⠀
Love to be⠀
Found in the world. ⠀

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